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Setting Up Community Based Organization

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A community based organization, is an organization which is representative of a community or a significant segment of a community and is engaged in meeting people,

 CBOs: Provide numerous, often highly valued,targeted population programs and services to the members  and to the community.


European organization are usualy only policial party groups and  they do not represent  their  community  needs. The following short list  for example:

Womens organization to represent and fight for European rights and help women and families

European youth organizations to help young people in relationships, education, Find Jobs, Training new skills, learn about European History and become leaders.

European children organization to help children with education, European history, camps  and to become leaders.

European men organization to help with relationships and find partners  and leadership training. them a


Community Based Organization (CBO) Engagements

What is Community Organizing?

Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture

The Conservative movements

The conservative movement was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of Neo- conservative Jews. Some Neo- conservatives European jews are Christians who fight against big gonenrment, globalism and communism. They are Jewish nationals who promote people into leadership position in conservative movement to keep control over European true Jews and gentile whites and stop them from building community based organization.  They will not promote and will not build European Anti-Defamation  Organizations to fight for European rights, no gentilel womens movement, no national congresses to unite all Europeans, no world nationa lorganizations and no world congresses to help unite Europeans. They promote conservatism and do not promote nationalism and many will not talk about or fight for European gentile or true jewish rights. Many European gentiles and jews think of themselves as conservatives, can not make changes, because conservatism  is not about making changes in the conservative movement. Conservative will not win against globalism , only nationalism will win against globalism and new ideas to over come the enemy. People who call themselves conservatives must move to we the people nationism and build organizations for gentiles europeans and for true Jews and both organizations work together.

European Anti-Defamation Organization

 Many people today have been conditioned by the Globalists who accuse them of inciting hatred and then they find themselves in court having to defend themselves using their own finance. Court cases can cost thousands of hundreds to millions in monetary value above and beyond the affordability of most people. The reason we lose our rights is that we do not have a legal organization to defend our rights. If we had an organization that operated nationally and internationally we could obtain more financing through the public and member organizations. This could include liability insurance also.

All European Organizations will need Security Council of permanent founding members  to stop radicals from  taking organization over

The organization will need Security Council of Permanent founder membership to stop radicals from taking the organization over and keeping it on track and to remove any person who breaks its constitution. Members who are Elected and who prove they can be trusted can become members of the Security Council.

The organization should represent Europeans and all other races to run in each country which is connected to an international organization. The organization needs volunteers, membership, and lawyers to give advice and fight for us in court.

There is a need to set up a National and International European Anti-Defamation Council to fight for Europeans and all other racial groups on the planet.

Most human rights organizations around the world today are more interested in 'minority' rights, rather than 'majority' rights, and are silent when it comes to the many laws that have been broken by so-called Governments and organizations such as the United Nations. If you look at the list below of the United Nations laws, they are not upheld and are in fact abused in virtually every country globally.

We believe what is needed is to set up organizations which mirror the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the most effective course of action is to win court cases to set precedents which support European communities throughout the world. The stark truth is that without legal funds and representation you are not given a voice and at present, there is no organization to represent Europeans and our needs have been pushed to the background. 

Updated 23 November 2016

This organization is being set up both Nationally and Internationally to be a community organization to cater for all our needs.  Because we are new, we need help from our members to build branches and we will help you do this by putting you in contact with other members in your area and if you wish to write articles you can submit these for review to go on our website.

You can start a branch organization without too much hassle with as little as two people in your foundation membership.  All you need is you and a friend or family member and you've got enough to get going!  There are many of groups that this organization wants its members to get involved with including:

  • European Sabbath
  • Women's Chapters
  • Motorbike Clubs
  • Legal
  • Conservation
  • Political

These are just to name a few - for a full list of ideas for branches, please have a read of our "What We Stand For" page and Community section on the website.

The website represents us, "We the People."  There may be other groups which we have talked about on the website because we believe we are part of a world community and must work with many different organizations so we promote them and they help us.  This is a step forward to build a network of organizations to come together because unity is strength and division are a weakness.

Tips & Advice On Starting An Event/Group

Once you have the basics of your event down pat, please contact us with the details so we can advertise it to other members in your local area.

Pick Your Time & Date

Have a think about a suitable time and date for your event - it's important not to just choose a time that works for you, but one that will also work best for your audience.  This will be different based on what your group is doing.  A playgroup would probably work best in the middle of the week in the morning and for no more than an hour.  A family gathering type event would probably work better on a weekend when everyone is free to come along.

Choose Your Location

Choose a location that works for your group.  Something that's close by with ample parking or public transport, make sure if it's out in the open like a park you've consider a wet weather alternative nearby.  Some ideas for group gatherings include:

  • Parks
  • Scout Halls
  • Church Halls
  • Local Community Venues for Hire
  • Libraries
  • Member's Homes

Things to consider.  
If the group is very large or if there will be high levels of noise or political activity you may need to look up your local council rules and regulations.  In some countries, permit may be required.

Structure and Activities For Your Event

Some of our community events will need more structure than others.  These are just a few things you might need to take into consideration.

Consider if you need to approach other members to speak at your event.

  •   Do you require technical services such as internet access or microphones/speakers so that everyone can hear you?  
  •   Is catering a requirement - does everyone need to bring some food and drink or is this not required?
  •   What activities are happening at your event?  A playgroup might require everyone to bring some toys along to share. 
  •   Find a band that can play some European music.
  •   Print out some brochures to hand out to prospective members about what we stand for.
  •   Get the name and contact information for everyone who attends so you can add them to your email lists.

Make sure your invitation is very specific on member etiquette - we don't promote drunken, debauchery or physical violence within our community and this needs to be clear from the event get go.


Feel free to have a donation box to help offset the costs that occurred for running the event.

You could also have donation options for other sections of our organization such as the anti-defamation league.

We don't believe in contacting the media or invite them to our events, so please refrain from gaining publicity in this manner.


Feel free to contact other local members to see if they are willing to help you organize your local event.

After the Event

Please send through pictures and information about how it went so we can put in on the site - which hopefully means more interest in future events you organize!


Privacy Policy

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Odinism for a Modern World

Odin Wallpaper

God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. God created the the big bang that created the universe and the world we live on.  God created the Sun, the Moon and all the plants and beyond and where does the universe end, we will probably never know. His divine plan has placed us in the exact place to support our life and that of our world.

The different between paganism and customs

Before Christianity moved into Europe, the White Europeans followed customs and beliefs passed down through history from the dawn of their first Adam and Eve and may have been closer to God then we are today. They were closer to nature and followed the movement of the Sun, Stars, and Moon and had close relationship with trees and animals. Today Christians do not have the same relationship with nature which represents God their creator. Christians by going to Church building is not close to nature and therefore not close to God.


There is a growing number of European Caucasians who have become dissatisfied with the existing religions such as Christianity and Islam. They feel these religions do not fight for their racial rights and do not care about their ancestors or their indigenous rights to Europe and the Middle East.

Many also feel going to church is not close to nature and there for joining Odinism movement to be closer to nature and God

Christianity and Islam adopted the old Pagan beliefs to help legitimize their religion and gain power over the local populations. When we strip away the trappings of Christianity and Islam, we can still uncover the old beliefs of our ancestors to give us guidance today.  Please have a read and check out the links which will help you to uncover just how similar our modern religions are to the old Pagan ways.

Paganism was the dominant spiritual belief in Europe and the Middle East going back thousands of years, perhaps going back as far as the Ice Age.

The word pagan has been turned into a hate word just like racism, bigotry, and extremism used against people of the world today.  People in Europe before Christianity did not call themselves Pagans, they used other names to call their spiritual groups by.

Modern Odinism is based on beliefs and customs that Christianity historically destroyed or adopted.  In today's world most Christians believe their customs and practices are unique and special to their religion, however, you will see from the Odinist and Pagan examples below, that this is not completely true:

  •  The Norse gods and goddesses are multi-layered and have many purposes similar to the Hindu religion.
  •  The stories we tell our children of fairies, elves, throwing money into a wishing well all come from these pre-Christian beliefs.
  •  Married couples today wear a wedding ring, this custom was practiced long before Christianity.  
  •  Pre-Christian pagans were in tune with nature and had a good understanding of lunar movements and a close association with oak trees and mistletoe.

Odinic Rite LogoOdinists believe in the following:

  •  The belief that all nature is spirit
  •  Strong moral code
  •  Belief in gods and goddesses

Odinists take notice of the voice of the great nature spirit which is heard in the twittering of birds, thunderstorms, winds, the rippling of the waters and the smell of flowers.  

Odinists today follow the nine noble virtues and charges — courage, perseverance, hospitality, fidelity, industriousness, self-reliance, discipline, truth and honor.  While Odinists do not follow Christianity, many still love the idea of a Jesus concept and believe he would have made an excellent Odinist!

Sexuality and sensuous practices are not banned and are in fact considered gifts that should be cherished and celebrated.  Odinism believes that people are not perfect, but they must always strive to do their best to uphold honor and respect.

The Pre-Christian pagans did focus on the afterlife and their belief is that you attain immortality through deeds, doing what is best for the community, being there for their family and relations, and taking care of the elderly who always stayed with the family.  Our ancestors would be shocked to learn that our elderly today are placed in care homes, as in the past and in many cultures the elderly are welcomed into the family home and assist with the household management and child rearing while the parents are working, hunting, farming etc.

Screenshot 1 tree

Short video in time for Christmas about the origins of the Christmas tree.
Oh Christmas Tree From the Branches of a Windswept Evergreen
From the Branches of a Windswept Evergreen -

  They Could Never Fathom Our Reverence And Connection To Nature


Screenshot 7hole plants

nine noble virtues of odinismRelated Links & Videos

Europe's origins lay in a cooperative, peaceful, innovative, neolithic Goddess-worshipping culture
Archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas' work on the Neolithic cultures of Old Europe (6500-3500BCE), reveals evidence of peaceful, cooperative, innovative, woman-honouring, goddess-worshipping and egalitarian civilizations that existed for thousands of years without war.

Pagan Items Adopted By Christianity
Temples,  robes, crosses and chants form an important part of Christian worship yet their origins are far from Christian.

Odinism - An Eternal Faith
This short film explores Odinism in the modern world as practiced by members of the OR.

Odinism - Our Natural Religion
'Odinism - Our Natural Religion' is presented by Redwald, who discusses Odinism, its relationship with nature and how the natural religion of North West Europeans differs from the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Way of Odin: Part I -- What is Odinism?

The Odinic Rite - Odinism for the Modern World

The Druids and Pre-Christian Religion




How Successful People Think


In a classic research-based TEDx Talk, Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want.

After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Lara Boyd | TEDxVancouver

The Power Of One Person


If you study history, all the great leaders of the world have been successful because they developed the right attitudes for the situations they were in and they made goals so they knew what they wanted to achieve.  They then set about coming up with ideas to achieve those aims.

One of the problems we have, especially with European political organizations is when it comes to leadership.  There is little to no training and this is why the European populations of the world are doing so badly.  They are starting to lose their own countries and are unable to represent their own people.  In Jewish organizations, leadership training is practiced from a very early age so when each generation grows up they have the skills to take over, ensuring them continued success.  Many children in Western schools are not taught effective leadership skills and positive thinking.  

The ruling elite who control our media and political parties have actually "declared war" against us (We the people).  For example they pitch true Jews against false Jews, blacks against whites, Indians against whites, Muslims against Muslims, Muslims against Christians etc, and they are behind the feminist movement which is destroying the traditional family (black, Jewish and white).  They are behind the destruction of the industry having orchestrated the moving of much of it from developed countries to third world countries.  They are behind the destruction of our culture and history by flooding European and third world countries with non-natives.  They exercise control over the media, creating racism and bigotry by broadcasting biased news.  They control the education system which results in the 'dumbing down' of our children.  

You must realize the Anti-Semitic Zionist and gentile traitors have declared war on us - we did not declare war on them.  This has been going on longer than you think.  The following information may assist you in understanding this - we want you to change your thinking from conservative (which doesn't work) to a more nationalistic approach.  Whereby you are flexible and you can move to any position as long as you are fighting to bring down the Establishment with the aim of giving rights back to all people of the world.  Learn from the Sun Tzu information on how to defeat your enemies in war!

It is important to remember before every task that you need the right attitude to achieve a positive result.  So think positively because negative thoughts will give bad outcomes.  The old proverb is true: "You reap what you sow."

The Globalist have declared war against We the People and we must learn how to defeat Globalist from Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu

'The Art of War' - Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is arguably the most well-known military strategist throughout history. A "Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher, who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China." (Wikipedia) He is best known by the name, Sun Tzu, which is actually an honorific title meaning, "Master Sun."  Born around 545 BC, he had a significant impact on Chinese and Asian culture, and history.  He is best known for his ancient text on military strategy called, 'The Art of War,' which is still used by political leaders and business managers for its principles today.

Unlike many military leaders of the time, Sun Tzu saw competition as a productive motivator rather than something that is destructive.  The idea of an "enemy" is seen as a positive force, something that is a source of resource, not something to be annihilated.  He had three important principles:

"Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril."

"To win 100 battles is not the height of skill.  To subdue the enemy without fighting is."

"Avoid what is strong.  Attack what is weak."

Understanding Sun Tzu's Book 'The Art of War'- Full Documentary

Timeline of Sun Tzu's Era


Good Attitudes for Good Leaders

1.  To be a leader you never stop learning.  The day you think you "know it all," is the day you stop learning. earl nightgale goals quote

2.  To have both short and long term goals.  It is important to know where you are going.  Make these goals reasonable and achievable - create steps to help you pursue your large goals.  To help you achieve your goals do a poster with things you want to achieve with pictures and other visuals and place it somewhere you see it often to help you stay on track.  Attitude and motivation are the most important things to have in order to be a successful person.  If you want to be a leader within our organization we will give you the tools and training to help you achieve your goals.

3.  To know your enemies as well as you know yourself.  Know everything you can about those who are in opposition or competition with you.  The more you understand your opposition, the better equipped you are to make balanced decisions.

Some so-called "pro-white" and even Jewish organizations are dishonest with their members i.e. they only give 70% of the truth.  How can you make a sound decision when you do not have the correct information?  Every military college teaches their students everything they need to know about how the enemy thinks and operates.  If they lack that information they will make uninformed decisions on the battlefield and lose.  Some false Jewish community leaders (Zionist Rabbis) lie to their members, saying that all non-Jews are the enemy, do not have a soul and want to gas every Jew when in fact the majority of the non- Jewish population of the world do not want to harm anyone and wish to live in peace.  If these lies are told repeatedly, people begin to believe it regardless of what is fact and what is fiction.

4.  Unity is Strength. Genghis Khan who was a Mongolian leader and conquered most of Asia and parts of Europe came from a very small tribe.  He did things differently to other tribes and promoted people to leadership positions if they were skilled, rather than endorsing people who were "born into positions."  He also trained his people and instilled new ideas.  To demonstrate his point, he snapped a single arrow in half then as a comparison tried to break a bunch of arrows and failed.  This represented to his troops that when you are unified as a community it's hard to break you either physically or in spirit.

5.  Setting Examples.  If you are a leader in a pro-white organization, you have to set the example.  For example dressing neatly, not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, organizing people effectively and having a partner of the same race.  earl nightgale dream quote

6.  Having a supportive life partner is an important foundation to good leadership.   Although some successful people do not have a life partner, having someone supportive in the background makes it easier.

7.  Learn to work with other groups.  Just remember one of the reasons that the Celtic tribes in Europe lost against the Romans is that they were never united.  We do not want to repeat history so you always need to work and help other groups so they will help you in return.  Many people have the attitude, "every man for themselves," which is a bad attitude because the community can not move forward.  The right attitude is, "help others to be successful and your organization will be successful."  If you train somebody who turns out to do a better job than you, then that means better advancement for the organization.  There will still be positions in organizations for effective leaders and employees.

8.  Start training people when they are very young.  Between 4-8 years old is the most informative age to start teaching children because at this age, in most cases the information and the conditioning will stay with that child for the rest of their life.

9.  Control Gossip.  Bad gossip can be incredibly damaging to morale within an organization and leads to collusion.  In Jewish organizations, you rarely see power squabbles between Jewish leaders but you often see it amongst pro-white organizations.  Not just in leadership but at meetings.  It needs to be kept under control otherwise you will lose control of your organization's aims.

10.  Do not get stuck with rigid ideas - be flexible. Always be willing to analyze and to adopt new ideas that will help you achieve your main objectives.  One of the problems that both pro-white groups and the Jewish community have are fixed ideas that don't work and that harm lots of people, including themselves.

Your objective should always be to guarantee freedom for the majority of the people.  Adopting new ideas is a good attitude and you will find it rewarding to start looking at and implementing these ideas in a rational way.  Try to look at ways which these ideas have been used successfully by others.

earl nightingal quote11.   Leader knows how to motivate other people.  If employees do a good job, give compliment to employee will motivate them to keep doing a good job

12.  Avoid negativity when it comes to looking at things and people. Everyone can be prone to negative thinking when things are tough, it is important to take a step back and analyze the situation and try to find the positive in what's happening.  Challenging times are often when you can learn the most.

13.  Brainstorm new ideas during the early morning when your brain is at its peak.

14.  Open Discussion of New Ideas.  At meetings, it's important to have open frank discussions with your members and check the negativity at the door.

15.   Be rational and analyze and have goals.  If you are a leader of an organization and you're not achieving your goals (eg. low membership, low numbers of female employees, minimal customer base) step back, do your research to gain more knowledge then analyze the problem and take the steps to move forward and achieve your goals.  Do not get caught up in the left or right wing paradigm of thinking.  Be willing to move to any position as long as it benefits the majority of the people and achieves your goals.  For example, on this website, We the People should have direct control over the federal reserve bank, the banking system and the media and some people may say that this means "you're a socialist."  Do not fall into this trap - the attitude should be to achieve the best result for the majority of people.  It does not matter if it sounds socialist, you need to take any ideas you can to achieve your goals.  We must remember there is a war going on and we need to use any tactics we can to ensure we win.

16.  Always avoid class distinctions.  We are all equal. It does not matter if you are rich or poor - if you are fighting Globalist, We The People are all equal.


We all need Goals

Setting Worthy Goals Is The Secret To All Success - Earl Nightingale

You Need Definite Goal - Earl Nightingale



During the 1950s, Solomon Asch conducted a series of experiments and then published his findings which demonstrated how much an individual's own opinions are influenced by those of a majority group.

Asch Conformity Experiment
Classic footage from the original experiments run by Solomon Asch in the 1950s.


About Earl Nightingale

earl nightingale

Earl Nightingale was an American radio personality, as well as an internationally renowned author and motivational speaker.  He dealt with topics such as character development, meaningful existence, and personal motivation.  His motivational spoken-word record, The Strangest Secret sold over a million copies, making it the first spoken word recording to ever achieve gold record status.

During his lifetime, Nightingale wrote and recorded over 7000 radio programs, 250 audio programs as well as television programs and videos.  Some of his bestselling books include: 'The Strangest Secret', 'Lead the Field', 'The Essence of Success' and 'Think and Grow Rich' (co-authored with Napoleon Hill).


Useful Videos and Links

Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale


Life Advice Will Change Your Future

Jordan Peterson's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)


Brittany Pettibone  and sisters talk about failure


Fix Yourself




Coveners League has many articles, here is a small sample, please check them out.

Screenshot 2big picture ice men

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

 Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

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European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 Screenshot 2coudenhove

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - To Genocide Indigenous Europeans in Europe

 Screenshot 2us constitution

US Constitution & Bill of Rights. Article…

Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

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Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

 Screenshot 2keep fredom free

Freedom of the Internet

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In Europe

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In

 Screenshot 2gencide

Genocide Whites & all Races

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White Indigenous Rights

Screenshot 2big family 2

Promoting Large Families

Screenshot 2farmland

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

 Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist. Update 2

New World Order Globalist

 Screenshot 2picture of dead people

The European Holocaust

 Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice. Update 2

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

 Bankers Control the World

Bankers Control the World

 White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initiative Referendas ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Orania White Afrikaner Community

 Screenshot 7white s

Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …

What We Stand For

  • Tuesday, 30 June 2015 03:03

Hello and welcome to our website!  If you are a Caucasian anywhere in the world this organisation was set up to help you.  We are a community based group set up to cater to all your needs, including social, networking, relationships as well as education and learning.  

We represent European (white) people anywhere in the world. We also represent people who are the same or similar to Europeans in the Middle East, Western Asia, Northern India or North Africa.  These regional groups as a whole are more generally defined racially as Caucasian.  

Even though our organisation is fighting and helping Caucasian people, we wish to help all racial groups on the planet through our affiliations with other organisations and groups.

Core Issues Championed by The Coveners League
Fighting for Human Rights and our families
Keeping our lands safe, including our homelands in Europe and the Middle East
Combating Genocide, Interracial Marriage and Increasing the birth rate
Taking a political stance against anti-Semitism, Racism, Nazism, Globalism and Extremism

  • We campaign to educate Europeans on their indigenous homeland, Europe.  It's important for all Europeans to be aware of the threat to our homeland via third world immigration which is rapidly taking over Europe today.
  • Immigration is used as a weapon to destroy the indigenous (homogenous) populations.  We are opposed to this and promote that all people have the right to an indigenous homeland free from invasion as decreed by the United Nations Genocide Indigenous laws because everyone has the right no matter what colour, creed or race to have self determination.
  • European have lost their rights worldwide.  We aim to represent them through our organisation and network of activist groups. We aim to develop or work with national and international legal organisations to fight for our rights along with the rights of all individuals on  this planet.
  • The European birth rate is crashing worldwide.  In Russia the population drops by 1 million every 10 years.  In Germany the population drops 100,000 annually and this is true for many other European countries.  If we don't stop this and reverse it, we will be in very serious trouble.  We aim to help support families and increase the birth rate.
  • There is a high suicide rate amongst returned servicemen in the United States and about 22 commit suicide every day.  We believe these figures are also similar in other countries and our aim is to reduce the suicide rate.
  • Interracial marriage is very high - approximately 10% in the United States.  One of the aims of this organisation is to reverse this trend and if we don't stop this we will vanish incredibly quickly when coupled with low birth rates.  Mixed relationships do not produce Europeans, and when they grow up they do not represent us either.
  • Marriage breakdown is currently sitting around 50% we plan to promote good attitudes for happy marriages in order to reduce this.
  • The current school attendance model has children in classrooms for many more years than prior generations however the lessons learnt have vastly reduced.  We plan on enriching the education to Caucasian children by running camps and activities which will teach practical life skills and increase pride in their culture and heritage.
  • There are many conflicts going on worldwide among all racial groups and also with Caucasians and we aim to reduce or stop conflict wherever possible.
  • Much of the food we eat these days is modified food (GMO) which is not good for our health and we campaign to educate people and campaign to promote more natural clean eating to increase health.
  • Vaccines have done much good over the years but there are now signs that vaccines include contaminants or added substance which can cause cancers, dyslexia and other issues that people are not aware of.  We campaign to increase quality of vaccines and to educate people on the risks and benefits of vaccines as well as the freedom of choice over whether or not to vaccinate.
  • We are a national and international organisation that will operate in every country where there are European and Arab Caucasians, so if you travel from one country to another we hope to have a branch for you to join.  We get involved in many different activities in different countries including sending volunteers to help with elections and disaster relief.
  • We wish for the organisation branches to have the ability to collect donations of physical goods so we can pass these items on to those in need.
  • We do leadership training for all adults and children so they can become successful leaders of the future.
  • Promoting free enterprise among our members from advice on share trading and services, community farms to selling water filters or books etc.
  • We want to find or set up an organisation to represent Afrikaners which would be for all Europeans who live in Africa, South Africa and worldwide including former Rhodesians and Borers.
  • If you have a cultural group which you believe would be a good fit with our organisation, please do contact us so we can start talks.

European Sabbath

european family gathering The Jewish community believes in unity and over time, they have developed organizations to cater for their communities.  They have the most successful organizations in the world.  Gentile Europeans need to build community-based organizations to create unity and bring people together to teach, meet new friends, find partners and to strengthen by increasing the size of their organizations and using what we refer to as the European Sabbath. 

The European Sabbath can be used to promote Christianity and to teach their members about family history, tribal history, Ice age ancestry.  The Globalist Establishment want to destroy our Christianity.  The European Sabbath is open to all Caucasians, religious or non-religious, so if you wish to start building a worldwide community we suggest you start your Sabbath gatherings and spread the idea amongst your friends and other organizations.  Please contact the Coveners League and keep us informed about your European Sabbath gatherings, and if the idea flourishes, we will set up a website where people can contact each other in any part of the world.

The seventh day, Saturday is the Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10; Mark 2:28; Isaiah 58:13; Exodus 20:10)  Sunday is the beginning of the week and Saturday is the last day of the week.

He taught His disciples that they should do nothing upon the Sabbath day but what was "lawful,"  (Matthew 12:12).

The Sabbath is mentioned in the New Testament fifty-nine times, and always with respect by bearing the same title it had in the Old Testament, "the Sabbath day."    

Jewish founders created the website - in order to bring Jews together worldwide as an easy way to promote and strengthen the Jewish culture, community, and togetherness.  It is the world's largest Jewish social network and allows people to connect and meet in a safe and friendly environment to have fun and to create unity.  This site celebrates the essence of Jewish culture - the observance of Shabbat and sharing a meal.  It has members in over 70 countries and hosts events in most cities around the globe.  Aside from the fun aspects of a lovely evening and making new friends, this site is also pitched to help you form romantic relationships and promote career networks.

The Jewish community is very conscious about Jews marrying non-Jewish people.  The majority of their organizations and functions are set up in a way to stop those of the Jewish Diaspora from marrying non-Jews.  Through their sites, it is irrelevant if you are religious or non-religious.  Their functions can be described as both religious and/or cultural in nature.  The functions main aims are to ensure that Jewish individuals socially meet other Jews, which ensures a greater likelihood of marriage within the Jewish community keeping the family lines strong.   

If you look at Shabbat videos online, you will see the majority of Jews are European Caucasians, and it has been like this for thousands of years until recent times.  One of the main reasons for setting up a similar celebration and function for the European community is to ensure that we have good social opportunities to meet and form relationships with fellow Europeans.

The European population worldwide needs to learn from the European Jewish communities by setting up a community like this, which allows people to meet and enjoy the company of others with the same heritage.  We could go a long way towards increasing the European birth rate around the world if this idea was implicated.  We need to develop a European culture that embraces and welcomes fellow Europeans.  The benefits are great to those who are willing to put themselves out there and try something a bit different.

Some of the Benefits are:

•  Meet your future partner and provide safe dating opportunities among a group of like-minded individuals.
•  Make new friends and further social opportunities while hosting or attending a dinner.
•  Promote Career Networks.

Video Examples

Have a look at some of these great events.  We can adopt these ideas in a way that embraces our European culture.

What is

Most Beautiful Shabbat Video Ever

How We See European Sabbath Working

Your event could take place on a Friday night to celebrate the end of a successful week, and to get ready to embrace a new week which starts on Sunday.  We stress this is not a party style event where you drink copious amounts of alcohol, it is more about family and friends togetherness.  A glass of wine is fine but out of respect to your host, alcohol intake should most definitely be limited and in moderation.

Structure of the Event

The evening consists of four main parts:

Introduction and Greeting:  Lighting of Candles and formal start to the event.

The Jewish Ceremony starts with the lighting of the candles, hands over your eyes and includes a prayer.  The whole idea of having a ceremony with the European Sabbath is not so much a religious approach but you are welcome to incorporate your religion into your evening.  This simple ritual beginning is really more a way to be mindful of your wishes and goals and to focus on what you plan on achieving during the Sabbath event.  An example is:

"I say this with the aims of having a successful eventful night, to bring unity and happiness to my family and others.  To create new friends and learn new things as a group throughout the evening over good food and laughter."

Dinner:  Dinner is really at the discretion of the host.  You could either ask everyone to bring a plate to share or if you prefer to do all the cooking yourself, ask people to help offset the costs of the food and beverages.  

A simple BBQ or roast dinner is fine - whatever works for you.

Discussion section:  Host could choose a topic for discussion varying from week to week.  We envision that this part of the evening would be about 30mins and topics would include such things as current political climate, our culture, our history, relationships and religious points of view, or anything of your choice.  We encourage you to make use of media resources such as videos and images you have discovered to help drive your discussions.  Both the host and guests should be informative and respectful of differing opinions.  This part of the evening is also a great time to talk about upcoming community events.

Entertainment section:  Come up with some family friendly entertainment.  Whether it be some European music on the stereo or something fun like Karaoke, its completely up to you.  If any of your guests are musicians, encourage them to bring along their guitar or instrument and play for the group.

Host Responsibilities
•   Provides the location for the event.
•   All or some food and drink to share with guests, and charge a small fee to cover your costs.
•   Start the night by greeting and hugging each guest, then having everyone introduce themselves and their families.
•   Encouraging your guests to eat and join in the dinner conversation.
•   Lead and direct the discussion topics about the community and what's happening in the world.
•   Entertainment - singing, dancing and enjoying each other's company.

We have a full document of tips and ideas created here.

Guest Responsibilities
Bring some food to share or pay a small financial donation to the host as a thank you.

Images courtesy of The Kitchen and Gathered Again





white child being bulliedThe Globalist controlled government has turned a blind eye to the bullying of Caucasian children in our local schools.  We must become involved today in order to stop our children from being persecuted and misled, and have school organizations keeping an eye on both teachers and the bullies. 

The children may be called racist and when the children complain about the hateful comments, they are called racist again for complaining about it.  We must teach our children to combat persecution through our organizations

Children need to be taught, when somebody calls them racist, you call them racist back, and teach them to work and learn together against persecution.  They must be taught loyalty to our people and one another which will lay the foundations for them to become the leaders of our people in the future.

This article is a perfect example of what our children are facing today:

Fewer students say they are being bullied at school.  Those who are bullied are more likely to be girls than boys and more likely to be white than minority students.

The Education Department announced survey results found 22 percent of students age 12 to 18, said they were bullied in 2013.  The figure, down 6 percentage points from 2011, is the lowest level since the National Center for Education Statistics began surveying students on bullying in 2005.

To name a few, the current statistics on bullying in schools can be read:

For America:  Here.

For England:  Here.

For Europe and North America:  Here.

For Australia:  Here.

Bullying has spread from school hallways and bathrooms to social media, raising awareness in recent years of what was once largely an underground issue.  The focus has resulted in an aggressive effort to tackle it, from local school officials on up, to the federal government.

Read More....

Images courtesy of Lawyers Plus and Bullying Education

Gun Rights & Gun Organizations Update 2.

  • Wednesday, 20 January 2021 01:46

second amendment rights

Screenshot 1milita glaw

How do you protect your home and community when government fails? Richard Proctor,, talks about militia under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and English common law.

Militia, Martial Law, Street Violence: Ask NOT What Govt Will Do, Ask What YOU Will Do

Screenshot 1milita group people

Screenshot 1solders for for freedom


Screenshot 1the 2nd

Screenshot 1men created

Screenshot 1 joe biden gun owners



The following people removed or want to remove gun rights


Screenshot 1gun control




 Steven Crowder: First Time Gun Buyer and Gun Laws

REAL CONVERSATIONS: First Time Gun Buyer! | Change My Mind

Half a million lives saved a year by defensive use of a firearm

 The 2nd Amendment in the United States guarantees the right to bear arms.  The founding fathers of the American Constitution realized as long as people have guns it reduces governments from persecuting their people and moving towards a dictatorship.  The sad fact is that gradual dictatorship is taking over America however there is a growing awareness of this and citizens are now actively fighting to keep their rights and their guns. 

 It is recommended that every person, and especially Europeans, learn how to use and own guns preferably from a young age, and make sure that you purchase standard guns and plenty of ammunition in case changes are made quickly disallowing individuals from ownership.  We recommend you consider joining a gun club and here is a list of ones we recommend.

Screenshot 1nra ila

National Rifle Association

NRA-ILA’s ability to fight successfully for the rights of America’s law-abiding gun owners directly reflects the support of NRA’s, nearly 5 million members—a number that has more than tripled since 1978.  When restrictive “gun control” legislation is proposed at local, state or federal level, the NRA members and supporters are alerted and respond to individual letters, faxes, e-mails, and calls to their elected representatives to make their views known.

Screenshot 1news gun ownt

Gun Owners of America

This organization is a gun rights organization in the United States which has approximated 300,000 members.  It has often been in opposition to the NRA, (National Rifle Association), and accuses them of being a bit weak when fighting the anti-gun lobby.  Gun Owners of America was founded in 1975 by the NRA board member and California state senator H.L. Richardson when legislation to ban all handguns was introduced in California.  Richardson also founded Gun Owners of California, which deals specifically with gun ownership rights in California.  GOA's executive director is Larry Pratt, who also hosts GOA's audio webcast, Live Fire.





Screenshot 1dail defenced

Armed American Radio

To keep up on the latest news against the war on disarmament, hosted by Mark Walters.




 Screenshot 1kyle

National Association for Gun Rights

Accepting no compromise on the issue of gun control, NAGR works tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun views, and have made great strides in protecting and preserving the Second Amendment.

Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation, (SAF), is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms.  To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.

Firearms Policy Coalition

The purposes and objectives of Firearms Policy Coalition are:

    •  To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    •   People’s rights, privileges, and immunities deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.

    •   The inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.

Legal Action Hotline

"If you would like to report a possible civil rights violation, please feel free to send us a message using the form here or call our toll-free Legal Action Hotline at (855) 252-4510. The primary objective of the Hotline and our legal action programs is to find legally-significant issues and bring cases that defend and advance fundamental rights and individual liberty. Because of the time it takes to review complex legal issues, please be cautious if you submit a report regarding or request a review of an issue with a deadline, like a hearing, court date, or statute of limitations. You should continue to seek legal assistance elsewhere while we review your report. Because we have limited resources, we cannot guarantee that we will provide you with legal support, representation, or advice once we have


Gun Billboard in AmericaDisarmament of the People

The US Second Amendment guarantees the right of the public to have guns.  This right was given by the founding fathers of the United States.  It specifically states:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

A flagrant threat to the Second Amendment is detailed in a 1961 State Department Memorandum, which explains how the United Nations will oversee "complete disarmament" of the American people under the ruse of preventing war.  You can find this online here under the specific law - Title 22 USC section 2551, which was signed by John F. Kennedy.  What is frightening about it, is the lengths they are prepared to go to in order to achieve this complete disarmament.

Dogma created to turn people against having their own guns promote guns increase crime.  However, dramatized movies depicting many gun battles do not really represent American history.  The American people's history with guns is a good one, and in the past, many adults right down to young lads had guns, yet the majority did not go out and commit violent acts.  It was, however, important for the people to have access to them in order to protect themselves from an outside threat, should the need arise.  Even Sheriffs across the United States are rising up against disarmament.

Screenshot 1jpfo

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Founded by Jews in 1989, JPFO initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory In a very revealing video, JPFO's Rabbi, Dovid Bendory, who incidentally is himself Jewish, tells us what Americans are facing regarding their Second Amendment rights in the near future.  It is very interesting to note that the biggest anti-gun organization is Handgun Control Inc., and their leadership is about 50% Jewish.

He gives some highly compelling arguments in his lecture presentation "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense", which uses the Jewish faith and ancient texts to answer some hard questions on the rights of self-defense.  Below are some quotes from the Torah which he uses to argue for the defense of second amendment rights:

"The Torah says:  If someone comes to kill you, preemptively strike him first."

"If the thief is found tunneling into the house and he is hit and killed, there is no blood guilt."

"One who breaks into a home, whether by day or night, if the homeowner kills him there is no crime."

Gun Control Today, Dictatorship Tomorrow

There are plenty of historical examples to show that government restriction and prevention of firearms can lead to dictatorship and in some extreme cases genocide of its citizens.  We have cited a number of examples below and the JPFO have done up an easy with PDF, which you can download here.

1911:  Turkey established gun control.  From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million non-combatant Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

1929:  The Soviet Union established gun control.  From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million non-combatant “dissidents,” unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

1935:  China established gun control.  From 1948 to 1952, 20 million non-combatant political “dissidents,” unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

1938:  Germany established gun control.  From 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million non-combatant Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

1956:  Cambodia established gun control.  From 1975 to 1977, one million educated non-combatant people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

1964:  Guatemala established gun control.  From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

1970:  Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979 300,000 non-combatant Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless and non-combatant people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century:  56 million

Gun Laws By Nation

You can find a full list of gun laws and policies from around the world which we have included a link to.  We have also included some interesting information on some of the nation's case studies, that are brought up as evidence, every time gun control is argued in the United States.

Minute Man Statue

Guns in America

It is estimated that 47% of American adults currently report ownership of a gun.  People who have automatic guns in the United States need to be concerned, because, the so-called Government wants to bring in laws to ban automatics.  You can bury your guns, but make sure the guns are buried in a container that is sealed to ensure no water or moisture gets to them.  Make inquiries into what substance to use for preserving the guns, and bury large amounts of ammunition.  Last but not least, remember where you buried them!  These measures are important because governments have a history of taking liberties away from their people and killing many of them. You may need your guns in the future.  You are not breaking any laws providing you do it before the gun laws come into effect.

Pile of Guns Confiscated in Australia Guns in Australia

 In 1996 the Australian so-called government passed gun-control laws to remove automatic guns and many Australians protested. This change in law happened in a record 12  days with all states agreeing to the proposal after the Port Arthur Massacre.                                                                                                                                          

 Although residents were told removing automatic guns would reduce the crime rate, it continues to rise. There was a video that has, unfortunately, been removed, explaining how to effectively bury your guns in Australia.   Hopefully, some people in Australia saw this and buried their guns so they can one day retrieve them if necessary.

 Guns in England

 The English Bill of Rights in 1689 affirmed, among other things, the right of every Englishman to keep and bear arms.  For more information:  Bill of Rights 1689, from Wikipedia, says: 

 “It reestablished the liberty of Protestants to have arms for their defense within the rule of law.”

Since 1920, the UK has been gradually implementing strict regulation of the civilian ownership of firearms through 1920, 1937, 1968, 1988, (amendment), and 1997, (amendment), Firearms Acts.  These enactments have to lead to the outright ban on the ownership of all automatic, and most self-loading, firearms in the UK.  The ownership of breech-loading handguns is also very tightly controlled and effectively limited to those persons who may require such a handgun for the non-routine humane killing of injured or dangerous animals.

If you wish to obtain a gun in the UK, you need to have either a Shotgun Certificate, (SGC), or a Firearm Certificate, (FAC).  Both of these are issued by local police after the applicant has met the required criteria.  These criteria include having no criminal convictions, no medical conditions or disability, including alcohol and drug related conditions, no history of treatment for depression, or any other kind of mental or nervous disorder, or epilepsy.  You need to also provide reasons as to why you require guns, and "self-defence" is not considered an acceptable "good reason" for firearm ownership.

Guns in Switzerland

Switzerland has some the world's most lax gun control, however, unlike the United States, it also has incredibly low gun related crime.  The country had one mass shooting in 2001, but a resulting referendum to restrict gun ownership failed to pass.

Switzerland’s gun ownership is rooted in a sense of patriotic duty and national identity.  Weapons are kept at home, because of the long-held belief that enemies could invade tiny Switzerland quickly, so every soldier had to be able to fight his way to his regiment’s assembly point.  Historians believe that Switzerland was at risk of being invaded by Germany during World War II, but was spared.  Germany knew that every Swiss man was armed and trained to shoot.

One of the reasons the crime rate in Switzerland is low is the culture of responsibility and safety that is passed from generation to generation within Swiss society.  Kids learn to sharpshoot and become part of gun groups from the age of 12.  "Social conditions are fundamental in deterring crime,” says Peter Squires, professor of criminology and public policy at the University of Brighton in Great Britain.  He has studied gun violence in different countries and concluded, a “culture of support”, rather than focus on individualism, can deter mass killings.

Other Countries

Please click here for a full list of gun laws and policies from around the world.

AR-15 Sporting RifleUseful Videos and Links Supporting Freedom Fighter Groups

14yr Old Shoots Armed Home Intruder While Protecting Siblings

11-year-old girl defends home from 3 armed burglars

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder

Boy Uses Dad's AR-15 to Shoot Intruder

911 CALL - "Amazing" 12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder with a Glock During Home Invasion

6 Time Felon Killed In Shootout By 13 Year Old During Home Invasion

81 Million Illegal Firearms in the EU

The AR-15: America's Modern Sporting Rifle

Ted Nugent proves a Shotgun is deadler than an AR-15

Uneducated liberals are attacking the Second Amendment


Coveners League has many articles, here is a small sample, please check them out.

Screenshot 2big picture ice men

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

 Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

 Whites Fight Back Against  Racism & Bigotry

Whites Fight Back Against Racism & Bigotry

European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 Screenshot 2coudenhove

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - To Genocide Indigenous Europeans in Europe

 Screenshot 2us constitution

US Constitution & Bill of Rights. Article…

Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Screenshot 2second try

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

 Screenshot 2keep fredom free

Freedom of the Internet

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In Europe

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In

 Screenshot 2gencide

Genocide Whites & all Races

Screenshot 2white indigous laws

White Indigenous Rights

Screenshot 2big family 2

Promoting Large Families

Screenshot 2farmland

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

 Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist. Update 2

New World Order Globalist

 Screenshot 2picture of dead people

The European Holocaust

 Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice. Update 2

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

 Bankers Control the World

Bankers Control the World

 White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initiative Referendas ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Orania White Afrikaner Community

 Screenshot 7white s

Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …



Changes Made to Christianity

Christianity in Western Countries is in decline, for example; The Church of England in Britain has lost half its membership in 50 years and has lost approximately 2 million attendees since 2002 alone.  Many of its religious leaders in top positions have been taken over by Globalist traitors (some are Jesuits), who want to destroy or greatly change Christianity and use the organization as a tool to flood Western countries with Muslims. This will do nothing but result in the destruction of true Christianity.  Our research alarmingly shows that many of these same leaders also have no religious belief and are only within the church for power and position.

The Globalist who control the media have been very active with the support of major false Jewish organizations who want to destroy all religions and merge them into a single new religion.  They have been very successful in changing Christianity from a religion that historically fought for Europe against Muslims, to one which has many people describing ministers as "gutless" and "clueless."  Few people realize that the Socialist/communist have been making changing in some modern religion and they have a strong influence in Christianity through Christian colleges. They and have been rewriting the Bible to mean something different to what it originally meant.

There have been many versions of the Bible since the very first English translation in 1611 by King James and 47 scholars over a period of seven years.  Just looking at the list linked here:  shows at least 100 different versions and editions.  You could easily see that through time, the latest editions of the bible could have been gradually altered bit by bit.  We are sure that if you were to compare an original Bible from the 17th Century to one published within the last few decades they would read very differently indeed.

Each version of the Bible has their own abbreviation, some of which are mentioned in this article and the links included.  To try and make things easier to understand, we have included a link to a Wikipedia article which lists all the different Bible versions as well as some abbreviations which are needed to fully comprehend this article:

Wikipedia Modern English Bible Translations

NIV:    New International Version
NWT:  New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
RSV:   Revised Standard Version
NEV:   New European Version
KJV:   King James Version
NABRE:   New American Bible Revised Edition



Which Bible Is Right?

Christians do not realize that the Bible has been changed.  The videos featured below tells of Rupert Murdoch, a Zionist who owns the publishing company Westcott and Hort, has published a version of the Old Testament called the New International Version (NIV), and these changes have altered the meaning of those passages.  This has been done to change Christianity to become part of a New World Order Religion.

Modern religion is designed by international anti-Semitic Zionists to control the public today.  Some of the words that have been completely removed are “Messiah,” “Jehovah,”  “Holy Ghost,”  “Comforter.”  The Bible is no longer God’s word.  It is becoming man’s word!

We want to develop Christian ideals based on the original teachings, for example:

The original ideas of Christianity did not promote genocidal interracial relationships, yet they promoted the idea of "an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth."  This means that if organizations are attacking you or your people, you may attack back and play them at their own game.  This was their take on it back in the Old Testament days.

The family was also very important and men and women made decisions together.  The lady was head of the house, and the man was head of the family.  Married women during the 1300s wore a scarf, did not reveal cleavage and wore long dresses.  They married young and had their children young.

Useful Links and Videos

Rupert Murdoch Owns Publishing Rights Of NIV Bible

Something’s Missing

Which Bible Is Right?  KJV vs. New World Order "Bibles" NIV, NWT, RSV, NEV
Youtube Video by Pastor Mike Hoggard outlining the differences in Bible Versions.  The screen shots below are the work of Pastor Mike Hoggard.  For more information on these discrepancies please visit his website.

See why and how modern Bible versions promote the Antichrists New World Order!  In this video, you should really SEE some very good reasons why only to use the KJV - at least I pray you do!  For me personally,  

it was shocking to learn that the NIV, NASB, NWT (Jehovahs Witnesses) RSV, ESV etc, are all based on the texts that suddenly "were discovered" in a Roman Catholic monastery by the end of the 17th Century and edited by Westcott and Hort - occultists.

Bible changes over time

Scofield Bible Rapture Not True

The Holy Bible created by Zionists


Cyrus Scofield is a small time politician and career criminal.  In 1873, he is forced to resign his position as a District Attorney because of crooked financial transactions that include accepting bribes, stealing political contributions and securing bank notes by forging signatures.

Scofield then serves jail time for forgery charges.  A heavy drinker, Scofield later abandons his wife and two daughters.  His wife finally divorces the drunken crook in 1883.  As so many con-men do, Scofield will then claim to have “found Jesus”.

He is ordained as a Minister and then claims to have a Doctor of Divinity degree, but this degree is never verified.  After several mysterious trips to Europe and New York, Scofield publishes the notated reference Bible that bears his name.  The added side notes in Scofield’s Bible inject a very weird “End Times” prophecy into Christianity.

Because of Scofield’s altered Bible, many Christians today believe that Jesus will return to save his followers from the “End Times Great Tribulation” (The Rapture), after Israel is established and that “God will bless those who bless Israel.”

This Biblical alteration, at the hands of a known criminal marks the beginning of a powerful force in American politics known as “Christian Zionism.”  Many millions of “Evangelical” Christians have been mentally infected with Scofield’s poison.

Christian Zionists are even more fanatical in their support of Israel than the Jewish Zionists are!  The Scofield Bible is very good for Zionism!

Further Information

Cyrus Scofield and the subversion of modern Christianity

Screenshot 1scofield bible



European Social Clubs

The Coveners League wants to work with any person who wants to build National and International community-based organizations to represent Caucasians.  The Coveners League wants to work with many organizations and help unite with many arms, bit like an Octopus with different branches or organizations with the aim of catering for all individual needs.  Branching out into different avenues can be useful for people during all stages of their life – from children, youths through to seniors.  We would like to see community clubs with local chapters running these social clubs for members and non-members as a fun way to introduce new people to an organization as well as building networks and a friendship base.

Many European people find it hard to find a European Caucasian for marriage and end up getting married to a non-European person.  The latest statistics show that 10% of European people marry non–European people in the United States – the figure is similar in Britain. This means that over a period of time the European population may well disappear.  A social organization is needed to cater for married couples, singles, children, and youths.

Every pro-European organization will be needed to become part of networking operating nationally and internationally.  The bigger the establishment becomes the more influence pro-European organizations will have on political parties.

These organizations should be active in humanitarian and educational arenas and some do not need to be involved in politics. 

The following information on the Round Table 41club is a good example to follow.

Round Table International Club

 We are using this organization as an example: We want European Caucasian organization only, The Round Table is Globalist international multicultural multiracial organization that was founded in Norwich England in 1927 from a small group of 8 members and has become a truly global organization.  It has a membership of approximately 50,000 with 2,700 clubs in 65 countries.

The social network and charitable side of the organization which is open to all ages between from 18 to 45 was set up by the wives in 1932 for their social networking and charitable fundraising.

What is the 41club?  
The Retirement members have their club also called the 41 Club.  The full name is:  "The Association of Ex-Round Tablers Club."  Just to name some countries where these clubs are situated:

International 41club

-  Austria                                                                                      
-  Bahrain
-  Belgium
-  Brazil
-  Britain
-  Bulgaria
-  Cyprus
-  Czech Republic
-  Denmark
-  Finland
-  France
-  Germany
-  Greece
-  Hong Kong
-  Hungary
-  Iceland
-  India
-  Ireland
-  Israel     
-  Kenya
-  Morocco
-  New Zealand
-  Norway
-  Poland
-  Portugal
-  South Africa
-  Seychelles Islands
-  Turkey
-  United States    
-  Uganda – and other countries.

Activities:  Most local clubs hold regular meetings each fortnight and come together for football, black tie dinners, charity runs, bungee jumping, skiing and a general get-together with friends to have drinks and also fun.  Activities might vary from club to club.

The objectives of the organization:  to promote good citizenship and loyalty to their country and develop good international relationships and fellowship amongst people.

Frankfurt School

More Information

Wikipedia Article

Round Table International Website

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland

Ladies Circle International

Ladies Circle Great Britain & Ireland

Recommendation For European (Caucasian) & Jewish Clubs

My recommendation is to build a national and international club similar to the Round Table but with some differences;

  • The Round Table Club has two sections; one for men and one for women and the membership age is between 18 to 45 years.  My recommendation is for the club to have no age limit, with memberships starting from the very young to the elderly and catering for women who are pregnant, parents with babies, children, teenagers, adults and of course to include the elderly.
  • Both men and women can come together to make friends and to give those looking for new partners a chance to find somebody.
  • Monthly newsletter to help people meet other Caucasians with activities and to have fun at homes parties, dinners, meetings and outings.  The members then receive a newsletter and are able to choose what functions they would like to attend. 
  • The world is a big place and a regional monthly newsletter can be published about information on all functions.
  • All these functions are to have rules against any bad behavior and to promote good manners.
  • The club should also promote friendship and understanding between all Caucasians  (Europeans) worldwide and fight for their rights nationally and internationally and work against wars amongst Caucasian people. You could work with other international organizations and also with the United Nations. 
  • The club could raise money to fight against racism, bigotry, ethnic cleansing against Europeans, Jews, and other races.
  • The club could educate people about the right attitudes, relationships and marriage, teach men and women to respect each other.
  • To promote marriage and help Mums and Dads in outings with their children and to encourage parents to have larger families.
  • Every idea the members have can be promoted such as field days and having fun.  A very important aspect are ideas on starting new business ventures, such as buying into media to fight for our rights, setting up publishing companies to print the books for our rights, magazines, and newspapers.  Buying into media and setting up publishing companies are easy through an organization but very difficult to accomplish on one’s own.
  • Use the internet to promote ideas and to give alternative news of the highest standard of quality on every subject in life, health, relationships, religion and World matters.
  • Promote loyalty to the Caucasian people worldwide.
  • To develop a Caucasian community to organize where money is spent in the community, both nationally and internationally.
  • To work with all organizations nationally and internationally for Caucasian rights and working with any government and people of all colors and races nationally and internationally against the enemies of all people worldwide.
  • Charity work in helping Caucasian people who need help, such as compassion and helping to find partners.
  • People can donate items to a collection agency which will be given to needy families and when these families finish with them, they can give them back to the agency for other needy couples, the handicapped, elderly and people who are in need.
  • Promote leadership training from the very young upwards.
  • To build and finance a legal organization to fight for our rights nationally and internationally and the United Nations to work with colored people.
  • To promote knowledge and educate children and adults about our Ice Age culture, tribal culture, moving through history, finance and how bankers start wars to make money.  Also to work against the negative teachings in schools which promote intermarriage and to promote lifetime attitudes so when we pass away our children can carry on the fight for our rights.
  • Recommend teaching children and young adults on the subject of behavioural sciences.  For teaching notes and informative reading  Go Here

Gentile Motorcyclists Alliance

The Jewish-founded an organization in 2004 called the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA), which is an umbrella organization for Jewish motorcycle clubs from around the world.  Included are organized groups in Canada, Israel, United States, Australia, and England, representing over 2,500 Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts.

We need to copy what the Jews have done and build umbrella organizations to bring together all European Caucasian motorcycle clubs.

Internet Social Networking Community

There aren't many (or any) non-Jewish social network sites, especially when it come to European gentiles.  The Jews are well organized in this area; the following websites give ideas on how to build social websites.

Learn from Jewish world social networking community

Jews are so successful because they help their communities to develop good social networking community organizations and websites to bring their people together and help them find partners, have fun, leadership training, Jewish reunions, Jewish humor, Jewish travel and including quick and easy ways to find index information.

Another great example of a Jewish community site is which has many interactive links.  It includes a Jewish singles section with approximately 500,000 Jewish singles from all over the World and with there being an estimated 13 million Jews on the planet, that is roughly about 1 in 26 people.

This Jewish website for the Australian Jewish Community is a guide to the Jewish world.  It includes community organizations, synagogues & festivals, education, schools, songs, glorious food, Bar Mitzvah and also includes an online store.

Singles and Social Groups in Each City

Israeli Dances

Israeli Dance Camps

Gentile Camps to Strengthen European Caucasian Identity

Gentiles should learn from the Jews who have camps for their children to create a bond with their race and culture.  These camps can be two-day camps or over a weekend and would include learning history, reading/writing skills, creating pride and teaching them good attitudes about surviving in life and being successful along with other activities such as how to start a campfire, make pots, paintings etc.  These camps should be lots and lots of fun so people look forward to going to them.  These camps can also include adults and they will derive enjoyment from them as well.  A good venue would be farm properties where a little bit of farm work could be done in order to assist the farmer in return for free stay on the farm.

It Is official: Jewish camp strengthens Jewish identity

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish camp alumni – and their parents – have long known that those halcyon weeks spent at Jewish summer camp don’t just cement lifelong friendships, they strengthen Jewish identity.


Internet Sites and Services Aimed at the Global White Community

Internet Hacker

The Internet has become a major source of information nationally and internationally and the New World Order politicians are opposed to free information given to the public on the Internet.

The media dictators want to control the websites so they can keep their monopoly on information.  Many people have complained that Google and YouTube are restricting and removing videos and articles so the people cannot get the other side of the story.  The United States anti-Semitic Zionist establishment wants Julian Assange, who released information to the people about the so-called Government which they wanted to keep secret, to be given the death penalty or many years in jail.  We must help and support him.

The United States Constitution guaranteed free speech under the Constitution.  One of the founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin of the United States said:  “They, who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."