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American War Against Muslim Pirates

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In Search Of History - Pirates Of The Barbary Coast (History Channel Documentary)

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REA197457 Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820 (oil on canvas) by Luny, Thomas (1759-1837); 122x183 cm; Private Collection; © Royal Exchange Art Gallery at Cork Street, London; English, out of copyright

"While the Moroccan pirates cooperated, Ottoman Algerian leader Dey Mohammed ben-Osman declared war on the United States, capturing a merchant ship in 1784, and offered to assume peaceful relations only if the U.S. government could pay him a tribute. Though the U.S. was able to negotiate a treaty with Morocco in 1786, Congress didn’t have the money to pay off Mohammed, according to records held by the U.S. State Department.

Luckily for then-President George Washington, Portugal was warring with Algiers and protected U.S. merchant ships — until 1793, when the two states reached a truce, opening American vessels up to attack once more."

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Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War that Changed American History

White Ancient Egyptians

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Video shows many pictures of Egyptians with blue eyes and white skin.

Immortal Egypt: Invasion (Ancient Egypt Documentary) | Timeline


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I’m Egyptian and I would like to thank you for mentioning the camels thing. People think camels are part of our heritage and culture but it’s totally not. It’s only available at touristic sites for merely commercial purposes. Unlike what people may think, we are much more about agriculture than desert stuff. The pyramids were surrounded by agricultural land until a century ago. Most of our traditions and habits are strongly related to the agricultural nature of old Egypt.


I really love Joann Fletcher, she's so uppity and pleasant to listen to
mark watts
WHY..would anyone wear black in the sun? Black attracts the heat of the sun to unbearable cannot reflect light thus absorbs it many times more than a light colour. Its why theres no black cars in very hot cities in the Middle east
Resting Bird
The great pyramid isn't a body was found, and it has none of the markings found in other tombs.
Wendy S
A blonde mummy in Egypt is very interesting.
Georgios Papadimitriou
Why have the pyramids no Egyptian name , but Greek ?
Narciso de Almeida
Lies.According to what i learned over 45 years the most perfect pyramid was built 25000 years @t Thoth the Atlantian,all others were copy's.The rulling class never spoke any of the local language the Aristocracy had RHn blood,had blond or red hair and blue eyes,our scientists ar not allowed to reveal this
Chris Gardner
Cuneiform is the oldest known written language, not hieroglyphics !
Heavy Weight
Animals eating is pagan to ancient Egypt. Pheros are resting at the valley of kings. Pyramids are not tombs. STOP SPREADING AN OLD LAUGHABLE LIE. We have laughed enough.
O'Seas Viewer
Observation - in these documentaries all the tomb paintings that we are privileged to see are bathed in artificial light - very fortunate to see them displayed in their full glory - imagine the time and conditions in when these were created - the craftsmen would have been in darkness save for the dull glow of oil lamps which throw very little light - and no they would have not used flaming torches which leave soot trails.
She says the world's first writing is from Egypt?? I'm sure it is not as the world's first writing system is cuneiform from Mesopotamia by the Sumerians. Good video but that really bothered me.
The Philosopher of Culture
According to ancient Egyptians own writings, their civilisation began around 12000 BCE. They acknopwledged it was after another era that ended in a cataclysm, much as we in the West console ourselves with the Deluge and Noah's ark as the beginning. I insist it is about time our politicians aloow our historians to tell the real stories instead of the fairy tales they use to sooth the population into eternal sleep.

 Cesar Advincula

i wonder wht's u under the desert! if we can only take out all.the sands covering the desert, perhaps more buried magnificent temples and palaces are buried beneth the sand. i.would think we have only uncover small fraction of that vast desert.
what is an American
Well tell this black man something ...??? How is it that you people have dug up every type of Egyptian artifact all types of bodies in that African country Egypt on that black Africa continent...☻☻☻ But not one identifiable black man woman or black child has ever been found....??? You need time to answer...⌚⌛⏰⏳⏱
The African Americans that were transported mostly from west Africa had no history to cling to so they disparately are trying to claim Egyptians were black. Egyptians were caucasoids same as today and left arts and writing depicting clear differenes between them and African blacks. Mummies and writing every where in egypt proves the same. Egyptians are not black today or one thousand years ago or 5000 years ago. Historians do not pay attention to afrocentric black maniacs in America because they would claim that the moon was visited by Africans very time soon. If you have no history then claim one. That is what people that where migrated from west Africa few hundred years ago are thinking today. They have nothing to be proud of historically so they manufactured lies that do not stand a chance in the books of history and archeology. They see every thing in black white or yellow. So if a civilization on the medeterranian that is not built by European master's must be built by blacks..what a non logic
 Ozren Nemec
Good documentary, just a tiny correction... I believe Sumerian was the world's first written language. Hundreds years earlier and letter, not pictograph based. Few ziggurats are also older than pyramids. Mesopotamia (currently Syria/Iran/Iraq) seems a bit more accurate as the actual cradle of modern civilization that later influenced the Egyptians, Greeks and eventually Romans.
Iggy Barrato
The worship of Hathor goddess being a cow must come from ancient India? ?? Egyptian clay is not terracotta so where did the terracotta pots come From? At 58.48 the Mummy has blond hair? What is the explanation for that?
Chris Davison
does this women know what shes talking about. She said the pyramid was the final resting place of Khufu. Huh. I thought no bodies were found in the pyramid....?

Living in the Iron Age

iron agg

In 1978 12 adults and 3 children were selected from around 1000 volunteers for the first 'reality tv' series by living for a year on an Iron Age farm as Iron Age people. This film looks back at the original shows and what has happened to them in the 30 years since then.

Living in the Past (1978 Iron Age reality tv) - part 1

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Technology of the Goths - Barbarian Batlle Tech Documentary
This video shows the technology of the Germanic and Celtic tribes.




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Update 2.Can be transferred to unvaccinated women in sperm of vaccinated men

Allegations New Vaccine Caused Sterility in 97% of Women




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 gates dep

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Scientists Confirm COVID-19 Manmade Bioweapon, Implicate China/Gates - FULL SHOW - 5/18/20

  Bill Gates said the quote above.





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I am a professional live sound engineer. I can confirm this is happening for live concerts all of the time. It is less common to use auto-tune live and more common to have a track of the vocals playing along side the singer and based on how off they are on any given night you blend more or less of their live vocal to add to the illusion. This is also happening with instruments. 90% of what you are hearing at a concert is coming from a computer and the musicians are just playing along to a track. 


Didn't used to be this way..Judas Priest performed some of the best live shows night after night %100 genuine. Why MAG never mention who owns Hollywood and runs the music industry? Depraved JEWS



Research this. Jews can migrate to the US with a simple Sponsors letter from an American citizen, usually another jew. I was told this by a French jew who brought his girlfriend a russian jew. That why there are so many and they go straight to work in jew business, and then the US govt. Unelected.


The French Revolution & Jewish Jacobins

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French Revolution was the takeover of France by the largely Jewish Jacobins.
French Revolution - Heads will roll
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Nameless Curmudgeon
The so-called French Revolution was the takeover of France by the largely Jewish Jacobins, who were the precursors to the Communists. It was a time of unspeakable evil.

The American Revolution was a daughter of the French Revolution. Without the American Revolution, there would never have been a French Revolution. They are both events of a Masonic agenda timeline. The Treaty of Paris, signed on September 3, 1783, ended the Revolutionary War but not the financial problems of the newly established nation. America's war debt to France was never properly repaid, which was part of the cascade of events leading to the French Revolution. If you think the founding fathers of the US can be viewed in a positive light, then you must also hold the same view of the thinkers and actors who manifested the French Revolution in France.

Operation Paperclip

  • Friday, 20 November 2020 07:05

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Thirty million Europeans emigrated to the USA in the 19th Century to realize their American dream.

  What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones? Author Annie Jacobsen presents a fascinating topic from her new book, Operation Paperclip, and takes questions from the audience. This event was recorded February 26, 2014 at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.

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 The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is a Jewish Zionist  globalist run organization.

ADL Declares Victory as They Officially Take Control of Facebook Thought Policing - FULL SHOW 7/7/20

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Alex Jones, thank you for exposing and opposing the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). The ADL is a jewish organization. In 1985, the ADL gave crime boss Moe Dalitz (jew) its so-called "Torch of Liberty" award! Dalitz had donated a large amount of money to the ADL.


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New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax Covid911 - INSURGENCY





Khazars: History of the Jews

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Many Jews are actually Germans, who are descendants from German tribes in Europe.

Khazars: History of the Jewish Turkic Nomads


If the Ashkenazi Jews had descended from Khazars they would have been speaking a Turkic language but their language Yiddish is based on the southern German dialects. 

Most Jews today are not descendants from Israel or from the Khazars tribes that were then located in ancient times between the Caspian and Black Sea. If you look at Jews, you will see there are many variations in the population, which proves many of them are gentiles who converted to the Jewish faith. Jews do not speak the Turkish language; they speak a Yiddish language, which is based on a southern German dialect.

 Many Jews are actually Germans, who are descendants from German tribes in Europe. The Rothschild's banking family's original name was Bower, which is an old German name and Rothschild's new name of date, translated in German, Red Shield.

Wikipedia. Its origins date back to 1743 when a German goldsmith, Amshall Moses Bower, opened a counting house in Frankfurt. He placed a Roman eagle on a red shield over the door. Rothschild is German for "red shield", and Bower's son adopted the name. ... Rothschild manufactured gold bars for more than 100 years, until 1967.15 apr. 2004
Rothschild - Wikipedia. "Rothschild (German pronunciation: [ˈʁoːt. ʃɪlt]) is a name derived from the German zum rothen Schild (with the old spelling "th"), meaning "with the red sign", in reference to the houses where these family members lived or had lived. ... The name Rothschild in Yiddish means "red coat" (coat as in heraldic coat of arms)." 

The Jewish population has a high percentage of people with blue eyes; many have blonde hair and are tall in statue. Many of These people's ancestry comes from Germany and Scandinavian. Some Jews are short in frame, and some of their ancestry came from around Grease and Italy, because back during the Roman Empire, people were shorter and Germans taller.

Many Jews have long noses, and have the "long nose gene," which is very predominant between the Black Sea and the Caspian area. Over time these genes have been passed on to their children.

Some Jews came from the Middle East area, and their ancestry could come from local tribes or the North Sea people, which moved into Palestine from Italy, Grease, Turkey etc. This would also be true with many Palestinians; both these groups have indigenous rights to Israel or to others called the country Palestine.


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Khazars means 'gezer' in Turkish, means 'nomad'...

  TheWinged Hussar

You know what, this makes me wonder, what if Judaism did establish itself more in this region. What would this effect if the majority of the populace converted to Judaism. What would this result in?
Dan Sanders
Khazar Theory has been disproven for over 30 years.
Renáta Béres
They are mentioned in our history books, as Khazar Khaganate's territory was one of the places where hungarians settled. Also, magyars(hungarians) and khazars were allied (but Khazars ruled). Magyars didn't destroy the Khaganate, but they rebelled against them, hence Magyars had to left Khazar territory.
allan lanktree
Great video. Many stories surround the choosing of Judaism by the Khazars. One is that on having an audience with Muslim and Christian missionaries, the king of the Khazars realized that both religions mentioned Jewish prophets as their faiths originators. After an audience with a rabbi the king chose Judaism. Another states that the King asked the Muslim Missionary, "Which is better Christianity or Judaism?". Not wanting to give the Christians any credit the Muslim answered, "Judaism". The King then asked the Christian missionary, "Which is better Islam or Judaism?". Not wanting to give Muslims credit the Christian answered, "Judaism". Therefore under the advice of Muslim AND Christian missionaries, the King chose Judaism. Unfortunately for the for the Jewish Kingdom, it was finally extinguished by Turkish Muslims and Russian Christians.
Nice video. All i'll ask you...prove from the bible that Europeans of any group is from Abraham. And the most harder question the bloodline to Judah's family tree. I've discredited your video on my page, in less than 2 1/2 minutes. But you really know the lies well, after all liars taught you. Don't forget my question i want to know, the family tree and bloodline connection to the biblical Hebrew, Israelite Jews to any European. Shalom. lol
Great video. This is the history of Talmudic Jews, as the human genome project proved, like 99% of Jews have zero semitic blood. They are Not semites nor do they have any relation to the Old Testament Hebrews. To be a jew is a religious construct not a racial one. To be an anti semite should be the hatred of Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians etc. Not the hatred of the ancestors of converts from the Caucus mountains. This is the great lie of the state of Israel. They have no right to Palestine.

 Şahin Asgerov

In Azerbaijan, we call Caspian Sea "Khazar" sea
We still call Caspian Sea as Khazar Sea.
 Joe Glickman
Dude awesome video. As an Israeli one little note your texts in Hebrew are reversed, Hebrew is written from the right to the left unlike English which is left to right. Plus you can add that, two of the Khazar's tribes have migrated with the Magyar Tribes to form Hungary and were possibly the forefathers of the Hungarian-Jewish community there although, there was a small Jewish community in Panonia Since about 75AD. And again awesome video. Best regards, The Israeli Hungarian Jew.
Даниил Порфирьев
Hi! Chuvash here(Chuvash is the closest living language to Khazar language) :) If you are wondering what Sarkel(or Sharkil) means, it consists of two words sār(shār)-white (shurā or shārā in Chuvash) and kel(kil)-tower (kil-house in Chuvash).Hope that was interesting.
Oghuzsak Toqquzsak
When I lived in Paris, I lived in a Jewish concentrated area, and have seen many Jewish families. I was surprised that few of the Jews I met looks like more Central Asian than European. Also, I noticed that the furry hat (shtreimel) they wear is also Central Asian/Turkic style. Because a furry hat does not suit for the hot weather of Middle east, and surely it did not originate from there.
Interesting fact: Seljuk Turkmens claimed the David star or "Mühr-ü Süleyman" from Jewish Khazars, even before the islamic conquest the Seljuks owned Jewish names Greetings to Ashkenazi Jews ????
Turkic peoples are really important to understand Eurasia history.You can see them in almost every religion and every various cultural type in different corners of Europe and Asia. They are so unique.
 Kandeh B
They make up the fabric of the European Jews mainly in Russia, Poland and Germany. In Authur Kesthler's book he referred to them as the 13th Tribe meaning they do not belong to the 12 tribes of Israel they are converts to Judaism and no more.
For the people who deny ethnic roots of Khazars, here is a genetic study: Over millennia, steppe nomadic tribes raided and sometimes overran settled Eurasian civilizations. Most polities formed by steppe nomads were ephemeral, making it difficult to ascertain their genetic roots or what present-day populations, if any, have descended from them. Exceptionally, the Khazar Khaganate controlled the trade artery between the Black and Caspian Seas in VIII-IX centuries, acting as one of the major conduits between East and West. However, the genetic identity of the ruling elite within the polyglot and polyethnic Khaganate has been a much-debated mystery; a controversial hypothesis posits that post-conversion to Judaism the Khazars gave rise to modern Ashkenazim. We analyzed whole-genome sequences of eight men and one woman buried within the distinctive kurgans of the Khazar upper (warrior) class. After comparing them with reference panels of present-day Eurasian and Iron Age populations, we found that the Khazar political organization relied on a polyethnic elite. It was predominantly descended from Central Asian tribes but incorporated genetic admixture from populations conquered by Khazars. Thus, the Khazar ruling class was likely relatively small and able to maintain a genetic identity distinct from their subjugated populations over the course of centuries. Yet, men of mixed ancestry could also rise into the warrior class, possibly providing troop numbers necessary to maintain control of their large territory. However, when the Khaganate collapsed it left few persistent genetic traces in Europe.
Our data confirm the Turkic roots of the Khazars, but also highlight their ethnic diversity and some integration of conquered populations. Source:
My father comes originally from the caucasus. They moved after wars zo Sivas in Turkey. We tested his DNA and he has 10% ashkenazi, I only 2.2%.
 Stephen Thomas
When I was in Georgia I went to the Svan region in The Caucasus Mountains. The Mediaeval defence towers can still be seen across the landscape, dating back to The 9th Century.
Saguntum-Iberian-Greek Konstantinopoli
Funny thing, i was watching "Neglected history" yesterday "The Khazar Khanate" and today a video on that appears, wow, am i watched?
 Lior G.
Note: Ashkenazi Jews appeared in Central Europe (Germany). Their spread to the Rus thus came from the west, and not from Khazar. Greek Jews, for instance, are not Ashkenazi Jews despite being European, and neither are Spharadi Jews who are also European from Spain (until the Inquisition). Ashkenaz is the ancient name the Hebrews gave to the area we know Germany/Austria/Czechia today, where as Spharad is Spain.
Interesting fact: Seljuk Turkmens claimed the David star or "Mühr-ü Süleyman" from Jewish Khazars, even before the islamic conquest the Seljuks owned Jewish names Greetings to Ashkenazi Jews ????
Dimitri Iobadze
What about Georgians, we been sleeping in a bed or what ?
el vago
Kiev in your video is never part of Khazaria. In fact it was founded by the Khazars, both the city of Kuyab (=uncle's) and the adjacent fortress of Sambat (=hill fort). Actually, a lot of modern cities in Russia and Ukraine were founded by the Khazars and their Turkic brethren the Bulgars. Kiev was known by the Arabs as Kuyaba Sambat and by the Byzantenes as Sambatas. Varangian raiders overran Kiev, which allowed them to found the Rus (=Varangian) Khaganate. But only after the Varangian warlord later known as Svyatoslav (son of Ingvar and Helgi) had grown up on horseback following the nomad ways of war, were the Varangians able to defeat the declining Khazaria.

seyfettin okyay edited

When the Khazar Empire was destroyed by Russians many Khazars moved to Poland and Germany


Light skinned, red haired and blue eyed Khazar cavalry forces? Interesting.
Anthony Vesudruy
It explains now blue eye, white skin jews (Eastern Europe) came from Khazara Turkic people.
Harold Haroldson
I think the Star of David was made the symbol of Judaism only within the last couple of hundred years.
Paul Kirshman
This was fascinating and not what I expected when I ventured to watch this. Every ethnic as well as racial population has some low percentage of genetic markers from others but the Ashkenazi Jews have a population profile that most closely matches the Palestinian population with the exception that the Ashkenazi Jewish population has European maternal mitochondrial DNA matching the gentile European maternal mitochondrial DNA from the countries they lived in ( ex:Polish, Russian....). I am sure that the Khazars were a Judaic empire of converts and wish they had survived ( like the Ethiopians) but sadly, it seems that they have disappeared for good and have blended into the subsequent conquering empires.
 KI Legacy
The turks are extremely interesting! You should also consider making a video about the christian turkic army called Turcopole, they were Crusaders.