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Gab: The Free Speech Site Update 2.

  • Saturday, 10 July 2021 22:06
    Trump's refusal to join Gab is a denial of his beliefs. EXCLUSIVE: Gab Founder Says Trump Handlers Asked Him to Censor Free Speech Site CutterMeBrother Trump's refusal to join Gab is a denial of his beliefs--"Facebook and Twitter are abusing §230--pretending they're just platforms, who…

Humans Against Anti Semitic Zionism

  • Saturday, 27 November 2021 05:53
" Remember my children that the earth must belong to us Jews" Humans Against Zionism Public Group | Facebook Humans Against Zionism has 1,267 members. This Group is about you, we want a friendly group, We've been getting lots of messages on our page with...              …

GoFundMe is Jewish Run

  • Saturday, 12 February 2022 05:03
  GoFundMe won’t fork over $10+ million raised for Freedom Convoy, truckers and supporters outraged JudasPriest I have always hated "GO FUCK ME" accounts and this is just another reason to. Hey people-Quit fucking using this service! They are maggots. They are communist and controllers. Fuck "GO…
We The People Needs A Truth And Reconciliation Council. America Needs A Truth And Reconciliation Council

Black Panther Party

  • Friday, 03 December 2021 02:17
Black Panther Party   Written by Ashley Renaissance “Do Something” by Ashley Renaissance. “[T]he Black Panther Party, among other groups, who held an armed “March for Reparations” in downtown Tulsa [. . .] chanted: “There will come a time when we will kill everything white in sight”…