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Russia Globalist Run Update 2.

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Mandatory vaccination as a tool for a coup d’état under the guise of coronavirus


Mandatory vacc!nation as a tool for a coup d’état under the guise of Koronavirus

Over the past few days, Russia has suddenly plunged into an entirely new reality. A week ago we lived in a state to which there were a lot of questions, but at the same time the very existence of the state with its authorities, hierarchy, law, etc. recognized by the majority of the country’s population. Today the situation is changing before our eyes. Collective Sobyanin, together with a group of Rospotrebnadzor officials, seized totalitarian power in the country, abolishing the Constitution, laws, the president with his guarantees and promises, legislative power, etc. under the plausible pretext of caring for the health of the population. On Sobyanin, more precisely – on the so-called. The “party of Koronavirus”, which unites the voluntary and involuntary agents of global pharma, operates most of the media, the Internet and almost the entire bureaucratic machine. The federal government does not seem to notice what is happening, the power bloc is also silent, which, by definition, would have to intervene and defend national sovereignty. As a result, society has to react. And sabotaging the anti-constitutional decisions of the impostors is clearly not enough. Meanwhile, the most conscientious citizens from among the activists of large patriotic and parental associations launched an open appeal to Putin and the Security Council demanding to stop the coup d’etat launched under the guise of Koronavirus.






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When the Jews took over Russia with Communism, they killed the entire Gentile ruling and upper classes.

Jews still in control of Russia


JEWS STILL IN CONTROL OF RUSSIA When the Jews took over Russia with Communism, they killed the entire Gentile ruling and upper classes, and replaced them with a Jewish ruling elite which was part of a larger Jewish order.

"Rosenthal also talks about a Jewish invisible government which also controls the USSR, and how the UN is "nothing but a trap door to the Red World's immense concentration camp." He says this invisible power is responsible for the wars and revolutions of the last 200 years.” — Harold Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, personal assistant to New York Senator Jacob Javits 1976 interview with Walter White Jr., editor, Conservative monthly, Western Front.

When the Soviet Jewion fell apart due to the long-term effects of the Second World War and the people openly rebelling in the streets, the Jewish elites in Russia simply put up new window dressing and did a game of musical chairs, in order to stop a full rebellion that would topple them. The new post-Soviet government was just as openly full of Jews as was the former one. It is the same ruling class. This brings us to Vladimir Putin who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB before the fall of the Soviet Union. He was then brought into the New Government. This is revealing the facts on the KGB, like the NKVD and Cheka before it. It is created, staffed, and run by Jews, as it is the important arm of the Jewish ruling classes' control:

According to a report in The Canadian Jewish News of 13 November 1964, the present Soviet boss Leonid Brezhnev is married to a Jewess and his children are brought up as Jews. There are a number of prominent Jews in the Soviet government, including Dimitri Dymshits in charge of industry, Lev Shapiro regional secretary of Birobidjan, and Yuri Andropov in charge of the secret police, the KGB. In fact, every secret police chief in Soviet history has been a Jew, from the first, Uritsky, the murderous Beria... A Jew is also in charge of the Soviet economy – Leonid Kantorovich.

Keep this in mind when you realize that Putin within 16 years, rose to Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB, proceeded to be high-ranking in a Jewish owned and staffed government, and is now the front man for the ruling kosher cabal: Putin admitted to growing up in the same apartment with a bunch of Jews. When speaking before a Jewish audience, Putin revealed that his own father was an "avid Talmudic scholar." “Mr. Putin said he was familiar with both the menorah and the Chanukah holiday, because as a child his family shared their communal apartment with a Jewish family. “

Source: – Jewish News - Chanukah Journal Nov 26, 1999 2 Putin: “I will do everything for the Jews!" Posted October 18, 2012. Putin will save “us” says Jew Kapner! By “us,” he means Jews.

"RUSSIA'S PM TO JEWISH DELEGATION: I WAS FIRST TO RESTORE JEWISH PROPERTY! MOSCOW — In an extraordinary 40 minute meeting with Russian Jewish leaders yesterday (November 25), Russian Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin promised to assist the Jewish community in combating anti-Semitism, building schools and reclaiming former synagogue buildings for Jewish communities."

"Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief Lubavitch emissary to the region, who was recently elected as the head rabbi by delegates to the newly formed Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, accompanied Federation officials Lev Leviev, Michael Gluz and Mark Grubarg to present the prime minister with a silver Menorah. Rabbi Lazar described the Menorah as a symbol of religious freedom. Speaking about the miracle of Chanukah, the rabbi and his colleagues described the resurgence of Jewish life in Russia since the fall of communism as a modern miracle."

Jew-lover Putin admits growing up in the same apartment with a bunch of Jews. While talking to a Jewish audience, Putin reveals that his own father was an avid Talmudic scholar…“Mr. Putin said he was familiar with both the menorah and the Chanukah holiday, because as a child his family shared their communal apartment with a Jewish family.” Putin's father's real name was Epstein, his mother's Shalomova.

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Tamara: "The photo at bottom left shows Opposition to Putin saying Putin is 100% a Jew (his mother is a Jew and his father is a Jew). In Russia, many Jewish people hide their Jewish origin or they do not know or do not want to know. Putin is a person who hides his Jewish origin but uses it in the corruption nets. Historians tried to find his ancestors but failed. Common Russians think that 3 Putin is an ethnic Russian. If they understood that Putin is a Jew, they would not vote for him. The picture bottom right shows Putin's resemblance to a Jew from Tsarist era."

"In Russia, the eternal question is: "Who Lives Well in Russia?" At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs, mostly Jews."

Putin pledges to make Russia comfortable for the enemy Jew. Perhaps that will shed light on why he treats nationalists and proud Russian patriots like Jews treat animals.

“Focusing on the Federation, Mr. Putin described its founding as a positive development to bring diverse groups within the Jewish community together to work toward common goals. He expressed his hope that the new Federation would help foster a climate of communal strength that will make Russia a country where Jews will live comfortably."

The following was written by a Christian Russian Nationalist, but it provides a clear understanding of what is really happening in the Jewish owned and controlled current Russia:

"Their goal is to create in place of Russia and Russian civilization a new supranational pseudo-empire within the framework of the New World Order, under the guidance of a Jewish elite."

Russians in Russia: The State within the State April 24, 2012 —

Igor Artemov, Translated by Roman Frolov

No one in the Russian National political movement—or just anyone for whom his Russian identity is not simply a matter of fact but a defining aspect of his life, beliefs, and actions—should harbor any illusions regarding the corrupt, grotesquely hypocritical, bureaucratic and police-state nature of the modern state authority and ideology existing in the Russian Federation. All this is true and doubtlessly affects our lives. And yet the single most important thing to understand is that this system is explicitly and purposefully anti-Russian.

Although we cannot exclude that Putin and his close circle dream about their ‘empire’, there won’t be any place in their ‘empire’ for the Russian spirit and Russian ideology, just as there was no place for Russianness in the late Soviet Union. Remember that the process of destroying the Russian nation and Russian worldview, unprecedented in its scale and consequences, was launched precisely in the Soviet Union and the current authorities of Russian Federation carry on this process more or less consistently. The Russian culture and the Church were being destroyed in the USSR. Internationalism and inter-racial marriages were promoted. The USSR has done everything possible to make 4 people to identify themselves not as Russians, Tartars, or Tuvans but as Soviet people. All the facts show that it is the USSR and not the old Russia that serves as a role model for the current Russian authorities. They are building a postSoviet state and not in any way a Russian national state. I consider this statement essential because of the conclusions and actions that follow from it directly.

If the Russian Federation was just a red-tape bureaucratic or corrupt state, then these defects of the political system could be fought against and to a certain extent eliminated simply by dealing with the mistakes. Yet the problem is that both corruption and despotism in our country are consciously enforced from the very top of state power. Long ago I realized that the situation in our country does not result from the stupidity, greed or incompetence of the ruling circles. Only an idiot would have trouble understanding that it is better for the country to have its own competitive manufacturing instead of exporting raw materials or to have honest officials instead of bribe-takers. The Russian authorities understand this too. And yet they do everything the other way around, strengthening and hardening from above all the vices of the state system. “Why?” you ask me. Well, because they have aims that are very different from those they publicly declare on television and through the mass media.

Their goal is to create in place of Russia and Russian civilization a new supranational pseudo-empire within the framework of the New World Order. Under the guidance of a Jewish elite, the Russian majority will be gradually replaced by Asian migrants. Of course, they cannot acknowledge this openly as it will cause mass protests and they will be quickly swept away. So for the people’s consumption they have an official ideology of building a society of prosperity, social justice and interethnic peace. Yet they cannot hide the truth, especially from those who have access to objective information. As a result, the silence of the ruling circles is bought by enormous material benefits on one hand, and by intimidation on the other. In this light, it is easy to understand the murders of generals Lebed and Rokhlin, ophthalmologist Fyodorov, Governor Evdokimov and many others who had ascended to the political Olympus in Russia but had not become completely loyal to those forces that control and deliberately destroy our country as the heart of Russian civilization. I think that the mysterious death of General Shebarshin, the last chief of the KGB, is in the same line of political murders.

The main supports for the Russian authorities in this enterprise are the security agencies. Their purpose is to suppress any popular protest and discontent by unlawful use of force — simply because it is impossible to do it by lawful methods. It is not a coincidence that today the members of the security agencies and not regular officials or manufacturers who get the most of benefits and opportunities. Not long ago I had a conversation with an old acquaintance of mine who sells real estate on the Black sea coast and in the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region [translator’s note: popular resorts]. He claimed that 80% 5 of the expensive property [$500,000 and up] in these areas is purchased today not by state officials or businessmen but by highly-placed officials of the Federal Security Service [FSS], Interior Ministry, Public Prosecutor Office, and other similar agencies from various regions of the country [sometimes such purchases are made using front persons]. In this way these ‘people’s servants’ prepare for their retirement. Needless to say, such property acquisitions are far beyond the means of an honest official, even considering their large salaries.

Thus a conspiracy of silence emerges. Every member of this criminal system knows that he can keep his power and unlawfully acquired riches only if he remains silent and does everything his masters order him to do. If he doesn’t, however, and takes the liberty of excessive high-handedness or independency, he will face huge problems.

I would like to describe two examples from my personal experience, which clearly show that highly stationed Russian officials have a perfect understanding of what is going on in our country and of the direction it is leading into. In the beginning of the last decade when I was a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Oblast I had a conversation with one of the representatives of the President in that region. The conversation has stuck in my memory. There was high turnover at this position and I would like to avoid naming this person. The official sympathetically inquired about the Russian national movement and our ideology, and he demonstrated impressive knowledge of Bolshevism, Freemasonry and pretty good personal erudition. He told me that he reads our newspapers [the Internet was not as widespread then as it is now], and that some of his relatives voted for me in the elections to the Russian Parliament. I even felt some sympathy toward him because of his education and culture. In the end he talked about himself. He said that he understands the rightness of our cause albeit there were not only Russians among his ancestors. He told me that in Soviet times he and other members of the Communist Party were shown special movies on the danger of world Zionism and Freemasonry, and he mentioned some facts which I was not aware of. At some point, I even thought that he could provide a tacit support to our cause.

Yet it ended differently. My confidant finished our conversation with a parable. Let’s say, he told me, a gang of robbers attacks a woman and wants to rape her. She has a choice, to resist, get seriously beaten and injured and be raped anyway, or “to relax and try to get some pleasure”…. So this is what is being done with our country. We can’t fight against the whole world. So let’s relax and try to benefit from this situation as much as possible. I remember being quite shocked, both at his level of awareness and his conclusions.

As a second example, in 2003 I was one of the originators of the internal investigation of the Police Department of Vladimir Oblast by a special commission from Moscow. The commission was headed by an elderly Lieutenant-General Golubev, if I remember correctly. He expressed his wish to meet me personally. It was a long conversation. I told him all I knew about 6 incidents of bribery, racketeering etc. He listened carefully and took notes. At the end, we had turned to the Russian question again. Looking away, he asked me: “If things in Russia continue in the future as they are today, for how much longer will the Russian people survive?” I answered that I look forward to positive changes and aspire for the establishment of Russian national rule, but if the regime perseveres, the Russians as a nation will likely hold on for thirty or forty years more, and after that all sorts of irreversible changes are possible. “I also think so” — he replied.

We had parted amiably. A couple of weeks later I received a letter signed by this same General, in which he thanked me for my assistance and informed me that, based on my information, around fifteen police officers were subjected to disciplinary action, but not a single ‘brave’ officer was punished seriously, though they deserved it. The commission had returned to Moscow and things in Vladimir resumed their ‘natural’ course. I guess that our General retired soon after these events.

Make no mistake: both of the high state officials described here represent the best part of the establishment. They at least say that they are not against us. Others, however, are much, much worse: they are stupid, avaricious and cynical. Yet even these two wouldn’t openly side with us. They would stand aside and wait for something. This is why the Russian movement today should avoid internal dissent and squabble between parties. The regime hates us all, no matter who we are — backers of the empire or national democrats or Russian Orthodox nationalists or whoever else — it hates us just because we are Russian, because we don’t hide it and because we fight as best we can for our rights and ideals.

We interfere with their desire to destroy Russia quickly and quietly. It is time now to begin building a “state within a state” in our midst, a society closed to outsiders where we can resolve all internal questions within it. We have no friends among the authorities, but we have many friends and like-minded people among businessmen, scientists and military men, among virtually all strata of Russian society. I will return to this topic in subsequent articles.

Igor Artemov is a well-known Russian Nationalist. His organization, Russian AllNational Union [RONS] was proscribed last year and Artemov himself is on the run, as he is wanted by Federal Security Service for the ‘hate crime’ of writing

______________________________________________________________ Note – the Jews pretend they were victims of the very system they instituted and controlled:

At Putin's side, an army of Jewish billionaires. "We have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora," says Russian Jewish Congress VP. "

When the air-conditioning broke down at the reception for the unveiling ceremony of the Red Army monument in Netanya on Monday, it didn’t matter if you were a billionaire, multimillionaire or broke. Everyone suffered the same.

In one corner sat Mikhail Fridman, the seventh-richest man in Russia, whose fortune is estimated at $15 billion by Forbes. He stayed hydrated in the sweltering heat by sipping a glass of water. In another stood Moshe Kantor, the chemicals tycoon who Forbes said was worth $2.3b. He repeatedly removed the beads of sweat from his head with a napkin.

The two men were part of a group of two dozen or so affluent Russian-speaking businessmen who came to the ceremony where President Vladimir Putin was the guest of honor. Some, like Fridman, flew in especially from Russia. Others, like Kantor, drove from nearby Herzliya, where many businessman from the former Soviet Union including Leonid Nevzlin and Gabriel Mirilashvili, to name a few, have made their homes.

For many members of this class of ultra rich Putin’s arrival in the country was an opportunity for them to brush shoulders with one another and to mingle with friends and officials from the motherland. The richest man in the room filled with rich men was probably the media-shy Fridman, who declined to speak to The Jerusalem Post. “I am a private person,” he said, displaying seemingly good English.

Other faces were more familiar to locals. Lev Leviev, the diamonds and real estate mogul who is a bit of anomaly in this world, was on hand. Although born in Uzbekistan, then part of the Soviet Union, he immigrated to Israel as a teenager in the 1970s and made his money in the Jewish state. Only after the markets in the former Soviet Union opened did the Israeli, whose worth was estimated at about $1.7b. earlier this year, invest extensively in natural resources and property in that part of the world.

Not everybody in the room was a billionaire. Some were worth a mere couple of hundred of million dollars Alexander Levin, a Ukrainian businessman who was among those who donated to build the monument, is one of latter.

The real estate developer, who last year set up the World Forum for Russian Jewry, an advocacy group based in New York, explained why he it was an important cause.

“My two grandparents were killed during World War II so it’s very important to us,” he said. “We are paying just a little [in comparison to what they paid].”

How much is a little? Levin said the exact sum “was not important” but that it was “a lot of money.”

Members of United Israel Appeal-Keren Hayesod, which raised the money to build the marble and concrete monument overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, were also tight-lipped.

 “We organized a group of 10 to 15 top businessmen who raised the money that helped transform this dream to reality,” said Gadi Dror, the UIA’s director of the eastern region. “We do not go [into the] figures because they [the donors] prefer not to but it is meaningful amount.”

A source later said each businessman had donated at least $100,000. Watching the group of mega-wealthy interact, one cannot help but wonder how so many affluent businessmen in the former Soviet Union are Jewish.

German Zakharyaev, vice president of the Russian Jewish Congress, cited two main reasons for that. First, Jews are few among many.

“We are a minority and as such we have to be strong [if we are] to preserve our customs,” said the businessman who, as a member of the Mountain Jewish community of the eastern Caucuses, is a minority within a minority.

“This is something in our commandments that we have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora.” Second, he said, Jewish businessmen are hard workers. “We think a lot and we sleep a little,” he said. The China situation:

Russia, China Hold Large-Scale War Games

October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF. Mao would murder sixty million innocent Chinese people under his rule mainly to destroy traditional Chinese culture. As with Christianity, any practitioners of spiritual systems where outlawed, killed, and thrown into gulags, to die a slow death through slave labor, starvation and torture. The Communistic systems became the new culture of control. With China under their flag, Tibet was next on the list as being the last bastion of spiritual and historical knowledge. All the Jewish systems seek to remove spiritual knowledge from Gentiles and keep it in the hands of the Jewish elite. This is a major part of their indoctrination program. There has been a major Jewish population in China for over a thousand years such as the Jews of Kaifeng. Communism was imported into Manchuria by an Oriental Jew named Abrahams. The powerful Western Jews worked with their Asian counterparts to conqueror the East, just as they did with their Jewish Eastern European brethren.

China has been built up into the biggest global superpower by the Jews and everything has been shipped there. This was identical to what the Jews did with their USSR, turning it into a massive super state of military superpower, to wage conquest upon the rest of the earth, which they did. The only reason they were halted was the second war monkey wrenched their plans globally and led to the stagnation and fall of the USSR. There are reports that the America tactical silos are contracted to Israeli firms for certain electronics' functions. This same 9 situation was a key factor in the London false flag attacks, 911, and Fukushima. They also have their agents all over the Pentagon and other key Western military and government networks. The West is past the demoralization point and has entered into the destabilization phase. The Protest Wall St was organized by Jewish agents of Rothschild to be the start of a Communist movement, which is part of the subversion of decades of indoctrination of students into Communist ideals. At this point, one way or another, they are seeking to take the West down should they start a full out Communist revolution, civil war or open war. One way or another, it seems Red Chinese troops will be on Western Soil "Liberating" us from the Fascist oppressors. This is what the Jews did in the ancient world with the Christian Crusades into Europe and around the world, and later with the Red Army rolling over Europe and the East, enslaving the many for the Jews.

If they wanted to take it to open war, it would be easy to pull the rug out from under NATO in Europe and America, and put the West under the Red banner. This is what America and Western Europe have been prepped for over the decades, and how they planned to take Germany down into Communism during the First war, which they manipulated into existence for the sole purpose of taking all of Europe down into Communism, and they nearly did. It is a repeating set of tactics they are using.

From looking at things, the ME conflict is a smaller warm up to a planned global conflict between China, North Korea and Russia and its allies. The Jews own these countries totally. Russia has just finished a mass joint war games exercise with China on Eastern European soil with thousands of Red Chinese troops. They where training specifically for war against Western forces. This was kept out of the mainstream it seems:

Russia, China Hold Large-Scale War Games




Jews make great Spies

Jews make great Spies

Matti Friedman is a frank admission about why Jews are so effective at intern...


Jews Created Communist China

Jews Created Communist China

Communism in China was created by the Jews of the West

Screenshot 2picture of lenJ

oseph Stalin's Efforts to Topple Jewish Powe…

David Duke on Joseph Stalin's Noble Efforts to Topple Jewish Power from the Soviet... Ilhan Omar wanted the government to stop all rent and confiscate property from land...

Putin's Nationalism and The Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

Putin's Nationalism and The Fall of the Russi…

Putin made Russia great again. That's why the majority of Russians support him. ..


KGB Defector Reveals Marxist Subversion Tactics

KGB Defector Reveals Marxist Subversion Tacti…

FASCINATING - KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics - Full..


The Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed

The Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed

  New Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed | Know More News LIVE w/ Christopher ...

Jewish Talmud Update 3

Jewish Talmud Update 3

       The Jewish Talmud is not the word of God, the Talmu...

Tulmud Jewish most Guarded Secret 3.

Tulmud Jewish most Guarded Secret 3.


Screenshot 2net news

 Sever Plocker is Jewish.

Sever Plocker

Stalin's Jews

We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

Here's a particularly forlorn historical date: Almost 90 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka.

Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest state security organization. Its organizational structure was changed every few years, as were its names: From Cheka to GPU, later to NKVD, and later to KGB.

We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags.

Whole population strata were eliminated: Independent farmers, ethnic minorities, members of the bourgeoisie, senior officers, intellectuals, artists, labor movement activists, "opposition members" who were defined completely randomly, and countless members of the Communist party itself.

In his new, highly praised book "The War of the World, "Historian Niall Ferguson writes that no revolution in the history of mankind devoured its children with the same unrestrained appetite as did the Soviet revolution. In his book on the Stalinist purges, Tel Aviv University's Dr. Igal Halfin writes that Stalinist violence was unique in that it was directed internally.

Lenin, Stalin, and their successors could not have carried out their deeds without wide-scale cooperation of disciplined "terror officials," cruel interrogators, snitches, executioners, guards, judges, perverts, and many bleeding hearts who were members of the progressive Western Left and were deceived by the Soviet regime of horror and even provided it with a kosher certificate.

All these things are well-known to some extent or another, even though the former Soviet Union's archives have not yet been fully opened to the public. But who knows about this? Within Russia itself, very few people have been brought to justice for their crimes in the NKVD's and KGB's service. The Russian public discourse today completely ignores the question of "How could it have happened to us?" As opposed to Eastern European nations, the Russians did not settle the score with their Stalinist past.

And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the "bloodthirsty dwarf."

Yezhov was not Jewish but was blessed with an active Jewish wife. In his Book "Stalin: Court of the Red Star", Jewish historian Sebag Montefiore writes that during the darkest period of terror, when the Communist killing machine worked in full force, Stalin was surrounded by beautiful, young Jewish women.

Stalin's close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the "first Stalinist" and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind aside from the Nazi horrors and Mao's terror in China, did not move Kaganovich.

Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We'll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD's special department and the organization's chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. They too, of course, were gradually eliminated in the next purges. In a fascinating lecture at a Tel Aviv University convention this week, Dr. Halfin described the waves of soviet terror as a "carnival of mass murder," "fantasy of purges", and "essianism of evil." Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history.

The Jews active in official communist terror apparatuses (In the Soviet Union and abroad) and who at times led them, did not do this, obviously, as Jews, but rather, as Stalinists, communists, and "Soviet people." Therefore, we find it easy to ignore their origin and "play dumb": What do we have to do with them? But let's not forget them. My own view is different. I find it unacceptable that a person will be considered a member of the Jewish people when he does great things, but not considered part of our people when he does amazingly despicable things.

Even if we deny it, we cannot escape the Jewishness of "our hangmen," who served the Red Terror with loyalty and dedication from its establishment. After all, others will always remind us of their origin.

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KGB Defector Reveals Marxist Subversion Tactics

KGB Defector Reveals Marxist Subversion Tacti…

FASCINATING - KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics - Full..


Jews Admit Jewish Killing In The Soviet Russia

Jews Admit Jewish Killing In The Soviet Russi…

      Genrikh Yagoda   Genrikh Yagoda, a name unfamili...


White European Holocaust, Update 10

White European Holocaust, Update 10

WARNING GRAPHIC Shocking TORTURE of Whites and other Races   The United Nation...

 Screenshot 1r s

 - Originally written in Russian, it has been translated into German and French by a group of Professors who have offered their translations for free. A full proper English translation hasn't become available until now.

'Two Hundred Years Together' was written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian dissident who won a Nobel Prize for Literature ('The Gulag Archipelago'). Consisting of two volumes, the first being concerned with Russian-Jewish history between 1795-1916, and the second; Jews in the Soviet Union, this book exposes the role of the Jews in the Bolshevik revolution and Soviet purges where 60+ Million people died. So, it is clear enough why the Zionists were never going to allow an English translation of Solzhenitsyn's work.

Screenshot 1je ki

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 200 years together - English audiobook (part 1)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 200 years together - English audiobook (part 1)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 200 years together - English audiobook (part 2)



Medvedev's "maternal grandfather's first name was Veniamin - similar to the Hebrew Binyamin (Benjamin) - while his family name, Shaposhnikov, is sometimes a Jewish name." (Rumors that Putin's successor is Jewish.)

"Medvedev will be wonderful for the Jews," just as Putin was, declared Israeli-Russian businessman Lev Leviev, who heads the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. (Rumors that Putin's successor is Jewish.)


Who Rules Russia: known politics, businessmen, journalists, actors of Russia

Let's see who rules modern Russia?
In this thread I suggest to post info about the most known politics, businessmen, journalists and actors of Russia. The emphasis should be to the ethnic origin of these people.
Educational thread for English-speaking visitors. Post materials in English (translate using, if no other choice).
Sources are to be supplied for everything
see also, the complementary thread: Putin, United Russia, etc - corrupt, criminal, anti-white regime - Stormfront (if this one is "who they are", that one is more about "what they do").
Also: putinism - Stormfront - Threads Tagged with putinism
Discussion regarding this topic and non-essential info has been moved/split out to a separate thread - Re: Who Rules Russia: known politics, businessmen, journalists, actors of Russia; follow there for seeing and/or contributing to discussion/chatter; any future chit chat here will be moved to that thread anyway, for brevity.
I try to ensure the hyperlinks and images stay working & keep Table of Contens up-to-date. Post in the discussion thread about dead links or any other problems.
-Forum moderator--------Table of Contens
(last name first)Oligarchs / Tycoons
Abramovich, Roman[...]probably one of the most famous "Russian" oligarhes in the world. Jew Roman Abramovich is one of the richest (or probably the richest) thieves and criminals in Russia, close friend of Yeltsin and protector/curator of Putin[...]Duma member [...]
President Vladimir Putin changed the law to abolish elections for regional governors, and on 21 October 2005 Abramovich was reappointed governor for another term." [...]Alekperov, Vagitan oligarch of mixed Azerbaijani (a Turkic Muslim ethnicity) - Slavic ancestry[...] eighth richest person in Russia with a net worth of $13.9B; President, and main stakeholder of the leading Russian oil company LUKOIL.
Aven, PyotrJewish oligarch banker (Alfa Bank, Alfa Group), controls Russia's largest private bank. $5.4B as of 2013. Connected to Putin and key Putin's administration officials since early 1990s
.Deripaska, OlegJew [...] member of the Board of Directors and CEO of United Company RUSAL, the largest aluminium company in the world and a President of Enplus Group[...] Vladimir Putin with Oleg Deripaska, said to be the richest man in Russia and a member of the Kremlin elite. $8.5B as of 2013. A known buddy of Nathaniel Rotschild. Deripaska is often described as "100% Putin loyalist", "Kremlin-friendly", "closely connected to the Kremlin" and even "the oligarch closest to Putin".
Fedun, Leonidancestry unclear (though sometimes believed to be a Jew). Billionaire ($7.1 B), owns one of the most popular football clubs in Russia. Anti-White. Likes Jews, finances campaigns and drives against "xenophobia" and "anti-semitism" in sports (among football fans).
Fridman, Mikhail MaratovichJew [...] Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group Consortium, which is now one of the Russia's largest privately owned investment groups. In 2011, Forbes assessed his wealth as $15.1 billion, making him the 7th richest man in Russia [...]On excellent terms with Kremlin, member of Putin's Public Chamber; [...]one of the founders of the Russian Jewish Congress[...]large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund [...] developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance
Gutseriev, Mikhail Safarbekovich Ingush (* non-Slav, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity) entrepreneur and businessman. [...]. His family clan is the richest in Russia in 2013 and recent years. […] after successful deals with Putin's clans, all criminal cases were terminated and his family business is booming.
Kantor, Vyacheslav MosheJewish "chemicals tycoon" ($2.4B as of 2013), heads Acron, one of Russia's (and the world's) biggest fertilizer producers. Known as "Putin's ally and associate" with "close links to the Kremlin"; he is the current president of the European Jewish Congress and ex-president of Russian Jewish Congress, recognized as "one of the '50 Most Influential Jews in the World'" and a big time champion of anti-White thought-policing, repression and indoctrination, in Russia and worldwide.
Kerimov, Suleyman Abusaidovichan ethnic Lezgin born in Dagestan - a non-Slavic, traditionally Muslim Caucasus peoples, similar to Chechens [...] a secretive Kremlin-connected Russian tycoon. [...]Kerimov sometimes appears to be an extension of the Kremlin, the bankers say [...] the things [he does] seem to be in tandem with the government,” said Chris Barter, former co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs’ Moscow office [...] Suspiciously (*for a non-Jew) well-connected to the American/global juden-bankster oligopoly circles
Khan, German[...] a leading member of the Russian Jewish Congress [...] an active supporter of Jewish initiatives in Russia and Europe [...] large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund [...] aimed at developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance [...] On excellent terms with Kremlin. [...] Net Worth $10.5 B As of March 2013.
Mamut, AlexanderJewish oligarch and mafiozi, he has connections in the top levels of government: First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Putin's and Medvedev's cabinets, Igor Shuvalov, is an ex employee of Mamut's and they are strongly connected as associates. "He remains very close to the Kremlin and he is understood to be close to Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin". $2.3 B As of March 2013 (official and publicly known wealth).
Mikhelson, LeonidPart-Jewish although he doesn't publicly admit or identify with it. He controls Novatek - one of the most important natural gas companies in RF. $15.4 B As of March 2013. Deals and partnership with Kremlin-controlled Gazprom is a source of much of his fortune.
Prokhorov, Mikhail Dmitrievitch multibillionaire ($13B as of 2013) of Jewish-Russian-Osetian origin, jew by mother's side [...] politician, and owner of the American basketball team the Brooklyn Nets, and different nickel and gold producing factories in Russia. He is well known for his contempt towards workers and awful working conditions in his factories. On decent terms with Kremlin.
Rottenberg, Arkadiy (and his brother Boris)Jewish billionaire ($3.3B as of 2013, and $1.4B for Boris Rotenberg) and one of the richest men in Russia, personal friend of Putin, his former judo training partner. The huge capital he earned through personal acquaintance with V. Putin, last years he got practically unrestricted flow of budget money.
Shvidler, EugeneAnother Jewish billionaire ($1.3B as of 2013), natural resources tycoon, friend and partner of Abramovich. Together with Abramovich holds stakes in Evraz group - one of the biggest natural resource companies in Russia.
Usmanov, AlisherMuslim Asian (Uzbek) - the richest man of Russia and the United Kingdom. $17.6B as of 2013. [...]For his economic crimes he was even arrest and imprisoned in the Soviet Union. Today he gets awards of Putin [...] has "close links to the Kremlin" [...] married Jewish Irina Viner, a top rhythmic gymnastics coach, in 1992. She is considered to be close to Putin, having introduced him to his current partner, one of her former gymnasts, Alina Kabaeva
Vekselberg, ViktorJew [...] the richest man of Russia 2012. $15.1B As of 2013. This oligarh of mixed Jewish-Ukrainian origin is the owner of numerous oil and metallurgy plants of Russia [...]On good terms with Kremlin [...]
Lesser caliber non-Slavic (Jewish etc) tycoons and Putin's pals benefitting from state contractsZiyad Manasir , Iskander Mahmudo , Muslim Ziyaudin Magomedov, Aras Agalarov, Armenian Vazgen Gevorkyan
"State corporation oligarchs"
People entrusted with running huge multi-billion dollar state corporations and monopolies, they are somewhere in between an "oligarch" and administration official, and easily a match in influence to a Minister or Deputy Minister.
Chubais, Anatoly[...]Jew by mother's side[...] was an influential member of Boris Yeltsin's administration, insider of oligarchic mafia circles of 90s [...] receives awards from Putin and Medvedev, as well as control of multi-billion dollar state corporations - RAO UES and RUSNANO.
Kirienko, SergeyJew by father's side. A prominent liberal and supporter of Putin, was Prime Minister in Yeltsin's time. In Putin's Russia he heads Rosatom - a huge state corporation controlling the whole nuclear complex of RF - weaponry, R&D and power utilities - described as "state within a state, a powerful and secretive dominion with an almost limitless access to government funds and no accountability to either the state or the public.
"Officials / Kremlin administration under Putin and Medvedev
Dvorkovich, ArkadyJew; married to a non-Slav as well – wife is an ethnic Dagestani) […]an economist, was the Assistant to the President (* i.e. Putin) of the Russian Federation since 13 May 2008 til May 2012. In May 21, 2012 he was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister in Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet
Fradkov, Mikhail Yefimovichfamily of Jewish origin on his father's side […] Russian politician and statesman who was the Prime Minister of Russia (* appointed by Putin) from March 2004 to September 2007. Fradkov has been the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007
Kalanda, Vladimirunknown asian/eurasian origin - obvious in looks, born in neighboring with China region. One of senior Putin's officials: Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Migration Service, Federal Service of the Russian Federation for control of drug trafficking. His wife is the Vice President of Rosneft, Russia's leading extraction and refinement company and largest publicly traded oil company, owned by the Government of Russia.
Kalina, Isaak Josephovich[..]jew, [...] From 2010 till now - Head of Education Department of Moscow government. [...] In 2009-2012 - Deputy Chairman of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia.[...]
Kogan (Cohen), VladimirJewish banker, former co-owner of Industry and Construction Bank of St. Petersburg, a statesman. A close friend of Vladimir Putin from Putin's St. Petersburg days, also known as "Putin's banker". Director of the Department of Construction Ministry of Regional Development in 2008-2011, during the period from July to December 2012 - Deputy Minister of Regional Development - Head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services.
Lavrov, Sergey ViktorovichRussian diplomat who has been the Foreign Minister of Russia since 2004. His nomination to the Foreign Minister office was approved by two Russian presidents, in 2008 by Dmitry Medvedev and in 2012 by Vladimir Putin. Lavrov was born in Moscow to an Armenian father from Tbilisi and Russian mother from Georgia. Big anti-White and anti-WN: Is an activist in everything “anti-nazi”, “anti-racist”(= code words for anti-White) - details inside.
Lesin, Mikhail YuriyevichJew. Minister of The press, TV broadcasting and Media under Putin (1999-2004), temporary acting Minister of Culture in 2004, presidential aide and advisor under Putin and Medvedev (2004-2009), Kremlin's "manager of mass media" and "spin doctor". Once described as "the most influential personality of Russian television and radio", his record includes creation of Kremlin-friendly Russia Today (RT), Putin's election campaign propaganda and much more.
Magomedov, Magomedsalam Magomedaliyevichan ethnic Dargi (non Slavic, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity)[…] was the President of Dagestan [...] appointment by the President of Russia […] Today he was appointed as "Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration"
Nurgaliev, Rashid Gumirovichtatar. 2000-2002 - deputy chief of FSB (KGB), 2002-2003 - deputy minister of home affairs (police) of Russia, 2003-2012 - minister of home affairs (police) of Russia, 2012-now - deputy chief of security council of Russia. Fighter against nationalism.
Pavlovsky, Gleb Olegovich[..]political scientist (he describes himself as a "political technologist") of jewish origin [...] adviser to the Presidential Administration of Russia until April, 2011 [...] one of behind the scenes masterminds and image shapers of Putin
Pollyeva, Dzhakhan Redzhepovnaethnic from turkmenian […] an Aide to the President of Russia
Reiman, Leonid Dododzhonovichfather was a tajik (asian muslim), mother was a German (jew?) [...]former Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Russian Federation. Leonid Reiman has been numerously rated most influential person in Russian telecom business with personal wealth over $1 bln., according to Finance magazine.
Sechin, Igorstrange looking - mystery meat? [...] Russian official, considered a close ally of Vladimir Putin. Sechin is often described as one of Putin's most conservative counselors and the leader of the Kremlin's Siloviki faction, a statist lobby gathering former security services agents [...] currently is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Vladimir Putin's cabinet.
Shoygu, Sergeymixed Slav with Turkic/Mongoloid [...] perennial minister of RF since Yeltsin's times. [...]Minister of Emergency Situations from 1991 to 2012 […] On November 6, 2012 he was appointed Minister of Defence of Russia. Was "at the root of" United Russia (Putin's party) from the beginning, party co-chairman in 2001–2005 and from 2005 and on he is also in the party's main leadership -- its Supreme Council.
Shuvalov, IgorNothing specific about ethnicity or parents; possibly a Slav. One of the most important officials in Putin's and Medvedev's cabinets. Another "oligarchs' man" in RF government, close personal and business connections with many of Russia's biggest oligarchs, including Kerimov, Usmanov and, most of all, the Jewish tycoon Aleksandr Mamut.
Sobyanin, Sergeynative Asian, the Mayor of Moscow. [...] was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and former Head of the Administration of the President of Russia from 2005 to 2010
"Surkov", "Vladislav"(before name change - Aslambek Andarbekovich Dudaev) - half-Chechen, friend of Muslims[...]Vladislav Surkov is widely seen as the main ideologist of the Kremlin [...] contributed greatly to the electoral victory of President Vladimir Putin in 2004 [...] main architect of the current Russian political system [...] top aide to Vladimir Putin, First Deputy of the Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration from 1999 to 2011, Deputy Prime Minister from December 2011 to 8 May 2013
Yusufov, Igor HanukovichJewish businessman and statesman in Putin's Russia: 2001-2004 - Minister of Energy, July 29, 2004 to April 8, 2011 - The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Energy Cooperation, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; currently on board of directors of huge state monopoly Gazprom - one of the largest companies in the world.
Parliament: United Russia party, supporters of Putin, notable M.P.s
Hinstein, AlexanderJewish member of parliament, from the ruling party United Russia (Putin's party); member of the Presidium of United Russia - a handful of members who are the top ruling body of the party. Influential and prolific journalist and writer in Russia, advocate of Putin's government in media.
Sarafaliev, Gadzhimet Kerimovichethnic dagestanian (non-Slavic, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity), State Duma deputy from the Putin's party "United Russia", head of the Committee of Nationalities in parliament […] big supporter of mass-immigration from turkic-asian ex-USSR republics as well as “tolerance” brainwashing for Whites
Vasilyev, Vladimir Abdualievichpolitician of mixed Kazakh(Asian)-Russian origin. Since November 2012 he is the chief of Putin's party "United Russia" in the parliament.
Slutsker, VladimirJewish multi-millionaire and MP in 2002-2010, prominent member of Jewish social and religious organizations in Russia and worldwide. He and his wife (whom he divorced in 2009) are known as supporters of Putin, Medvedev and United Russia. Naturally, he worked to assist the "worker immigrants" who are "humiliated by the extremists". Reportedly a buddy of another Jewish oligarch - Roman Abramovich.
Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein), Vladimirpart Jew. Fake "opposition", in reality controlled by and servile to Kremlin. Fake "nationalist", neo-sovietist, the only kind of "nationalism" not banned in Putin's Russia and allowed non insignificant political representation.
Prominent TV and radio hosts
Shevchenko, Maksim[...]one of the leading journalists and "experts" of Putin's Russia, muslim activist, anti-White and active supporter of Putin.
Solovyov, Vladimir Rudolfovichpure jew [...] member of Russian Jewish Congress. He is the lead in the official debates in the parliamentary and presidential elections. […] In addition he's an active supporter for Putin personally and his party "United Russia", Solovyov is a frequent speaker at their meeting; hugely influential Russia's TV and radio journalist, leading pro-government TV journalist, one of the most prominent and recognizeable Russian Federation mainstream TV hosts/media personas
Lazar, BerelChief Rabbi of Russia, and chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities [...] member of the Public Chamber of Russia [...] Lazar is known for his close ties to Putin's Kremlin. [...] Vladimir Putin signed an edict to honor him with the Order of Friendship. This award is being presented for the contribution made by Rabbi Lazar to developing culture and strengthening friendship between nations within Russia [...] At the sixtieth anniversary commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz at the concentration camp, Putin gave a speech. His speech was followed by Lazar awarding Putin the so-called Salvation medal as a symbol of "the Jewish people's gratitude" to Russia for liberating the camp.
Spiegel, BorisJew; MP (senator), pharmaceuticals tycoon, anti-white activist, lobbyist and originator of multiple anti-white, anti-free speech thought crime legislative projects (signed into law and lauded by Putin); according to Jewish press "an oligarch who is closely tied to the Kremlin" and "firmly in the pro-Putin camp".---The Civic Chamber[...] a state institution with 126 members created in 2005 in Russia to analyze draft legislation and monitor the activities of the parliament, government and other government bodies of Russia and its Federal Subjects. It has a role similar to an oversight committee and has consultative powers. [...] The creation of the chamber was suggested by Vladimir Putin. Hard to find a White Slav - not Asian, Muslim or Semite – there.

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Who Rules Russia known politics businessmen journalists actors of Russia

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1047 0:00

The Rise of Putin and Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs (1/2)



Japan imported UK's naval technology and methods.

Jews Still in Control of Russia

JEWS STILL IN CONTROL OF RUSSIA When the Jews took over Russia with Communism, they killed the entire Gentile ruling and upper classes, and replaced them with a Jewish ruling elite which was part of a larger Jewish order. "Rosenthal also talks about a Jewish invisible government which also controls

 The Russian Presitent Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 "Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg),[20][21] the youngest of three children of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911–1999) and Maria Ivanovna Putina (née Shelomova; 1911–1998). Vladimir Spiridonovich's father was a cook to Vladimir Lenin.[22] Putin's birth was preceded by the deaths of two brothers, Viktor and Albert, born in the mid-1930s. Albert died in infancy and Viktor died of diphtheria during the Siege of Leningrad in World War II.[23] Putin's mother was a factory worker and his father was a conscript in the Soviet Navy, serving in the submarine fleet in the early 1930s. Early in World War II, his father served in the destruction battalion of the NKVD.[24][25][26] Later, he was transferred to the regular army and was severely wounded in 1942.[27] Putin's maternal grandmother was killed by the German occupiers of Tver region in 1941, and his maternal uncles disappeared at the war front.[28]"

Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Screenshot 1smaller on putin

Screenshot 180 jew

Screenshot 1jew and revolution


Witnesses and cables from the American Embassy about the Jewish role in Bolshevik Revolution



Socialism/Communism was created by Jews.

I think you underestimate that fact that Communism was created by Judaism.

“Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

“The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

“Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

“Judaism is Marxism, communism”
Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

“The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

“We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”
The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11

“The picture which the Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to world Jewry.”
The Youngstown Jewish Times, Sept. 18, 1936, page 51

“It would be absurd to deny the intensity of the Jewish participation in the Russian revolutionary movement.”
Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York) July-September 1932, p. 106

“That achievement – the Russian-Jewish revolution – destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.”
The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920

“The Bolshevik Government of Russia is the key-stone of the arch of the proof of the Jewish conspiracy for radicalism and world-domination.”
William Hard, The Great Jewish Conspiracy (New York: American Jewish Book Company, 1920), p. 31

“The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism”
Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix

“The Jews [have been] furnishing for the Bolsheviks the majority of their leaders”
The Jewish World (London), April 16, 1919, p. 11

“Russian Jews have taken a prominent part in the Bolshevist movement”
The American Hebrew (New York), November 18, 1927, p. 20

 Screenshot 1bol ism

Bobby Fischer :

First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.'
September 1992.

Screenshot 1w a war

  Feature History - Russo-Japanese War

 John C

"The Battle of Tsushima... now THERES a tale. With Russia's first Pacific squadron destroyed, they renamed the Baltic fleet the "Second Pacific Squadron" and told them to set sail for the Far East, relieve Port Arthur and destroy the Japanese fleet. And so, the absurd and epic journey of the Second Pacific Squadron began. The journey took months, and was hell. Most of the sailors were untrained peasants shanghaied into the whole thing, and Admiral Zinoviy Rozhestvensky and his second in command Nikolai Nebogatov, the poor guys put in charge, knew full well that they were all being sent to die. And thousands did. The battle wasn't so much as a battle as a massacre. The Russian ships, some modern, but many decrepit and obsolete vessels (referred to by Rozhestvensky as the "sink-by-themselves ships") were sunk one by one. The Russian fleet was crushed, and what remained of it was surrendered to the Japanese by Nebogatov (Rozhestvensky had been badly wounded) who was unwilling to see more of his men die pointless deaths. And of course, when he and Rozhestvensky returned to Russia, they were blamed for absolutely everything. The Tsar nearly executed them, but instead they were imprisoned, their naval careers ended and their names were forever tarnished." John C

Screenshot 1russian sost" data-mce-href="v"> How did Russia Lose the Russo-Japanese War? | Animated History

Rnl Valen

Japan imported UK's naval technology and methods.

Screenshot 12000 km

Rick Sanchez explains why Russian Nuclear Bombers are in Venezuela

 Americans need to know the history of broken US promises that led to Russia’s encirclement. During the re-unification of Germany in 1990, the US offered an “iron-clad guarantee” that NATO would expand “not one inch” toward Russia. When Soviet Premier Gorbachev agreed. Rick Sanchez explains how NATO’s subsequent history gives Russia a right feel threatened. Then, former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to share his insights and expertise.

Norbert Rosendahl

The story even goes further .... Despite all these broken promises, in 2008 Putin was giving a speech in front of the German Bundestag, offering a global cooperation. Germany could be the moderator between Russia and the USA. The goal was international global agreements as win/win for everybody and a peaceful world. Wonderful plans ... the west ignored this offer and went back to cold war. In my opinion this was the BIGGEST, BIGGEST mistake, the US (and the rest of the west world) ever made. It missed a historical opportunity.

Rocky B

The USA and Israel have broken all the treaties and United Nations Resolutions. Just Israel has broken the UN Security Council Resolutions 338 times since 1968 concerning Palestine. Look it up

 Question MK-Question

They don't want Russia joining NATO because without phantom enemies, they will have zero excuse why they're ripping us off...
100s of bases surrounding Russia vs. 2 bombers. America is run by morons. Mike should replace Russia with America in that bs statement.
Abdiel Jimenez
No trust in American mainstream media.
I suspect the anti-Russia hysteria is being promoted by the US/EU/China-dominated NWO globalists who recognize that Russia is a capable, economically-nationalistic, highly independent nation and will never submit to a single global order. So, in the NWO/globalists mind, Russia must be made to submit in order for their plan to proceed. The NWO/Globalists have already taken over the EU and the US Deep State. Trump was an unexpected roadblock to them, but the Globalists remain undaunted in their pursuit of global domination. This is why the Globalists are dead set against any kind of cooperation between US economic nationalist Trump and Russia. The Globalists are in great fear of the spreading rise of economic nationalism. China is probably happy for the US and Russia to become mired in another Cold War as it takes our eyes off of what they're doing in Asia and elsewhere.
Damian Luch
the US opposes Russia because they thwarted Israel's expansion into Syria

Screenshot 1nato 1990

 Zoltan Kovats


Screenshot 1nato 2009

 Norbert Rosendahl

The story even goes further .... Despite all these broken promises, in 2008 Putin was giving a speech in front of the German Bundestag, offering a global cooperation. Germany could be the moderator between Russia and the USA. The goal was international global agreements as win/win for everybody and a peaceful world. Wonderful plans ... the west ignored this offer and went back to cold war. In my opinion this was the BIGGEST, BIGGEST mistake, the US (and the rest of the west world) ever made. It missed a historical opportunity.
michael johnson
Ironically the US government that keeps provoking Russia also wants to disarm its own people as well.

Coveners League has many articles, here is a small sample, please check them out.

Teach White Europeans About Their Ice Age Heritage

 White European Racial Pride.   What Race Are You ?

White European Racial Pride. What Race Are You ?

 Alternative News Sites

Alternative News Sites

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

White History, Music, Wars, Dances and Film Archives

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Whites Fight Back Against Racism & Bigotry

European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 European Birth Rate Statistics. Update 2

 Screenshot 2coudenhove

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - To Genocide Indigenous Europeans in Europe

 Screenshot 2us constitution

US Constitution & Bill of Rights. Article…

Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Europe & Middle Eastern Wildlife. Update 2

 Screenshot 2second try

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

 Screenshot 2keep fredom free

Freedom of the Internet

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In Europe

The Thirty Years' War- Between Christians In

 Screenshot 2gencide

Genocide Whites & all Races

Screenshot 2white indigous laws

White Indigenous Rights

Screenshot 2big family 2

Promoting Large Families

Screenshot 2farmland

Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

 Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

New World Order Globalist. Update 2

New World Order Globalist

 Screenshot 2picture of dead people

The European Holocaust

 Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice. Update 2

Media Ownership: The Illusion of Choice

Fighting Genocide Worldwide

 Bankers Control the World

Bankers Control the World

 White Organizations: European Community Based Organizations

White Gentile Organizations & Jewish Community Based Organizations

Screenshot 3picture

White & Jewish National Congresses

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Citizens Initizens Referendums ( CIR ) in Switzerland

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Afrikaner AfriForum Civil Rights Organization

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Orania White Afrikaner Community

Helping Whites. South African Family Relief …

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