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Dr. Warns New COVID-19 Vaccine Is Untested And Will Alter Your DNA
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Komi, the nomads from the Arctic circle | SLICE | Full documentary  Alexei and Vassili are Komi, one of the most ancient indigenous people of Siberia. They live with their wives and children close to the Arctic Circle and are the last reindeer herders of this region.…
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   Philistines—The Jews’ Ancient Enemies—Were Europeans, DNA Confirms THE NEW OBSERVER   Philistines—The Jews’ Ancient Enemies—Were Europeans, DNA C onfirms TNO Staff — July 29, 2019 The Philistine people—who gave their name to the land called Palestine—and who were the ancient Jews’ greatest enemy, as recorded in…
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Basque Origins | DNA, Language, and History  
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  White people (White Europeans) during the Ice Age in Europe. All content in this website is the copyright material.   Visitors are welcome to share any articles, but we ask that you acknowledge us as the source. The following information is to give evidence that the…
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