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White European Germanic Tribes Update 3.

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o Units of History - Early Germanic Warriors DOCUMENTARY


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Many whites in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, came from the Germanic tribes

Rise of the Goths (Fall of Western Roman Empire)

In the fifth century CE, western part of the Roman Empire faced with multiple Germanic barbarian migration into eastern & western territory. Coupled with incompetent emperor and unstable political situation, resulted in the rapid collapse of authority, notably in the western half of the roman empire.Various christian sect became widespread in the empire, replacing ancient Greco-Roman polytheism & monotheism (Sol Invictus) and Germanic polytheism & animism.

 Don Charlie

From Visigoths to France Spain and Portugal, and from Ostrogoths to Italy. Goths are predecessor of Francia/Franks.

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The Germanics: The Brave Ancient Tribes from Germania - Great Civilizations - See U in History

The Germanics: The Brave Ancient Tribes from Germania - Great Civilizations - See U in History


Svënsk Edited

Without the Germanic we wouldn't have the technology as today. USA, Britain France Germany Switzerland Holland Austria Belgium Denmark Swede Norway Iceland.... Are all Germanic people

Brad Stanley

At the beginning of this video you said the Germanic tribes migrated south from Scandinavia which they did....... so you need to re work the wording of the last half of the video on the religion all Germanic gods were adapted from Scandinavian gods not the other way around.
7:01 the statement that the Norse Gods had their origin in Germanic origin is debated. Given how the Germanic tribes originally came from Scandinavia it is likely that the Gods came from there too.

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The brave ancient tribes of Germania originally came from Scythia and Northwest Russia and the German Gothic tribe moved from Black Sea to Western Europe.

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So the Germanic tribe were Viking who migrated.

Anton Sjödahl

Ah yeah, the good old Norsemen before they had to flee back to Scandinavia. Once the Goths wich were also Germanic people took over the Western Roman empire, Vikings emerged 400years later to pillage Europe with the power vaccum left over by the fall of Rome.
Thor the God of rain? Thor is the God of Thunder, war and fertility. He created thunder and lightning as he rode over the clouds in a chariot drawn by goats, swinging his hammer Mjöllnir. Thor was physically strong and with his weapon Mjöllnir could do battle with the evil giants who lived in Jötunheimar.
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 Spin Spir

I'm sorry, but what about the Cimbri invasion of Italy ? Ceasar's campaign in Gaul wasn't the first contact of Romans and Germanics, so what you said is false. But overall good content.
Let’s not forget that Emperor Constantine moved the Capital of Rome to Constantinople in 330 A.D. something everyone seems to forget. Also the Germanic tribes were granted refugee status within the Roman Empire because they were escaping from the Huns who took over Germania, to later sack Rome.
Widukind Books
A lot of the images you used were of celts not Germanics peoples. You can tell many certain things like the ring they wear around the neck.

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The Goths Cross the Danube (376) / The Fall of Rome #1


I bet you there's a whole untapped youtube market for these types of historical documentaries (particularly longer ones, like this). Documentaries that are made by passionate historians for a youtube audience, and not for television.
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Above link to German Videos

Europeans today appear to be somewhat confused about the origins of their race and have been conditioned to think that the country they are from, either Britain, Germany, Russia or France for example, are all different races.  While they are different cultures, the evidence shows that Europeans are one race.  Similarly, the majority of Chinese are one race.  Because of this confusion, many  Europeans do not regard themselves as being indigenous to Europe and should have with full indigenous rights.  This is an important piece of knowledge and Europeans require education on the United Nations Indigenous Laws which apply to all people who are indigenous to their region.  If you look at our article 'Teach Europeans about their Heritage,' it talks about the origins of Europeans. 'European Racial Pride' talks about the different races of the world.

In this article, we deal with Europeans and their tribal ancestors.  They were not different people - they were just groups of Europeans practicing different cultures and languages.  The article demonstrates that the majority of European languages descended from one language.  The various tribes laid the foundations of Europe which we have today.  The origin of some modern country names originates from the names of these tribes.  A German tribe called the' Frances,' laid the foundations of France and Germany was named after the Germanic Tribes.  The Celtic tribe was known as the 'Bretons,' lived in Southern England.  They also came from the North Western Coast of France where they lived, and this area is known today as Brittany which is situated in modern day France.  These two European Caucasian tribes (Germanic and Celtic) roamed and lived within Europe and also trekked into the Middle East and Central Asia where they intermingled, traded and formed marital-type relationships with other groups from these regions. 

Tribal ancestry is not regularly discussed or taught in European schools.  The majority of Europeans, in Western Europe and north of the Swiss Alps, are descendants of possibly three language groups, Latin, Celtic and Germanic tribes and were categorized by their languages.  The majority of the population of the Republic of Ireland and much of Scotland and Wales are descendants of the Celtic Tribes.  The people of England have their origins in both Celtic and Germanic tribes.  From Germany to Scandinavia, the Germanic people lived.  People in Northern Europe became known generically as "The Vikings," and traded all over Europe and Russia which obtaining its name from the Viking word Rus.  The Vikings settled in France and became known as the Normans, who invaded Britain.

These European tribes are actually 'nations' who had a leadership structure.  In many cases, tribes made agreements with other tribes and helped each other.  Historical sources often say that they were warlike people.  This may be exaggerated when one considers that some of these tribes were poorly armed, indicating they were, in fact, hunter-gatherers/farmers who wanted to live in peace.  More likely their environment and land were encroached upon by the Romans or other tribes and these tribes chose to fight back rather than become enslaved.  The historic information from Germanic and Celtic tribes comes primarily from Roman sources.  The Romans paint a rather unflattering view of these tribes considering they fought against Roman rule.  The consensus by Roman sources is that they were uncivilized 'barbarians,' though it was these barbarians who brought the Roman Empire to its knees and laid the foundations for the Europe we know today.

Frisian tribe in the Netherlands

The following quote taken Frisian history From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Frisians appear to have been among the Germanic groups who invaded Britain during the so-called Migration period (Völkerwanderung), as Angles and Saxons travelled from their home base through Frisian territory in what is now northern Germany and central Netherlands.[1]"

history Frisian history

Many or most white Europeans in  the Netherlands came from the Germanic tribes.

"See the history of the Netherlands, from 2000 BC to now. Please note that the coastline from 500BC to 1000AD is not entirely correct. Locations of tribes before 500AD are mostly estimates."

The history of the Netherlands, every year


Germanic Tribes                                                                                                                                                          Anglo Saxon Village

During the 5th Century, the Roman Empire was losing strength both in military numbers and political cohesion.  This was in large part due to numerous nomadic Germanic tribes migrating en masse.  They were migrating primarily due to pressure from invading tribes and vast population growth.  During the Germanic migration, there were many intrusions into different tribal territories as there was very little unoccupied land and this caused a number of wars for land.  They migrated into both Britain and Western Europe and as it's easier to defend fixed settlements they stayed put in areas and strongly defended what soon became fixed territories. The Germanic people had strong militaristic identities and their warriors were devoted to their military leaders and chieftains.  Germanic leaders, Odoacer and Theodoric the Great shaped later European civilizations.

 9 A.D. Three Roman Legions are ambushed and wiped out in a remote German forest during a massive thunderstorm. The severed head of Roman General Varus is sent back to Rome in a box and the Roman attempt to bring Germania into the Empire is stopped dead in its tracks. The battle

Perfect Storms: THE LOST LEGIONS | Full Documentary

3 Things About Germanic Tribes

Germanic Warriors


  • The Roman Empire lost strength during the 5th century; Germanic peoples migrated into Great Britain and Western Europe, and their settlements became fixed territories.
  • Many Germanic tribes merged including the Jutes with the Danes in Denmark, the Geats and Gutes with the Swedes in Sweden, and the Angles and the Saxons in England.
  • Germanic peoples had a strong military and warriors were fiercely devoted to their military leaders or chieftains.
  • Political leaders Odoacer and Theodoric the Great, shaped later European civilizations.

Source: Boundless. “The Germanic Tribes.” Boundless World History I: Ancient Civilizations-Enlightenment. Boundless, 10 Jun. 2016. Retrieved 28 Jun. 2016 from

Germanic Tribes

History of the Germanic Peoples   


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1-5 Germanic Tribes 1 - Barbarians Against Romans


Germanic Tribes - In the Sign of the Cross...

Germanic Tribes - Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Germanic Tribes - Pax Romana...

Who were the Goths and Vandals?

What on Earth Happened to the Goths?

The Lombards

Anglo-Saxon Tribes

This is a tribute to the lesser known germanic tribes all over europe!

A Tribute To 10 Lesser Known Germanic Tribes (With Germanic Choir Music)

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Living in the Past (1978 Iron Age reality tv) - part 1


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Technology of the Goths - Barbarian Batlle Tech Documentary
This video shows the technology of the Germanic and Celtic tribes.


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The ancient German warriors were famed for their fearlessness and bravery on the battlefield. Julius Caesar employed them in his army during his Conquest of Gaul and the Roman Civil War.

How Julius Caesar's Fearsome German Cavalry Led Him to Victory


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