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The Defender Organization Update 2.

  • Thursday, 11 March 2021 11:39

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Naomi Wolf is Jewish.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights

I am shocked to hear that the Israeli government gave Anthony Fauci a gift of $1,000,000. I live in Israel and I have heard nothing about this. However, this helps to explain the current situation in Israel, which is rapidly becoming a dictatorship. We were not consulted about the experimental "vaccine" programme either, nor were we told the truth about it. Most of the doctors fully endorse its use.


Yes Gabriella, unfortunately, Israel is following what they are told without knowing all the facts. :( The loyalty is strong but the lies are covered up; there is a lot of naïve individuals , much like what is going on here in the US and in many other countries. People want to believe what they are told by those that are suppose to looking out for their welfare, but that's not how this world works and this past year has put us all on high alert. We have to be smart and alert and not believe what people tell us anymore. Keep coming to boards like this and stay

⁣R.I.P. 30 Year Old Former Nurse And Mother Of 2 Due To Death By Lethal Injection Of A Faux Vaccine Mrs. Tiffany Lashae Pontes Dover... ;-0

She Died Back On December 17th 2020 Later That Night After Volunteering For This Deadly Toxic Non Vaccine At The Hospital She Worked At, Wherein She Fainted While On Live Local Tell Lies Vision Shortly After Receiving The Deadly Non Vaccine, And During The Live Interview, Which Then Went Viral Around The Realm, Wherein The Pro-Deadly Non Vaccine Criminals Tried Putting Out Another Woman Who Looked Like Her, As Their Ploy To Brainwash The Public That She Was Fine, And Didn't Die From The Deadly Toxic $hite Faux Vaccine . . . ;-(

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‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights


Elmhurst Hospital: Is Ghosttown

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Elmhurst Hospital: MSM's "Epicenter of The Epicenter" Is Ghosttown When Citizen Media Show Up

Tommy Robinson Expose The Fake News BBC!

  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020 10:58

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Panodrama - An Expose Of The Fake News BBC!

Tommy Robinson and the TR.News team uncovered a collaborative plot between John Sweeney, his paymasters at the BBC and Far-Left organisation Hope Not Hate. What Tommy discovered was disturbing. The BBC were planning a “Tommy Takedown”. There was an orchestrated attempt to lie, smear and fabricate “evidence” to not only destroy Tommy Robinson the activist and journalist, but also Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the devoted father, husband and family man. Panodrama reveals what strategies the BBC, John Sweeney and Hope Not Hate used in their attempt to crush a British patriot and destroy his family. It was this exposé which led to the cancelling and deplatforming of Tommy Robinson – An Enemy Of The British State.

Bill Gate's Vccines

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 The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies

partisan Girl

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Dr. Fauci said in 2017, there will be a surprise outbreak.

Dr. Fauci said in 2017 Screenshot 1who v bit

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Corona 19 vaccine could make the disease worse.

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Bill Gates wants the total world population vaccined.

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Christianism is literally Gloabalistic Judaism. A reformed form of Judaism that isn't ethnocentric, but Globalistic. It's been a plague in Europe since the start, leading to things like the 30 years war, the massacre of 5000 Saxons, the Northern Crusades, inumeros persecutions, pillagings of local temples, and cutting down of sacred trees, and the total subversion of native practices to become "Christian" ones. The first "Christians" were all middle eastern Jews, the first pope was an Anatolian Jew.

People always say that Jews were 2nd class citizens under Christian rule, but what they don't mention, is that native European pagans were much more harshly treated than middle eastern Jews. That's why Jews remained in Europe up to this day, and Pagans were either converted or killed, usually burned at the stake.

"If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved" - Polydoros Of Sparta

Covid Jab Kills Jews

  • Tuesday, 09 March 2021 21:59

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Is Forced Vaccination Legal ?.

  • Monday, 18 May 2020 10:08

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Epstein Defender Dershowitz Says Forced Vaccination is Legal

World Zionist Congress

  • Saturday, 17 April 2021 23:04

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 The Zionist World Congress are meeting in Jerusalem Israel this October 2020.

What Is The World Zionist Congress?

Less than 5% of the population, but with 10s of thousands of Jew NGOs. How many European people (centered) NGOs are there. I suspect, none.

Link to original video: 

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The people who hate Israel:

1. Liberals.
2. Marxist professors.
3. Democrats.
4. Atheist liberal Jews.
6. Muslims.
7. Nazis.

So why was Israel justified in attempting to sink the USS Liberty?

 Exposing Zionist Crimes




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EMERGENCY BROADCAST: SPARS 2025-2028 Is The Blueprint For Total Collapse of Civilization

 On this emergency Saturday transmission, Alex Jones and Tim Enlow present exclusive footage of the United States' collapsing southern border where children are being smuggled into the country and young women are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Also, Jay Dyer joins to help give a SPARS 2025-2028 update and confirm what Infowars has been reporting for over a year: the COVID-19 vaccine is a globalist bio-attack meant to collapse nation states and usher in the New World Order.




Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History

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Thomas Cochrane one of the finest sea commanders the world has ever seen.

Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History

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Fred Barker

It was Napoleon who gave him the title “sea wolf” Napoleon really could have done with an admiral of his quality. Had he had Cochrane, he wouldn’t have fucked about with his pay like the British did. they had a deep respect for one another, Cochrane wanted to free exiled Napoleon to make him emperor of South America. (Source Thomas Cochrane by Donald Thomas) Edit: I’m so glad we are all remembering Cochrane and nobody remembers a name of those fools above him who always tried to do him dirty.

Romel Negut

He's definitely one of the finest sea commanders the world has ever seen.

Damon Traeger

Good to see Thomas Cochran get some well deserved recognition. You call him “crazy” and “insane”, but the actions of a genius in their field of knowledge can appear crazy to the layman. Although his victories seem fantastical, they are far too numerous to be happenstance. He took the Roman adage, “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” (Fortune Favors the Bold), to a level we shall most likely never see again.

André Luis Assis

As a Brazilian, resident of Rio de Janeiro, I'm most delighted to watch an hour long documentary about such fascinating character as Thomas Cochrane. This video alone put to shame what our own schools teach about him this days. I honestly wanna say, thank you Kings and Generals! And keep up the most excellent work!

Russia’s Industrial Heartland.

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Russia can preserve its sovereignty and independence only if it develops its own domestic highly efficient technologies.

 Russia’s Industrial Heartland: Ural Mountain Factory Belt Sports Best Manufacturing Tech in World!

Subscribe to Vesti News ECONOMIC GEMS. Special Report by Anton Borisov. We came to Sverdlovsk Oblast to show you the development of its economy. That's why we will build a tank, forge titanium, find gold, get ready to fly, assemble a robot, pick shavings from an excavator, and chase a fast reactor.
The sanctions imposed by the West on Russia seem to have been a blessing in disguise, it woke Russians up.
I'm really impressed, I remember what the corrupt lying sack + war criminal Obama said 'Russia doesn't make anything'.
Dr. Ronald Cutburth
The fast nuclear reactor can use nuclear weapons-grade materials as in Plutonium and high-grade Uranium. Russia has enough nuclear material to last more than 2500 years. That may change when Russia defends the world from Space Aliens. I have previously predicted that Russia will be the first with real space fighter aircraft like in Star Wars the fantasy movie. Russia does not spend time building fantasies. Their "Fast breeder reactor" is a logical development that the US scientists somehow could not build. I opine the difference is Russia's educational planning where even high school graduates finish highschool having studied Calculus.
Sunny Hope
Russia can preserve its sovereignty and independence only if it develops its own domestic highly efficient technologies. For example, software technologies that are in use today are very complicated and overwhelming. Now it is a good moment to create a much simpler reusable software technology that can reduce the cost of new software development. And for this, you don't need to follow exactly the same former path of the existing software technologies. You just need to keep and implement the main useful concepts in modern programming like modular programming, concurrent programming, event-driven programming, OOP, relational databases, (and so on), but do this as simple as possible and in an unitary manner. It would be also a good idea to try to create a hardware technology that fits well with the new software.