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Australia Globalist Run. 4/3/2023

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Australian 3RAR soldiers training at Townsville to control Australians


The right to peaceful assembly and protest is protected by the Commonwealth Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – Article 12 and Article 21 (Freedom of Movement), Section 83:4 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995, and the Summary Offences Act Section 6(5) which states that people cannot be directed to move-on if they are: picketing a place of employment; demonstrating, holding banners or signs or speaking in public.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 in Victoria we witnessed numerous instances of terrorism by elite cops incl: CIRT, SOG, PORT and private UN cops wearing Predator badges, including harassment, violent assaults, kettling, depravation of basic human rights, and the indiscriminate use of pepper spray, battons, tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, pepper balls, foam baton rounds, smoke bombs and stringer grenades.

Indeed the IBAC investigation last year found “ongoing misconduct issues and risks with the CIRT” and found that CIRT members “acted inconsistently with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities”. Now they want to throw kerosine on the fire by bringing in the ADF???

From David,


More letters

Personnel from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), with the support of the 1st Military Police Battalion (1MP), conducted PPC training at Lavarack Barracks.
The course focused on soldiers’ individual PPC training while ensuring the ready battle group met the qualifications required of the ADF’s contingency operational response element.

Infantry sections integrated closely with military police arrest teams, detainee processing capabilities, and military working dogs to enhance security and crowd dispersion.
Captain Nicholas Crosbie, from 3RAR’s Alpha Company, said PPC was a non-lethal combat technique to maintain control, detain and “protect populations”.

Not ONLY the government have betrayed us, so have the police and military.


From Han Barkmeyer



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 Screenshot 3aus id
Screenshot 2the second ament men

Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Australia

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The right to own and bear arms guaranteed by the 1689 Bill of Rights, has been trampled by Australian, egregious, corporate political parties over the past three decades aided and abetted by psyops such as Port Arthur that the Jew John Howard orchestrated with the help of the Jesuits and implemented by Israeli Secret Service Mossad and a small cadre of Australian elite troops.

National gun laws are coming, yet there is no Constitutional avenue that allows for federal gun laws to which the illegitimate National Cabinet agreed on Friday. Since when has the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia ever resonated with political parties except when convenient for example, to implement the black Voice?

Screenshot 2500 f b
Screenshot 1malcolm roberts
 Senator Malcolm Roberts of joins Maria Zeee to expose the NWO testing ground in Australia.
Great interview Maria. Senator Roberts is on point and he's learned the truth much faster than most Australians...particularly the gutless politicians, judges, doctors, big pharma apologists - CHOs - Chief Health Officers (need to go to jail) the TGA/AHPRA/ATAGI/AMA (all need to face courts at least) - AND....the mainstream media.
Malcom Roberts is my favourite political in Australia he is very similar to Rand Paul in America the way he argues and stands up for the people especially when it comes to fake climate change he is our best.
Senator Roberts is brilliant. When we eventually win this War, statues will be erected to him, and many other courageous leaders against his tyranny.
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 Screenshot 32what is anti white m

  What is Anti-White?

carbon ta g

Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture & Storage

Screenshot 28j bi v

Screenshot 27zeee media

Aussie Doctor Confirms New Discovery of Nanotech & MICROTECH, New Legislation to Silence ALL Doctors

Australian Dr. David Nixon reveals his findings of nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 "vaccines", as well as microtech, which is larger than previous nanotechnology findings inside the vials. He also discusses how protecting the vials inside a faraday cage (earthed metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences) stopped the structures from forming.

Dr. Mark Hobart discusses the new Legislation (Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022) being decided on next week in Parliament, which he says will turn all Australian doctors into "agents of the government", completely removing the ability for scientific debate and the ability for doctors to adequately treat their patients in future.

Screenshot 27z jew

Wow Australians Are Not Putting Up With It Anymore - Funny Signs At Protest


Yes, Zelensky is the Anti-Christ who as prophesied by Islamic eschatology is said to be a Satanic Jew! I've been saying since February of this year that Zelensky has all the signs of being the Anti-Christ.


This has been organised by Aussie Cossack . The same lad who was one of our leaders fighting against vaccine mandates and lockdowns .They put him in jail for contempt of court in an attempt to silence him.

Screenshot 27ep 2

Australian Perspectives Ep 2


Great to see! There is another channel I follow - The.Scythian - - who is Australian and brings the war news from an ally perspective. What's even better is his Telegram channel - - for inside and culminated news from an ally perspective. I'm not trying to spam here, but I am just sayin', check him out. Related to this video, he's 'a local'.

Screenshot 26commonwealth b c

The Globalist run Australian Commonwealth Bank and social credit score for customers.

Australian Bank Rolls Out “Carbon Footprint” Social Credit Score For Customers



Screenshot 26jab cattle

They Are giving Cows mRNA Vaccine Which Will Pass the Vaccine Into Milk, Cheese etc

Screenshot 26viadimir p

Message to Vladimir Putin from a brave Australian.

Screenshot 20bethan

Step 5 - share your flag

Step 5 - share your flag

The fifth step of the global walkout is to display your country’s flag upside-down anywhere you can. We’ve come up with a very cheap and easy way to do this so EVERYONE can participate.

We’ve been inspired in the Netherlands by seeing hundreds of upside-down flags along the highways. It’s very impactful because the public cannot help but notice and wonder why they are there.

An important part of this step is to take a photo when you put your flag somewhere and post it online. Use the same hashtags as everyone else to show that WE ARE THE MANY…#CountryInDistress and #GlobalWalkout

In the Netherlands when we drove through farming regions, there were more properties WITH flags than without. It’s impossible the public to ignore this public display of distress. Imagine if this was global??? If you spot a flag while with a friend, it will be a great way to start a conversation about important topics.

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Screenshot 20vitkk

An Australia Post people bank win-win solution for the nation

Screenshot 20post bank


Screenshot 20aust drs s

Brave doctors SPEAK OUT to reclaim medicine

Screenshot 19dr willing bay

Dr. William Bay - Whats his story?

Dr. William Bay - Whats his story?

 On 7th August, Dr. William Bay stood up at an AMA (Australian Medical Association) conference and started TELLING THE TRUTH in front of dozens of doctors. A heroic thing to do! If only 30% of doctors were like him, we wouldn’t be in this position right now.

He had a hearing with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) yesterday, 16th August, which he was not permitted to attend in person.

So, instead, he held a protest outside the AHPRA office in Brisbane and attended the hearing via zoom with hundreds of freedom-lovers…it was quite the scene ?

If you live in Sydney and want to meet him and hear him talk at the Freedom Summit on 25th August, he’ll be there – SEE MORE DETAILS

AMA conference video (36-minute mark) –

Livestream hearing protest –

Support William

Website –

FB –

Screenshot 19dr w b

Aussie Doctor Risks Medical License to Tell the Truth About COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

The saddest part is all the other doctors who cower in their fancy clinics and do not come out and support their colleague who is sacked for speaking his truth . Some may agree with him, some may not , the point is his right to speak freely. There should be a mass walkout by doctors but they are either too brainwashed or too gutless to bother . Ahpra could decide tomorrow that the earth is flat and most doctors would just say ' sure, its scientifically proven '. RIP our culture that once cherished bravery and freedom . This doc is a hero in my book .


Screenshot 192023 50


 Screenshot 19jew said bt 505

A conversation with Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla (Jewish) at Davos.


I call Bullshit to this. As ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!Bourla said it realizes the company's goal, set out when he took over in 2019, to "reduce by 50% the number of people on the planet that cannot afford their medicine" by 2023."Today we are going to achieve that," he said, adding that shareholders "should think that we are doing the right thing."

Screenshot 19mampm

Australia election: Anthony Albanese leads Labor to Australian election victory

Screenshot 19fair share tax h

Honest Government Ad | The Floods

My cousin lost his house which deepened his depression and tragically he took his life the following week. I can’t believe we have allowed neoliberalism to bring us beyond the brink of disaster and done nothing for a decade. My cousin had his demons and maybe he would have done it regardless but the inaction of our government has already cost too many lives.
Screenshot 19pauling bat

Screenshot 19crive palmer n Craig Kelly warns about WHO treaty with crippling lockdowns and mandates

Screenshot 19dirimation isillegal

Mass rally in Melbourne against COVID vaccine mandates

 Hundreds rallied in Melbourne, Australia, decrying COVID vaccine mandates. Supporters of jailed WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange also made an appearance, calling for him to be freed.

Screenshot 15fry is jewish

Joshua Anthony Frydenberg (Jewish) /ˈfrdənˌbɜːrɡ/ (born 17 July 1971) is an Australian politician who has been federal treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party

Josh Frydenberg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Josh Frydenberg
Josh Frydenberg April 2019.jpg
Frydenberg in 2019
Treasurer of Australia
Assumed office
24 August 2018
Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Preceded by Scott Morrison
Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party
Assumed office
24 August 2018
Leader Scott Morrison
Preceded by Julie Bishop
Minister for the Environment and Energy
In office
19 July 2016 – 24 August 2018
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Preceded by Greg Hunt
Succeeded by Angus Taylor
Minister for Resources and Energy
In office
21 September 2015 – 19 July 2016
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Preceded by Gary Gray
Succeeded by Matt Canavan
Assistant Treasurer of Australia
In office
23 December 2014 – 21 September 2015
Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Malcolm Turnbull
Preceded by Arthur Sinodinos
Succeeded by Kelly O'Dwyer
Member of the Australian Parliament
for Kooyong
Assumed office
21 August 2010
Preceded by Petro Georgiou
Majority 5.57% (11,289 v GRN)
Personal details
Joshua Anthony Frydenberg

17 July 1971 (age 50)
MelbourneVictoria, Australia
Nationality Australian
Political party Liberal
Spouse(s) Amie Saunders
Children 2
Alma mater
Website Edit this at Wikidata

Joshua Anthony Frydenberg /ˈfrdənˌbɜːrɡ/ (born 17 July 1971) is an Australian politician who has been federal treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party since August 2018. He has been a Member of Parliament for Kooyong since the 2010 election.

Frydenberg served in various roles in the Abbott and Turnbull Governments from 2013 to 2018, including as Minister for Resources and as Minister for the Environment and Energy. On 24 August 2018, he was elected Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party following a leadership spill, which saw Scott Morrison elected as Leader. Morrison subsequently appointed Frydenberg as Treasurer of Australia.

In February 2022 a Roy Morgan poll showed he was the preferred leader of the Liberal Party among voters.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Frydenberg was born in Melbourne and educated at Bialik and Mount Scopus Colleges. His mother, Erika Strausz, is a psychologist and University of Melbourne professor and his father Harry is a general surgeon. His mother was Jewish Hungarian born in 1943 who arrived in Australia in 1950 as a stateless child from a refugee camp after escaping from the Holocaust.[2] His father is also Jewish, and emigrated to Australia from Poland.[c

Screenshot 15bob haw
Screenshot 15jere lee

Jeremy Lee. 1991, wow! Way ahead of his time. We were warned but few people seem to notice, even fewer seem to care. Listen now and tell me how much you think has come to pass in the last 30 years. If only every Australian had seen this I don’t believe we would be where we are today.
Absolutely brilliant video. Concise, logical and spelt out in layman’s terms so that any, every person can understand this. Pinpoints where, how, when and who.
Its actually very sad to think in so many ways we have done this to ourselves. Yes government have orchestrated it and sold us all out BUT it was our apathy as a nation as Australians that allowed it all to happen.
Backup Channel:
LATEST VIDEO FROM LIABILITYMATE: ALSO – YouTube backup channel please subscribe.
Wayne Glew
24 Hagan Road Glenfield
Geraldton WA 6532
$150 plus postage $20

Free Download of Original Constitution

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Screenshot 15farmers was a wife
'Reality' shows are a farce!
Screenshot 15criminal code
A look into Corporate fraud in Australia, Stranglehold of Monopolies, Telecommunications Oppression, Biased Law System, Corporate influence in politics, Industrial Relations disadvantaging workers, Outsourcing Australian Jobs, Offshore Banking, Petrochemical company domination, Invisibly Visible. It's not what you see, it's what goes on behind the scenes.
Screenshot 15755
Screenshot 15painful p

 Screenshot 15zee media


Australian Freedom Fighters Unite – 10 key objectives we can all agree on

RDA has put together a list of key objectives that any freedom-loving Australian would likely agree with. Signing your name to this will help unite the freedom fighters and broader community under a shared set of goals.

RDA will also be giving all candidates in the federal election an opportunity to sign these key objectives and will publish who has, or hasn’t, signed it. This will help you know who to vote for. 

With your help and support, together we will advocate to;

1.     Permanently eliminate pandemic emergency powers and COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

2.     Establish an Australian Bill of Rights.

3.     Establish an independent media oversight body.

4.     Restrict digital surveillance (example: digital ID system).

5.     Cut ties with international, intergovernmental, anti-democratic bodies that jeopardise our sovereignty such as ‘strong cities network’ and World Health Organisation (WHO).

6.     Open an investigation into the suppression order from the Wood/s Royal Commission (1995 – 1997).

7.     Start legal proceedings into the handling of the authorities’ Covid-pandemic response (with prosecutions if warranted).

8.     Revive Australian manufacturing.

9.     Investigate AHPRA and either repeal or replace them with an independent body of medical professionals who are committed to upholding their oath.

10.  Remove all corporate lobby groups from Canberra

Screenshot 14wepeats on p
 They cooked her with microwaves, barbaric completely evil.
Screenshot 14convoy
Screenshot 14rules
Screenshot 14concert
Screenshot 14million people

FOOTAGE from Australia's Million March on Canberra 12th February 2022

MUSIC: Archie Roach



PEOPLE POWER unseen before in Australia put the Duopoly government on notice “They Are Finished”

Riccardo Bossi thanks all Australia for Canberra successful rally outcome


“If you play by their rules -YOU WILL LOSE”

“Be careful when you follow the masses, sometimes the “M” is silent”

Screenshot 14solders s

“If you play by their rules -YOU WILL LOSE”

Riccado Bosi calls on all Australians to get to Canberra now, this is our last chance to fix the mess

Get to Canberra to help turn around Australia, open the borders, remove the mandates, restore a constitutional government, no more masks, get jobs back, no mandates and leave our kids alone. No jabs for kids!!!! Graham Hood is doing a tremendous job, go to make the numbers count. Australian Federal Police are somewhat in control and remember the LNP corporation controls the corporate AFP.

 Screenshot 14caines news
Screenshot 14voices of vaccine
Politicians and the public service being exempt from the Covid jab mandates.

Victoria Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has been given some terribly wrong advice about politicians and the public service being exempt from the Covid jab mandates. There is no provision in the Commonwealth Constitution expressly exempting a politician from anything. There is Sect 51, (xxiiiA) that prevents compulsory vaccination of all citizens but there are no exclusions for politicians.

Professor Augusto Zimmerman likens the Covid performance of all governments to that of “totalitarian North Korea and Cuba.” Read more here

Screenshot 14furnincial homes

Funeral home whistleblower exposes vaccinated children deaths

 Sydney funeral home whistleblower exposes massive baby & children covid vaccination deaths and many others, all quickly cremated without funeral or service and death certificates issued reading “death unknown”. A statistical chart is shown of children diagnosis from Australian hospitals. Body cold room containers now needed to cater for the dead.

Screenshot 14vigilantfox

Nuremberg 2.0 - Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statements @ Grand Jury - Covid-Crimes Against Humanity

Screenshot 14demards

Know Your Rights Group

Screenshot 1440km q

Screenshot 14facket che

Screenshot 14speeding fines

Screenshot 14second b


Screenshot 14you two are served








Screenshot 12nurces needs choice

Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

Screenshot 13convoy report


Australian Bill of Rights Photo Final
 Australians do not have a Bill of Rights, so here is Bill Of Rights for Australians.
Screenshot 13white sheep
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said anyone that willfully vilified and obstructed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 is guilty of first degree capital murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity. They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. I believe in God & Jesus. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit tinyurl*com/gettingivermectin (Looks like I can't post links, replace * with .)
Screenshot 13i travell
Screenshot 12only vacced can br e free
Screenshot 12pauinh hanson s
 HUGE TURN OUT IN WARWICK AS QUEENSLANDERS CONTINUE TO SAY NO TO JAB-MANDATES All you have to do is look at the sheer number of people who keep turning up to these events across Australia to see Australians have had a gutful with the government's bullying and coercion.
The media continue to downplay the numbers and you won't see it covered on the evening news but I'm here to tell all freedom-loving Aussies, you are not alone, there are millions standing with you and if we keep fighting, we will win!
Thank you Warwick for sending such a strong message to Scott Morrison and Premier Palaszczuk, these mandates have got to go!
Enough is enough! Support One Nation:
Screenshot 12women burted alive


clive palmer
Screenshot 12a denying life saving ope
BigW’s “friendly” reminder that greeted a Cairns News reader in Geelong, Victoria. BigW, owned by Woolworths Group, are quite proud to announce that they now discriminate. The city council followed suit, demanding vaccination proof at the local art gallery.

By Tony Mobilifonitis

AUSTRALIA’S top business corporations – especially those in retail – are enforcing Morrison and the premiers’ unlawful, tyrannical attack on the unvaccinated population and vaccine mandates.

These corporate slag heaps, as typified by names like Westfield, who run just about every shopping mall in Australia and all over the globe, and Wesfarmers, who own a conglomerate of brands like Bunnings, Coles and Officeworks, should be avoided like the plague. Read more

Westfield owned by Jews.

Westfield Group

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Westfield Group
Type Public
Industry Real estate investment trusts
Genre Shopping malls
Founded 1960; 61 years ago
Founder John Saunders
Frank Lowy
Successors Scentre Group
Westfield Corporation
Area served
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
New Zealand
the Netherlands
Key people
Peter S. Lowy (co- Lowy|Steven M. Lowy (co-CEO)
Revenue Increase US$833 million (2014)
Increase US$391 million (2014)
Increase US$461 million (2014)
Total assets Increase US$28.5 billion (2014)
Number of employees
2,000+ (2014)[1]
Parent Scentre Group 

Westfield Group was an Australian shopping centre company that existed from 1960 to 2014, when it split into two independent companies: Scentre Group, which now owns and operates the Australian and New Zealand Westfield shopping centre portfolio; and Westfield Corporation, which continued to own and operate the American and European center portfolio.[2]

Westfield Group undertook ownership, development, design, construction, funds/asset management, property management, leasing, and marketing activities. The multinational company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and had interests in and operated one of the world's largest shopping centre portfolios with investment interests in 103 shopping centres across Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, the United KingdomNew ZealandItalyCroatiaPolandCzech Republic, and Brazil, encompassing around 23,000 retail outlets and total assets under management in excess of A$63 billion.[3]

Jews top Australia rich list

Jews top Australia’s rich list

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – Australia’s three wealthiest individuals are high-profile members of the Jewish community, according to an annual list.

BRW magazine’s Rich 200 list published this week named Anthony Pratt, who inherited his father Richard’s packaging and recycling company when he died last month, as the nation’s wealthiest individual, followed by shopping mall magnate Frank Lowy and property mogul Harry Triguboff.

Pratt was listed with a fortune worth $3.35 billion, according to the magazine. Visy Industries, the company his father expanded into a global empire, has factories in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and the United States, where it employs about 3,000 staff in 26 states. The Pratt Foundation donates about $11 million a year to charities in Israel, America and Australia.

Lowy, 78, who survived the Holocaust before fighting in Israel’s War of Independence, has accrued $3.3 billion as founder of the Westfield Group, the world’s largest shopping mall owner with outlets in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and America.

Lowy established for $40 million the Lowy Institute for International Policy in 2002 as a gift to Australia on the 50th anniversary of his arrival in the country. In 2006 he founded the Israeli Institute for National Strategy and Policy, which operates within Tel Aviv University.

Triguboff, 76, who has made his fortune via his property development company, Meriton, is listed at $2.85 billion. He is the patron of the Jewish National Fund in New South Wales and is a longstanding supporter of the Yeshiva Center in Sydney, which houses the headquarters of Chabad-Lubavitch in the state.

The annual rich list, which was launched 26 years ago, also listed Malcolm Turnbull, the nation’s Conservative opposition leader, as worth $139 million. But Turnbull scoffed at the figures, telling the Australian Associated Press that BRW magazine had “no idea” of his true wealth and that its figures were “speculative.”

Topping the list of Australia’s richest families is the Melbourne-based Smorgon dynasty, which also supports numerous Jewish charities.







Screenshot 12vaccine no operation
Screenshot 12george christian
Australian MP George Christensen of joins The Alex Jones Show to send a global S.O.S. to take a stand against medical tyranny now!
My home state in Australia is Queensland which is where this MP is from & I now live in Victoria which is where most of this Tyranny is being rolled out as a Beta test first before it goes Nation Wide... The reason all this is happening in Australia is because we don't have "The Second Amendment"... Our Gun Laws changed dramatically in the early 90's & we are now effectively "Disarmed" & as a result of that it has the psychological effect of lowering the confidence level of people feeling that they're unable to fight back if shit really gets out of control... This is what happens when "Good Natured Responsible People Give Up Their Right To Bare Arms" Against Enemies Of "Dictatorial Government" Both Foreign & Domestic!.. Everything that is going on now has made it abundantly clear that "Every Free Nation" on this planet absolutely needs to have /- 1 : Free Speech : & /- 2 : The ability to protect that /- The Unrestricted Right To Bare Arms
What's happening in Australia right now they are forcing unvaccinated skilled workers and bankrupting small business and tourism and then forcing these same people to work on the dole regardless of vaccination status, and then the polticians and the MSM complain that they can't find workers and they are bringing people in from overseas that are vaccinated to replace the jobs. So while they have travel bans for Australian citizens they are bringing non-citizens by the plane load every single day since the pandemic started from nations like Papua New Gunea, India and Africa adn have admitted they can't check all of them for COVID and vaccination status while business operators are supposed to check everyone for vaccination status or face massive fines. Novak Djokovic is unlikely to play tennis to defend his Australian open title because he is unvaccinated, his father calls this blackmail. Australia is one of the few nations in the world where citizens can't plan for Christmas because the citizens already know the politicians will burn their plans at the last minute with more draconian measures. The big supermarkets in Australia don't just want a criminal background check and drug testing and that's fair enough but they also want you to sign over all the data the government has on their files, Australia is so dystopian now, it's disfunctional and the politicians love the chaos they are creating and wouldn't have it any other way, they have found their uptopia now, that's why COVID is never going away. The same thing is happening in the USA, empty planes are flying into Columbia and full planes are coming back every single day.
The milllion who stood up in peaceful protest need to continue the fight - stay in the streets and march on. There is strength in numbers. The tyrants are minuscule in number opposed to the Aussies who are willing to fight for their freedom. FEAR NOT AND DO NOT RELENT!
 Screenshot 12vaccine are recorded
 Screenshot 12solomon
Screenshot 12dies on transplant
 Screenshot 12twice n d
the army aust
The threats by the government to use troops to force us to take the death jab, the fact is, they cannot force anyone to have the jab.
 Screenshot 11cirnow

Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy

Despite the threats by the purported government to send the troops around to force us to take the death jab, the fact is, they cannot force anyone to have the jab. This defence policy states clearly that the military may not use force against the people.


Download and read the whole policy carefully. Be informed. Know your rights. Stand up for your rights and freedoms and never back down!

Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy

The government is bound by the law. And their laws specifically say that our ADF personnel can assist in emergencies, but they cannot use force. Therefore, the threats of coercion by the the government sending the military to force us to vaccinate is yet another LIE!!!

Download and read the whole DACC policy document and know your rights!


1.1 Defence recognises the importance of supporting the Australian community
and the re-assurance Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC) can
provide to the people of Australia in times of crisis.

1.2 The Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy (this policy)
establishes the Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC) framework and
provides the arrangements by which Defence makes decisions regarding the
provision of assistance to the civil community. This policy includes concepts and
principles to inform Defence personnel who are making decisions about the provision
of DACC. The application of these concepts and principles enables Defence
personnel to meet the intended outcomes of this policy. Head Military Strategic
Commitments is responsible for ensuring the alignment of DACC policy with
Australian Government crisis management arrangements and providing the interface
between Defence and whole of government stakeholders. Defence personnel are
further supported by guidance, information and procedures described in the DACC
Manual which is managed by Military Strategic Commitments Branch.

1.3 Defence provides support to the community under a range of different
frameworks. The two main forms of assistance provided by Defence to civil
authorities and organisations within Australia are:
a. Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC); and
b. Defence Force Aid to the Civil Authority (DFACA)—not covered in this policy.

1.4 In accordance with Australian Government expectations, Defence is
committed to assisting the civil community in both emergency and non-emergency
situations. DACC is the mechanism by which Defence achieves this effect. DACC
support is not to involve the use, or potential use, of force (including intrusive or
coercive acts) by Defence members.

Screenshot 11anti jewish g

Jewish run Antifa attacked Melbourne protest.

 Screenshot 1jewish antifa

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
-- Maurice Samuel

.Screenshot 11save our kids
Screenshot 10no face
The Former PM Mr Turnbull is Jewish.

“……If you think the former PM is pushing vaccines because he cares deeply for the health of ordinary Australians, think again. Lucy Turnbull is chairman of the pharma corporation Prima Biomed and is the former PM’s Big Pharma wife. She has worked closely with Big Pharma giants GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. The Sydney Morning Herald in 2015 reports that the Turnbulls were listed as “the third biggest shareholder” in Prima Biomed.

The Two Assumptions Underpinning the Push for Australian Mandatory Vaccines


While the MSM condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches to covid spikes and prevents them from binding to ACE2. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can! Order here: ivmpharmacy/com (Looks like I can't post links, replace / with .)

Australia Act Fraud Detailed



  1. The following 10 facts of Fraud of the Australia Act 1989 have not been rebutted and therefore they remain facts.
  2. These material facts show that Australian Law emanating from the fraudulent Australia Act 1986 is based on fraud and therefore no law at all.
  3. The difference is between the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and the CORPORATION OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.

The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1901 was granted to the people by Queen Victoria.

The CORPORATION is the ruling entity that owns, runs and controls the CITY OF LONDON which is not subject to, nor under any law of the Monarch of England

This is the First Fraud

Prior to Federation in 1900 Australia was divided into Colonies, after Federation the Colonies became States, but, each State was subject to the Constitution.

Prior to the fraudulent 1986 AUSTRALIA ACT any bill either State or Commonwealth touching a Constitutional issue had to be reserved for Royal Assent involving the Two Houses of Parliament back in England in the process.

By 1984 the International Socialist movement specifically the Fabian Socialists had succeeded in getting Mr Robert Hawke elected as Prime Minster of Australia. He then proceeded to “enact” the Australia Act. However, HM Queen Elizabeth 2 of the UK did not sign the Act. Instead, she placed her initials at the top right of the first page to indicate that the Act was subject to a referendum of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia. No referendum has ever been held.

The Second Fraud

In a 1996 Senate Standing Committee paper titled “Aspects of Section 44” Professor Blackshield submitted a paper to the committee which stated that Mr Hawke may have a case to answer in relation to Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 in that at the time of being Prime Minister Bob Hawke was also an Honorary Citizen of Israel. (Duel Citizenship)

The Third Fraud

Prior to the actual enactment of the Australia Act 1986 new “Letters Patent” were issued, it appears that the signature to the new Letters Patent signed at Balmoral in Scotland in 1984 was Mr R Hawke

The Fourth Fraud

To avoid having to send the 1986 Australia Act to the governed via a Constitutional Referendum, Mr Hawke and the Six Premiers involved decided to use section 51 (xxxviii) of the Commonwealth Constitution.

Powers of the Parliament

51. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:-
(xxxvii.) Matters referred to the Parliament of the Commonwealth by the Parliament or Parliaments of any State or States, but so that the law shall extend only to States by whose Parliaments the matter is referred, or which afterwards adopt the law:

The Fifth Fraud

By using Section 51 not Section 128 this activated State Request Acts and as such under their State Constitutions, Elector approval had to be sought prior to any Royal Assent being granted. (A referendum is required. )

The Sixth Fraud


In Western Australia, section 73 of their State Constitution

(2) A Bill that —

(e) expressly or impliedly in any way affects any of the following sections of this Act, namely — sections 2, 3, 4, 50, 51 and 73, shall not be presented for assent by or in the name of the Queen unless —

(g) the Bill has also prior to such presentation been approved by the electors in accordance with this section, and a Bill assented to consequent upon its presentation in contravention of this subsection shall be of no effect as an Act. (A referendum is required. )

In Queensland, section 53 of their State Constitution

53.(1) A Bill that expressly or impliedly provides for the abolition of or alteration in the office of Governor or that expressly or impliedly in any way affects any of the following sections of this Act namely— sections

1, 2, 2A, 11A, 11B; and this section 53 shall not be presented for assent by or in the name of the Queen unless it has first been approved by the electors in accordance with this section and a Bill so assented to consequent upon its presentation in contravention of this subsection shall be of no effect as an Act. (A referendum is required. )

In New South Wales, section 7 of their State Constitution

7(a) (2) A Bill for any purpose within subsection (1) shall not be presented to the Governor for His Majesty’s assent until the Bill has been approved by the electors in accordance with this section.

7(b) shall not be presented to the Governor for Her Majesty’s assent until the Bill has been approved by the electors in accordance with this section. (A referendum is required. )

The Seventh Fraud

Within the Australia Act 1986 section 14 amends the Western Australian Constitution by amending section 50 and 51, but, these particular sections are bound to elector consent and approval at section 73 of the Western Australia Constitution. (A referendum is required. )

The Eighth Fraud

Within the Australia Act 1986 section 13 amends the Queensland Constitution by amending section 11A and 11B, but, these particular sections are bound to elector consent and approval at section 53 of the Queensland Constitution. (A referendum is required. )

The Ninth Fraud

After the purported enactment of the Australia Act 1986 “Reservation of Bills” for Royal Assent stopped and Royal Assent to Constitutional amendments operated within Australia after 1986 without any knowledge of the electorate, that “Primary Fraud” had occurred in relation to The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia as opposed to the CORPORATION OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA operating via the CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON.

The Tenth Fraud

The due process of law was not followed in any State or Territory when the State Requests Acts 1985 were purportedly enacted in 1985. (A referendum is required. )

This is all evidence that shows that Australian Law emanating from the fraudulent Australia Act 1986 is based on fraud and therefore no law at all,



The two party preferred system is actually constitutionally illegal thought I may just add that and the third tier of government (local councils) even more so
Aust citizens all have Medicare cards, that we all have to produce when going to hospital. Doesn't seem that hard to have to show it to vote.
Absolutely for ID and digital rolls to produce fairer elections is essential. Our community would be absolutely for these procedures to protect our vote.
? I gave up voting decades ago as politicians have never worked for their constituents in my lifetime and I know hundreds of people who have also given up voting
We certainly do not need more MPs. We are already vastly over-governed. We have local, State, House and Senate. We have 12 Senators per State whilst a much larger country like the USA has 2 Senators per State.
And have a tiered voting system.. to make it fairer for those paying for this country and its leeches.. 18+ card or licence for all.. make the 18+ card free from the electoral Commission and accepted nation wide rather than expensive crap from the state government.. very simple. As for preferences, get rid of it.. and or no handing out how to vote cards at polling stations
Screenshot 10kelly
Screenshot 10kill the bill

This is the moment I caught up with Craig Kelly MP in Melbourne.
Full story: SIGN:



Rebel News: https://www.rebe…

 Screenshot 10protsting in m
Screenshot 10white sup does not
 This content was produced by Red Ice. You can find them here;
It has not been altered or changed from its original format, nor is it monetized, simply re-posted/mirrored for posterity.
Screenshot 9brave nurce
Brave Australian Nurse Begs Zionist Globalist Media to Tell The Truth About Vaccine Injuries.
 Brave Australian Nurse Begs Media to Tell The Truth About Vaccine Injuries
Screenshot 9training solders to f
Screenshot 9putin twice
The Zionist Bolsheviks , relying on the dogmas of Marx (Jewish) and Engrls (Jewish), to destroying Australia, New Zealand, United States, Britain, Ireland, Europe and all the countries on the planet.
 Russian President Vladimir Putin “is right” when he claims the West is destroying itself through woke politics, according to Herald Sun journalist Caleb Bond.
It comes after the Russian President gave a speech last week where he warned against the cancel culture and identity politics of the West and argued Russia had "been there already” while under communist rule.
“He makes the point about the fact that the fight for equality has sort of turned into absurdity,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
“And it’s quite interesting to look at the change; I mean you look at people who went to university in the 60s, 70s, 80s, there was a fight really for free speech, there as a fight for freedom of expression and to some degree, freedom of the individual.”
Mr Bond argued the people going to university now “fundamentally” believe in the same ideas which were pushed by the left in the past, but now their strategy is to silence people they disagree with.
“The road that was paved by left-wingers of the past is now being torn up by left-wingers supposedly in the name of the same fight that their ancestors took.”
People in former Communist countries have the right idea about Woke. They've seen the damage such ideologies cause and they want no bar of it
He's the only leader talking any truth at moment
Putin is one of the few world leaders with any common sense.
The ex-KGB spy master should know what he is talking about.
In the Russia , men is a man , women is a woman and dog is a dog. In Australia half of our Parliament are Gays and another half are Lesbians. Big different isn’t it.
Screenshot 9picture of clive p as
Clive Palmer is Jewish.
Join the United Australia Party today
Thousands of Australians have joined the UAP to stand up and fight for freedom in Australia.
As a great man once said, “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” (John F kennedy) We must protect and defend Australia to stop our rights being diminished by a Liberal and Labor duopoly that have not stood up to prect our country and our way of life.
Screenshot 8western a jab

Perth, the largest city in Western Australia, is about to join Melbourne, the largest city in Victoria, with an “enhanced” Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandate.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announced that his government will be expanding the territory’s existing jab mandate to include more than one million people, or about 75 percent of the state’s workforce.

According to reports, the change is the most drastic to occur yet in Australia. Not only will “essential workers” be required to get injected, but so will others who work in a variety of industries.

The deadline to receive the first two injections is Jan. 31, 2022, though some places of employment will need to verify compliance by as soon as Dec. 31, 2021.

“Employers will be required to keep a record of the evidence, and authorized officers will run spot checks to ensure compliance is occurring,” McGowan said in an announcement.

“If relevant, employers that have unvaccinated staff working after the deadline run the risk of being fined up to $100,000.”

Individual employees who are caught working unvaccinated after the deadline could face fines of up to $20,000 for failing to provide proof of injection.

“Based on the latest health advice, we have just outlined a new overarching workforce vaccination policy – with a phased approach which will cover a majority of occupations and workforces within WA (Western Australia),” McGowan added in a tweet.

Screenshot 8sorry were closed

The government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia supposedly just passed a law that holds local businesses liable for any Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” injuries or deaths that occur as a result of the same government’s jab mandate.

Injured employees will allegedly be entitled to compensation not from the pharmaceutical corporations that created the jabs in the first place, but rather from small businesses that have no choice but to force the injections on their employees or else face the ire of the government.

Even in cases where an employee no longer works for the same company but becomes injured from a jab that was taken while employed there in the past, said employer can be sued under the new rules and held accountable.

“So for example, if company X mandates the jab and Shane or Sheila get[s] the jab, subsequently leave[s] the firm, and in 3 years’ time grow[s] another head or, as is more likely (according to many experts, at least), suffer[s] from some problem such as autoimmune disease, then company X will be liable to pay for Shane or Sheila … forever,” reported Capitalist Exploits, as relayed by Zero Hedge.

“I tell you what, I have zero sympathies for any business that has been complicit in these crimes against humanity. May they suffer the worst consequences.”

Screenshot 8gladys cashless
 Australia Cashless Society by 2022
Screenshot 8dr forum on health
 What the fuck is going on in Australia? Club Totalitarian
The Australian federal government is planning to de-anonymize the internet to introduce a social credit system to combat "online abuse" - police will have access to individuals' social media accounts, which will be linked to people's passports.
 Jackie Nelson

Jackie NelsonNew Member

You wrote - The defining moment for us is when our pregnant daughter in law got double jabbed. The stupidity of that overwhelms us. She is a very smart young woman and a doctor [gastro specialist]Oh dear! So sorry that this has happened, yet I too have experienced very intelligent family members and 2 doctor friends who have happily and even EAGERLY accepted both jabs. I always considered these people to be much smarter than I was. and yet, here they are falling for the greatest deception on earth. It's hard to understand. I can only say that it is done via repetition over many many years of brainwashing. That's how our beliefs are formed and unless we really think about this, we simply go along with the programming.I understand how you feel as I too am overwhelmed at the notion that these people have been tricked to such a profound extent.
The manipulative skill of these demonic psychopaths cannot be underestimated. The next few years are going to test all of us.
Last edited: Sep 5, 2021
 Screenshot 8dno no drink
 Screenshot 8jenny said
Screenshot 8sue ukThere's probably more than one way round it in Aus, and I've done more research on the UK law, (and I'm ready ....:mad:) but I've seen the Aus 1988 privacy act section 94H quoted by twitter activists. 94H (2) appears to make what you describe illegal.
" (2) A person commits an offence if the person:
(a) refuses to enter into, or continue, a contract or arrangement with another person (including a contract of employment); or
(b) takes adverse action (within the meaning of the Fair Work Act 2009) against another person; or
(c) refuses to allow another person to enter:
(i) premises that are otherwise accessible to the public; or
(ii) premises that the other person has a right to enter; or
(d) refuses to allow another person to participate in an activity; or
(e) refuses to receive goods or services from another person, or insists on providing less monetary consideration for the goods or services; or
(f) refuses to provide goods or services to another person, or insists on receiving more monetary consideration for the goods or services;
on the ground that, or on grounds that include the ground that, the other person:
(g) has not downloaded COVIDSafe to a communication device; or
(h) does not have COVIDSafe in operation on a communication device; or
(i) has not consented to uploading COVID app data from a communication device to the National COVIDSafe Data Store.
Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years or 300 penalty units, or both."

edited to add this
Last edited: Sep 7, 2021
Sue-UK,Sep 7, 2021
Screenshot 8new member

 Screenshot 8law reform in qld
Screenshot 8police h
Screenshot 8craig kelly
Labor/Liberals TRASH your Human Rights. If the Courts won’t protect your Human Rights. The United Australia Party WILL protect your Human Rights. The UAP will BANSyringepassports & BAN medical SEGREGATION. The UAP will END mandates. Come & join us Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index
Labor/Liberals TRASH your Human Rights If the Courts won’t protect your Human Rights. The United Australia Party WILL protect your Human Rights. The UAP will BANSyringepassports & BAN medical SEGREGATION. The UAP will END mandates Come & join us Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index
 Screenshot 8royal commission
 Screenshot 8bill of rights
Screenshot 8members 
 A Federal election is coming & so is your opportunity to be part of a once in a lifetime movement to make Australia FREE again New MPs, New Ideas, New Approach You could be one of those new MPs UNITED WE STAND Nominate TODAY Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index
 Screenshot 8volution
Reignite Democracy Australia
Reignite Democracy Australia is the advocacy group representing citizens of Australia. Our focus is to host legal online protests, giving citizens a platform

Screenshot 8vaccine
Screenshot 8lier lier
Screenshot 8guy read sheet
 Amazing, but not the first example of this detail. COVID 19 HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST!
This is my SUMMARY of three documents from Joy Garner, which are included below. Perhaps you know of her study at (
From Dr Jane Ruby as follows:
“We reject the idea that anyone must accept this garbage as a condition of employment.”
Screenshot 8employers illical
Screenshot 8max igam im mezeo
Screenshot 8elders s

Across Australia Indigenous communities are being coerced and bribed into taking experimental covid injections.

The corporate Australian governance has sent police and military into these communities to administer these injections.

This is a warning message from four Indigenous Australian leaders to all Original peoples around the world.

Music: Creation Song feat. Jarmbi by FIRE MANE

Screenshot 8wearing mash for years

You'll be wearing masks for years.

Here in Europe is also crazy. Today in Croatia they order that if you help someone in accident, and giving him mouth to mouth breathing, you need to wear mask, and you need to put mas to the person that dies. Can you imagine how stupid is this??? Someone dies, and if you want to help him you must put him mask?!?!?!
First I I can't believe that someone can think that stupid idea, but what is more scarier is that after decisions like this one, there are still lot of people who trusts the government!
 Screenshot 8constitution is the an
a tream

Welcome to the Assent!

England is ruled, not by the Queen or by Parliament and not by the Queen in Parliament, but by the law of the very good Constitution left to us by our forefathers.

The English constitution is very ancient. It has longevity of over 1000 years which shows it has strength, fought for by our ancestors and countless lives have been lost in defence of it.

We have Common Law rights and freedoms that cannot be lawfully removed in England; or the Commonwealth. In this group you can find out more about them, and learn how to stand under the famous invocation of Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 as invoked by hereditary peers in 2001.

This movement is designed to raise awareness and give you confidence standing up on your own two feet as a force for good in your own local area.

Your help is essential to help this movement grow and move forward in the direction that is necessary. Danielle, the founder works full time researching, producing quality content and many other things; there are not enough hours in the day!

You can find full case files, templates and become a registered supporter of our campaign at

The Constitution is the Solution, Use it or lose it!


Here is another rant:

Dick Yardley is a well-known and respected Constitutional researcher

He is one of a dying breed in Australia…a farmer, and the Author of “Australian Political & Religious TREASON, Treachery & Sabotage”.

In this informative and well researched book he documents the many treasonous crimes committed by the political parties that led senior legal experts like Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs to conclude that “the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States/Territories has no basis in law.”

Starting on 28 June 1919 when Billy Hughes, a member of a political party, signed Australia on as a member of the League of Nations without permission from We the People voting in a Referendum Australia has been in a legal and political limbo. The L of N was a forerunner of the United Nations.

This was an unlawful act and a betrayal of the Australian nation which was designed to sever our status as a British Colony under the British Crown, Common Law, and our 1901 Constitutional Law.

Every law passed since then is technically unlawful. As a result, Australia faces a political crisis of unimaginable proportions. It will take a massive effort to right the system to create a political, legal and social system of justice and freedom again.

We can only achieve this if Australians are aware of our political history, the wrongs that the political parties have committed, and who has betrayed us. You will be able to trace the many betrayals committed by the political parties as you read this book.

Most importantly, you will learn what our rights are and how to protect them.

Knowledge is power and Dick Yardley’s book will give you the power to create a better future for our nation.

Order Dick’s book.

Here is another rant along the same lines:

Unconstitutional acts of the Australian Government

1908 – Two party preferred political parties introduced. Unconstitutional!

1919 – The Law and the Government does not have legal international validity. All Governor-General appointments have been issued incorrectly. The British Monarch became irrelevant to Australia. Australia became a republic.

1920 – Australia was an independent (and founding) member of the League of Nations.

1946 – Bretton Woods International banking agreement after WW2

1947 – Joined the IMF which now controls Australia’s economy. This act along is the beginning of the demise of OUR Commonwealth Bank.

1960 – Political party-controlled parliament took control of the Governor General by putting the fake Great Seal of Australia on the Queen’s GG appointment letter. Since then, all GG’s have been under the control of the political party corporate government.

1966 – Political party-controlled parliament borrowed millions of US dollars from the international bankers. As part of the deal the politicians committed the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to: Change our currency from Pounds, Shillings and Pence to US-backed (FIAT) dollars with no head of power (the Queen). Unlawfully conscript our young men to go to war in Vietnam to fight against a people Australia had no quarrel with.

1973 – The Queen was created Queen of Australia. This Queen of Australia is not a living woman, owns no land, has no power. E.G Whitlam (Fabian), took control of the government as Prime Minister before vote counting was finished, set up a duumvirate (2 person) government, and proceeded to take the Queen out of our Constitution by amending the Royal Style and Titles Act (1953). Took out the Preamble that establishes the people as the supreme authority with the words “Whereas the people”, and registered his constitutions to a private corporation registered in the USA (Washington DC – connected to the Vatican and the City of London). UNIDROIT Treaty. By the time Whitlam was finished he had completely destroyed our Westminster system of government and brought in a Communist (Socialist) government instead that now dictates every aspect of our lives. We can get no justice in their courts because they also removed ‘Trial by Jury’ from the constitution.

1975 – A fake Victoria Constitution Act bought in by political parties to gain more power.

1979 – Municipal institutions and local government, is in the Commonwealth Constitution as a department of a State Government. The Parliament of Victoria amended the Victorian Constitution to include section 74A, which inserts Local Government into the Victorian Constitution. Can the Parliament of Victoria amend the Commonwealth Constitution? NO! Only the people of the Commonwealth can do that by means of section 128 (referendum) of said constitution. Can the Parliament of Victoria create any Laws that are inconsistent with the Commonwealth Constitution? NO! Section 106 & 108 of the Commonwealth Constitution. Local Government cannot govern us, cannot make laws 9local laws) for us and cannot tax us (rates). Repugnant to our constitution and in 4 referendums, ‘we the people,’ said NO.

1986 – Bob Hawke (Fabian) enacted the Australia Act to separate Australia completely from the British Crown. Changing the Royal Arms is an act of war on the people of the Commonwealth of Australia. By deleting ‘Crown’ and inserting instead “State or Commonwealth”. Mandatory Constitutional requirement that was omitted, formulating and enacting a concealed fraudulent Grant of Power upon the people of South Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia.

1986 – The Election Writs, Senate and House of representatives, spread this Criminal Activity throughout Australia. Criminal Offence of Fraud. Referendums omitted – operating your fraudulent Grant of Power. Allegedly, the Swearing of a Foreign Oath to Freemasonry – Conceal and Never Reveal. Both Houses of Parliament, section 44 Disqualification, subsection 1 of the Commonwealth Constitution. To be discovered by either a Jury trial or Grand Jury trial.

We are operating under two Commonwealths of Australia. Constitution government is ‘Government of the Commonwealth’ and the government now running the country is ‘The Australian Government’ which is a corporation registered in the Securities Commission in Washington DC. Our Kangaroo and Emu emblem is registered as a Trademark of the USA.

1986 – The 1986 act is invalid; it has no validity in domestic law or international. The real government is the people of Australia not some fake politician selling you a bill of goods.

1995 – Woods Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse. Police document issued: 99 year suppression order revealing 28 prominent people are named on this list, including a Prime Minister (still living) and Justice Woods himself.

1997 – Multinational Agreement on Investment (MAI)

1997 – OUR Commonwealth Bank finally folds.

1997 – FSIA Financial Services Industry Agreement. Signed away its right to prevent foreign takeovers of Australian banks and insurance companies.

2004 – Changing the Royal Arms is an act of war on the people of the Commonwealth of Australia. The absence of a valid Governor General means there are no legitimate government offices in Australia.

2020 – 2021 Crimes against Humanity.

Yes, in Victoria the fake government is ruling buy the gun through his Black uniformed Militant militia force. In direct contravention of the Geneva Convention, The Nuremberg articles, international law on political and civil rights, and the declaration of human rights is according to international treaties and human rights. Who elected Chief Health Medical Officers? Not us! No directives issued from their mouths is legally binding. Quarantine emergency powers belong to Federal not State. Also, Section 92 of the federal constitution 1900 says (NO INTERNAL BORDERS).

Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the rights of the people, or reduce them to slavery (Strawman = Birth Certificates = Usufruct) under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon ABSOLVED from any further obedience and are left to the common refuge which God hath provided for all men against force and violence.

High treason has been committed.




Screenshot 72019 2020
In 2016 & 2017 all leaders agreed to use covid to vaccine most Australians and remove people's rights.

Screenshot 7chief officer
Screenshot 7aussie guy
Screenshot 7no fields
 Screenshot 7hats t
Screenshot 7smart items
 Screenshot 7cbdc
 Screenshot 71918
Screenshot 7human map to control
The graphene oxide in the COVID jabs, as well as the nanobots being dispersed via chemtrails, are creating a secondary electro-magnetic circuit that piggy-backs onto the body's central nervous system. These covert physiological modifications act as foundational support for the coming bio-cyber CBDC financial apps that have been designed to interact with human DNA.
 Screenshot 7j craig venter
 Screenshot 7german killer sch
 Screenshot 7arrest for speaking out
Screenshot 8police women in aust
Screenshot 7jews hate all races
Many people believe Gladys Berejikian is not a Christian she's Jewish Zionist Globalist.
 Australian MP Gladys Berejiklian warned that life for unvaccinated citizens will continue to be “very difficult” well after the government lifts its restrictive COVID lockdowns.
 Screenshot 7vacinee forcers
 Screenshot 7chief dr

GENOCIDE of aged care home residents  

by staff writers   

Relatives of the many hundreds of aged care home residents who have died across Australia with Coronavirus comorbidities or the small number from it should launch a criminal class action against each state’s chief health officer and their federal counterparts for not administering the inexpensive, proven Covid preventatives, hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

Every state Premier and Health Minister should be joined in the action as a co-perpetrator of genocide.

Based on the best medical advice available, billionaire Gold Coast businessman Clive Palmer purchased 33 million doses of hydroxychloroquine costing approximately 40 cents each in April and donated the Covid cure to the National Medical stockpile

Screenshot 7lying gov in au
 Morrison is a Jewish Communist, Zionist Globalist NWO hypocrite working for and 'guided' by the Devil

Australian government has sold out to a sick satanic Techno Fascism beast system that seeks totalitarian corporate capitalism, medical tyranny, and technological dictatorship. Western civilization has fallen.

Screenshot 7dead with in ten years
Screenshot 7free blood clots
Screenshot 710 years to shut down coal mines
Screenshot 73 p
Today’s vaccine passport is tomorrow’s Microchip and Total Control.
 Australian activists and former political prisoners issue a dire warning to the world : "The globalists have captured our nation, and our trying to break our will. Please help us, or you are next." Share this link to save Australia and save yourself.
I’m pretty certain most Australians do not understand exactly what’s going on here what’s really at Stake Today’s vaccine passport is tomorrow’s Microchip and Total Control 2017 1255 Flu deaths 2020/2021,,, 20 Months of a Deadly Scamdemic And there’s 1231 Deaths Andrews killed 801 of them Like W T F is Going on here
Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin
Teddy Roosevelt bent over backwards to get us realigned with British world dominance and it's so called free market system and undermine our better system of protectionism which had us thriving , nice words don't make the man.
Screenshot 7zionist porn
Annastacia Palaszczuk is a Jewish Zionist Globalist.
Some Jews call Anti-Zionist Globalist Jews, Blacks, Asians, and Whites white supremacist, neo-Nazi and far-right extremist.

Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies vice-president Jason Steinberg said police were very responsive to complaints but the laws did not deter racists.

“Of those Jews in Queensland who experienced anti-Semitism (according to a survey carried out by the group), half were either abused, harassed, intimidated or bullied simply because they are Jewish and, distressingly, many of these incidents occur in the workplace,” he said.

“Fifteen per cent of Queensland Jews also reported hate-fuelled incidents that related to Israel and/or Zionism.

“We have also seen an increase in activity by white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other far-right extremist groups whose members seem to act with impunity, as well as anti-Israel activists targeting local Jews.”

 Screenshot 7shes jewish

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP 

Premier of Queensland, Minister for Trade and Member for Inala.
 Screenshot 7sec try
 Screenshot 7open for chr

 Screenshot 7deathd
Screenshot 7people rumm
Letter to Premie Annastacia Palaszczuk

Indeed, five of the 10 richest Australians are Jewish, according to the Australian Financial Review's annual list.

Vic Alhadeff, the chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, says it's understandable that high-achievers make headlines, but there's another statistic that's often overlooked.

"Almost 20 per cent of the Jewish community of Australia lives below the poverty line," he says.


"It may be domestic violence where women are needing to leave with their children and find somewhere safe to live.

Escaping the 'darkness' for a second chance

But help isn't a one-way street. According to Vic Alhadeff, philanthropic activity is an integral part of the Jewish ethos.

"There's a Hebrew phrase in Jewish lore, which is 'tikkun olam'," he says.

"The translation is 'healing the world', and that is mandating Jewish people to do whatever they can, in their small way, to make the world a better place."

He says that for many Jewish Australians, the resolve to "give back" also stems from their connection to the Holocaust.


"A very significant proportion of the Jewish community arrived in this country with nothing and were determined to realise their potential and embrace a second chance at life."

And many individuals have.

Mr Alhadeff points to Frank Lowy as someone who lost his father in the Holocaust and arrived in Australia with nothing, but has managed to become one of the country's wealthiest and most philanthropic people.

"[Frank] and the partner John Saunders began Westfield ... as a small little deli out in Blacktown, and it's become the world's largest shopping centre conglomerate," he says.

"And 15 years ago, Frank set up the Lowy Institute as a world-leading thinktank, and when he did so, he said, 'I'm doing this as my way of saying thank you to Australia, for giving my family and other Jewish Australians a second chance at life'."

 Screenshot 7westfiselds
Screenshot 7gladys is jewish

Many people believe Gladys Berejikian is not a Christian she's Jewish Zionist Globalist.

 Screenshot 7she is a zionist
 Screenshot 7westfields
 Screenshot 7zion ben
Screenshot 7jewish board of
picture and writing
 Screenshot 77 zionist
 Screenshot 42 jews in a
 Your News Media remains silent about Australia’s full tyranny because it’s coming to your country next
Australia never stopped being a prison colony. Sad facts...
Americans you don't understand how much we need you guys! You are the freest country on the planet atm you don't understand your power. We have no power as people in Australia they've taken it all away from us. Everyone is sooo depressed and lost in this country we are headed to poverty. We had it all 2 years ago. People can't even provide the basics for their families. Can't warn you enough stand up to this global take over you are everything the world needs
Screenshot 7police officer
 Police officers in Queensland, Australia have set up a fundraising page to help them raise enough money to hire a lawyer and challenge the mandating of vaccines for law enforcement employees.
Screenshot 7common law
Screenshot 7final notice

We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, are peacefully and actively initiating Lawful Remedy for any harm to any man, woman, or child as a result of the Constitutional crisis currently afflicting our once-healthy, once-wealthy, once-proud nation.
We are working to convene Common Law Assemblies around the nation, and then to convene Congresses to decide on the political future of our nation, to elect true representatives of the People, to end the foreign occupation, and to assert the sovereign will of the people over our Parliament as servants of the people.
We are united in our desire to fundamentally change our nation to create a better future for all.
cirnow banner
Our information portal:
Screenshot 7tracking etc
 Zionist Globalist tracing you by using your mobile phone etc.
During a press conference, Australian public health chief Dr. Kerry Chant remarked, “We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order.”
Screenshot 7dum w
Dr Kerry Gai Chant.  Zionist Globalist  New World Order (NWO).
Australian public health chief accidentally admits the NWO is the Great Reset
Screenshot 7nwworder
Premier of NSW has shut down the daily 11am news conferences today, after that comment and stronger questions relating to boosters, like how many boosters and how often? Kerry Chant choked on those questions, spazzed out and had Freudian slips like the New World Order comment. The bosses told them to shut it down, it was getting too hot. They're criminals and enemies of Australia.
     Screenshot 7great reset

Click to enlarge the Newspaper Article: "NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO JEWS" article on the right was published during World War II on October 6, 1940, in the New York Times (Jewish newspaper )and provides commentary on a speech by Arthur Greenwood from the British War Cabinet.  It assures the American Jewish community that if the allies win the war they will ensure that Britain will give Zionist Jews a homeland in the middle east and New World Order pledged to Jews.


Screenshot 1jews loyal t


Zionist Federation of Australia

  Jerusalem Prize: Scott Morrison warns of the United Nations' seeping 'anti-Semitism'

The Jerusalem Prize is awarded annually by the Zionist Federation of Australia, the Zionist Council of NSW and the World Zionist Organisation.

Past winners include former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, John Howard and Julia Gillard, former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, and the late Sir Zelman Cowen.

Its recognition of Prime Minister Morrison comes as Australia and Israel mark 70 years of bilateral relations.

  Who is really being irresponsible? Scott Morrison's recognition of Jerusalem hardly warrants the hysteria

When the Arab League released a statement calling the announcement "blatantly biased towards the positions and policies of the Israeli occupation," the Bahraini Foreign Minister shot back, criticising the Arab League statement as "mere rhetoric and irresponsible." "Australia's stance," the Foreign Minister rightly noted, "does not impact the legitimate Palestinian demands."

If the Bahraini Foreign Minister could coolly appraise the substance of the announcement and identify that it in fact affirmed Palestinian demands rather than traducing them, why then the "irresponsible" reaction of the Palestinians and their backers? The answer is to be found not in the substance of the announcement, but in the preamble to it.

In his introductory remarks, the Prime Minister denounced the "antisemitic agenda masquerading as defence of human rights"; he observed that the "ritual denunciations [of Israel]" stemming from this agenda "are getting in the way of progress [to end the conflict]"; and he declared that "Australia's national interests are well served by our productive and increasingly diverse relationship with Israel." The Prime Minister directly confronted the "ratcheting up of rhetoric and action aimed at isolating Israel" and the "bias and unfair targeting of Israel in the UN General Assembly."

In a conflict so polarised, so ideologically magnetic, it is the clear affirmation of support for Israel, and the unmasking of those who seek the demise of the Jewish State, that was perhaps the most telling statement of all. The Prime Minister's remarks dealt a clear blow to the strategy pursued by the Palestinians since the 1970s, articulated by Abu Iyad, the Palestine Liberation Organisation's former head of security, in the following terms: "If one could succeed in changing public opinion in the Western world, then the overthrow of Zionism would be just a matter of time." Prime Minister Morrison bluntly delivered the message that this strategy will not succeed.

Screenshot 6witll neverend
Dr Kerry Gai Chant

Another government bureaucrat posing as a “health official” has declared that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic is never going away and will be with us “forever.”

Kerry Chant, Australia’s “health chief,” says that Australians, and really everyone, need to “get used to” taking endless “booster shots” for the Chinese Virus. The only way to continue living, she says, is to comply.

“We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the future,” Chant announced during a recent press conference. “I can’t see COVID is not going to be with us forever.”

Screenshot 6concentration camps in a

Covid Concentration Camp in Australia.

No! They are not covid concentration camps like we are dealing with an actual disease, when it has never been shown to exist to start with and the test not testing for it, these camps are reeducation camps for those who believe 2+2=4, they're gonna reeducate them to believe 2+2=5. I.e those that have not bought the covid-19 hoax. It will only end when we it, I mean those of us who've seen the mendacity by noncooperation.
 Screenshot 6operationcovid shield

The Official Sensitive Plans Revealed to Force Vaccine on Australians.

Screenshot 6governemtcon
 Screenshot 6read plans
 Screenshot 6boarder staff
Screenshot 6each year
 Screenshot 6timeline
 Screenshot 6reveal pl s
Screenshot 6neibors
 Screenshot 6tracking p
Screenshot 6every six months
 Screenshot 6polio
Screenshot 6end ofhumany

 Screenshot 6aus covid
Screenshot 3pcr test
Screenshot 4 dum australians
EXCLUSIVE: Our Voices Matter – Stories Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Australians (Short Documentary)

Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia.

 Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.
Murdock is a Jew, his media is Jewish, just like the Queensland, NSW, Tasmanian premiers! The rest are Zionist traitors! It’s the Jew world order depopulation vaccinations program! Your governments are the real enemy.

Comment I would like to rewrite the above person's article: Murdock is a Jewish Zionist Globalist, his media is Jewish Zionist Globalist , just like the Queensland, NSW, Tasmanian premiers! The rest are Zionist traitors! It’s the Jewish  Zionist Globalist world order depopulation vaccinations program! Your governments are the real enemy.

Jewish Supremacists Zionist Globalist Admit White Genocide Is Their Objective

Jews will one minute kvetch about “conspiracy theorists” who say jews are out to destroy White people, while the next minute they are admitting that’s their goal.

Zionist Globalist Jews do not want Refugees going Israel; they want them to go to all whites’ countries, Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, Zealand and Europe.

Video Player
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 Screenshot 4truth about them

 Always remember there are good Jews and bad Jewish Zionist Globalist.

dont talk
Alex Jones breaks down the evolving plan to imprison healthy dissenters who refuse to bow down to the growing medical tyranny takeover.
Complete insanity in Australia/New Zealand coming to all western nations soon unless globalists are stopped?
Screenshot 4passports v
 Screenshot 4mask no d
 Screenshot 424000st
Screenshot 4chen said
Screenshot 4vaccine and p

Western Australian premier Mark McGowan has announced that from Tuesday the 17th of August, all travellers from New South Wales will be designated ‘high risk’ and require strict health checks to enter the state.

These include:

  1. A negative Covid test.
  2. Proof of at least one dose of an approved Covid vaccine.
  3. Use of the G2G Now app.

This will be the first time in Australian history that travel between Australia’s federated states has been subject to mandatory vaccination.

When questioned, McGowan said that he hoped it would provide a template for other states to protect themselves against the ‘raging outbreak’ in New South Wales.

The G2G Now app is used by police to protect the community by ‘conducting remote checks on people in quarantine’. According to the official government website, the app uses facial recognition software and phone location data to ensure that people are remaining inside their quarantine.

booster shots

Meanwhile, the CDC has announced a plan to place millions of Americans in COVID Camps.

Only the spotlight of truth can stop the great reset and put the globalist perpetrators behind bars!

Screenshot 4every year jab
Screenshot 4variets
 Screenshot 4babies low iqs
Screenshot 4low q po
 Screenshot 4545000 killed
Screenshot 3police on covid
Screenshot 3campsfg
Lock up healthy people in forced labor camps.
Alex Jones breaks down the shocking CDC plan to enlist a domestic civilian force to target and lock up healthy people in forced labor camps. Read the CDC document here:
Jews Run The CDC In The United States.

Jews Run The CDC In The United States.

  Jews Run The CDC In The United States.   Pandemic Of The Va...

 Screenshot 3does not flu
Government  admits the virus known as "SARS-CoV-2", aka COVID-19, is not scientifically known to exist.

  Government Of Ireland Admits NO Proof SARS-CoV-2 Exists!

A reporter out of Ireland was able to obtain documents from the government that admits the virus known as "SARS-CoV-2", aka COVID-19, is not scientifically known to exist.

And the CDC admitted on their website that they were not able to get any isolated samples of the virus either... because it hasn't been isolated verified and purified. Its all a hoax based on a hypothetical genomic sequence they generated with a computer model. I've been saying this the whole time, this was all a preplanned hoax! Why would they release a virus when they can just make one up and say it has all the symptoms that people get and die with already every single year with cold flu and pneumonia. Event 201 was just the pre test for the actual fake pandemic hoax they perpetrated.
UPDATED 2 How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?

The Bigger Picture is EUGENICS!
What is in the Vaccine?
Since the 90s, the FLU vaccine has had some terrible chemicals in it!
The COVID 19 vaccine is building on to these chemicals.
You need to watch this interview:
Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”

ABC’s Nightline approached Mullis about participating in a documentary:
The show was superb, and represented a historic turning point, possibly even the end of the seven-year MEDIA BLACKOUT on the HIV debate. But it still didn’t fulfil Mullis ultimate fantasy.

“What ABC needs to do,” says Mullis, “is talk to [Chairman of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Dr. Anthony] Fauci and [Dr. Robert] Gallo [one of the discoverers of HIV] and show that they’re assholes, which I could do in ten minutes.”

But, I point out, Gallo will refuse to discuss the HIV debate, just as he’s always done.

“I know he will,” Mullis shoots back, anger rising in his voice. “But you know what? I would be willing to chase the little bastard from his car to his office and say, ‘This is Kary Mullis trying to ask you a goddamn simple question,’ and let the cameras follow. If people think I’m a crazy person, that’s okay. But here’s a Nobel Prize-winner trying to ask a simple question from those who spent $22 billion and killed 100,000 people. It has to be on TV. It’s a visual thing. I’m not unwilling to do something like that.”

AIDS; Words from the Front By Celia Farber, Spin July 1994
We have not been able to discover any good reasons why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true.
We have also not been able to discover why doctors prescribe a TOXIC DRUG called AZT (Zidovudine) to people who have no other complaint than the presence of antibodies to HIV in their blood.

In fact, we cannot understand why humans would take that drug for any reason.

We cannot understand how all this madness came about, and having both lived in Berkeley, we’ve seen some strange things indeed. We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake.



Screenshot 3smaller vcovid 1000

1000 COVID Stories.

Thousands of Covid -19 vaccine injured.

l Tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine injured fight censorship to bring their stories to the public

 Screenshot 3pfizer dr
Screenshot 323 to 15million
Screenshot 3protesting r b
 Screenshot 3police out numbered
 Screenshot 2virus
 pcr test mant t
Dr. Lee Merritt of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the COVID-19 bioweapon agenda.
Screenshot 6buy pcr test
Screenshot 697 flu d
Screenshot 3ethyene
Send this to the HT. It has come to my attention, that the Lateral Flow Tests being administered to children in schools by school staff, and shortly to be administered by parents following government guidance, use swabs which contain ethylene oxide.This is a known carcinogen and its use as a pesticide was banned in the UK and overseas some years ago. It’s a type of chemical known to be reactive, as it spontaneously chemically binds to some organic material such as DNA, RNA and proteins. It would seem that it is a useful gas for sterilisation.
During sterilisation of medical equipment it may be absorbed into the materials being sterilised. Furthermore, it forms other toxic compounds during the process of sterilisation. Given that it is a known potent carcinogen and mutagen and that it is thought to be causative in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myeloma, lymphocytic leukaemia, stomach and breast cancer, we need to exercise caution.
As with all carcinogens, repeated exposure is an important consideration. Traumatised mucosal surfaces exhibit higher cell turnover, so carcinogenic exposure is enhanced. Thus, traumatising the lining of the nose and pharynx with exposure to carcinogens, carries some risk, as the repeated irritation of the same membranes, would lead to inflammation and an enhanced likelihood of carcinogenicity. It could also be the case that fracture and lodgement of the swab could take place and this cannot be ignored.
It is reasonable to apply some extra precautionary principles given the length of lead time for carcinogenesis to develop in children. I do not think for one moment that any of the teachers who are using Lateral Flow Tests on themselves or their pupils for diagnosis, are aware of these medical hazards and I certainly believe the general public, especially parents, would not readily consent to such testing if they had this knowledge.

Screenshot 3hrr

 BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold



 Screenshot 2 i am valid
 To insist I disclose my personal health information is a breach of the Private Act 1988 (Cth).
Screenshot 2i am exeamt

 Screenshot 22 papers


The new DHHS mask directives for NSW are now in force as of 03/01/2021

Many Business Personnel are unaware of the risks of discriminating against people with lawful medical exemptions* from wearing masks.

*Businesses, Organisations and Public Authorities and Officers are obliged to make themselves familiar with these medical exemptions.

You are in breach of the Chief Health Officers Covid directions when you refuse entry or service to a medically exempt person.

Such a refusal will also breach the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination act 1992 and you risk an unnecessary hefty lawsuit at a time when most businesses are already financially struggling.

Please familiarise yourself with the following points:

  1. People who have a medical condition, do NOT have to wear masks.
  1. You do NOT need a medical certificate stating that you do not need to wear a mask.
  1. Employees who are medically exempt cannot be forced to wear a mask.
  1. Business owners are NOT responsible for people who cannot wear masks.
  1. Medically exempt conditions include: Asthma, Emphysema, Epilepsy, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Vertigo, Hearing Problems, Breathing Difficulties, Allergies and MANY more.
  1. 6.No one is required to tell you or disclose their personal medical information to anyone.


  1. The Disability Discrimination ACT 1992
  1. Signs saying “No Masks, No Entry” are a breach of sections 6 & 24 of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination ACT 1992 (and other laws) and should either be removed from premises or state “Except those with Lawful Medical Exemptions” or similar disclaimer.
  1. Harassment, intimidation, coercion, deceit, aggressiveness or bullying are NOT lawful means of imposing your personal beliefs or opinions about masks upon others.
  1. 10.Many people are medically exempt from wearing masks including the majority of Senior Citizens, even though they may not currently be aware of their exemption.
 Screenshot 3no mask

I just took a pile of research to our police chief, here in the US. I included material from " Cops Against Covid", which is from Austrailia, and "The Thick Red Line", which originated here, It's just a few pages to print, and a small part of your day to deliver this to your local/ state police. If EVERYONE would do this, we might get cops to understand what's going on. We've nothing to lose at this point....Every single one of us needs to be proactive. Don't wait for someone else to solve the problems. Do YOUR part!


Aussie cops are getting worried about all the videos coming out making them look worse than N.Korea. As soon as the cop told his superior they were being filmed, he was told to apologize immediately & stay peaceful on camera. GOOD. Maybe filming the cops will stop some of their abuse of the Aussie citizens. Protest the NWO-NEVER wear a mask, & REFUSE their lethal injection.

Screenshot 1law against to serve p
 It is against Australian federal law to not serve someone or to prevent them entering.
prevent fro
Screenshot 1privacy act

 Screenshot 3v co

Australian Government admits COVID vaccines are not safe


Wow would not trust any of these people. Without goverment wages, these people would be useless In the real world.

 Screenshot 3you folt

Australian Prime Minister Says Its Your Fault If You Took The Vaccine And Died

 Australian Prime Minister Says Its Your Fault If You Took The Vaccine And Died

 Screenshot 3mp controlled a

EXCLUSIVE: Frontline Footage Shows Britains Battling Endless Lockdown


Morrison is pure evil, period! I live in Australia and believe me, the media here are pushing these vaccines down our throats daily one would immediately assume they're mandatory but they're not, like it said. Ask any Australian they will tell you the same thing. How are those bush fire's morrison?
 Screenshot 3covid jabsand used

 Shocking Compilation of Vaccine Side Effects Shows Neurological and Pulmonary Damage

I honestly don't care for these "victims" ...we all did oir research ourselves and even shared the information and they laughed at us. They have absolutely no reason not to do the same, we all have access to the internet, we all have phones. Screw em... they're fodder.

 Some COVID-19 Test Contain Poison.




 1946 Referendum Denied Government power to medically test


1946 Referendum Denied Government power to medically test

Lock Down = Treason
Forced Mask Wearing = Treason
Forced Vaccinations = Treason

WHEREAS the people voted to stay as a Constitutional Monarchy in the Referendum 1999. By the Treasonous Political Parties, not listening to the people, all (COAG) have enforced Treason upon themselves.

This is what our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule states and how it protects our rights and freedoms..

Part V – Powers of the Parliament
51 Legislative powers of the Parliament

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

…have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government is a statement of Common Law of England.

Common Law of England was removed by the Political Parties taking control of the Governor-General and Commander-in Chief on the 2nd February 1960 and changing Common Law of England to Common Law in Australia (Political Parties definition of their Statutory Australia created in 1973) by enacting the: Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1988 Act No. 120 which amended the Judiciary Act 1903 Section 80, Common Law to Govern replacing “common law of England” with “common law in Australia”. Total Treason

In the High Court Decision Sons of Gwalia case, Gummow and Hayne JJ made the point that there is no common law of companies: The company is a statutory creature and the principles governing it must be derived from statute.

with respect to means they can’t go outside those sections.

Chief Justice French made this point very clear in his speech “The Judicial Function in an Age of Statutes” In simple terms French is telling us No Common Law of England = NO Rights

Any amendment to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 MUST be voted on in a referendum before the Constitution can be changed.

State legislation is always subordinate to a Constitutional Act. All state legislation imposing covid restrictions are NULL and VOID. We, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, can lawfully refuse to obey any state legislation that is against the constitution.

In 1946 Australians voted in a referendum that asked if they would authorise the so-called political party governments to force anyone to undergo a medical or dental procedure without their consent.

Here is what the referendum asked, and the voting result:

Referendum 1946 CONSTITUTION ALTERATION (SOCIAL SERVICES) 1946Screenshot 1the case f a

Question 1.
Do you approve of the proposed law for the Alteration of the Constitution, entitled Constitution Alteration (Social Services) 1946?



New paragraph to be added to section 51 of the Constitution:

(xxiiiA) the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;

Q1. The referendum was carried.
All six States recorded a YES vote. Nationally 54.39% of electors voted YES

The question was approved, but with a condition:
medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription)

This means that the People of the Commonwealth of Australia denied the government any power to force people to undergo any medical or dental procedure without their consent.

More Constitutional Reasons Covid restrictions are unconstitutional

92 Trade within the Commonwealth to be free

On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free.

Political Parties shutting State borders have circumvented the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule = Treason

69 Transfer of certain departments

On a date or dates to be proclaimed by the Governor-General after the establishment of the Commonwealth the following departments of the public service in each State shall become transferred to the Commonwealth:

posts, telegraphs, and telephones;
naval and military defence;

lighthouses, lightships, beacons, and buoys; quarantine

The State Parliaments, by quarantining the people of the States have circumvented the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule = Treason

116 Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

By not consolidating “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” and removing the Church of England. Removing Common Law of England. Created Council of Australian Governments (COAG) with their Australian Courts, Federal and State Police all under Lucifer. This has removed everybody’s rights.

“The Christian religion is, in most English speaking countries, recognized as a part of the common law. “There is abundant authority for saying that Christianity is a part and parcel of the law of the land.””

Circumventing the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule = Treason.

117 Rights of residents in States

A subject of the Queen, resident in any State, shall not be subject in any other State to any disability or discrimination which would not be equally applicable to him if he were a subject of the Queen resident in such other State.

State Lock down has created discrimination between States, people and invented borders. Under the Political Parties “The Constitution together with the Australia Act 1986” the above Queen, (Queen of Australia) was created in 1973 by and for the Political Parties private company’s status, Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation, circumventing the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule = Treason.

You do not have to consent!

Download and print out the PDF and carry it around with you at all times. If you are stopped by the police or the covid cops show them this document and explain to them politely that they are also men / women of the Commonwealth of Australia with one vote each. They do not have any authority to break the law.

Forcing people to wear a mask, or undertake any test (including for covid or RBT) is a crime under the Crimes Act 1914, as codified in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 S. 51 (xxiiiA)

Inform them that if they continue to demand that you submit to their unlawful orders you will citizens arrest them and summon them to appear before a Common Law Court.

If they continue to demand that you submit to their demands, utter the words:
I hereby arrest you under my common law power to citizens arrest anyone I observe committing a crime. By insisting that I submit to your demands you are committing an indictable crime against me. You are hereby required to supply your name, badge number and police station you are working from.

Make sure you get as much information from them and inform them that they will be required to appear before a Common Law Court when they receive the summons, and that if convicted by a jury of 12 of their peers they will be held personally responsible for any harm they have caused.

Then upload your complaint here and we will advise you on how to take these criminals, liars, thieves and traitors to a real court before 12 of their peers sitting on a properly constitution jury.
Upload your Statement of Claim

Click here to download the PDF, print it out and carry it with you everywhere. If you are challenged by the police be polite, ask them if they ar aware that they are the ones committing a crime, and hand them this document….


Download an extract of the 1946 referend

 Screenshot 3barclay crawford
 The leaked video was captured during a recent editorial meeting about the outlet's pandemic reporting, and it perfectly illustrates why many have lost their trust in the people we expect to report the news accurately. SHARE the full story:

DEO: Daily Mail Australia caught manufacturing ...

It should go without saying that you shouldn't believe everything you hear — especially if you hear it from the mainstream media. Here's a perfect example — it's a video of Barclay Crawfordthe editor for the Daily Mail in Australia, one of the world's most visited English news sites.. The leaked video was captured during a recent editorial meeting about the outlet's pandemic reporting .
Jews Run The Covid Vaccine Companies

Jews Run The Covid Vaccine Companies

  Jewish Zionist Globalist run the Covid vaccine companies, including Wuhan in China. &n...

The Push is on Mandatory Jabs

The Pust Is On mandatory Jabs Scomo needs to wake up!

Meanwhile, Scomo thinks he can break our supreme law and force all Australians to be vaccinated. Even though he quickly backed down after announcing he would make a potential Covid-19 vaccine “mandatory”, he claimed it would, instead, be “encouraged”.

Screenshot 4the jab

Australia: The Push Is On For Mandatory Jabs

Back in 1976 when the Swine Flu vaccine caused a handful of deaths, it was pulled instantly. Now we have thousands dead and tens of thousands with horrible side effects and these monsters are insisting we all get this poison. By the way, the reason they keep calling it a vaccine is because the companies have immunity from lawsuits from vaccine damage. However, they DO NOT have immunity from being sued for damages caused by an experimental gene therapy.

Those fucking literal Nazis need to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.


This is political speak for, we won’t make it mandatory to be vaccinated, but if you refuse our offer you will be denied access to government services, access to restaurants, shops, public transport, and anything else they can think of to try and force us to be injected with their poisonous trash.

We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia REFUSE to bow down to these treasonous scum.


The GATES/FAUCI/CDC/WHO GENE EDITING JAB isn't just ineffective, it's insidiously dangerous in multiple ways. The VARS database is UP 6000% OVER ANY YEAR EVER. But this is just the beginning.

As succinctly as possible, the VAX has an RNA code that gets unzipped in the DNA factory, the Ribosomes, and writes code to your DNA causing you to produce the SAME FUCKING SPIKE PROTEIN AS THE ALLEGED CV19, then the antibodies. What could possibly go wrong. But they're not like your own natural antibodies. They takeover.

When you have natural immunity via infection, the immune system has two basic phases. First hunt and kill the invaders, then send in the cleanup crew. The synthetic antibodies instead DISABLE THE CLEANUP CREW (macrophages) and tell the killer cells to find the invader. The immune system knows the SPIKE PROTEIN is somewhere. And they find it. In the cells of your vital organs.

The berserk killer cells attack your vital organs causing organ failure, sepsis, and death. This is what happened to poor Hank Aaron, many of the other early stage JAB victims, and ALL THE ANIMALS IN STUDIES DONE 15 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!! This is MASS MURDER.

And it's just one way these GENOCIDAL JABS are going to cause pain and death. And I say that with great grief in my own heart as so many friends and family are just "trusting the science" and "I want to get back to normal" rationalizing a move that is not reversible, and if the huge volume of doctors worldwide are correct, is going to result in serious illness, or death, for not just them, but maybe millions more.

Screenshot 3newsouth wales

Screenshot 3nsw pfizer

BREAKING: DC Secretly Injects Children With COVID Vaccin

Screenshot 4grea sandy des

Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into “critical condition” following vax jabs

The mainstream media does not want anyone to know that sailors in the Australian Navy have been dropping like flies ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines became available to them.

Numerous stories detailing the horrific adverse events incurred by members of the Australian military have been completely scrubbed from the web. Some of them have been replaced with highly sanitized propaganda pieces claiming that only “mild side effects” are being observed.

Gregg Hunt, Australia’s Health Minister, who pushed the experimental gene therapy injections on his nation’s military, fell “critically ill” himself just one day after getting jabbed for the Chinese virus. All of this has created major setbacks for the pro-vaccine lobby, which is having an increasingly harder time convincing people to get stabbed


60% of people admitted to UK hospitals are "fully vaccinated"

 Screenshot 3died of vax

On July 19th, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a news conference alongside Sir Patrick Vallance, Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser. When Sir Patrick took the mic, he admitted that the “fully vaccinated” are being hospitalized en masse for covid-19 and are falling severely ill to the “delta variant.” In fact, Vallance clearly stated that 60 percent of UK hospitalizations are now coming from people who already had two doses of the covid-19 vaccine. Hospitalizations are climbing, as tens of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people realize they were duped again.

Vallance warned that hospitalizations could climb to 1,000 a day. According to these projections, up to 4,200 or more “fully vaccinated” people could require hospitalization every week in the UK. These figures do not include the tens of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people who sought hospitalization after suffering from adverse events following vaccination. Because these new vaccines use a unique sequence of the engineered spike protein, they introduce the bioweapon component of SARS-CoV-2 directly into the blood of people – poisoning the vaccinated, all for the promise of some immunological superiority. As thousands of vaccinated people are learning each week, the vaccines do not impart immunological superiority. These shots are a destructive, deadly experiment, making more people susceptible to coronaviruses and severe illness, while directly killing off tens of thousands of people in the process.







25 questions about covid19 Update 11.