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VIKINGS & Germanic Tribes in Europe

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Vikings came from Germanic tribes and Ice Age people in Europe.

Viking Women - What was it like to be a woman in Viking Society?

Women in Viking society is among the most fascinating women in history. Not only were they the women with the most rights at this time, but they were also the holders of the treasure chest in the house, making them the de facto boss of the family’s fortune. Women also sometimes participated in battle, but most important of all, they were the ones who taught the next generation how to be Viking. Women could also be a Jarl, a queen, a priestess or have other important positions in society. So, what was it like to be a woman in the Viking era?


Celtic women before them had all these rights and became of a clan or a tribe example to Queen boadicea.


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Vikings did practice polygamy. It's correct that there usually were just one wife, but there was also a concubine system, frillas, these were offical relationship that gave the women and her children certain rights. Frillas came for lower status families relative to the man so they weren't a social threat to the wife whose status rested on her fathers family. But of course these things are all about what resources a man commanded. Most men wouldn't be able to afford to support one woman. As Adam of Bremen describes the Swedes in the 9th century. "Only in their sexual relations with women do they known o bounds; a man according to his means has two or three or more wives at one time, rich men and princes an unlimited number. And they also consider the sons born of such unions legitimate. But if a man known another man’s wife , or by violence ravishes a virgin or spoils another of his goods or does him an injury, capital punishment is inflicted on him."


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The Lost History of the North: Thored, Oslac & Yorvik VIKINGS DANELAW ANGLO-SAXONS DOCUMENTARY

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