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The critical race theory

  The Fightback Against Critical Race Theory   Teachers against the CRT ( critical race theory, raciem against whites) & promoted mainly by Jewish Communist Zionist Globalist and dumb gentile traitors.   Virginia teacher resigns over critical race theory in emotional speech  ‘The Madness of Crowds’ author…

Breaking Your Will

Breaking Your Will  

Whites Believe Jews Controls The World Update 3.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Calls Out NWO and One World Government Success! New Survey Shows Over 100 Million Europeans Believe A Secret Jewish Cabal Controls The World A new survey, sponsored by a Jewish advocacy group, found that a whopping 20%, or potentially 150 million out…

Outstanding Speeches & People

We should be able to debate anything. That is the difference between democracy and totalitarianism Katie Hopkins | We Should NOT Support No Platforming (6/8) | Oxford Union   Kathryn Molesa 4 months ago (edited) Katie is correct. We should be able to debate anything. That is…
The Game of Life: Mind Control, Freemasonry, Transgenderism, Satanism - By NaTubertv