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Women movement 120 decibels #120dB

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Freya from #120dB - Are Europe's Women Fair Game? | UK Conference, 2018


Women are important to the future. Men are defenders, but without the women and the future that they provide - what is there to protect?  The following videos giving a voice to women who are fighting against the regressive Globalist Establishment.

We need a sisterhood of Nationals & International organizations. These ladies telling it just like it is as usual and we need more ladies to become part of the Women's National movement.



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  Finally, a female movement I can get behind! #120db is the real #metoo / #timesup


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 Screenshot 211year raped


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More than 1.5 million views for anti-migrant violence campaign video




Women's movement 120dB

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WATCH: German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Increased Violence Against Women as a Result of Mass Migration


Freya from #120dB - Are Europe's Women Fair Game? | UK Conference, 2018

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#120db Movement: Why Is It Succeeding?

Join or Support #120db:

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 What It's Like To Be A Right-Wing Woman In Europe



How to start a white women's chapter.



How to start a white women's chapter in their local area with as little as two members and can then work with all the other chapters located nationally and internationally.

Affirmative Action

Frankfurt School

The majority of liberal women's organizations have many leftwing false Jews or traitor gentiles  in top positions. Some Jewish women in a liberal organization have a vested interest in the Jewish community first and foremost, and this is one reason why many do not fight white rights and will not build organizations to represent gentile whites or White Jews.

Jewish organizations only allow Jews to join their organizations and do not allow non-Jewish women to sign up.  We must do the same by practicing affirmative action, we need two organizations, one for Jews and one for gentile white women, however, both organizations working together.

Name:  Jewish Women Organization
Name:  Gentile European Women Organization.

Some of the areas of interest for Women's Chapters that can be taken into consideration: Book clubs to bring women together for discussion and debate, open to white European Caucasian all over the world and welcomes readers of all ages. Many topics can be discussed in areas of interest at Women's Chapters, and the following list can be taken into consideration below:       

  •  Helping families and promoting good attitudes to marriage, promote youth camps and activities for children.
  •  Organization involvement in European scout and girl guide associations.
  •  Promotion and involvement at gun clubs.
  •  To help in European youth forums.
  •  To campaign against white slavery (prostitution) which is very active in Europe, Middle East, and Israel.
  •  Campaigning against false education and promoting ideas to improve education in both children and adults.
  •  Campaign against genocidal interracial marriages.
  •  To be active and promote increased rights for Europeans and  other races.
  •  To campaign against war.
  •  To be active and inclusive of Homeschooling.
  •  To assist in improving the education of their children.
  •  Men and women coming together for training in self-defence.
  •  Helping charity and meeting people's needs.
  •  Help the elderly.
  •  Help and to protect our culture and history.
  •  Help obtain money for court cases.
  •  To combat racism and bigotry against Europeans and Arabic Caucasians.
  •  To become involved in conservation.
  •  To become involved in helping farmers.
  •  To become involved in business activities and promoting people in organizations which are helping our people.
  •  Writing and publishing articles.
  •  Working on websites.
  •  Doing research on what is going on in the world.
  •  Running school committees.
  •  Running media committees.
  •  Promoting breastfeeding.
  •  Promoting the family and laws that protect the family.
  •  Promoting European cultural groups and languages.
  •  Promotion and boycotting of organizations against our interests.
  •  To be active in promoting people who represent us during elections.

Jewish Women Organization

The following information on Jewish community based organizations is a good example of how well organized they are; The International Council of Jewish Women non-partisan Volunteers is an umbrella organization for 43 affiliates, a collective membership of approximately 2 million women in roughly 43 countries. This organization supports volunteer projects on national and international levels in the field of status of women, and some are involved in education and training. It supports legislation to ensure women and girls have equal opportunities to the opposite sex.

There are only 13 million Jews in the world and the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) have 2 million members this is very impressive. Gentiles do not have women's movements to fight for white European women's rights which we need to remedy.

A full list of Affiliate Organizations can be found here. Some include: The following names are just examples

Australia              National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
Canada                National Council of Jewish Women of Canada
France                 Coopération Féminine & GLIF
Switzerland          Swiss Union of Jewish Women's Organizations
United Kingdom    League of Jewish Women
United States       National Council of Jewish Women
South Africa         Union of Jewish Women of South Africa

Women's International Zionist Organization

The Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) is a volunteer organization dedicated to social welfare in all sectors of Israeli society from education in Israel and the Jewish Diaspora as well as for the advancement status of women.

Today it runs day care centers in Israel, caring for 14,000 children of working mothers, needy families, and immigrants.

This organization also organizes summer camps, courses for single parent families and therapeutic frameworks for children when they are removed from their parents by a court order.

  The following article gives information on how to structure the organization



Identaire must become Community Based Organization

Would you like to start Womens Community Based Organization ?


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Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture

 Europeans need to build World Congres & Regional Congresses

 White Organizations: National & international Congresses…

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Political Parties do not represent people's rights, so Europeans should start promoting (CIR) Citizens Initizens Referendums, and start to represent themselves. Switzerland in Europe has CIR.

How parliamentary elections work in Switzerland



Coveners League has many articles, here is a small sample, please check them out.

Screenshot 2big picture ice men

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

 Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

 Whites Fight Back Against  Racism & Bigotry

Whites Fight Back Against Racism & Bigotry

European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - To Genocide Indigenous Europeans in Europe

 Screenshot 2us constitution

US Constitution & Bill of Rights. Article…

Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Screenshot 2second try

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

 Screenshot 2keep fredom free

Freedom of the Internet

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In Europe

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In

 Screenshot 2gencide

Genocide Whites & all Races

Screenshot 2white indigous laws

White Indigenous Rights

Screenshot 2big family 2

Promoting Large Families

Screenshot 2farmland

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

 Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist. Update 2

New World Order Globalist

 Screenshot 2picture of dead people

The European Holocaust

 Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice. Update 2

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

 Bankers Control the World

Bankers Control the World

 White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Gentile Organizations & Jewish Community Based Organizations

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White & Jewish National Congresses

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Orania White Afrikaner Community

 Screenshot 7white s

Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …

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