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Pagism Pre-Christian beliefs booming in Europe.


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Why is Paganism and other pre-Christian beliefs booming in Europe, America and beyond? Today

Why is Paganism Booming in Europe and Beyond?


 Why is Paganism and other pre-Christian beliefs booming in Europe, America and beyond? Today, we'll discuss a fascinating phenomenon that stretches back thousands of years, where thousands, and perhaps even millions of people around the globe are reverting to the pre-Christian religion of their ancestors.

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We never let go of our old ways, it can be found in the privacy of every home, the old gods, the customs. Only difference is we’re getting together now to practice and revive rituals, songs, the knowings. ?? (Sweden, norse mythology/ asatru.

They are going to their roots which they lost due to christian missionanary invasion
Pagan symbols have been found in Neanderthal caves and some symbols pre date evening the Stone Age

The unfortunate thing is that governments will not recognize 99% of pagan religion's. So we will not be able to use ours like they use theirs to our advantage!


I started looking into and I'm still researching/learning about Germanic and Nordic Paganism. It all started with me doing my ancestry tree and hearing of Christians slaughtering my ancestors because some of them would not convert to Christianity.
  6:40 Anyone who practices paganism should be. Your race, heritage, place or origin and religion is all connected. Sever one of those bonds and it all falls appart into rootless nothingness.
9:19 Russia has 1.5 % Neo-Pagans, if we count loose affiliation ... 146 780 700 2 201 710.5 OK .... many

It’s a more natural way of life in this crazy age that disconnects us from nature. I support this 100%

Christianity has failed, peoples identity has been swept away by consumerism and liberalism, mass immigration of peoples with strong identities to their roots has also contributed. The push against the peoples of Europe has lead them to rediscover their roots

They going back to their roots , christanity was forced on europeans.

Some elders still pray in front of the standing stones in our mountains and I've seen people worship in the old moon temples, I may not have any god above me but it seems so right to see people going back to the old gods.

I've recently had a strong interest in "paganism" and I don't know where from. it's like something is pulling me to it, a couple of months ago I contemplated converting from Catholicism through near zero influence. maybe its some kind of racial or cultural survival instinct who knows lol.

In Europe it's called "Paganism". Among the indigenous people's of every other continent it's just called religion,culture or tribal belief and practice.

Here in Denmark, I have met a couple of people over the last few years, who believe in Thor, Odin and so on.

Here in Finland, old Kalevala and other ancient beliefs are still well known among even children. Christianity wasn't able to erase it from our blood. Finnish identitety has always been in nature and paganisn

Ave Jupiter! Ave Junos! Ave Minerva! Christianity is a foreign cult from middle east. Celebrate the true Gods of our ancestors! Our heritage!

Even as a little kid..I thought God was like Santa or The Tooth Fairy. I believe in what I can Touch..Taste..Feel..Hear..and See Not some book written by generations of humans.

Late, I know. Jumping the fire is a way to begin the new year with a fresh start. I think the Greeks also do this on the first day of spring?

Many pagans still exist in Europe untouched by the Abrahamic invasion. Mostly in isolated areas. Their ways don't include theatrics like a big pentacle and are generally much more simple down to earth... feasts, traditional music, lighting candles, sending prayers to the gods, rituals, etc. Although where Christian did impact them, they merely included the cross in their pagan traditions. Christmas, Easter, Candlemas, etc it's all pagan traditions with a cross adorned on them... but the cross doesn't belong in them.

Being in tune with the earth and your ancestors/past seems way more legit than some of the mega church garbage going on right now.

We Slavs stll worship the old gods, most of them do it unknowingly. All of our "christian" saints are the old gods in disguise. Stara vera se vraća.

Why is paganism booming? Because people are learning how evil the desert dogmas are.




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