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Left Wing more likely to be Mentally ill. 2.

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May I introduce another dose of Trump-Hate! Are liberals mentally sick?

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 Woman Shocked With Herself After Voting For TRUMP / Some Other Memorable Freakouts!


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These people are literally possessed with devil and demons. Amar Sason

Police Wash the Feet of Pastors as White People Pray for Forgiveness


Antifa (Jewish Communist Organization)


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A nurse overseeing the charts of submitted drug tests related to recent Antifa arrests show a mass number of those arrests all have at least one or a combination of intensely dangerous drugs like PCP, Angeldust, Methamphetamine, Crack, Cocaine, and more. Who supplies these protestors with such a large drug cocktail?

  Exclusive: California Nurse Says Arrested ANTIFA Test Positive For Drugs

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If you took all the people in those mugshots and lined em up, they would be called "The Retard Train".

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Jewish Zionist runs the mainstream media in the United States .



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How about Leftism is a sign of mental illness. ?


 The Liberal, Socialist left hate Whites, Blacks, Asians and rarely use the following,

Denies science
Denies common sense
Refuses to accept reality
Can't accept facts.


Yuri Bezmenov(ex KGB) talked about White people who are so brainwash that even if you show them all the proof and statistics, they will still not change, they are mentally ill slaves.

Zionists are the Jews who strive to build the Jewish nation. Marxists are the Jews who strive to tear down the non-Jewish nations. They are both dangerous because they have the same goal, which is to destroy Western White European cultures.

 How about Leftism is a sign of mental illness. ?

I'm not going to label myself as left or right. I think Christian Zionist would fall into that category as well. Christian Zionist are not only a danger to themselves, but their blind support of Israel is putting all of us in danger. It's not all their fault, but they quality as fucking looney tunes.

Many leftists are slaves to drugs - both illegal and legal. Big Pharma has control over their body chemistry and their mental states. There are clinics in liberal areas where the Doctors are paid to prescribe and hook you on mind-bending pharmaceuticals with almost every visit and ailment. There are many leftist school teachers that take mood stabilizing prescription drugs to help them deal with the stress of managing mobs of crazy kids - many whose parents fail them at home then allow these drugged-up leftist teachers to become their role-models all week. So a lot of the mental illness could be correlated with drug companies profiting from altering human body-chemistry on an industrial scale.


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Pew Poll: White Liberals More Likely To Be Mentally Ill And Depressed

 One look at an antifa protest could tell you this but it’s nice to have some data.


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Feb 12, 2020

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A new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Ann Coulter’s “liberalism is a mental disorder” catchphrase has become something of a clichéd meme, but the data appears to support it.

Carried out by Slate Star Codex, the online survey collected a wealth of data from respondents about their education, demographic, lifestyle and political views.

The results show that people who occupy the farther left end of the political spectrum are more likely to have been “formally diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.”


In addition, the results show that the highest percentage of respondents (38%) who admit being diagnosed with forms of mental illness also identify politically as Marxists.

In comparison, just 12.1% of conservatives say they have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.


While the survey is by no means scientific, it does give an insight into how disturbed people are more likely to be attracted to fringe leftist beliefs, which in a lifestyle sense usually encourage degeneracy and a lack of moral responsibility.

“It’s not a myth that left-wingers are more mentally ill,” said conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. “And it’s not a surprise the internet has elevated crazy people with too much time on their hands to a central place in the national discourse. The “social web” is a social fucking catastrophe.”







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PLUTOCRACY: How Jewish Elites Decide Who Sits on the US Supreme Court (Audio + Transcript)


Conservative-Led Supreme Court Votes 6-3 To Grant Gays and Transsexuals Special Rights and Privileges

Judge Neil Gorsuch dealt another blow to the credibility of the Republican Party today. 

Trump-sponsoredGorsuch joined George W. Bush appointee John Roberts and three activist judges in a 6-3 ruling declaring that homosexuals and transsexuals are entitled to special and exclusive work place protections under the 1964 Civil Rights act. 

Gorsuch, who claims to be a Constitutional "originalist," declared that the provision in the Civil Rights act barring employment discrimination based on "sex" could be textually interpreted as meaning gay sex, as well as male fetishists who use drugs and surgeries to imitate women. The Civil Rights act, which racially excludes granting equal rights to white non-Jewish people, itself violates multiple enshrined liberties in the original US Constitution.

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America's 'War' Against Switzerland

The Pseudoscience Of Vaccines


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The Pseudoscience Of Vaccines – Big Pharma's Final Solution

Greg Reese

The de-evolution of healthcare in the western world


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How The Economic Machine Works

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 Federal reserve bank in every country, legally create money out of thin air. Charge interest on it.

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Learned more in 30min video than in 3 years economy class.Elena  

Steven Walshe

Here's how you play God: 1. Establish federal reserve bank on every country 2. Gain enough power to legally create money out of thin air 3. Charge interest on it 4. Create an infinite cycle of boom and bust in the economy 5. Let humans pay land or resources as payment for debt 6. Repeat steps 2-5 7. Wait til there'll never be enough cash/resources circulating around to pay debts 8. Human race forever gets deeper and deeper into debt 9. Sit on the throne and decide who shall be first to eat.
Maggie McCain
Usury creates cycles and extreme inequality making recessions and depressions inevitable.

 Corey Rachar

long story short: The debt/credit system convolutes economic growth and is the cause of financial crisis.


See ''"The Ingredients of Economic Growth" | Mark Thornton'' about the Austrian School of economics; he sais mainstream economists are afraid of deflation, but it is a normal thing - especially in a free trade society, deflation is not a threat.


What Was It Really Like To Pioneer On The Oregon Trail

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Here's What It Was Really Like To Pioneer On The Oregon Trail

 Between 1840 and 1860, roughly 400,000 people traveled the 2,000-mile path of the Oregon Trail, encountering sickness, death, exhaustion, and other hardships. The road was long and arduous, but for these determined pioneers, life continued on and even settled into a routine. Here’s what life was really like on the Oregon Trail.

Pioneers who journeyed on the Oregon Trail used wagons. Pioneer wagons had to be light but durable enough to take a beating. Most settlers used converted farm wagons, while others relied on ones specially made for the Oregon Trail. A common misconception is that overlanders used Conestoga wagons. They did not. Those famous wagons were used for freight on other trails. They were much too heavy for crossing the prairies.

The wagons that pioneers used were often simple farm wagons fitted with covers made of canvas. They weighed up to 1,400 pounds and hauled nearly a ton and a half. Because of the strain, trail wagons were usually mostly made of hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple. The wagon bed, at only 4 feet by 10 feet, was crammed with supplies. If the wagon broke down on the trail, it could be an arduous if not impossible process to fix it. The tires, axles, and the connections in the undercarriage took the most abuse. These parts were reinforced by iron. The whole ensemble was covered up with white canvas held by hoops which led some to call the pioneer wagons prairie schooners.

Prairie schooners made for an uncomfortable ride. There were no springs or suspension systems to cushion the jolts of 2,000 miles of rocky wilderness. Most overlanders, therefore, walked, not just because of the lack of comfort but because the wagon was full of stuff.

Watch this video for more on what it was really like to pioneer on the Oregon Trail!

#OregonTrail #History #Pioneer

Wagons weren't for riding | 0:00

Safety in numbers | 1:47

Three sets of clothes for six months | 2:45

The Oregon trail diet plan | 3:42

Ox or mule | 5:07

A complex relationship | 6:23

Deteriorating relations on the Oregon Trail | 7:49

The nations longest graveyard | 8:54

Kids on the trail | 10:20

A day in the life | 11:39

Are we there yet | 12:36

Read Full Article:

 Beth G.

Some natives dug up their graves for their clothing. That helped to spread diseases.
Manual Nino
Maybe the Indians were largely friendly. However, I have a letter in which my Great Great Grandfather says otherwise. He stated that as they came across in a covered wagon he clearly remembers the many "skirmishes" they had with Indians. This was in 1850.
 Martin Spalding
So what about the diaries of some of the people saying that Indians were indeed a menace ....
 First Name Last Name
Something everyone must keep in mind is that Indian nations had war between themselves over power, hunting areas, slavery, etc. When the white man showed they had firearms. The real disheartening thing were the broken treaty’s I feel.

Bozeman Trail

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Native Americans weren’t native. They came from Asia and displaced the original people that were already here. Ken Zeier

Bozeman Trail

 The Bozeman Trail was a shortcut to the newly discovered gold fields of Montana Territory. Cutting through the heart of Indian country, it provoked a clash of cultures that exploded into warfare, destruction and tragedy. It was a singular road that changed this part of the American west forever.

Tom Huns

The westerners made somethin out of nothin.


20 Kids and Counting

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Another Baby for Britain’s Biggest Family!? | 20 Kids and Counting


American War Against Muslim Pirates

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In Search Of History - Pirates Of The Barbary Coast (History Channel Documentary)

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REA197457 Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820 (oil on canvas) by Luny, Thomas (1759-1837); 122x183 cm; Private Collection; © Royal Exchange Art Gallery at Cork Street, London; English, out of copyright

"While the Moroccan pirates cooperated, Ottoman Algerian leader Dey Mohammed ben-Osman declared war on the United States, capturing a merchant ship in 1784, and offered to assume peaceful relations only if the U.S. government could pay him a tribute. Though the U.S. was able to negotiate a treaty with Morocco in 1786, Congress didn’t have the money to pay off Mohammed, according to records held by the U.S. State Department.

Luckily for then-President George Washington, Portugal was warring with Algiers and protected U.S. merchant ships — until 1793, when the two states reached a truce, opening American vessels up to attack once more."

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Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War that Changed American History

White Ancient Egyptians

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Video shows many pictures of Egyptians with blue eyes and white skin.

Immortal Egypt: Invasion (Ancient Egypt Documentary) | Timeline


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I’m Egyptian and I would like to thank you for mentioning the camels thing. People think camels are part of our heritage and culture but it’s totally not. It’s only available at touristic sites for merely commercial purposes. Unlike what people may think, we are much more about agriculture than desert stuff. The pyramids were surrounded by agricultural land until a century ago. Most of our traditions and habits are strongly related to the agricultural nature of old Egypt.


I really love Joann Fletcher, she's so uppity and pleasant to listen to
mark watts
WHY..would anyone wear black in the sun? Black attracts the heat of the sun to unbearable cannot reflect light thus absorbs it many times more than a light colour. Its why theres no black cars in very hot cities in the Middle east
Resting Bird
The great pyramid isn't a body was found, and it has none of the markings found in other tombs.
Wendy S
A blonde mummy in Egypt is very interesting.
Georgios Papadimitriou
Why have the pyramids no Egyptian name , but Greek ?
Narciso de Almeida
Lies.According to what i learned over 45 years the most perfect pyramid was built 25000 years @t Thoth the Atlantian,all others were copy's.The rulling class never spoke any of the local language the Aristocracy had RHn blood,had blond or red hair and blue eyes,our scientists ar not allowed to reveal this
Chris Gardner
Cuneiform is the oldest known written language, not hieroglyphics !
Heavy Weight
Animals eating is pagan to ancient Egypt. Pheros are resting at the valley of kings. Pyramids are not tombs. STOP SPREADING AN OLD LAUGHABLE LIE. We have laughed enough.
O'Seas Viewer
Observation - in these documentaries all the tomb paintings that we are privileged to see are bathed in artificial light - very fortunate to see them displayed in their full glory - imagine the time and conditions in when these were created - the craftsmen would have been in darkness save for the dull glow of oil lamps which throw very little light - and no they would have not used flaming torches which leave soot trails.
She says the world's first writing is from Egypt?? I'm sure it is not as the world's first writing system is cuneiform from Mesopotamia by the Sumerians. Good video but that really bothered me.
The Philosopher of Culture
According to ancient Egyptians own writings, their civilisation began around 12000 BCE. They acknopwledged it was after another era that ended in a cataclysm, much as we in the West console ourselves with the Deluge and Noah's ark as the beginning. I insist it is about time our politicians aloow our historians to tell the real stories instead of the fairy tales they use to sooth the population into eternal sleep.

 Cesar Advincula

i wonder wht's u under the desert! if we can only take out all.the sands covering the desert, perhaps more buried magnificent temples and palaces are buried beneth the sand. i.would think we have only uncover small fraction of that vast desert.
what is an American
Well tell this black man something ...??? How is it that you people have dug up every type of Egyptian artifact all types of bodies in that African country Egypt on that black Africa continent...☻☻☻ But not one identifiable black man woman or black child has ever been found....??? You need time to answer...⌚⌛⏰⏳⏱
The African Americans that were transported mostly from west Africa had no history to cling to so they disparately are trying to claim Egyptians were black. Egyptians were caucasoids same as today and left arts and writing depicting clear differenes between them and African blacks. Mummies and writing every where in egypt proves the same. Egyptians are not black today or one thousand years ago or 5000 years ago. Historians do not pay attention to afrocentric black maniacs in America because they would claim that the moon was visited by Africans very time soon. If you have no history then claim one. That is what people that where migrated from west Africa few hundred years ago are thinking today. They have nothing to be proud of historically so they manufactured lies that do not stand a chance in the books of history and archeology. They see every thing in black white or yellow. So if a civilization on the medeterranian that is not built by European master's must be built by blacks..what a non logic
 Ozren Nemec
Good documentary, just a tiny correction... I believe Sumerian was the world's first written language. Hundreds years earlier and letter, not pictograph based. Few ziggurats are also older than pyramids. Mesopotamia (currently Syria/Iran/Iraq) seems a bit more accurate as the actual cradle of modern civilization that later influenced the Egyptians, Greeks and eventually Romans.
Iggy Barrato
The worship of Hathor goddess being a cow must come from ancient India? ?? Egyptian clay is not terracotta so where did the terracotta pots come From? At 58.48 the Mummy has blond hair? What is the explanation for that?
Chris Davison
does this women know what shes talking about. She said the pyramid was the final resting place of Khufu. Huh. I thought no bodies were found in the pyramid....?

Living in the Iron Age

iron agg

In 1978 12 adults and 3 children were selected from around 1000 volunteers for the first 'reality tv' series by living for a year on an Iron Age farm as Iron Age people. This film looks back at the original shows and what has happened to them in the 30 years since then.

Living in the Past (1978 Iron Age reality tv) - part 1

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Technology of the Goths - Barbarian Batlle Tech Documentary
This video shows the technology of the Germanic and Celtic tribes.