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Rabbi Abe Finkelstein & Jewish Power

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The following video and arcitle Pastor Wickstrom and Jewish Rabbi Abe Finkelstein

Part 1_6 - Pastor Wickstrom and Rabbi Finkelstein - The Lying Jews - Interview with Rabbi Finkelstein.

BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR MCDONALD'S (DVD) feat Zionist Rabbi abe finkelstein & James Wickstrom (HQ)

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein interview - Audio

Interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world (2006)

The following interview with Abe Finkelstein was recorded in The United States by Turner radio and gives a good insight into Rabbi Jewish Extremist attitude towards non-Jews.

I have only parts of the interview below, additional information can be found in the above link.

Some say we are race, some say we are religion

I like to welcome you to John 8:44. I am James Wickstrom, a teacher of Yahweh, coming to you live on the Turner radio network for the next hour from nine to ten p.m. Eastern standard time, filling in for Pastor Bob, who covered for me last week.

We're gonna have a very, very interesting program tonight. I am sure you're gonna find it that way. I have a guest by the name Rabbi Abe Finkelstein. He is off the East Coast of the United States, who is gonna be joining me tonight, and we're gonna be talking about authenticity of things in the world.                                            

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Even when we lie we tell the truth!

Q: Well, the reason they are persecuted cause they are thieves, liars and murderers just like it stated in the book John 8:44. Yet you

Q: You are a lying Jew is what you are. You are a lying Jew!

Rabbi: Eeeeh, you could say that, but even when we lie we tell the truth!

Q: You see, the thing that I don't like about this is that the Jew never knew what hard word was and they never had, and, besides, you know, this is a nice part about it: you, Jews, are just Christ murderers anyway.

Rabbi: Well, that's, that's true. We did murder, but he was Jewish too.

Goyim ARE cattle

Q: And now that you brought up the goyim, we must talk about that. In other words, the goyim, correct me if I am wrong. I know you will. Rabbi Finkelstein, a goyim is any person who isn't a Jew. A goyim are classified as cattle or an animal. Is this correct?

Rabbi: Well, they ARE cattle, because we are the chosen people.

Q: Well, you are chosen for fertiliser. That's what YOU'RE chosen for. You know, this is what the book of Enoch, the patriarch. Even Yahweh in a flesh body said that ALL of you, Jews, that [3-4 words ineligible], are going to perish for the evil that you have done in this world. You ARE the the destroyers and the incendiaries of the world, are you not?

Rabbi: Eeeh, I'll agree with that.

Q: But you see the thing that really bothers me, not bothers me to the extent of loosing sleep over people like you, is that all wars have been created by Jewry. They've been all setup up as a monetary gain. Wouldn't you agree?

Rabbi: It's, it's the greatest game in the world - to make some shekels [Israeli currency].

George Bush - a goyim, he is a good boy

Q: Ha, ha. Now, let me ask you this: you know, there is so much things being talked about with George Bush and the White Ho[use]. Let me have your opinion on George Bush and the White House.

Rabbi: He is a good goyim.

Q: You alway use a good goyim. Good for [interrupted]

Rabbi: He is a good boy. He takes his orders from Ariel over there, and he tells him what to do, and he does it like a good goyim.

Slaughter in Palestine and Iraq

Q: Would you agree that a, when the Balfour Declaration was signed in England, and the Jews were take to Palestine, the land of Palestine, would you agree or disagree that there is actually more killing, and there's been as much slaughter in Palestine by the Jews slaughtering and killing the Palestinians, as there the Iraqi people being butchered in the last twelve years?

Rabbi: Well, who counts them, once in a while you have to thin out the herd. When you own the herd, you got to thin out the herd.

Q: I see, I see. That's the philosophy of making money and staying alive and staying ahead. Is this right? Now, I like [interrupted]

Rabbi: Sure, you take that Iraq business over there. We got, we got the white goyim fighting the other goyim, and they are killing each other, and we are making a lot of money, and we get the oil, and we get the interest, the most important thing is interest on the shekels that we loan both sides.

Q: You mean usury.

Rabbi: That's right. You call it usury.

Q: Now, you know there is a book out that you read, Rabbi Finkelstein, called the Talmud. Now, the Talmud refers to Christ as his mother was a whore, and, he was a bastard, a son of a Roman soldier. Is this what's being taught in the synagogues?

Rabbi: Well, every good Jew knows that.

Q: But you see, the reason that I wanted to ask you this, you know, you just said a little while ago that he was a Jew. A now you say every Jew knows that he was a son of a Roman soldier and his mother was a prostitute.

Rabbi: Well, it was a long time ago. Who knows what was said back then.

Federal Reserve - taking over the money machine in the U.S.A.

Q: Ha, ha. Yeah, I guess that's right, that's absolute right. You know, we have a real bad problem in our country right now. There is a lot of outsourcing of jobs and deindustrialisation of this country. You know, the seven Jew banking families that took over control of the money in America in 1913 was the Rothschilds of London, Israel Schiff of Italy, Kuhn and Loeb of Germany, the Warburgs of Hamburg, Lehman brothers of New York, Goldman Sax of New York and the Rockefellers of New York.

A lot of people, they do not realise and know that these seven Jewish families actually control all the money and have controlled the money in this country since 1913. I know you are aware of this.

Rabbi: Of course.

Q: Now, in doing so, I mean that makes a pretty big purse, doesn't it?

The goyim are the schleppers - to do all the work

Rabbi: Listen, you know, it, it, the, the goyim are the schleppers [A clumsy or stupid person]. You know, they do all the work. That's what they want to do. They always want jobs. So we give them jobs to work. The jews don't work.

The holocaust survivors scam

Q: Now, the Jews don't work, and you are absolutely true. I want to get back to this holocaust, and I want to get back to the holocaust survivors, you know. It's to the point here, Rabbi Finkelstein, there is more holocaust survivors getting money, getting payments than there were holocaust people who died, allegedly among the Jews. Where did all these people come from?

Rabbi: Well, again, you know, they have the evidence, they have the proof that they were there in the holocaust, so they are entitled to some money.

Q: So, in other words, you, Jews, say six million were killed in the concentration camps and yet there is six million that are still receiving funds from Germany and other funding, and, now that's twelve million. Now, how does twelve million come out of three million?

Rabbi: Listen, again, the numbers. You keep arguing about the numbers. The bottom line is that the Jews are entitled because we have been persecuted for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and so we are entitled. Even a hundred years from now there will be people collecting money on the holocaust. Because of those, that lousy boy, Hitler, over there. He was a bad boy.

The America has served its purpose

Q: Now, let me ask you a question about this, cause this is very important. You know, we've got in into a lot of very interesting and we're going to get into more here in the very near future, but, Rabbi Finkelstein, this country, the United States of America, is in a very deep trouble right now, financially, and, I kinda want to know what you are telling the other Jews on that, in regards to, cause I knew Jews don't have any loyalty to nothing but gold and silver, especially gold. What the synagogues teach in America today as to the course where this country is heading?

Rabbi: Well, its like this. You know, America has served its purpose. For the while we made these shekels here. We've made a lot of interest off the shekels. But, we can get cheaper labor in China, we can get cheaper labor in India. Why should we pay the white race goyim here in America any money when we can make a better deal over there? It's all about shekels.

Our god is Lucifer

Q: That's right. Now, the Hebrews didn't start there, the Israelites didn't start there. You really have no bearing to being the Hebrews or the Israelites. You are not the dispersed nation [unrecognizable words like "poor o."] the tribes of Jacob or [unrecognizable words like "surnamed Israh"]. Actually, the con game that you have brought on to this country and the world, for many years, and it's been a good con, it's been a good con game - is that, is that you are allegedly gods chosen people.

Rabbi: Hey, we ARE god's chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.

About 9/11

Q: Let me ask you this. This is very interesting. This war in Iraq that took place after the alleged towers of 2001, September of 2001, this alleged war, it got very interesting, there were no Jews in them towers. Can you explain that?

Rabbi: Well, spiritually there was a lot of Jews in the towers.

Q: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Rabbi: A lot of Jews died in the towers, spiritually.

Q: Oh, I see, there were 3000 Jew that were not at work that day in those towers. That just gave a lot of people the impression that the Jewish population out there in Jew-York, I mean New York, was aware that something was gonna happen and they did not show up for work that day.

Rabbi: Yeah, we got a call from the Kehilla [a quasi-governmental authority in Jewish communities of the Middle Ages] that Ariel and some of the boys in the Mossad. They got together and they wired up the buildings, they, they took them down. It was going to be a hard thing to take them down anyway cause we wanted to build some new structures and the buildings were getting old and it was time to bring them down. This way, we make some shekels by destroying the building. Oh, Silverman [unintelligible] was a good friend of mine. They have Larry. He got a two for, he got a two for one there, and he doubled the insurance, magically, just three months before it happened, and he got a two hit [?] on it, so he made like four times his money.

The only conscience you have is when you can't steal all the money from anyone or any country

Q: The only conscience you have is when you can't steal all the money from anyone or any country.

Rabbi: Well, you're hitting a little close to home, but you're correct.

Q: Now, a lot of food labels, there is a "U" and a "K". And this U and K on all the food labels for example, that are sold in supermarkets, etc. It this a Jewish tax that is paid to like rabbis like you all over the United States? Is that another con job at the expense of the goyim, the masses that purchase the product?

You are entitled to make money where you can make money

Rabbi: Well, I didn't get in on that one, but yeah, it's a lot of other rabbi groups. They tax the food and you could call it a tax. You know, you are entitled to make money where you can make money. If nobody stops you, you make the money.

And a, but the goyim, I mean they are the cattle. The white race out there - they are the goyim, they are the cattle. And so if we want to make money off of feeding our cattle, but who's to say that that's wrong?

Q: I see where you, Jews, have finally taken a National Rifle Association, a Jewess by the name of Sandra Perelman [unintelligible, sounds like Foman] is now president of the National Rifle Association.

Rabbi: Well, yeah, but we could go with NRA a long time ago. A, Charlton Heston, he's not known so much, but yeah, he is a nice Jewish boy. We let him play Moses in the movies, back in the fifties.

Yeah, but we took over the NRA a long ago. All the organizations out there, the Jew controls it. Everybody knows that.

If you are to have any opposition, you will control that opposition

Q: You know, I've read in your Talmud where it says that if you are to have any opposition, you will control that opposition.

Rabbi: Well, of course. The smartest thing is to own both sides of every game. That way you know the outcome. We own the Republicans, we own the Democrats. We've a lot of good Jewish boys on both of them, and the rest of them are good, bought and paid for, shabes goy, and we throw a few shekels into their campaign contributions that we give them and, a Jewish lobby in Israel, and they, you know they take the money and they do what we want so that we could make some shekels.

If nobody stops it, who is to say we should not be doing it. Don't you wish you could do it? You're not doing it, we're doing it.

Q: Yeah, but you're thieves and lairs, you know, you are all thieves and liars, just like it says in St. John 8:44. But you see, Rabbi Finkelstein, you don't own me and you don't control me and you don't control the racial identity movement in this country, who really understands to a varying degree of what you people are and what you've done.

Rabbi: Well, that's true. You're one of those goyim out there we don't control, but I'll tell you a little of something else. We all respect you for what you do 'cause at least you say about your race. But the rest of them out there - all a bunch of cowards, all the white race goyim, all the men.

The most of them these, they, they carry purses and they wear earrings. There is no wonder all the white girls come to us, all the shikses.

Q: You know, I had a conversation here, not long ago, with an individual, and [it] got into the feminist homosexual agenda in the United States, and I told them that actually the sexist, homosexual agenda was actually created and funded by Jewry, by Jews in the United States. What, you want to discuss on that?

Rabbi: Yeah, we got that going back in the early 1900's. The woman's rights movement we started off. See, you got to think of game and you got to think of goal. You can't go in like a Sherman tank going through something. You got to start a little small. And so we said: hey, how about you get people pay for equal work. Eh, and have their right to vote. And everybody bought into that. And we started with the women because its hard to get the men. The women is the weaker sex as we know from that old Adam and Eve story of yours.

But, at any rate, we got the women going, and now look at all the women. Most all of them around the world, especially here in America, they've got short hair, they've got a schwatzer for a boyfriend, they've got a lesbian lover. They're married by the time their forty, but then they can't have too many of little children themselves because they already ruined those years chasing the all-mighty gold, the dollar, the shekel, and they, so they're gonna wind up a bunch of old maids cause nobody wants them.

But, the bottom line is that, that the real good looking ones, we take to the Hollywood that we own, and we make them think [the rest of the sentence is unrecognizable].

Q: I see, well, Rabbi Finkelstein, you know I was talking to you about the use on the case, that's on the food boxes and the food sources. And that thing that I want is that this is a private Jewish tax that people unsuspectingly are paying, aren't they?

Rabbi: Well, some know and some don't, but they better pay, because if they don't pay they don't get the item, and the rabbis need to make some shekels too.

Q: You know, I was talking to some person who journeyed to Israel. And the United States has always been known as the land of milk and honey. They say over there ah, ah, the United States is the land of milk and money. Would you like to relate to that?

The bottom line is that the Jews formed the U.S.A.

Rabbi : Well, what's in the saying, what can I say? A lot of people here in America, they still keep screaming about those 55 guys that they say formed the company, the country a couple of hundred years ago. But the bottom line is that the Jews formed the country. We came over here. 1492 was that terrible year we got kicked out of Spain, and Columbus, who was a Jew, found [unrecognizable] that out to take us over here. We were going to set up at Rio and then we decided to go to New York, cause New York has a little bit better weather, not so many mosquitoes. It was a little bit better.

So we set up in New York and we make the money.

We've made about 300 billion on Iraq

Q: I was gonna ask you, ah, this war in Iraq, there is a lot of Jew money invested in this war, isn't there?

Rabbi: Well, we have all the ammunition companies, we own all the aircraft companies, all the gun manufacturers, all the supplies. Ah, we're making a lot of money, and George Bush - he's a good goyim. He borrows it right from the Federal Reserve, and, they, he has to tax the people to pay back the interest 'cause the most important part of a loan is the interest. You must pay back the interest. We're not concerned with the principal. But the interest has to keep going on.

And we've done pretty well with Iraq so far. We've got about 300 billion or so. And ah, but this war is gonna go on for another 30 years, as George said. We told him to keep it quiet, and, and, shut up and don't act like a, like a big shot. But he kept talking, and so. But this war is gonna go on for another 30 years.

We're going to go into may be 60 countries or so. We're going to be dropping all the goyim here soon. The men, the women. The women don't want to sit home and have families anyways. They've got to have a career. That's a nice, exciting thing for a woman - to put on a green suit to go over there and shoot people and get shot at. Must be exciting to them.

Ah, so, we're making a lot of money.

Q: You know this is very interesting. Well, Rabbi Finkelstein, it's really good talking to you and I am sure the listening audience here on the Turner radio network is listening very intently because a lot of things have been exposed, some more exposed than others. But, you know, at least you're coming out and you're telling the truth.

And, you know, you stated we have $300 billion tied up in Iraq with interest, and what's 1700 to 3000 dead bodies compared to how much money you make?

You have to thin out the herd once in a while

Rabbi: Well, but you have to thin out the herd once in a while. Otherwise the herd gets too big. If the herd gets too big, they eat up all the resources. So, you got to thin out the herd once in a while. We call that theater of war, because it is amusing to us that our two biggest enemies, the white race and the Arab race, to, to see that the women, it's, it's amusing to us to see them kill each other and we make a lot of money off it.

Rabbi: I am here and remember: there has never been a Jew in the history of the world that ever told a lie. We always tell the truth.

Q: Yes, I see, I know what your truth is - your truth to you is a lie to us, but, but, that's fine.

Russian revolution

I'd like to get into the situation that took place years ago. I know you're well aware of it. It was called the Bolshevik revolution over in Christian Russia. It's been reported here on congressional documents in the United States and it's in many places now, that, actually, it was Jews who financed the Bolsheviks - Jew communist revolution against the Tsar. Would you comment on that?

Rabbi: Well, it was really the Rothschild family that financed it 'cause they've got all the shekels. Oy, let me tell you, they've got the shekels. When the old man died in 1812, he owned half of the known wealth in the world. Oy, Wei!

The rest of us got a chop off the rest of it. But, anyway, we started the Bolshevik revolution there because you might as well start with taking over the biggest country in the world, which was Russia, and we got the help to murder the Tsar from his cousins, the Kaiser and the king and queen of England, and, so they helped us and they gave us all the inside information that we needed to take the country over. But we drained that country pretty well. There's not a lot left, and so we looked for greener pastures, and we've been doing real good here in America for a long time.

We're making a lot of money selling the drugs

But, all the, ah, all the schwatzers - eh, what can you say? You know, they've got a good time step, they dance good, couple of them can sing. They make some nice barbecue, and they're good for selling drugs to cause they all love the drugs, so we're making a lot of money selling the drugs.

You do know that we control all the drug world, and now, since Rothschild, the opium wars in China going, we may control in the drugs of a subset [the whole phrase is not intelligible]. We want a few in here and there to make some money, and they get arrested and they go up the jail for that. But we make the big money. We are the wholesalers. We are the wholesalers of everything in the world!

Joe [?], it's very interesting you should bring that up because, you know, prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Eleanore, his first cousin, who was also a Jewess [interrupted on the background with - "they are both Jews"], yes, they were both Jews, and its very interesting, until they've got in office, the Jews had control of the money, but they, but they didn't have control or a good foothold in Washington, DC, did they?

We had control since the civil war. Rothschild, he backed both sides of the civil war

Rabbi: No, we had control since the civil war. That, Rothschild, he backed both sides of the civil war, and when the smoke cleared, he was getting shekels from both of them, lots of it since they're never going to be able to pay back the war debt. We're really controlling them. Basically, what we've been doing is consolidating.

Q: Rabbi Finkelstein, you're very brazing tonight, and I, I'm really surprised of how truthful that you've been in answering my point-blank questions. Why is it hard for... Why do the Jews feel, or is this just a paranoid, schizophrenic feeling that everyone in this country is, looking at them, want to do things to them and stuff like that?

They better not look too hard at us and accuse us, cause that's anti-Semitism and we control the court system

Rabbi: Well, they better not look too hard at us and accuse us, cause that's anti-Semitism, and if you, we catch you at anti-Semitism, we control the book at you. Remember, we control the court system, all the Jew judges, the Jew layers, the Jew prosecutors, and we wrote most of the law. Not us necessarily, but we pay goyim in Washington, DC., the democrats and the republicans.

They sit around and we have them write up laws. We tell them what to do and they put it on the paper. We don't actually do the work.

We can do whatever we want to do and we can get away with it cause the white men are cowards

Rabbi: Well, that's true, but it's not for you goyim to know, but right now it's too late. It's over for your white race. So, that's why I am speaking so honestly here - to bring it out into the open so that you can see it for what it is.

You've been teaching the people real good. But they don't wake up, do they? You don't get a lot of followers, do they? Because you know why? They are scared of us, Jews. Because they don't want to be called anti-Semites. And they believe we're the chosen people. And so that's why we can do whatever we want to do and we can get away with it 'cause the white men are cowards. And we go to the synagogue all the time and [next 4-5 words are unintelligible, sounding like "have some man and shove it"] and say "hava nagila".

We did a pretty good job with the public school system

Q: You know that's interesting, I've told people for years and years, it's not that you, Jews, are hiding anything. You're coming right over the television and the newspapers, on the radio, and you're telling the people what exactly what you're gonna do, before you do it, and they're like they are brain-dead.

Rabbi: Well, we did a pretty good job with the public school system. We've got you to put all of your children in there. You notice that the Jew does not put his children in there. They go to the Hebrew academy where we teach them the real things and then they go to the synagogue and learn the real important things.

But we send your kids to the public school. We even have you tax yourself from your property, so that you never own your property. And, so, if you don't make your property tax, we're gonna take your property, you can bet on that.

And we have you put your kid in a twelve year babysitting, is about all it does cause you don't learn anything in them, and by that time, the kids, they get to be teenagers and then we give them the music. Not that we really wanna call it music, 'cause, oy, vei, that's not music. But they listen to that and then they wanna do what they wanna do, and so we sell them drugs.

We make a lot of money off your children. Your children from cradle to grave - all we do is make money off of them. You are cattle. You are goyim - the human cattle, muzzletuff.

We infiltrate the church and we attack them first

Rabbi: Well, you know, our father, Lucifer, the number one thing, is all the organisations out there are, on the Earth, that we would want to infiltrate and take over of you, goyim, obviously, would be the churches. So we attack them first and we attack them most. And we infiltrated the Catholic church right from the beginning. Why do you think the Popes and all the cardinals and the bishops wear yamaka [Jewish religious cover on a head]?

The white race never figures this out. And so, then we took all your books that have all the scriptures in there and we burned them, and then we wrote them in Latin, so that you couldn't understand them, but we understood Latin, cause we are Jews and we are smart and we are educated.

But you, goyim out there, you never, you never teach yourself. You don't self-teach. You're always looking for somebody else to do it for you. So, you wind up being schleppers all your lives. And so, anyway, the thousand years later, when a bunch of the white race started to wake up in Europe and they started to leave the Catholic church. It was a terrible time because we were not making as many shekels as we used to. So, we had to put a stop to it.

So, the kings that we had in our hip pocket, just like the politicians in Washington, DC., today, we paid them off to get you declared heretics, so that they would crucify you and kill you.

Plan "B" - we formed the Jesuits to infiltrate all the protestant churches

But there was too many of you, and the West was opening up, when the Jews opened up New York and Rio and everybody started going West, to the Americas, and so we had to come up with the plan "B", and plan "B" we formed the Jesuits.

He was a nice boy that didn't know how to [unintelligible, sounds like "slow over" or "roll over"]. More over, he started the Jesuits, and so they decided to infiltrate all the protestant churches out there, and there is always us, Jews, work out way to the top. And then we take over the money line, the shekel line, the most important line - the life line, the gold, and so we took that over.

And so, slowly but surely, we teach the teachings, change them a little bit to where it's all run by the Catholic church again, the mother church. It's your mother, but the father church is the synagogues in Israel and the synagogues in New York.

Ethiopic Jews are nothing but the schwatzers - pay us a few dollars and we teach you how to be a Jew

Q: You know, this is most interesting, there was a report just recently, oh, couple months ago, here, Rabbi Finkelstein, of Ethiopic Jews in Israel land. These are black Jews. And the Jews in Israel did not want them there, and the Ethiopian, the black Jews said: oh no, we're Jews, we belong here too. Well, how does this [unintelligible, sounds like "folk to them"], well how are these black Jews and the Jews over in Israel did not want them. Where they kind of like a disgrace or what?

Rabbi: Well, who wants a bunch of schwatzers in your land? You don't want the schwatzers in there. There are some rabbis that went down to Euphoria and they said: oh, we like to be Jews too. We laugh and we said: OK, pay us a few dollars and we teach you how to be a Jew.

So, there were a few rabbis that made some money there, in Ethiopia. But every Jew knows that a schwatzer can never be a Jew. And we don't want them dirtying up the neighborhood, in Israel. We give them the neighborhoods here in America. We give them the white women to mate with to destroy both races and [some expression in Yiddish, sounding like "gezi gezel gevelt ga haya"], what can I say?

Elisabeth Tailor - a good goyim schiksa donating a lot of money to the synagogue

Q: Well, in other words it's like Elisabeth Tailor now. She was a white woman and yet she said she took on the ways of Jewry. How does this fit in?

Rabbi: Well, she married a nice Jewish boy named Eddie Fisher and they had daughter named Kathy Fisher, and so, she donates a lot of money to the synagogue. She is a good goyim schiksa and she thinks she is Jewish. She can think what she wants. Hopefully, she'll give lots of money to our synagogue when she dies, which should be soon cause she does not look like she is in too good health.

Is communism Jewish?

Q: I like to ask you this question before we get off the air. We've got about two minutes. A point blank question:

Is communism Jewish?

Rabbi: Of course! Karl Marx, Moses Mordechai Levi, who had a couple of grandfathers that were Jewish, he was the one who created it, along with Engels. He was another nice Jewish boy. And we implemented it and got that started in Russia. It was the great [unintelligible, like "fill" or "bill"] of goods to sell to masses.

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