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The Devil in Christianity was inspired

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How a GREEK GOD Became the DEVIL in Christianity - Mythology Explained


All the Pagan gods became demons in Christianity because that's how you subvert and revised the competition which at that point, Christianity was going at war with, with zealous fervor.
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The Latin name for Phosphorou  was Lucifer.

 How a Greek God Became the Devil in Christianity

Hey everyone, welcome to Mythology Explained. In today’s video we’re going to discuss how the modern conceptualization of the Devil in Christianity was inspired, both in appellation and in appearance, by Greek Gods. First, we’re going to look at how the Greek god Eospherous became the inspiration for one of the devil’s most infamous epithets; second, we’re going to cover how the Greek god Pan inspired the Devil’s horned, cloven-hoofed appearance; and lastly, we’re going to wrap up the video by diving into how the Devil became the incarnation of evil in the world.

Let’s get into it.

Known as Aurora to the Romans, Eos was the goddess of the dawn. She was the daughter of the first-generation titans Hyperion, a solar deity, and Theia, whose sphere of influence included sight and blue sky, and thus was herself a second-generation titan. Helios, the sun, was her brother, and Selene, the moon, was her sister. Many mortals caught her eye, and she wasn’t above abducting them, taking a page out of Zeus’ book on several occasions. One was Orion, the giant, incredibly handsome master hunter who was set in the sky as a constellation after his death. Another, Tithonus, Greek mythology’s version of Methuselah, the longest lived man in the bible, was cursed with the torturous combination of immortality without agelessness. Eos’ first consort was Astraeus, the titan-god of stars, planets, and astrology, and together, they produced a multitude of children, including: the wind gods Notus, god of the South wind, Boreas, god of the North wind, and Zephyr, god of the West wind, and all of the stars of heaven.

One of these stars was Phosphorus, also called Heosphorus and Eosphorus. He was the personification of the morning star, which was the planet Venus as it sparkled in the sky before sunrise. The Latin name for Phosphorus was Lucifer, the name the morning star was known by to the Romans. And this, of course, begs the question: how did the Roman name for the morning star become one of the Devil’s names, and not just any name, but one of the most popular throughout the Middle Ages? 

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Why is it that the White people always talk about the Greeks; Roman's and Egyptians....but never about themselves. Because the Globalist Christians, some Jews will not teach them their real history in Schools and rarely on the media.
How not surprising that christianity made the god of enlightenment it's prime enemy.

That's how Christianity and all religions work, they stole the idea of other mythology

I love this. All religions are created by man after cherry picking the parts of previous ones to suit the will of the people creating the new.
Christianity is paganism. There is only One G-d. The passage re the morning star was about Nebecanezar.
So basically, christian made the greek gods into bad beings inorder to downsize the pagans and eventually convert to christianity such a wonderful religion!!
All the Pagan gods became demons in Christianity because that's how you subvert and revised the competition which at that point, Christianity was going at war with, with zealous fervor.
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"Thou shall not have any other god before me" 1st commandment. That's how you know you're theologically conquered.
More than one god and goddess from multiple pantheons have become demons in Christianity over the years it's why when talking about demons one has to be careful to not misrepresent history or ancient lore such as Ba'al which was the lord of light and knowledge but was twisted and lied about during Roman Catholic Syncronicity.




what was going on in their world. When you place all "Mythology" (Every ethnicity/Culture, the human races) into a bowl, you get the explanation of science, psychology, and other smart "ology". This is amazing with all the "Knowledge" did have and were trying to explain their world. Compare the religions and you'll see what I talking about. Thank you for this.


Excellent video. Religions and Myths change over time: adding, losing, appropriating, and morphing aspects of its beliefs. It would be helpful to show the references (maybe in the description). I liked and subbed. Looking forward to watching your back catalogue.
It begs you ask the question was mythology really myth or is it more close to home truth that we cannot imagine because both Islam and Christianity both went around destroying pagan worshipping cultures stating it was 1 god to be worshipped, however Christianity was reinforces by law by the roman empire after they killed the so called person called Jesus, we clearly know by now with covid that the world leaders lie almost about everything, why wouldn't they lie about our history if it would make it easier to control us
You could've also mentioned that the Devil is often portrayed with a pitchfork, because Poseidon had one. The early Christians wanted to discredit the old religion/mythology.

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I remember being really intrigued when I first learned about the possible influence of Zoroastrian duality into post-second temple Jewish theology. Awareness of this distinction made me realize that older Jewish theology fit better into my apatheistic worldview of "truth vs. pride" rather than "good vs. evil."
When I was in grade school, during music class they made us sign a song "pan, pan Greek God pan.. one half goat the other half man"
Pan is my favourite Greek god, I identify with his wildness and love of living life without rules. Probably the exact reason Christians turned him into the devil
I think there’s a part of the Pan myth that I don’t think you touched upon. Pan was the god of the wild, and represented living life to the fullest, without regard for rules or regulations. I.E. a rebel. From his name came the word panic. And the whole ideal of Christianity was the theme of following a kingdom and only ascending through rules and regulations, I.E. society. Pan, god of the wild, was the antithesis to Christianity. And if we use that in a modern context, we’re losing green on the planet by the day. Nature is losing & will strike back someday

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"Pan had three characteristics: his Horns, his Hooves, & his large Phallus." That those were the things most focused on by the Church, says a lot about ancient Christian priorities !
Satyr > satan Daimon is guardian angel in Greek There's a ton of stuff from Greek that's transferred to English though. Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. Hyacinth was the male lover of Apollo. Narcissus fell in love with himself, and Echo fell in love with Narcissus, etc
People made all of this stuff up.
It's real simple: Lucifer is Latin and the book of Isaiah and all of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. So when Christians say that the book of Isaiah mentions Lucifer by name, they're completely incorrect and ignorant, because that's impossible.
The King James Bible did include the name of Lucifer in that Isaiah passage and that is what contributed more than anything to the confusion and to Christians believing that Lucifer is the devil without even considering that Lucifer is Latin and not Hebrew.
Also, Lucifer is an archetype, it symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Like Phanes (Phosphorus), Prometheus and Horus are the same archetype as Lucifer. What's more, even the Christ himself is the same archetype, so Lucifer and Jesus Christ are the same. That's a hilarious irony that I can never get past when Christians say Lucifer is the devil lol.
People are so superstitious, ignorant and misinformed. If people dealt with their own darkness, they wouldn't have a need to believe in a devil, because that's all the devil has ever symbolized: the ego, what the ancient Gnostics called the demiurge.
"Satan is the infractible ego."
—Joseph Campbell
There is a very big difference between CHRISTIANITY (individuals who persevere on following the footsteps of Jesus Christ; 1 Peter 2:21) and the CHRISTENDOM (individuals who CLAIM on following the footsteps of Jesus Christ but shows in CONTRAST that they are NOT as manifested by their deeds; Titus 1:16). Christianity (real followers of Jesus Christ) doesn't teach that the devil has a HORN nor thus it teaches that they are living in the eternal hell of fire and bad people go there when they die because there is no such thing mentioned in the Bible (you can look for yourself). Only the church founded by Constantine in 325 AD (Catholic Church), who is a Roman citizen with PAGAN (Greeks and Romans alike) origins teaches that together with his followers. The title of this content should be: How a GREEK GOD Became the DEVIL in CHRISTENDOM (not CHRISTIANITY) - Mystery Explained
The bible never says the devil has horns.
In my opinion, the Devil and Christianity are two sides of the same coin I threw away.
Most of christianity's stories came from anceint Egypt Assyria Akkad Sumer.



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