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Brazil Globalist Run

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Powerful Demonstration of ‘We the People’ Happening Now in Brazil

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billg. Edited
lol protesting and not busting heads is nothing period they have all the power they dont have the numbers what has anything done recently lol the capt all bulshit all fake jewish globalist run media , and you think your making a dif your not dummy until you crack some eggs all this will go no were you wanna carry a sign write jewish globalists get out of our schools our politics our religions and our legal and immigration , then youll see a change the golden age was there return to the golden age of saturn




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  Brazilian Jews offer President-elect Lula conciliatory message .

 Many Brazilian Jews feel the election is a choice 'between the .

  In Sunday vote, community torn between far-right incumbent Bolsonaro, who loves Israel and ultranationalists, and Lula, a far-left social ...


ADL: ‘Anti-Antifa Images’ Are ‘Hate Symbols’

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