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Jew Whites & Whites Holocaust, 18/4/2024

WARNING GRAPHIC Shocking TORTURE of Whites, Jews and other Races


The mainstream media and governments often focus on the genocide of six million Jews, while neglecting to acknowledge the millions of other individuals who have suffered and died in genocides around the world. This website aims to commemorate and remember these victims from diverse communities, including American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maoris, Chinese individuals, and European Jews and whites.

By presenting the harsh reality of the past, this website aims to educate and prevent history from repeating itself. It does not promote or condone violence in any form, but serves as a reminder of the need to learn from the past and prevent future genocides. This website is dedicated to opposing genocide against all people worldwide. "If you don't learn from the past, it has a funny way of repeating itself."


Screenshot 1bt britishs removed food

Globalist behind the famine genocide in Ireland and today they are replacing whites in Ireland, Britain, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Europe, Ukraine with non whites.

The Real Holocaust - It wasn't a famine-it was a genocide (Gemma O'Doherty) 1-01-2023

The Real Holocaust - It wasn't a famine-it was a genocide (Gemma O'Doherty) 1-01-2023

The non Globalist British people during Ireland famine had power to stop what happened in Ireland.


 Screenshot 1the mass graves of ireland

Before the famine about 13 million people lived in Ireland.

Screenshot 12spare no soul

'Today a child, tomorrow a fighter' | Jewish rabbi calls for sparing no one in Gaza

 Jewish rabbi Eliyahu Mali appealed for Israel to ‘not spare any soul’, including children, in the ‘holy war’ in Gaza.

What a sick evil psychopath. By the psycho Rabbi's "logic" then "Today a child, tomorrow a sick evil Rabbi that calls for mass murdering children." would also apply. - See how that sick evil logic works.


This is a Palestinian Holocaust... the USA and UK mainly Jewish Globalist are supplying the bullets... ease Russia and China help our world, an average Australian citizen

Comment: Jews have too much power in the United States and Britain.

That moment when you realize the problem really was "the jews" all along..

Screenshot 834 70 k

The Day Israel Attacked America | Special Series

US President orders Israel's attack on the USS Liberty


TDuring the Six-Day War, on June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty incident took place in which Israel attacked the US naval ship USS Liberty, which was in international waters north of the Sinai at El Arish. On the fourth day of the Six-Day War, the ship endured attacks by the Israeli Air Force and Navy, nearly sinking the ship and leaving a large portion of the crew killed (34) or wounded (171). During the Israeli Air Force attacks, the crew of the USS Liberty managed to place a very large American flag on the deck; however, the attacks were not stopped, writes .


Israel's false flag attack against the US intelligence vessel USS Liberty is a blot in both the history of Israel and the United States. An upcoming book claims that then-President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, fully agreed to the attack and ordered his own navy not to help the USS Liberty and sink it to the bottom of the sea.

A book by Joan Mellen, called Blood in the Water, will be published this fall, about Israel's attempt to sink the USS Liberty in 1967. The then President of the United States was Lyndon Johnson. He had replaced John F. Kennedy who had been tragically killed. Johnson was much more willing than Kennedy to accommodate Israel's political demands. This was decisive for Israel's attacks on the spy ship USS Liberty. The book claims that President Johnson ordered his fleet to allow Israeli forces to attack and sink the ship, with no one to survive. The aim was to change the government in Egypt to an Israel-friendly regime through war.

Joan Mellen is a professor of English and creative writing at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her book examines the malicious attack carried out by Israel and the United States as a false flag attack. It was intended that Egypt would be blamed for the attack on the USS Liberty, which would then be viewed by America as an unprovoked attack on its forces, after which it would retaliate against Egypt and install an Israel-friendly regime. Dozens of Americans were killed in the Israeli attack and nearly 200 wounded.

Asylum seeker beheads 1-year-old girl in Germany: the beheading of the Hamburg judiciary

The United States used USS Liberty to eavesdrop on the communist countries behind the iron curtain in what has been called the Cold War. The ship operated all over the world's waters. On June 5, 1967, when Israel attacked Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Syria in the so-called Six-Day War, the USS Liberty was ordered to rush to the eastern Mediterranean.

Colonel William McGonagle, commanding officer of the USS Liberty, and his crew of 99 men headed for the Sinai Peninsula. Lieutenant Colonel David Edwin, who was on the lower deck, was under strict orders from the US government to monitor the activities of both Israel and its opponents in order to transmit data to Washington.

But Israel did not want this, Lewis said in an interview later at his home. Instead, on June 8, 1967, the Israeli Air Force attacked the American Liberty, intending to sink it to the bottom, crew and all.

USS Lliberty torpedo hole.

Israel has repeatedly claimed the incident was "a tragic mistake" caused by fog, and the Liberty was "mistaken" for an Egyptian ship. Israel soon apologized for their attack that killed 34 Americans of the crew, including a civilian, and injured 173 others.

But the day of the attack was “a beautiful day,” says Lewis. Israeli warplanes had already flown over the Liberty nine times before attacking, once they were close enough for the sailors to see the pilots and wave at them, Lewis says. It was very clear that Israel knew who the Liberty belonged to.

Asylum seeker participated in gang rape receives € 15,000 compensation

During the attack, McGonagle managed to evade four torpedoes before the fifth torpedo hit the Liberty amidships, causing a hole in the ship's side. The explosion destroyed Lewis's eardrums and the heat scorched his eyelids.

“I was one of those who was very, very lucky. Anyone standing near me died instantly,” says Lewis.

Lewis says he felt personally responsible for what happened to the ship. The day before the attack, McGonagle had asked if taking Liberty further offshore would affect intelligence gathering. It would be, Lewis had replied.

An electrician, James Terry Halbardier, saved the badly stricken USS Liberty from further destruction. For this he would later be awarded the Silver Star, but without regular media attention and not in the White House, but in a smaller context. Neither the press in the United States nor the authorities wanted to make a media show of it.

USS Lliberty 30mm gun holes.

Lewis ran a coaxial cable across the deck to Liberty's antenna that was rendered inoperative by Israel's attack, allowing an SOS message to be sent to the Sixth Navy. Apparently the distress signal was also heard by Israel who immediately stopped their attacks against the Liberty. But the rescue operation was delayed. According to Lewis, there was a reason for this.

While recuperating aboard the USS America, Lewis had a conversation with Sixth Fleet divisional commander Colonel Lawrence R. Geis, who forced him to "be silent for life." Geis told Lewis that twice the fleet had sent fighter jets to protect the Liberty, but Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered the planes back both times. When Geis allegedly opposed McNamaras' orders on the second restraining order, President Lyndon Johnson himself got on the phone and gave the order directly to Geis.

The new IKEA catalog: Goodbye Sweden - from the loss of a piece of spiritual homeland

“I don't give a damn if the ship sinks and all Americans die. I do not intend to shame my allies,” President Johnson said, according to Lewis.

USS Liberty after the incident.

In 2003, a committee undertook a review of the incident, resulting in what is known as the Moorer Report. According to the report, on June 8, 1967, the Israelis watched over the Liberty for eight hours before attacking the ship for about 25 minutes, “during which time the Israeli planes dropped napalm bombs on the bridge of the Liberty, firing 30mm cannons and rockets into it. hit the ship, leaving 821 holes, more than 100 of them by missiles. Survivors estimate that there were 30 or more attacks by at least 12 Israeli warplanes, which disrupted radio communications on each of the five US emergency radio channels.

Lewis is now 87 years old and the oldest survivor of the Israeli attack on the Liberty. He says he is still trying to understand why Israel did this. His conclusion, shared by others, including the author of the forthcoming book on the incident, is that the United States and President Johnson had decided to destabilize Egyptian President Gamal Abel Nasser by blaming Egypt for this false flag attack. because it was in Israel's interest.

Lewis says he hopes Mellen's forthcoming book will raise awareness of what really happened to USS Liberty and why.

"It's frustrating that the American people don't know about all of this, and that it was a US set-up," he says.

Copyright © 2022 translation by Frontnieuws. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and direct link is given.


Screenshot 8jew shot lenn

The HORRIFIC Execution Of The Woman That Shot Lenin

She said she tried to kill Lenin(Jewish) because was a traitor to the revolution... in other words, Lenin wasn't Jewish  communist enough for her.
This account focuses on the sensational elements of Fanny Kaplan's execution and its impact on Lenin's health, but it neglects to offer a nuanced discussion of the political and ideological motivations behind her actions. Lenin played a crucial role in establishing the first socialist state, which led to significant advancements in women's rights. For example, the Soviet Union was the first country to legalise abortion in 1920, a milestone that took Western countries decades to achieve. The Family Code of 1918 also granted women equal status in marriage and divorce, a groundbreaking move at the time. The video's emphasis on the 'horrific' nature of Kaplan's execution misses the point. It fails to delve into the ideological struggle that was ongoing and the high stakes involved. Kaplan's assassination attempt on Lenin could have jeopardised these revolutionary gains, yet the video doesn't interrogate this aspect. Furthermore, the video doesn't critically examine Kaplan's own political beliefs and motivations. Was she opposed to Lenin's policies, or did she have a different vision for the revolution? These are questions that could offer a more comprehensive understanding of her actions. Without this context, the video risks reducing a complex historical event to mere sensationalism. The video also perpetuates the narrative of horrific conditions in the Soviet labour camps. However, according to declassified CIA documents available in their FOIA archive under "The Soviet Labour System: An Update," these camps were not death camps. There was no systematic extermination of inmates, contradicting the popular Western narrative. This should be considered when discussing the conditions of Kaplan's execution. In summary, while the video may serve as an introduction to the event, it lacks the depth and nuance required to understand the complexities of Fanny Kaplan's actions. It functions more as a piece of historical trivia rather than a substantive analysis, missing an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful understanding of a pivotal moment in history.


christian armenians

The Unspeakable Things That Happened In The Armenian Genocide

The 20th century had no shortage of terrible events that cast a shadow over people today. The deaths of over a million Armenians is one such tragedy. Few tragedies have faced such bitter political discussion after the fact as the Armenian Incident. , others deny it ever happened, insist it was an accident, or that it was a justified response to a political threat.

In this video, we look at the unspeakable things that happened in the Armenian Incident and how its complicated legacy is still hotly debated today. If you appreciate these videos, leave a like to show your support and subscribe to A Day In History for more content like this.

Setting the Stage

Nestled in the Caucasus Mountains on the border between Europe and Asia, Armenia’s long history has seen it caught between countless empires. By the late 19th century, Western Armenia was firmly under the control of the Ottoman Empire while a smaller Eastern portion was controlled by the Russians. The Armenians of the Ottoman Empire faced many obstacles. As a Christian minority in a Muslim-majority Empire, they were subject to legal discrimination and higher taxes. Over time, racial ideologies that privileged ethnic Turks opened new opportunities for anti-Armenian discrimination.

Another significant obstacle was their role as a middleman minority. A middleman minority is an ethnic group that is overrepresented in occupations like bankers, merchants, and bureaucrats relative to their small overall population. Other middleman minorities around the world included the Chinese in Southeast Asia, the Gujaratis in India, and most famously the Jews in Europe and the United States. Although only a small percentage of Armenians worked in these lucrative jobs, all Armenians were subject to discrimination that described them as parasites, thieves, and leeches who were stealing the wealth of the rest of the population.

This caused outbreaks of violence and persecution throughout the late 19th century. The Ottoman government regularly seized Armenian land to redistribute to Muslim and Kurdish settlers and the Kurdish Hamidian regiments were given free reign to raid Armenian villages as part of their resettlement. Despite attempts to muster international support, the Armenians were left to defend themselves and formed a number of impromptu militia groups to defend their towns, but the Ottoman authorities interpreted this as a sign of rebellion and cracked down hard in the 1890s.

#armenian #history #worldwar1 #ottoman #armenianhistory

Scriptwriter: Nathan Hewitt



1 month agThousands of Armenians found their new home in Bulgaria during this terrible period. They were welcomed and accepted, and are now a valued part of our society.One of Bulgaria's most famous poets - Peyo Yavorov, wrote a special poem about the Armenian refugees. A very strong one. Here's a small part:
"Wretched exiles, rare survivors Of a brave and martyr race Children of a captive mother Heroes with no resting place.
Far from home in squalid hovels Sick and pale from lack of sleep. See them drink to drown their sorrows Hear them sing and, singing, weep!

 Screenshot 8genicide serbs

  The Ustaša Genocide Against Serbs - Short History Documentary

During the Second World War, a puppet state was installed by the Axis powers. The Ustasha were Croatian fascists who attempted to rid the region of Serbs, Jews and Roma. Whilst similar genocides were been committed by the Axis powers at the time, the level of barbarity and violence would be such as to raise concerns by their Nazi allies. Much of the horrors were carried out by way of tools and knives.


As a South African, I am shocked to only learn of this today. Truly sickening buried history that should be thought in every school.
357K subscribers
 During the Second World War, a puppet state was installed by the Axis powers. The Ustasha were Croatian fascists who attempted to rid the region of Serbs, Jews and Roma. Whilst similar genocides were been committed by the Axis powers at the time, the level of barbarity and violence would be such as to raise concerns by their Nazi allies. Much of the horrors were carried out by way of tools and knives.
As an American I am very happy to learn more about this side of the world's history. History is very poorly taught, very limited in American education I think and so learning about the rest of the world is very beneficial to understanding other cultures. Even though this topic is very disturbing, it gives me new perspectives.

Screenshot 76000 lived

Stalin, The Red Terror | Full Documentary What happened to the German soldiers captured at Stalingrad?


Screenshot 7us killed 20million

The US Govt killed over 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WW2


 The Globalist run US Govt killed over 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WW2. That doesn’t include millions killed by Globalist run US sanctions and bioweapon Covid-19.


Screenshot 4organs harvesting

Ghoul Harvest: Russia Accuses Jews of Running Organ Harvesting From Ukraine War Dead

A Russian former senior official argued the war in Ukraine became a very profitable battlefield for "black-market transplantologists," in a report picked up by several Russian media outlets.

The former advisor to the interior minister of Russia also added that large amounts of medical equipment, including containers for transporting human organs, were sent to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's invasion. The facts of the illegal harvesting of human organs under the auspices of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were documented back in 2014 during the civil conflict in the Donbass.

Rick Wiles, TRUNEWS,1/5/23.

2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder

Screenshot 4 is int tu


Screenshot 4remove orges

Confessions From An Alleged Organ Harvester In Ukraine: $170 For a Fresh AFU Corpse


Black market transplantologists sold AFU fighters for organs

A confession of a participant in the criminal scheme. AFU guys, do you still want to die for Zelensky?

 Screenshot 4wife o gj


I have essen evil evil evil videos of LIVE Ukrainian children being "operated" on for their organs...

 Screenshot 4us experiments

American Government Experiments on its own Citizenry


 Screenshot 4no gas c

The NKVD which was a predecessor of the KGB was nearly entirely run by jewish Russians all the way until the end of the 1940's. The woman being interviewed was correct that it was Russian propaganda that distorted the story of the shower rooms being instead the lie of gas chambers. But more to the point it was Jewish Russian propaganda through the NKVD. The jews works together at an international level to manipulate and control the media. The fact that this huge lie has not been universally exposed demonstrates the power they wield.


Screenshot 1end t


Screenshot 327.29


Screenshot 327oooooo

Screenshot 3217 months
Screenshot 32hol jew
Jewish Holocaust Survivor Warns: The Covid Jab Is Another Mass Genocide.
At least she was honest, it wasnt a deathcamp, the allies bombed the hell out of Germany and everyone was short on food. Look at Wehrmacht at beginning vs end of war, strong and hardy vs skinny and worn.


Jewish testimonies about Covid jab results.


Screenshot 7covid kill j

Jewish testimonies about Covid jab results.

 The testimonies project - the movie

The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media.

We hope this project will encourage more and more people to tell their story.

Screenshot 7j f

Screenshot 7pict og j

Israeli mother exposes the lives shattered, derailed and taken by COVID-19 vaccines

  Israeli mother exposes the lives shattered, derailed and taken by COVID-19 vaccines

Screenshot 32pfizers p

VIDEO: Netanyahu Admits Israelis Were Guinea Pigs For Pfizer's COVID Vaccine35,272 views·Dec 30, 2022

Free Palestine
My Palestinian ancestors have been living in Palestine long before any religion. In 1917 the UK announced the Belfour Declaration to Rothchild, stating they will destroy Palestine my home and replace my people. From 1947-1949 over 520 Palestinian villages were destroyed. At the time, most Palestinian were farmers who couldn't read and write. My family are still in camps around Bethlehem and we want a Constitution and voting to decide our fate and have 2nd and 1st Amendment.
This creature is a liar and a murderer. Total disinformation and false stats to deflect away from the disproportionate jewish involvment in the trojan horse injection ("vax") and plandemic. Big Pharma is jewish. The central banks are jewish. The fake media is jewish. The central banks are behind this plandemic and genocidal trojan horse injection, and they're using their one arm (Big Pharma) to institute the depopulation shot, and using the other arm (media) to keep the masses ignorant and deceived. The central banks own and control Big Pharma and the media.
Jesus Christ told the jews, "You are of your father the devil. He is a liar and murderer from the beginning."


Screenshot 28j bi v

Screenshot 26ssholes


Screenshot 17still killed silly w

Trotsky and Stalin were Socialist/Communist Jews.

This Book Will Give You Nightmares - Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar (2004)


Screenshot 1720 million killed

Thinking about it Trotsky living in Mexico during WW2 must have made Stalin fear the west would somehow assassinate him and replaced him with Trotsky. Or Stalin probably feared even if he died naturally of a heart attack or something Trotsky would return and take over. I never understood the obsession of Stalin of killing Trotsky but now that I think about it... it makes a ton of sense.

Screenshot 15chicago

HolodomorDenial: the Genocide of 7 Million Ukrainians, Many of them Christians, That Jews Deny…


Screenshot 15no nurnberg f

Epidemic of Birth Defects in Iraq

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq With Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

Al Jazeera reporter Dahr Jamail discusses how the U.S. invasion of Iraq has left behind a legacy of cancer and birth defects suspected of being caused by the U.S. military's extensive use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus.


Screenshot 10deformed b

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq With Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

 Democracynow is financed by George Soros (Jewish) and is Jewish Communist run.

Feminist Activists Document Epidemic of Birth Defects Near U.S. Munitions Dumps in Iraq

democracynow Published on Mar 20, 2013 Watch the full interview with Yanar Muhammed on Democracy Now! at Yanar Muhammad describes how the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq has been documenting the toxic legacy of the U.S. military's presence in Iraq.

Oh the poor babies! This is so very sad. It tares at my heart to see them suffer with such birth defects. Keep speaking out against depleted uranium.
It will be MILLIONS of Years before it will be SAFE to DRINK WATER and PLANT SEED in IRAQ, AFGANISTAN etc

Screenshot 10jews and camps

Jews Communist ruled Russia and sent millions of whites, including some Jews to Gulags camps and many died. Today Zionist Globalist are building Gulag camps called Covid camps in Australia, Britain, The United States, Canada, and in European countries.

Foreigners in the Gulag. Stalin's foreign slaves (1996).

 For half a century the Soviet Union's labour camps made virtual slaves of millions of Russians. But the Russians were not the only ones who suffered. Tens of thousands of foreigners were also caught up in this nightmare world. Using what was newly-released film from the archives and testimonies of former prisoners, this film traces the history of these slave-labour camps. Directors Peter Hercombe. Thibaut d' Oiron. Last three or four minutes missing.


Screenshot 8tethic

Lazar Kaganovich Stalin's Mass Murderer The Communist Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans (Slavs, Germans, Balts...)


Screenshot 8lazar

Lazar Kaganovich Stalin's Mass Murderer



Screenshot 6200 250

They Killed Thousands Of People. FIVE OF the BLOODIEST" Killers "of the NKVD During the GREAT TERROR

 Screenshot 6killing women

 Screenshot 6berians

 Screenshot 61 guy jewish

 Screenshot 6personily shot

 Screenshot 6christians killed

 Screenshot 6every day for sex


Screenshot 6burned alive in f

 Screenshot 6women german r w




Screenshot 1171 dead

 Photos of  Communists Who Took Over Hungary In 2019

Default Photos of Communists Who Took Over Hungary In 1919
 Shocking photo of the poor individual tortured

From the book AN OUTLAW'S DIARY by Cecile Tormay -

 Screenshot 12 killed etc

Lefty Jones

"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." - Barbara Lerner Spectre


Screenshot 2po offices k
The Katyn Massacre Joseph Stalin tried to blame on the Nazis.

On April 13, 1943, Germany announced the discovery of a series of mass graves containing the bodies
of thousands of Polish officers who had been arrested and then executed by the Soviet Army.
Seventy-five years later, the Katyn massacre is still a...

Screenshot 221 21

May have exceeded 27,000 killed.

Screenshot 27000

Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin (January 7, 1895 – February 3, 1955) Jewish Bolshevik Major-General who served as the chief executioner of the NKVD under the administrations of Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrentiy Beria. A former kosher butcher Blokhin wore his old leather apron from his trade to keep from getting splattered as he fired the pistol into the brains of his victims. Over a period of 25 years Blokhin probably personally killed at least 50,000 people, including about 7,000 Polish prisoners of war during the Katyn massacre in spring 1940, making him the most prolific hands-on mass murderer in recorded history. Yet because he was a Jew hence immune from critical examination he retired on a pension and died in 1955 of natural causes. To this day his name is virtually unknown outside Russia.

Screenshot 2stalin 0

Josef Stalin (Jewish ).

Joseph Stalin Communist Terror.

Joseph Stalin (real name: Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) ranks as one of the worst tyrants of all time and was responsible for the deaths of 20 million of his own countrymen.  Since the collapse of the communist Soviet Union, his atrocities have been revealed.  He was portrayed as Uncle Joe by propaganda films and interviews.  He even killed people who were close to him.  Anybody who he felt was a threat to him he had killed.

There is a debate on whether Joseph Stalin was Jewish. He married 3 Jewesses in his life. It is worth remembering that Joseph Stalin also persecuted Europeans of the Jewish faith.

 Stalin appointed Jews to over 90% of all positions of authority, introduced legislation that made “anti Semitism” punishable by death.

Screenshot 2holocausr armie

The REAL Holocaust: The 1915 Armenian Genocide and its Russophobic Origin

The REAL Holocaust: The 1915 Armenian Genocide and its Russophobic Origins

"As a result of the Jewish lobby's recommendations, the Young Turks government removed Armenians from Anatolia in 1915. Hence, the economy of the country was left in the hands of Jewish capital." - Ekrem Buğra Ekinci of The Daily Sabah Turkish newspaper, October 13th 2017.



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Screenshot 22 jews and gentile zionist

Operation Keelhaul a Disgraceful Chapter in American History by Tom E Woods


Take advantage of this special offer from download this audiobook for free now by visiting this link!!
Operation Keelhaul was carried out in Northern Italy by British and American forces to repatriate Soviet Armed Forces POWs of the Nazis to the Soviet Union between August 14, 1946 and May 9, 1947. The term has been later applied - specifically after the publication of Julius Epstein's eponymous book - to other Allied acts of often forced repatriation of former residents of the USSR after the ending of World War II that sealed the fate of millions of post-war refugees fleeing eastern Europe.
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, by Thomas Woods, was published in December 2004. This book was the first in the Politically Incorrect Guide series published by Regnery Publishing, who view the series as covering topics without consideration for political correctness. The book was a top seller on, reaching No. 2, and was present on The New York Times best-seller list for many weeks.
The book challenges modern notions of American history; the author argues, among other viewpoints, that America's founding fathers were conservatives, the War on Poverty made poverty worse and that hundreds of American liberals had ties to the Soviet Union during the McCarthy Era. It also contests the cost-effectiveness of government projects, especially the Transcontinental Railroad.

“The document, a 10-page British Army report, is believed to be part of voluminous Anglo-American files on the forcible repatriation to the Soviet Union of an estimated 2 to 5 million unwilling anti-Communists between 1944 and 1948. The files, codenamed Operation Keelhaul, are still kept under tight security in London and Washington as virtually the last major secret of World War II.
“The secret British report summarizes one repatriation operation in Italy in which Russian POWs and DIs were turned over to the Red Army and almost certain execution after being duped by the British into believing they would be given asylum in the West. It tells of the agony and the horror experienced by the prisoners.”

The leading criminal in this mass execution of two to five million anticommunists was ~ who else ~ our grinning Ike, head of the European sector for the Allied armies, or, as you may know him, our former President, [Jew] Eisenhower. The crime of Operation Keelhaul was not on the agenda at Nuremberg.



A German woman tells her family got severely attacked by a Russian soldier.


Screenshot 2shot her

Germany 45 Victim from West Pommerania - Rape by Russians

 A German woman tells the horror she had to go through after her family got severely attacked by a Russian soldier who was passing through her village in Pommerania. Even her baby wasnt save for the Russian. She was the only one to survive...


Leon Trotsky Quote about killing White Russians

Leyba Davidovich Bronstein (the kike who worked to conceal his jewish origins; using a public pseudo-Russian name Leon Trotsky) is quoted in The Nature of Zionism by Vladimir Stepin:
"We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white Negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of.
The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.
We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars quake and pale by comparison.
The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us.
If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall become a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence!”



Screenshot 2war j kil w

Communist atrocities and war crimes.


Screenshot 2 communist killed priest

Stop the genocide of European peoples Communist atrocities and war crimes..

Screenshot 2174

 Screenshot 2nkvd

 Screenshot 2rape a kil w


Screenshot 1400 kil j

Stalin and the Katyn Massacre


 Screenshot 1beria hk

 Screenshot 1178999

 Screenshot 1bol ism

Screenshot 1600 hard core

 Screenshot 1old world kil w

 Dead Whites.

 Screenshot 1beria j

Lavrenti Beria (Jewish) on the right.

Searching for the Truth - Lavrenti Beria: The Architect of Fear (2010)

 An example of how Soviet Jews brainwashed, indoctrinated, psychologically manipulated and social-engineered Russian Jews and Goyim (whites) into massacring their own people.



"The end goal of Cultural Marxism is none other than the extermination of the white race. Through mass non-white immigration, trans-racial adoption and miscegenation we hope to accomplish the complete annihilation of white people"

-- The Jewish Frankfurt School - Critical Theory Conference (2013)

"The Revolution won't happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism."

-- Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.

The Frankfurt School - Critical Theory - Cultural Marxism = Social Justice - Feminism - Neo-Progressivism - Post-Colonialism - all born out of Critical Theory and come under the umbrella of Cultural Marxism.

The Frankfurt School - Critical Theory - Cultural Marxism.

Felix Weil - Jew,
Erich Fromm - Jew,
Herbert Marcuse - Jew,
Max Horkheimer - Jew,
Walter Benjamin - Jew,
Theodor Adorno - half-Jew, Catholic mother,
Georg Lukacs - Jew,
Claude Levi-Strauss - Jew,
Jurgen Habermas - German?

*Be it gender, sexual orientation, family, race, culture or religion every aspect of a person's identity is to be questioned. Every norm or standard in society challenged and ideally altered to benefit supposedly oppressed groups.*

*Thorium explains this socio-political philospohy that was designed to bring down Western Civilisation and the white race that created it...*

Classical Marxism vs Cultural Marxism

"Classical Marxism saw conflict as occurring between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, between the 'haves' and the 'have nots.' Cultural Marxism used such a conflict as existing between the oppressed and the oppressors, between those with privilege and those without it. The 'Working Class' has been replaced by 'Minorities'.

"Majority Groups are defined as 'privileged' and 'oppressive', with minority groups accordingly labelled as 'under-privileged' and 'oppressed'. Heterosexuals are deemed 'oppressive', cisgender people are 'oppressive', whites are 'oppressive' especially white men, Christians are 'oppressive'. Those who do not fit into those groups are considered 'oppressed'. It stands to reason therefore that if heterosexuals are oppressors the solution is to encourage other forms of sexuality.

"If whites are oppressors the solution is racial diversity. If cisgender people are oppressors the solution is to encourage transgenderism. If Christians are oppressors the solution is to propagate Islam.

"The half-Jew Theodor Adorno and an original founder of The Frankfurt School wrote in his book: "The Authoritarian Personality" in which he defines parenthood, pride in one's family, Christianity, adherence to traditional gender roles and attitudes towards sex and the love of one's own country as a pathological phenomena.

"This tendency to pathologise opinions and life patterns which are not in accordance with his own political ends is characteristic of Cultural Marxism (the Jew and his hypocrisy). Differing views are thus described as irrational fears and phobias. E.g. A person who feels uncomfortable living as a minority in an area dominated by Muslim migrants will be decried as an Islamaphobe since living amongst those culturally and ethnically similar to one's self is considered sick and phobic.

"When Pakistani Muslims, living in Britain by contrast, show in-group preference converting entire sections of a town or a city into a mini-Pakistan there is no sickness, no phobia, only multiculturalism.

A popular and propagandist manifestation of Cultural Marxism is Political Correctness in which media channels and social scientists make it a mandatory exercise to do the following: 1) Question common language. Illegal immigrants for example are to be referred to as 'undocumented migrants' while ethnic discrimination is referred to as 'affirmative action'. Their ambition to define and redefine words can be seen as a means of controlling the discourse and altering cultural norms.

"Racism and Sexism have been redefined as a product of prejudice plus power which leads to such ridiculous statements as: "There is no such thing as sexism against men. That's because sexism is prejudice plus power. Men are the predominant gender with power in society" And "I an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men." 2) Maintain an unwavering favourable view of the 'oppressed'. "Black Lives Matter" is a peaceful legitimate protest movement; Feminism is only about equality and so forth.

"No deviation from the aforementioned narrative will be entertained - EVER!! Nor will criticism.

End Goal:

"While Communism, as Marx envisioned it, offered the resolution of class conflict in a Utopian social system all that Cultural Marxism offers is a desolate form of eternal warfare between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities. The only meaningful consequence that this wide application could possibly ever have is the marginalisation of traditional European cultures."



The Armenian Genocide



Screenshot 21915

 The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians, mostly citizens within the Ottoman Empire. Wikipedia

Period: April 24, 1915 – 1917
Target: Armenian population
Total number of deaths: 1,500,000 (approximately)
 Screenshot 2jew an o
"The Turkish government has rejected the term “genocide” to describe the mass killing of Armenians 100 years ago, a stance that has sparked criticism and protest. For two perspectives on the history and meaning today, Jeffrey Brown talks to Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Hrach Gregorian of American University."
 Screenshot 2s g k
REPORTERS : In 1915, during World War I, the Ottoman Empire ordered the extermination of the Armenian people. One and a half million were killed in the first genocide of the 20th century. But up to 200,000 women and children survived, converting to Islam and being integrated into the Kurdish and Turkish communities. Today, their descendants are discovering their Armenian roots that had lain hidden for generations."
  After killing thousands of Armenians, turks took their kids and put in orphanages and forced to forget their origin, that is another layer of GENOCIDE.
Turks kills thousands of armenian, that, you can call GENOCIDE, THIS IS THE ONLY NAME FOR THAT ACTION., now is doing the same with de KURDS, killing them just becouse ERDOGAN SAID SO, kURDS ARE noble people who deserve the best. WHERE IS USA ?, WHERE IS EUROPA? to help the great
There are hidden Greeks in Turkey too. Greeks were also victims of genocide
The turks have been brainwashed for over the last 150 years and now Azerbaijan ( another Turkish Project born in 1918 ) are falsifying the history and brainwashing the young generation. Turks don't know their true history.
 Screenshot 2ssser
"Nearly a century after the mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, an increasing number of Turks of Armenian heritage are acknowledging their roots. Out of fear of discrimination, many survivors had converted to Islam and adopted Turkish names."
Scholar Richard G. Hovannisian gives an overview of the Armenian Genocide.

  Introducing the Armenian Genocide


  Armenian Genocide Museum



Memorial Event Dedicated to Holocaust Victims
29.01.2019 On 27th of January, representatives of the Jewish community in Armenia headed by Rima Varjapetyan were gathered near the monument of Genocide and Holocaust victims in Yerevan to pay tribute to the memory of the victims of Holocaust. The ceremony was attended by Gersh Burshtein, chief rabbi of the Jewish community, Harutyun Marutyan, Director of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Foundation, Professor Hayk Kotanjyan, Lieutenant General, head of the Armenian-Jewish Forum, Vardan Asatryan, Head of the Department of National Minorities and Religious Affairs at the RA Government, Ruben Arutchyan, sculptor and author of the Genocide Memorial and Holocaust Memorial, as well as representatives of other national minorities in Armenia. The welcome speech was delivered by Rima Varjapetyan, who expressed hope that such tragedies would never be repeated.



 Democide Governments Killed Over 260 Million People




Screenshot 2s j k r

 Alex Jones Democide

But what are the REAL threats our society faces?

"Alex turns the tables on the constant propaganda about a projected enemy. He documents proven academic research in Democide, or Death by Government, demonstrating that the real killers throughout history have always been in government. From Mao in Communist China, Stalin in the U.S.S.R., Hitler in Nazi Germany, Pol Pot under the Khmer Rouge and so many others, governments have killed more than 260 million people in just the last one hundred years.

Through this important documentary, you will understand how history’s mega-killers are now poised to kill not millions but billions in a new age of dominance under world government. The elite psychopathic rulers, along with their technocratic Renfield minions, are pursuing a transhumanist vision where they seek to become gods while the masses of humanity are sacrificed in the name of saving the earth, all while risking our very planet in their destructive experimentation."

Democide:  Government Killed Over 260 Million in the 20th Century, Poised to Kill Billions More in the 21st


No Question about courage of German Soldiers no question Soviet patriotism both Soldiers did best what they had to do . Question is why stupid politicians always wave to more and more stupid wars. All countries all ethnic groups must curse and get rid of rascist politicians then no need to rely on Stupid politics lead UN.



South African Genocide

 Screenshot 1kill all whites




 Screenshot 2b b

Marxism. Communism. Socialism: The South-African Genocide (Part 1 one)


 Screenshot 2vela

Screenshot 5baby killedScreenshot 5kill whites




Screenshot 5white gen south aScreenshot 5 communist posterScreenshot 5blach attact white

WARNING GRAPHIC: Shocking TORTURE of WHITE African Farmers



Screenshot 2kill w

"Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields": Katie Hopkins' documentary about South Africa (FULL LENGTH


Pictures:  All killed in South African.

This  dead white girl was impaled with a sharpened broom stick in South Africa  

 Man’s brains removed and place on his arm.

History will tell you that many whites in South Africa are 10th-14th generation South African and only about 10% of Blacks can say that - most of them are 1st to 6th generation South African.

South African Genocide Museum

Information video:!


Alex Jones talks with Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne about South Africa’s white genocide.


Screenshot 2killanimals

Watch: South Africa Announces Plan To Steal All Private Property, Black And White

Sydney Ralley Protesting White Genocide in South Africa

From the time that European whites (Boers) in South Africa gave the black African majority self-rule, they have been persecuted with many being killed simply because they were European.  Affirmative action was introduced by the black government to give jobs to blacks over Europeans and many people say there seems to be a program by the South African government and Black African Marxists to persecute South African whites.  As reported in the 2015 article below, more than 70,000 white South Africans have been murdered since Mandela's ANC (African National Congress) took over.  That does not include the numbers of whites who have been robbed, raped and tortured.  For more news on current genocide of South Afrikaners, go to this website:  White Genocide in South Africa

70,000+ Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy

South Africa: Where Corruption, Rape, and Murder Are Normal




Screenshot 2 cut white

“We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness” Says SA Leader


Lauren Southern in South Africa, shows the truth about farmland Killings

Screenshot 2blond h

Lauren Southern

 Lauren Southern is Jewish.

Screenshot 2farmland

FARMLANDS (2018) | Official Documentary

South Africa The Truth #farmlands


  White Farm Murders In South Africa (With Lauren Southern)

I'm a white male from South Africa and have to thank you for your awareness. I have 13 years experience in Logistics and lost my Job as an Operations Logistics Manager it has been 2 years since I have worked, it is so difficult for a white male to find work as all positions advertised is BEE/ AA meaning Black Economic Empowerment. Thanks again for all of you making this an awareness.


Screenshot 2s f l

South Africa The Truth #farmlands

Screenshot 1handle hole


Screenshot 2wswc

South Africa's Racist Brutality A Seed Of Globalist Division


 Scorched Earth War and Concentration camps for European Afrikane women, children and black people 


Screenshot 2slim c

 Classical European colonialism was not a simple white vs black story. Whites were divided and numerous "white" countries were colonies of others (including Ireland, Poland and Ukraine). Black soldiers and rulers were a major part of the imperial armies. Poverty and disenfranchisment was the lot of the majority of Western workers. And, as this video shows, Britain's largest and most brutal (the casualty rate for the conquered population was far higher than in the Algerian and Vietnamese wars) imperial war in Africa was against (white) Afrikaners. This 2000 documentary, "Scorched Earth," tells the story of the destructive policy that was used by the British military during the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 . It docuses on Britain’s merciless “Scorched Earth” policy and the concentration camps for Afrikaner women, children and black people, as well as the way it shaped the collective South African psyche and politics of the twentieth century.

"Scorched Earth" (Anglo-Boer War) documentary (2000, South Africa)




The Serbian Genocide



Genocide based on religious persecution between the Roman Catholic Croats and the Orthodox Christian Serbs in former Yugoslavia is the result of a long period of conflict that lead to The War of Indepence by the Croatia's which went on for four years from 1991 -1995.

The Serbs Orthodox Christian beliefs were crucial in keeping alive their national identity, during almost four centuries of Muslim Ottoman Turkish occupation.   The Croats spent centuries under the control of the Austro-Hungarian empire and their Catholic beliefs keeping their identity alive.  Both these European Caucasian groups have similar dialect speaking Slavic languages.   Croats use a Latin script, while Serbian is written in Cyrillic.  

The conflict between these two groups is long and complex but is a good example of how differences can lead to conflict between Europeans. 


Screenshot 1brains

Albanians Weren’t the First to Steal Serb Organs


Screenshot 12 p

Babies Cut from Serbian Mothers’ Wombs

Vukovar, the Short Version


 Screenshot 2kkkk

Srebrenica - A Horrifying Confession
The Anatomy of Evil is about confronting this heartlessness.  Director Ove Nyholm decided to try and find an explanation for the horrendous behavior of perpetrators in Nazi Germany and in the Bosnian War who were responsible for mass killings of defenseless victims.  The result is a series of chilling confessions from soldiers with a dark past.




The following video shows white leftwing Jews who hate white Christians and rightwing Jews


The War on Whites Is Real


Jared Taylor Interview, Red 42 Radio




Abortion Holocaust



 Screenshot 2b k b


Screenshot 1dead b b

Ben Shapiro destroys abortion arguments: ‘No one has a right’ to kill another human being

Screenshot 2g c par

 The Holocaust that happened

"Today is the Memorial Day of the Victims of Communism in Hungary, and this day marks the Bolshevik takeover of Prague in 1948 as well."

"Never forget, never forgive."

Screenshot 2redice ire

The Irish Holocaust

Chris Fogarty is the author of Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it 'Perfect' and he is behind Chris speaks about the Irish Holocaust and the cover-up that is accomplished by the British Globalist and bribery that perpetrated the genocide. He explains the dark time during 1845-1850 when Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia. Chris describes how the British completely took over 95% of Ireland’s territory, extracting all goods and wiping out at least half of the indigenous population. We’ll discuss the lie of Ireland’s “potato famine,” the official story used to explain the deaths of over 5.2 million people, which is propagated to this day – even by the Irish government, academia, and the Catholic Church.

Some people call Chris Fogarty bullshit artist because Irish landowners also caused the Irish Holocaust. The Irish landowners were selling their food to Britain, and the soldiers were deployed to protect said commerce. Which still means that British soldiers were guarding food shipments on the way out of a famine zone... but which also means that the Irish landholding class were complicit in, and profiting from, the starvation. The Irish landowners viewed this as a handy means of clearing peasants off the land. Trying to make the Irish perfect and those wicked British the only guilty ones is stupid propaganda, and obscures the real cause, which was commercial greed.

  The Irish Holocaust



The Jewish Holocaust During World War II

The mainstream media is always talking about the 2nd World War, Hitler and the gassing of the six million Jews.  The Zionist run media does not  focused on the sixteen to twenty million white European killed by the Jewish run Russian government. How is it possible to define a historic event based on the lives of the Jewish population, and not also acknowledge the millions of white European lives that were also affected?  The Holocaust was more than a Jewish event.  Records kept by the leftwing Nazis in Germans prove they targeted of Communists, Gypsies, mentally and physically, handicapped and Germans who were against Hitler. The following link shows newspaper articles about 6 million Jews suffered or persecuted many times before the 2nd World War.  There is a Jewish belief that 6 million Jews must perish before the founding of Israel.  Why Hitler killed six million Jews

The six million figure used in the Jewish death toll is an estimate for total lives lost.  These Jewish lives were taken by a number of groups, not just by the Nazis.  It also includes Jewish lives lost in other nations and by various modes of killing.  Ukrainian deaths were due to Russian and Nazi perpetrators alike, with some killed on German soil, others killed on Russian soil and some killed outright while others were worked slowly to death.

"If Russian Jews, killed on Russian soil by both Nazis and Russians, are considered Holocaust deaths, then the Ukrainians killed alongside them should also be categorized as Holocaust deaths.  When groups of people are killed side by side -- in the same manner, by the same perpetrators, for the same reasons, (their ethnic identity), -- one cannot separate some from the group and call it a Holocaust and say the others were merely victims of war, or worse, completely ignore their numbers and leave them no record in history.  The criteria used to determine the six million Jewish deaths should be the same criteria used for the non-Jews.  By using the same criteria for determining Holocaust deaths among all victims, the question of whether non-Jewish deaths were simply victims of war becomes irrelevant."  (Overlooked Millions:  Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust)

1914 NY Times Article About the Plight of six million JewsThe figures given in World War II vary from various sources.  In many of the official records, Jews are not even mentioned as they only break it down by country, not religion or cultural groups.  The six million number is often used by Jews, and in fact, that exact number has been given when crying out for help since 1890, it can be traced back to prophesy in their ancient holy text, the Torah.  The Torah has been interpreted by some to say; the Jews are unable to reconquer and reclaim Palestine until six million Jews have been sacrificed.

Another website on the History and Origins of the six million number give the following quote:

Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must 'vanish' before the state of Israel can be formed.  "You shall return minus 6 million."  That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the "6 million" is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion.  Those six million, according to prophecy had to disappear in "burning ovens" which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates.  As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: . . . "Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State."  A simple consequence:  Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the "burning ovens" (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings) therefore, the prophecies have now been "fulfilled" and Israel can become a "legitimate state."

Instead of embracing and telling the tale of their fellow European victims against the Hitler dictatorship, the anti-Semitic Zionist false Jews influenced the media in a way to breed hatred against Germans and infect all Europeans, including true Jews.  This is used as an excuse for the genocide of the Europeans and other racial groups, and it is worth remembering that the Allied Forces fought to bring Hitler down because he was a dictator who controlled the media and German public opinion.  The average German citizen was not informed and was unable to speak their mind.  Those that did try to rebel ended up being killed or sent to a concentration camp.


 SIX MILLION JEWS reference in 10 newspapers between 1915… —


Screenshot 21921



Screenshot 2291931


 Screenshot 2 jews 6 million

Image result for six million jews-predictive programming 1915-1938 hd

 European Holocaust During World War II

Millions of non Jews died in the holocaust, but the world only hears about the inflated number of Jews who perished at the hands of Hitler.


'At least five million of the six million were total goyim killed,' ultra-Orthodox rabbi declares
 The Times of Israel

NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust

Yosef Mizrachi claims high assimilation rates inflated estimates; ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,’ historian says

A controversial ultra-Orthodox rabbi based in New York has said that fewer that one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, claiming most of those counted among the usually cited figure of six million were not Jewish according to rabbinical law.

In a video posted online, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi can be seen saying that high assimilation rates in pre-war Europe and broad Nazi definitions have exaggerated the numbers of Jews recorded as killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. At least five million of the six million were “total goyim,” Mizrachi told the crowd, adopting a Hebrew word for non-Jews that many consider pejorative.


 Screenshot 1rabbi les j k

  NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust

A controversial ultra-Orthodox rabbi based in New York has said that fewer that one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, claiming most of those counted among the usually cited figure of six million were not Jewish according to rabbinical law.

In a video posted online, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi can be seen saying that high assimilation rates in pre-war Europe and broad Nazi definitions have exaggerated the numbers of Jews recorded as killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. At least five million of the six million were “total goyim,” Mizrachi told the crowd, adopting a Hebrew word for non-Jews that many consider pejorative.

“The truth, I am telling you, is that not even one million Jews were murdered,” Mizrachi said, trashing accepted historical accounts. “A lot of non-Jews were meshed into the count, but in truth, how many Jews really were killed?”

Originally from Israel, Mizrachi moved to the United States in his twenties and received rabbinic ordination there. In the past decade he has been teaching at the Ohr Yeshiva in Monsey, New York, and producing kiruv or Jewish outreach, videos.

According to his website,, Mizrachi “has spoken in over 5,000 lectures worldwide as well participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows and other Hebrew and English events in which he enriched the knowledge and awareness of Judaism among thousands of Jews who once were lacking Jewish awareness whatsoever.”

In the video, one of thousands on his YouTube page — which has amassed over a million views — Mizrachi says it is “very simple” to explain his estimates for the actual number of Jewish victims in the Holocaust.

“If you look at the percent of assimilation that there was in Europe, which already reached 80 percent, it’s reasonable to assume that 80 percent of the 6 million were not-Jews,” Mizrachi said.

“If your grandfather from your father’s side was Jewish, and the rest were non-Jews, [you went] to the gas chambers. They also put in the wives of Jews that were entirely non Jewish. If she hid him, or they were hidden by non-Jews, if they caught them, they killed them also,” he said in an apparent reference to the Nazis’ definition of Jewishness, which sufficed with a single Jewish grandparent.

While historians differ on the exact number of Jews killed at the hands of the Nazis, the most commonly cited figure for the total number has been six million with near-universal agreement among Holocaust scholars. According to British historian Martin Gilbert, the total number of victims is just under six million—around 78% of the 7.3 million Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe at the time. END

Screenshot 1jewish solder



Jews in the German army during second world war

WW2 150 000 Jewish Soldiers Served Hitler and the Nazi

There were about 150 000 Jews in the German army and some of them were high-ranking generals who fought bravely for Germany.  The question we need to ask ourselves is, would a Jew in the German army fight for Germany if his parents had been sent to a concentration camp ?.  The answer is no.  So many Jews in Germany during the 2nd world war were not persecuted.  There are Jews today who say that the gassing of six million Jews is a fraud and they would like to put their point of view on your television channels and newspapers. 

Consider a Jew especially if one parent is full Jew in faith. But apparently in the upper echelons of Judaism (disgusting word) only those with a Jewish mother are really Jews?

  Screenshot 2285

German Jewish Generals and Marshals.


Is it true that most Germans considered Paulus a traitor even ... › Is-it-true-that-most-Germans-c...
1 maj 2021 — General Paulus was made Field Marshal by the maniac that started WWII as he ... down on the same plane and suffered for being Jewish among the hated Nazis.
5 svar  ·  6 474 röster: I remember a great story where a German Field Marshal was riding in his Me


 The Real Genocide against German people

Screenshot 2cover u


Screenshot 2city b

Screenshot 2kmer



Screenshot 2cdad


 Screenshot 2dead p

 Screenshot 2ppd

Screenshot 2crossd

 Screenshot 2d girl



The Hellstorm documentary reveals how the German people were persecuted and killed near the end and after the second world war.  This video has been banned in a number of countries, however, we feel that people have a right to see it as genuine acts of the holocaust were practiced against German people.  Many were innocent civilians who were simply persecuted for being German.  We must remember that Adolf Hitler was a dictator.  There was an attempt by  Germans to kill him which failed, so we must also remember that the majority of Germans did not want a war with anybody and if they resisted Hitler they were sent to concentration camps or shot.  Persecuting Germans is no more than racism and bigotry, with most of the German people being good people who had no say in the matter.  Just like most of us in Western countries today also have no say.  We are not responsible for acts carried out by our so called governments either.

The video shows a slight slant towards national socialism, but we do not promote this.  We do not like Adolf Hitler as far as we are concerned he was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and most of these were Germans and Russians.  The video shows a lot of stuff which has been hidden by the Western media who only promote the gassing of the six million Jews.

This documentary by Kyle Hunt is based on the ground-breaking book by Thomas Goodrich.

hellstorm jacket coverHellstorm:  The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947

Synopsis:  It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history.  Millions were killed, billions in property was destroyed, ancient cultures were reduced to rubble.  World War II was truly man's greatest catastrophe.  Thousands of books, movies, and documentary films have been devoted to the war.  There has never been such a terrible retelling of the story, however as one will find in Hellstorm, a chilling "you-are-there" style.  The author places the reader at the scene, in the moment.

Throughout this book, readers will see what Allied airman saw as they rained down death on German cities below.  The people were experiencing trembling as they sat in their bomb shelters awaiting death from above.  The reader will view up close, the horrors of the Eastern Front during the last months of fighting. Through the mud, blood, and madness of combat, they may come to understand how the same German soldiers who only moments before had destroyed an enemy tank, could now risk their own lives to rescue the trapped Soviet crew inside.

Readers will witness for themselves the fate of German women as the rampaging Red Army raped and murdered its way across Europe.  All females from "eight to eighty" feared the dreaded words, "Frau Komm." 

The Real Genocide against Germany

Rape German Women


Rape during the occupation of Germany 




 'They raped every German female from eight to 80'

 'They raped every German female from eight to 80'



Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)

Hellstorm The Rape of Germany Preview

The Rape Of German Women - Documentary Extract

Dresden - Bombing 13.-15.02.1945 WW II US Army Royal Air Force (Part 1)


Hellstorm Preview: The Rape of Germany


 A German historian estimates in a new book that French, British and American soldiers raped 860,000 Germans at and after the end of the Second World War, including 190,000 sexual assaults by American soldiers.

Allies raped almost 1m Germans: academic


German Woman Raped By Allied Soldiers in WWII - Allied War Crime

Raped by Red Army soldiers, they talk for the first time Friday 10 April 2009 The women were in their 20s when they were raped by Red Army soldiers invading Germany at the end of World War II. Sixty years later, close to two million women are talking about their ordeal for the very first time. Reportages


Screenshot 2w c

2 Million German women were raped by Russian invaders.WWII

Responsible sources say that 1.5 - 2.0 million German CIVILIANS (e.g., women, children, non-soldiers) died during the "expelling" from the East ... so why are there no movies? No "Schindler's List" for these innocent victims? Why have so few even heard about it? Why do videos like this have 1,300 views where Holocaust vids have millions of views? History is written by the winners and so few care to learn the truth...








Screenshot 2kil g




The Rape Of Berlin


Screenshot 2raped b us

vhttps://www.yo German Woman Raped By Allied Soldiers in WWII - Allied War Crime

"It is heartbreaking to think what this young woman went through. If you pause it and look at her hands her knuckles are all bruised and swollen most likely from fighting off her attackers. She is such a pretty thing too. She would have carried that through the rest of her life."

"I cant believe how people think just Germany was the villain. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of german women were raped while whole german cities annihilated in carpet bombs. Think of the german children sleeping in there beds and then gone. History is told by the victors."

Hellstorm - The Dresden Holocaust

German WW II Cemetery


 Screenshot 2poi died

The 10 Worst Allied War Crimes Committed During World War II

Holocaust Wars

5 Worst European Wars

Rescue at Dawn: The Los Banos Raid Documentary

How German boys were used to remove land mines at the end of the second World War

Под песком (2015) 720p

 The globalist use socialism (communism) to promote genocide all races all over the world


Screenshot 2homeless

Attempted Genocide of Caucasian Farmers, Boers & Afrikaner Whites in South Africa (a POSEIDON Video)

What is White Genocide and who is behind it? #AltRight

 New York Times' New Editorial Board Member Celebrated "Dumbass F**king White People" Going Extinct

The Race-Mixing Controversy

"We the People" should unite and work towards replacing the United Nations and its organizations with a world system which recognizes that all people living on the planet earth have an ancestral homeland where they should have a right to return to live if they wish.  We must remember, the bulk of the world's population are indigenous to certain areas, such as Chinese are indigenous to China, Europeans are indigenous to Europe and Africans are indigenous to certain parts of Africa. 

The United Nations passed a resolution that each year the 27-29th of January is recognized as International Holocaust Remembrance Week.  At present, events to celebrate this purely focus on the Jewish Holocaust and the Nazi regime The Nazi Holocaust 1938-1945 with misinformation or attention on and including any other historical terrors inflicted equalling to six million people.  

We want to help make this date a remembrance of all Holocaust victims who get very little media attention.  We plan to campaign during this time to educate the public about some of the lesser known Holocausts and who was behind these traumatic events.

control the past

Useful Videos & Links

United Nations Replacement Migration (Invasion) Agenda

Understanding UN Population Migration Agenda

European (White & true Jew) Genocide

World Without Genocide

Jeff Sessions says U.S. Constitution requires White Genocide be ...

What is White Genocide and who is behind it? #AltRight


Jew Communist wrote the following

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” AUTHOR – Israel Cohen(Zionist — CommunistInternationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >Published in 1912 . On June 17, 1957, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy

White Guilt Exposed

 White Privilege



The genocide and Holocausts have been caused by just a small handful of elite groups in the world and Europe.  It is worth remembering that Holocausts occur all over the world and to create a balance here, we have a list of Holocausts which have occurred in other parts of the world which are completely unrelated to Europeans.  You will not see these mass genocides on your Globalist controlled media sources, but these atrocities have occurred throughout history caused by Africans, Asians, and  Muslims.

 This Mongol destroyer set in motion the conquest of a quarter of the world's population with a body count in the millions. Genghis Khan (/ˈɡɛŋɡɪs ˈkɑːn/ or /.

Genghis Khan One of History's Great Destroyers FULL DOCUMENTARY

"The Mongols were basically more like a criminal gang than anything else. They murdered, raped, stole, destroyed for profit and the sheer joy of it. They weren't motivated by politics, ideology or religion just money and brutality for brutality's sake. they destroyed civilizations and depopulated large areas of Eurasia. some estimate they wiped out 10% of the World's population making the conquistadors, Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs. Genghis was no different than any mob boss or leader of a drug cartel. the attempts to make him into a grand leader are silly. Mongols are still hated in many places in Eurasia with good reason. in China in the 60's tens of thousands of Mongols living in China were killed by angry mobs."

The Road to War - Japan




Screenshot 2kill 100

10 Worst Japanese War Crimes

Is Japan Trying To Hide Its War Crimes?

Unit 731 Documentary:  Japanese Invasion of China 1937-45

Japanese World War II Crimes

The Hidden Truth of World War 2 (Luzon) - Full Documentary

The Rape of Nanking Documentary

Rape of Nanking

Is Japan Trying To Hide Its War Crimes?


Japanese POW

 In 1972 my great uncle sat down and wrote an 80 pg. handwritten personal history of his time in World War II as a prisoner of war of the Japanese. From May of 1942 until August 15th of 1945, 1200 days as a POW, he survived one day at a time.

Over 1200 Days as a Japanese POW of Robert Enson Russell pt.2 of 2

The Japanese public during WW2 were told by their govt. they had won at Midway, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, every battle, they were told they won.  They created their own hell. The Japs, Upon retreating in Manila, killed 100,000 filipinos, men women and children as they were beaten out of the country.

I'm sick and tired of the constant reminding of the Jewish Holocaust, when the truth is that our own people were treated equally as badly by the Japanese. We don't have a special day that is remembered worldwide, or museums testifying to the illtreatment of our troops.

“Prisoners Of The Japanese” by Gavan Daws. American civilian contractors captured on Wake Island by the Japanese military. This book details prison life under the savagely brutal Japanese and Korean guards during WWII. Many American do not realize the extent the Koreans played in the brutal and savage treatment POW’s in the Pacific endured at their hands. The Germans were monks compared to these twisted primates.

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Genrikh Yagoda
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Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (7 November 1891 – 15 March 1938), born Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda was a secret police official who served as director of the NKVD, the Soviet Union's security and intelligence agency, from 1934 to 1936. Appointed by Joseph Stalin, Yagoda supervised the arrest, show trial, and execution of the Old Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, climactic events of the Great Purge. Yagoda supervised the construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal with Naftaly Frenkel, using penal labor from the GULAG system, during which 12,000–25,000 laborers died. He commanded the forced collectivization and is one of the main responsible people for the great hunger in Ukraine, responsible for the deaths of up to 10 million people and the deportation of 5 million Russian and Ukrainian peasants.

Like many Soviet NKVD officers who conducted political repression, Yagoda himself became ultimately a victim of the Purge. He was demoted from the directorship of the NKVD in favor of Nikolai Yezhov in 1936 and arrested in 1937. Charged with the crimes of wrecking, espionage, Trotskyism and conspiracy, Yagoda was a defendant at the Trial of the Twenty-One, the last of the major Soviet show trials of the 1930s. Following his confession at the trial, Yagoda was found guilty and shot.

Yagoda was born in Rybinsk into a Jewish family. The son of a jeweller, trained as a statistician, who worked as a chemist's assistant,[1] he claimed that he was an active revolutionary from the age of 14, when he worked as a compositor on an underground printing press in Nizhni-Novgorod, and that at the age of 15 he was a member of a fighting squad in the Sormovo district of Nizhni-Novgorod, during the violent suppression of the 1905 revolution.

Screenshot 1the jerusalem post 
Israel Media.

Israel Media Reveals The Secret Behind Communism
"This historical video shows a mainstream Israeli news site YNET NEWS and a courageous Jewish writer who discusses who led the worst genocide and mass murder of all time.  It shows the ethnic hatreds behind much of the communist genocide and the same mindset that accompanies the genocide against the Palestinians and the genocide against Israel's biggest enemy at the time, Iraq, which was instigated by America under the control of Zionist extremists such as Madeline Albright.  In the video, Zionist extremist Albright blatantly endorses the murder of 500,000 children in Iraq.  On of the most eye-opening, powerful videos you will ever see."

 Screenshot 1david duke

The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time—Excerpt from Dr. Duke’s New Book

In 2006, a remarkable article—and admission—appeared in the Israeli news source Ynet News. Titled “Stalin’s Jews” and written by Jewish columnist Sever Plocker, this piece confirmed that terrible crimes which Jewish Communists had committed under Stalin.


“We must not forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,” Plocker started out by saying. He went on to make a number of startling confessions:

“Here’s a particularly forlorn historical date: Almost 90 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka.

“Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest state security organization. Its organizational structure was changed every few years, as were its names: From Cheka to GPU, later to NKVD, and later to KGB.

“We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags.

“Whole population strata were eliminated: Independent farmers, ethnic minorities, members of the bourgeoisie, senior officers, intellectuals, artists, labor movement activists, “opposition members” who were defined completely randomly, and countless members of the Communist party itself.

“In his new, highly praised book The War of the World, Historian Niall Ferguson writes that no revolution in the history of mankind devoured its children with the same unrestrained appetite as did the Soviet revolution. In his book on the Stalinist purges, Tel Aviv University’s Dr. Igal Halfin writes that Stalinist violence was unique in that it was directed internally.

“Lenin, Stalin, and their successors could not have carried out their deeds without wide-scale cooperation of disciplined ‘terror officials,’ cruel interrogators, snitches, executioners, guards, judges, perverts, and many bleeding hearts who were members of the progressive Western Left and were deceived by the Soviet regime of horror and even provided it with a kosher certificate.

“And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name Genrikh Yagoda, the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD.

“Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people.

“His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the “bloodthirsty dwarf.”


The Jew Genrikh Yagoda, director of the NKVD, the Soviet Union’s Stalin-era security and intelligence agency.

“Yezhov was not Jewish but was blessed with an active Jewish wife. In his book Stalin: Court of the Red Star, Jewish historian Sebag Montefiore writes that during the darkest period of terror, when the Communist killing machine worked in full force, Stalin was surrounded by beautiful, young Jewish women.

“Stalin’s close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the “first Stalinist” and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind, did not move Kaganovich.

“Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We’ll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD’s special department and the organization’s chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.


 Yagoda (center) inspecting the construction of the Moscow-Volga canal, built by slave labor from the Gulags.

“In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. Even if we deny it, we cannot escape the Jewishness of ‘our hangmen,’ who served the Red Terror with loyalty and dedication from its establishment. After all, others will always remind us of their origin.”

The Gulags: Jewish-Run Concentration Camps

As mentioned above, the infamous Soviet Gulags were under the direct control of the Jew Yagoda. He was not the only such Jew involved in the running of these camps, in which millions were interned and nearly 1.4 million died.

The most famous revelation about the Jewish nature of the Gulags was that of famous dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Speaking from personal experience as a Gulag prisoner, Solzhenitsyn gave a candid account of Jews in charge of the Soviet prison camps in his book, Two Hundred Years Together.

According to his observations, Jews made up a clear preponderance in the Gulag administration and in the early Bolshevist government, saying that of the 22 ministers in the first Soviet government three were Russian, one Georgian, one Armenian and 17 were Jews. In addition, he points out, from personal experience once again, that “two thirds of the Kiev Cheka” (secret police) were Jews.

In 1937, another book appeared in Germany called Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union, which revealed that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Gulags.



Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Terror


I think you underestimate that fact that Communism was created by Judaism.

“Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

“The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

“Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

“Judaism is Marxism, communism”
Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

“The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143





Solzhenitsyn on the Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Terror

Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of the revolution. Nobel laureate under fire for new book on the role of Jews in Soviet era repression.

From the Guardian (UK) by Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

Commentary by Dr. David Duke on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Here are some excerpts from an article in the Guardian (UK), January 25, 2003. Since the last few articles I have posted have dealt with the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and the accompanying terror and genocide in the Soviet Union, I wanted to share with you some of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s comments. Few men have the high moral standing of this world-wide admired Nobel Prize winner. He wrote the most famous and authoritative books on the Soviet Gulag System, Gulag Archipelago I, II, & III.

A couple of years ago he wrote a book called Together for Two Hundred Years about the Jewish experience in Russia. It included mention of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik terror. Although he was quite soft-spoken in his book, in many ways he does lay wide-open the still suppressed story of the prominent Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and especially the Jewish role in the genocide of Christians, intelligentsia, and other potential enemies of the Soviet. Solzhenitsyn says very emphatically that even with all their complaints of social suppression by the Soviet apparatus in the 50s and 60s, they hide their prominent role in the horrors and genocides of the earlier decades. The Guardian article reports:

….he said that Russia must come to terms with the Stalinist and revolutionary genocides – and that its Jewish population should be as offended at their own role in the purges as they are at the [later] Soviet power that also persecuted them.

The Guardian continues:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who first exposed the horrors of the Stalinist gulag, is now attempting to tackle one of the most sensitive topics of his writing career – the role of the Jews in the Bolshevik revolution and Soviet purges. In his latest book Solzhenitsyn, 84, deals with one of the last taboos of the communist revolution: that Jews were as much perpetrators of the repression as its victims… Two Hundred Years Together – a reference to the 1772 partial annexation of Poland and Russia which greatly increased the Russian Jewish population – contains three chapters discussing the Jewish role in the revolutionary genocide and secret police purges of Soviet Russia.

He also correctly states that the murderous actions of the Kiev Cheka [secret police] cannot be explained only by the fact that two thirds of them were Jews:

Yet he added: “But it is impossible to find the answer to the eternal question: who is to be blamed, who led us to our death? To explain the actions of the Kiev Cheka only by the fact that two thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect.”

But, of course, there is only so much that one man, even a man of his stature, can say and still get published, and Solzhenitsyn has to be aware of that. But in fact, if you are being even somewhat critical you cannot say that two thirds of the Cheka murderers were Jews. In fact, even with his mitigating statements, his book cannot be found in English! A quick check of Amazon Books will show that Two Hundred Years, the latest book by a world-renowned Nobel Prize winner of impeccable reputation, is unavailable. Could it be this book simply says what we are forbidden to know?

One only has to ask, “What if the Germans had moved into Russia and dominated the ‘Russian Revolution’ and comprised two-thirds of the Soviet genocidists in a Russian country?” I have no doubt where blame would go. There are thousands of books that blame all Germans for the crimes of the Nazis. One of the biggest sellers all over the world, called Hitler’s Willing Executioners, claims that something in the German essence is evil and genocidal. Many other books go even further. They blame the Pope and, ultimately, all Gentiles for the Holocaust because they did not initiate the carnage of the Second World War sooner.

There seems to be no blame however placed on the Jewish communities in Russia and all over the world for their support of Bolshevism in Russia and for the preeminent Jewish role in the Bolshevik movement. Why is there no criticism for their domination of a genocidal apparatus which by all accounts killed more human beings than those alleged to have been killed by the Nazis?

There are no world-wide manhunts for the perpetrators of the Russian genocide, no trials for them, no memorial museums on the Washington Mall, hardly a mention in the press. In fact there isn’t even a name for the largest genocide in human history, a genocide far larger than the trademarked, capital “H” Holocaust — the word used to sum up Jewish suffering. And yet Christian suffering at the hands of Jewish antagonists apparently deserves no special designation.

The Guardian article describes the reaction of Jewish leaders such as the head of the Russian Jewish Congress:

But Jewish leaders and some historians have reacted furiously to the book, and questioned Solzhenitsyn’s motives in writing it, accusing him of factual inaccuracies and of fanning the flames of anti-Semitism in Russia.

Ironically, Solzenitsyn is accused of being factually inaccurate. Yet there was no such criticism of Jewish scholar Yuri Slezkine who writes a paean to Jewish power in the Jewish Century and boasts of their predominant role in the Bolshevik Revolution and even admits to their role in the genocidal secret police. He even calls them “Stalin’s willing executioners.” Imagine for a moment if a book about the Jews in Bolshevism was published with that title saying that from the genocidal days of the Torah and Talmud, Jews have been genocidal by nature. I don’t think such a book would be promoted by the media and be on the best seller list in America or Europe like Hitler’s Willing Executioners.

Solzhenitzyn, who spent many terrible years in the Gulag, also reveals the tribal loyalties that existed among the Jews in the Soviet, for undeniably some Jews went into the gulag system. The Guardian mentions how the Jews in Russia were furious at Solzhenitsyn for even mentioning it in passing.

In one remark which infuriated Russian Jews, he wrote: “If I would care to generalise, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust national generalisation. But in the camps where I was kept, it was different. The Jews whose experience I saw – their life was softer than that of others.”

The tribal imperative. It operated in Bolshevik Russia and it still operates among the Neocons who orchestrate the Iraq War for Israel. It is the same tribal loyalty that brings together CIA intelligence, presidential speech writers and advisors, media and government officials, lobbying and fundraising groups, and political candidates who will insure the Jewish supremacist imperative.

It makes sure that the heads of the Federal Reserve and the World Bank will be run by brethren sure to put the interest of the tribe first and foremost. It even worked in the gulag where Solzhenitsyn says the Jewish monsters made sure that their few imprisoned brethren received the best of a bad situation.

As Pete Findley said, “There is a gorilla in the room but no one can mention him.” Perhaps a few can allude to a hairy hand on the coffee table or, sometimes, even the smell of this hairy corrupt beast can be mentioned among us, but they dare not confront the gorilla directly.

Even the small mentions such as Solzhenitsyn made keeps his book out of the lucrative and important English-speaking market.

–Dr. David Duke

Communist Holocaust which in excess of 30 million Christians and non-Jews around the world, was Jewish tribalist in origin.

 / Jewish Communist Holocaust Deniers Emerge


Jewish Communist Holocaust Deniers Emerge

It was inevitable: following the emergence of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and the resultant Communist Holocaust which in excess of 30 million Christians and non-Jews around the world, was Jewish tribalist in origin, Jewish “revisionists” have emerged who now try to deny responsibility for that genocide.


It was the remarks by Russian president Vladimir Putin to the effect that 85% of the first Government of the Soviet Union were Jewish, which finally forced the Jewish Holocaust Deniers to break cover.

In an article in the The Jewish Press written by that journal’s Senior Internet Editor, Yori Yanover,  headlined “Putin Perpetuates Antisemitic Lie of First Soviet ‘Mostly Jewish,” it is claimed that  there was almost no Jewish influence in the first Soviet government—contrary to all established facts!

The Jewish Press article refers to an organization known as the “Council of People’s Commissars” or Sovnarkom, also known as SNK, formed shortly after the October Revolution in 1917.

This organization contained two Jews among its 15 members, therefore, The Jewish Press concludes, Bolshevism was not Jewish.

This is, of course, little more than a weak sidestep which ignores the overwhelming preponderance of Jewish extremists in the Bolshevik Revolution, and is true Holocaust Denial of the most easily refutable kind.

The Jewish Supremacist involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution is well-documented, especially buy Jewish sources which actually boast about their involvement in it.

For example, the Encyclopedia Judaica, published in Jerusalem, Israel,  is quite open about the Jewish role in Communism.


Under the entry for “Communism”: in Volume 5, page 792, the following appears:

“The Communist Movement and ideology played an important part In Jewish life, particularly in the  1920s, 1930s and during and after World War II.”


On page 793, the same Encyclopedia Judaica then goes on to say that “Communist trends became widespread in virtually all Jewish communities. In some countries, Jews became the leading element in the legal and illegal Communist Parties.”


The Encyclopedia Judaica on page 793 then goes on to reveal that the Communist International actually instructed Jews to change their names so as “not confirm right-wing propaganda that presented Communism as an alien, Jewish conspiracy.”


The Encyclopedia Judaica then goes on to describe the overwhelming role Jews played in creating the Soviet Union. On page 792 it says : “Individual Jews played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet Regime.”


On page 794 of the Encyclopedia Judaica, this Jewish reference book then goes to list the Jews prominent in the upper command of the Russian Communist party: these included Maxim Litvinov, (Later foreign minister of Soviet Russia); Grigori Zinoviev, Lwev Kamenev, Jacob Sverdlov, Lazar Kaganovich, and Karl Radek, amongst many others.


The organizer of the Revolution was Trotsky, who prepared a special  committee to plan and prepare the coup which brought the Communists to power. according to the  Encyclopedia Judaica, this  committee, called the Military Revolutionary Committee,, had five members—three of whom were Jews.


The Politburo – the supreme governing body of Russia immediately after the Communist Revolution – had four Jews among its seven members, according to page 797 of the Jewish Encyclopedia Judaica.

The emergence of Jewish Communist Holocaust Deniers is an inevitable consequence of the growing awareness of people around the globe of the subversive tribal nature of Jewish Supremacism.

Fortunately, Jewish Holocaust Denial is easily refuted by the facts, as they have for too long been so proud and have boasted of their role in the greatest mass murder the world has ever seen.

Help Dr. Duke get this great truth out to the world by making a donation to the publication of The Secret behind Communism (of which the evidence contained in this article is but a small portion).

The European Russian Holocaust


 Screenshot 2gj1945

Haya-Lea Detinko "Surviving Stalin's Gulag" (Russian Audio | English Subtitles)

  Gulag: Many Days Many Lives (parts 1-5 of 10)

Hitler and Stalin make the same camps, when at 9/1/1939 Hitler attacked Poland, at 9/17/1939 Stalin attacked East of Poland :


Screenshot 2author

History, Camps, Conditions, Economy, Effect, Facts, Quotes (2003)

no Russian bought that book - and they had to bus people to his funeral. Every Russian on that ship knew she was Jewish - a huge difference since Jewish intellectuals indirectly helped Stalin into power. Note the experiment didn't work to well. Nobody in Russia or Europe talks about this huge distinction and mistrust. Trotsky was an upper class Polish Jewish good fellow that was stabbed to death by Stalin's orders - too bad for the Jewish people.

Stories about the Gulag, for the most part lie of Solzhenitsyn and others like him!!! From 3 million 777 thousand 380 condemned (according to the report from NKVD - to Khrushchev, the main fighter with Stalin's personality cult), 642 thousand 980 prisoners were shot. The rest sent to labour camps and exile. Ie, if Khrushchev would "inflate" the lie of Solzhenitsyn and others like him Gozman and Nikolai Svanidze, he-b have to attribute two, three or even four zeros. But no, nemozhno - and statistics; population census, in 1913 in Russian Empire lived about 163 million 700 thousand people. In 1941, in the USSR lived about 195 million 390 thousand people. What is it? Population growth? - GAIN!!! And where 50-60 million people destroyed by the Gulag? Yes, there were illegal arrests, was invented by "enemies of the people" and so on, BUT the BULK of THOSE CHARGES IS SOLZHENITSYN's LIES!!! But, many of you is "mild"(see opposite), the group "mammals" United in the community due to the behavioral surface of the instincts and their finely-personal and animal mechanisms. Think about it, because you can see a comparison of eras and rulers-Stalin and Putin (although in this comparison - Putin, it is a very weak "person" for comparison with Stalin, but..). And he and the other, raising (l)et country after the devastation. And against Stalin, and against Putin were organized; false and unsubstantiated accusations, and information false propaganda in your West (with "shenyachey" loyalty picked up " hamsters Navalny and his Co., in our time) In General-think (if there is than)

Of course did Anne Appelbaum not point out that Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda,- who served as director of the NKVD and also supervised the construction of the Gulag system was a Jew, just like the majority of the Comunist-Soviet leadership back then...

jews ran them. looks like an attempt to whitewash their guilt.

The Christian Russian is embarrassed as Americans will be when the Zionist parricide if finished with us. Americans will not want to ta;lk about , WHY , because they were sheep and the signs were blinking constantly, the shame is over whelming...

 The European Caucasian Ukrainian Holocaust


 Screenshot 2they ate p

Holodomor Ukraines Genocide 1932-1933

 The European Caucasian Ukrainian Holocaust

Screenshot 2both jews

Mike Cernovich (Jewish) and Stefan Molyneux (Jewish).

Holodomor:  Originates from the Ukrainian words "holod" and "mor", which mean hunger and plague respectively.  The term was originated directly from the expression "moryty holodom", which means to inflict death by hunger.

Ukrainian Genocide commemoration day is on November 26.  To this day, the Russian Government actively denies this stating it as a "one-sided falsification of history."  It is worth remembering that the Russian people at that time were ruled by a small handful of communist Jews.  Putin revealed recently that 80% of the government at that time were Jews.  Stalin, the most prominent of the communist Jews of the time, was one of the people behind the decision to carry out genocide in Ukraine through mass starvation.

The  following video on the history of the left-wing violence, forced labor camps in  former communist controlled  Russia and mass murder not talked about by Socialist controlled western  media.

 Left Wing Death Camps I Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux ...

Useful Videos & Links

HOLODOMOR: The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933

Bolshevik Jews Plotted The Ukrainian Holocaust

Screenshot 1death

Joseph Stalin Communist Terror

Joseph Stalin (real name: Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) ranks as one of the worst tyrants of all time and was responsible for the deaths of 20 million of his own countrymen.  Since the collapse of the communist Soviet Union, his atrocities have been revealed.  He was portrayed as Uncle Joe by propaganda films and interviews.  He even killed people who were close to him.  Anybody who he felt was a threat to him he had killed.

There is a debate on whether Joseph Stalin was Jewish. He married 3 Jewesses in his life and there is much evidence to suggest that he was not a real Jew as he did not follow the Torah.  It is worth remembering that Joseph Stalin also persecuted Europeans of the Jewish faith.

 Stalin appointed Jews to over 90% of all positions of authority, introduced legislation that made “anti Semitism” punishable by death.

The communist Jews made anti-Semitism punishable by death in the Soviet Union

Stalin's Enslavement of Rural Russia (full documentary)

Communist Lies Killed 100 Million People

 "From "Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood" (5 part mini-series) 1992 Executive producer: Alexander Ivankin International producer: Maya Toidze."


Screenshot 2c da

Stalin's Enslavement of Rural Russia (full documentary)

  Soviet Gulag Monster - Josef Stalin Slave Drivers - World Documentary Films

Stories about the Gulag, for the most part lie of Solzhenitsyn and others like him!!! From 3 million 777 thousand 380 condemned (according to the report from NKVD - to Khrushchev, the main fighter with Stalin's personality cult), 642 thousand 980 prisoners were shot. The rest sent to labour camps and exile. Ie, if Khrushchev would "inflate" the lie of Solzhenitsyn and others like him Gozman and Nikolai Svanidze, he-b have to attribute two, three or even four zeros. But no, nemozhno - and statistics; population census, in 1913 in Russian Empire lived about 163 million 700 thousand people. In 1941, in the USSR lived about 195 million 390 thousand people. What is it? Population growth? - GAIN!!! And where 50-60 million people destroyed by the Gulag? Yes, there were illegal arrests, was invented by "enemies of the people" and so on, BUT the BULK of THOSE CHARGES IS SOLZHENITSYN's LIES!!! But, many of you is "mild"(see opposite), the group "mammals" United in the community due to the behavioral surface of the instincts and their finely-personal and animal mechanisms. Think about it, because you can see a comparison of eras and rulers-Stalin and Putin (although in this comparison - Putin, it is a very weak "person" for comparison with Stalin, but..). And he and the other, raising (l)et country after the devastation. And against Stalin, and against Putin were organized; false and unsubstantiated accusations, and information false propaganda in your West (with "shenyachey" loyalty picked up " hamsters Navalny and his Co., in our time) In General-think (if there is than)

Well-informed observers, both inside and outside of Russia, took note at the time of the crucial Jewish role in Bolshevism (60 + million murdered). .......Winston Churchill, for one, warned in an article published in the February 8, 1920, issue of the London Illustrated Sunday Herald that "Bolshevism is a worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality." David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: "The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.>>>>>>>.1918 before Hitler came to office."power" The Netherlands' ambassador in Russia, Oudendyke, made much the same point a few months later: "Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things. The Zionists now control America 2018 , go back to 1917 "The Bolshevik Revolution," USSR (60+ million murdered) declared a leading American Jewish community paper in 1920, it "was largely the product of Jewish thinking , Jewish discontent, Jewish effort to reconstruct "their" world (so they are quite proud of this) and are now at it again or have never stopped . btw, Hitler tried to stop this by attacking the then Zionists controlled USSR. As an expression of its radically anti-nationalist character, the fledgling Soviet "union" government pigs issued a decree a few months after taking power that made anti-Semitism a crime in Russia.(we need Change it) The new Communist regime thus became the first in the world to severely punish all expressions of anti-Jewish sentiment. Soviet officials apparently regarded such measures as indispensable ( as for today,Israel ) . Based on careful observation during a lengthy stay in Russia, American-Jewish scholar Frank Golder reported in 1925 that "because so many of the Soviet leaders are Jews anti-Semitism is gaining [in Russia], particularly in the army [and] among the old and new intelligentsia who are being crowded for positions ( if you don't tow the line it's Suicide?) by the sons of Israel. Under Lenin, Jews became involved in all aspects of the Revolution, including its dirtiest work. Despite the Communists' vows to eradicate anti-Semitism, it spread rapidly after the Revolution -- partly because of the prominence of so many Jews in the Soviet administration, as well as in the traumatic, inhuman Sovietization drives that followed. Historian Salo Baron has noted that an immensely disproportionate number of Jews joined the new Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka And many of those who fell afoul of the Cheka would be shot by Jewish investigators. The collective leadership that emerged in Lenin's dying days was headed by the Jew Zinoviev, a loquacious, mean-spirited, curly-haired Adonis whose vanity knew no bounds. Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka," wrote Jewish historian Leonard Schapiro, "stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with, and possibly shot by, a Jewish " investigator." In Ukraine, "Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents," reports W. Bruce Lincoln, an American professor of Russian history. (Beginning as the Cheka, or Vecheka) the Soviet secret police was later known as the GPU, OGPU, NKVD, MVD and KGB.) In light of all this, it should not be surprising that Yakov M. Yurovksy, the leader of the Bolshevik squad that carried out the murder of the Tsar and his family, was Jewish, as was Sverdlov, the Soviet chief who co-signed Lenin's execution order.


  12 August 1952 and the Doctor's Plot in the Soviet Union


"From November 1948 onward, the Soviet 
authorities start a deliberate campaign to 
liquidate what is left of Jewish culture. The 
Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee is dissolved, 
its members arrested. Jewish literature is 
removed from bookshops and libraries, and 
the last two Jewish schools are closed. 
Jewish theaters, choirs and drama groups, 
amateur as well as professional, are 
dissolved. Hundreds of Jewish authors, 
artists, actors and journalists are arrested. 
During the same period, Jews are 
systematically dismissed from leading 
positions in many sectors of society, from 
the administration, the army, the press, the 
universities and the legal system. Twenty- 
five of the leading Jewish writers arrested in 
1948 are secretly executed in Lubianka 
prison in August 1952. 

The anti-Jewish campaign culminates in the 
arrest, announced on January 13, 1953, of a 
group of "Saboteurs-Doctors" accused of 
being paid agents of Jewish-Zionists 
organizations" and of planning to poison 
Soviet leaders. Fears spread in the Jewish 
community that these arrests and the show 
trial that is bound to follow will serve as a 
pretext for the deportation of Jews to Siberia. 
But on March 5, 1953, Stalin unexpectedly 
dies. The "Doctor's Plot " is exposed as a 
fraud, the accused are released, and 
deportation plans, already discussed in the 
Politburo, are dropped." 

The Startling Truth Behind Stalin's Last Plot (2003)

The Doctors' Plot was created by Beria and Malenkov to increase their own power, by misleading Stalin. On wiki it even says: "Stalin harangued Ignatyev and accused the MGB of incompetence. He demanded that the interrogations of doctors already under arrest be accelerated.[20] Stalin complained that there was no clear picture of the Zionist conspiracy and no solid evidence that specifically the Jewish doctors were guilty.[19]"

he following information and links from FAMINE GENOCIDE IN UKRAINE

Recommended Resources for Further Information about the Holodomor (Famine Genocide in Ukraine):



Where to find more facts about the Holodomor; primary documents; the US and the Holodomor; laws and proclamations on the famine-genocide in Ukraine; international recognition; bibliographies.

Where did the Holodomor occur; how many people died and other statistics on the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine.

Where to find video, audio, and written transcripts of Holodomor survivor accounts and Holodomor eyewitness testimonies,

Lesson plans; curriculum guides; genocide education resources that include Holodomor teaching guides; power-point presentations, infographics, and videos on the Holodomor genocide for classroom use.

Research based arguments supporting the designation of the Holodomor as genocide, including Raphael Lemkin’s own paper on the genocide in Ukraine

Research based articles on the famine genocide of 1932-33.

Research based books, book chapters and journal articles on the famine genocide of 1932-33 in Ukraine that are not available online.

Research based articles and chapters about how the American and British press reported on the famine of 1932-1933; the Holodomor deniers, primarily Walter Duranty, and reporters who wrote what they saw, most notably Gareth Jones and Malcolm Muggeridge; official documentary evidence of what the US and British governments knew at the time; the role of Soviet propaganda and Western supporters of the USSR in covering up the Holodomor.

Short articles by experts on the Holodomor published mostly in non-academic sources online.

Links to verified photographs and Holodomor related art and educational exhibits; also links to verified  photographs from the 1921-23 famine in Ukraine.

Full length feature and documentary films on the Holodomor; shorter films; online video and audio; theatrical works and an opera.

Assortment of books for children and adults based wholly or in part on the Holodomor.

Other useful websites that focus on Ukrainian famine genocide information, events, and resources – US and international; key websites from Ukraine that offer information and resources about the Holodomor;  Facebook pages of particular interest for current information and discussion. END.


 The Holocaust that happened

"Today is the Memorial Day of the Victims of Communism in Hungary, and this day marks the Bolshevik takeover of Prague in 1948 as well."

"Never forget, never forgive."




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