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Many Jews have a Jewish & Gentile Names

 Very few Whites gentiles know that Most Top Movie Stars Are Jews.Screenshot 1elizabeth

The anti-Semitic Zionist, False Jewish and misled real White Jews,  dominate the media, film and music industry in western countries.  The Jewish community practices affirmative action and usually put their people in top positions.  By not being Jewish, your career can be hindered, so for any non-Jew to get ahead in these industries, in many cases, they need to convert to Judaism.  This was true of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, who were both born gentiles and converted to Judaism.  You will find that many actors and singers in western countries are Jewish. 







 thuderbolt name changes 1979




Jews who  have gentile names to blend in to gentile world.

Jews in the media who have changed their names to hide their (((identity))). 






List of Jewish actors

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  List of Jewish actors




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