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Christians Fighting For Our Rights

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 Have conservatives in the House of Representatives gone too far in their bill to ban antisemitism? According to Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk, the New Testament may itself run the risk of being banned in the conservative quest to ban antisemitism. Watch the full effects of this poorly drafted bill against Free Speech on the brand-new LSNTV app now:
Jewish views on Jesus
Adherents of Judaism do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah nor do they believe he was the Son of God. In the Jewish perspective, it is believed that the way Christians see Jesus goes against monotheism, a belief in the absolute unity and singularity of God, which is central to Judaism;[1] Judaism sees the worship of a person as a form of idolatry, which is forbidden.[2] Therefore, considering Jesus divine, as “God the Son”, is forbidden. Judaism's rejection of Jesus as the Messiah is based on Jewish eschatology, which holds that the coming of the true Messiah will be associated with events that have not yet occurred, such as the rebuilding of The Temple, a Messianic Age of peace, and the ingathering of Jews to their homeland.[3][4]
Judaism does not accept any of the claimed fulfilments of prophecy that Christianity attributes to Jesus. Israelis who endorse the belief that Jesus is the Messiah or Christ are not considered Jews by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel nor by the Israeli government.[5][6]
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Candace Owens recently appeared on Piers Morgan's show and proclaimed that Christ is King, that we should not be involved in constant global wars in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, and Russia, and slammed critics calling her anti-semitic. She was an unstoppable force, stating the hard truths and Catholic doctrine that the world needs to hear – and already she’s got that message out to millions of people worldwide.
Media worldwide is primarily jewish owned and operated. They hate Christians
I'm happy to finally see a Christian organization question our relationship with Israel. Zionism is anti Christian
Rabbis explain jews created christianity and tricked the goyim into participating in the jewish cult
/Rabbi explains christianity saved jews
Rabbi explains christianity spread the jewish cult for them
Rabbi explains christian antisemitism makes jews stronger
rabbis love that christians worship jesus
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How does the Israeli government treat Christians? Despite the lack of curiosity from Western Christian leaders, it is crucial for them to comprehend the situation. Pastor Munther Isaac from Bethlehem offers an insightful perspective on this matter.
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So called Christian leader said the above

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00:04:23 - What Is Happening To Christians In Gaza?
00:17:02 - The Bombing Of An Orthodox Church

Release Date: 2024
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Scripture does not state Christians must support Israel government! This is often repeated lie. Israel government is not of God, the people of God are Israel

Aways fun to see some good ol fashioned christian hipocrits who have no trouble persecuting other Christians. also nice to see that only 80% of our funding to Ukraine is for "Humanitarian purposes" which includes weapons, tanks etc lol.

Christians have been persecuted since the time of Christ. There are a lot of shills in the influential positions in the Christian community, who have infiltrated Christianity in order the collapse it. The evil doers cannot stand the faith in the good that is Christ. Beware of Christian shills. #LongLiveChristianity


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Screenshot 11rabbis rewrite the bible
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 Screenshot 2white mountain

In our news animated historical documentary series we will cover the Thirty Years' War - one of the most bloody conflicts in history, an all-European conflict which often spilled out of the continent. The first phase of this war is known as Bohemian, as the Bohemians were once again at the forefront of the anti-Imperial and anti-Catholic fight. This phase of the conflict concluded in 1620 at the battle of White Mountain, where the allied protestant army led by Count Thurn faced the army of the Habsburgs and their allies led by Count Tilly

Thirty Years' War - White Mountain 1620 DOCUMENTARY

Screenshot 11lkmnbz
 In the evangelical Christian worldview, the 1948 creation of Israel was a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy and the Palestinians are either “non-existent” or “the enemies of God, because they are the enemies of the State of Israel”, explains Palestinian human rights defender Jonathan Kuttab
. Kuttab tells host Steve Clemons that believers of this interpretation of holy scripture do not care about international law or catastrophic war in the region. “They say, ‘Bring it on. That’s the End Times. That’s the Second Coming. That’s wonderful.’”
And if 30 percent of Americans hold these beliefs, what is the impact on US policy on Palestine and Israel?
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As an atheist, it is so tragic to see so many people die based on different interpretations of texts written by humans in primitive societies. If a modern person said and did what most characters in the bible or quarn said and did, they would considered mentally ill. No matter what side you’re on, your beliefs in a god do not justify war crimes.
" Most Zionists don't believe that God exists, but they do believe that he promised them Palestine ". - ILan pappé -
As an evangelical Christian, I'm curious how many evangelical Christians either of them have spoken with. They got quite a few things wrong, and it's disturbing to me that people will just accept what they are saying. There are more than two parts in the whole of the canonical Bible that influence our beliefs and decisions. I can only speak for myself, and I do NOT support oppression or violence against innocent people of any religion or area. I stand against anyone, or any group, who does so. I do not stand with Israel because I hope for some sort of blessing, that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I do not support Israel because Abraham was going to have a lot of offspring, and I DO know that the Scripture is speaking of Jesus as the offspring. To define any group by an overall stereotype is unjust. If they have questions, perhaps instead of theorizing, they should speak to more of us? I'm open to a discussion with them.

Christians NOT Jews Are God’s Chosen People!

Christians NOT Jews Are God's Chosen People!

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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JEWS HAVE BEGUILED Zionist-Christians into believing that they, the Jews, are God’s “chosen people.”

Jews tell Zionist-Christians that when God said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless thee,” that He would withhold His blessings upon Christians unless they support Israel! How utterly unbiblical!

Are Christians to bless the murderers and blasphemers of Jesus Christ?

St John the Baptist did not teach an unconditional blessing upon the Jews when he rebuked them, saying, “Do not say you have Abraham for your father, for God is able to raise up from these stones sons of Abraham.” (Matthew 3).

St Peter did not teach an unconditional blessing upon the Jews when he rebuked them, saying, “You crucified the Lord of glory and must repent and be baptized.” (Acts 2).

THE BIBLE TEACHES that the Christian Church is the “Israel of God” *not* Jews.

St Paul wrote in his Epistle To The Romans: “They are not all Israel who are of Israel.” The true Israel are the Christians who have embraced the coming of the Messiah Jesus. The false Israel are the Jews who rejected the coming of the Messiah Jesus.

St Paul designates 3 classes of people:

1) The Jews: Rejecters of God & His Promises.
2) The Gentiles: Rejecters of God & the Bible.
3) The Israel of God: The Christian Church. (I Cor 10; Galatians 6)

And St Paul teaches that the Christians are the seed of Abraham *not* Jews, saying, “If ye are Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” (Romans 3)

ZIONIST-CHRISTIANS SUPPORT THE MURDER of Arab children. The Lord Jesus Christ warned: “Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” (St Mark 9).

On January 31 2008, Amnesty International reported:

— “Of some 1,190 people killed in Israel’s Lebanon invasion of 2006, the vast majority were civilians not involved in the hostilities, among them hundreds of children. The majority of properties targeted in Israeli strikes were likewise civilian.” — Here.

To be a Christian is to care for Christ’s little ones. The Jews look upon Christ’s little ones as sub-humans, as taught by their hate-filled Talmud. We who confess to be Christians must rebuke the Jews and demand that they repent!


For More See: “Jews Are NOT God’s Chosen People” Click Here

And: “State Of Israel Is NOT A Fulfillment Of Biblical Prophecy” Click Here

CLICK: Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist!

Support Brother Nathanael! HERE


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 Screenshot 10tooth for a toothm
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 The American evangelical pastor, once a Christian Zionist, underwent a profound transformation after visiting the Holy Land. In an interview with TRT World, she recounts how her perspective shifted upon witnessing the daily struggles faced by Palestinians. #zionistregime #apartheidisrael #apartheid #evangelical #christianity #christian #zionism
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Screenshot 10muslimnbvc
im pal christians

Syrian Girl 
Israel ethnically cleansed 3.5 million Palestinian christians.
Screenshot 10egiovb
What Archeology proves is christians and jews worship the same sun gods the Egyptians did RA Amun Ra Amen Sunday service is sun worship Sun rise service is sun worship Only people without active braincells believe the BS they have been fed about biblical scripture
Screenshot 10de christian zionist yu
Why do people think that Christ is not here ? Christ never left. Anyone can pray and talk to God at anytime. The bible is NOT the only word of God. Anyone can pray, and listen to God... so the word of God is alive with anyone.. Just write it down and it becomes the written word of God. Make sure it is not the words of evil spirits. that call for destruction or death.
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 Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Pentatonix, K.D. Lang and now Lucy Thomas shows off her stunning vocal performance of Hallelujah. Lucy Thomas with her incredible renditions of many Pop, Musical, and Broadway classics has since won the hearts of millions leaving them thinking, "A Star is Born".
Pinned by Robbie Dunbar - Lucy Thomas Official Fan Club
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Can We Trust The King James Bible?

Brian Wilson is joined by Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church to discuss the history and reliability of the King James Bible- can this translation truly be called the word of God?

Screenshot 41525 b

 Screenshot 4william tindale

William Tyndall

Screenshot 4600

 Screenshot 4kingjames

 King James
 Screenshot 4king and p
2 hours ago
The German word homosexual was added by the company Biblica to The Bible during the 1940's. It's a weaponized forgery. They are using gay people to as trojan horse to promote sexual abuse of minors. The word was Knabenshander, Meaning boy molester. Homosexual is already a German word, so if the Germans ment to put Homosexual in The Bible they would have been the ones to put it there. Look it up Die Bibel 1912. Martin Luther made The Bible because he believed The Pope was a form of antichist who held himself above others of god's creation. King James had The bible made because he feared being overthown. The Father of Protestantism who believed the sacred texts belonged to the people rather than an oligarchy. Look up The Greek word 'arsenokoitai' and it will give you the Latin equivalent, 'paedico' and 'praedico'. If you look those up they means pederasty, or Knabenschander, (boy molester, in German.) 1483 is the year Martin Luther was born, so when he was running for his life translating the Bible and carrying his books, would have used information from the previous 1000+ years, including data passed down from the Church Fathers. THEY HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THE SATANISTS LOSE THE GAY PEOPLE THEY LOSE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
LGBTQIA2SMAP = 3+7+2+2+8+9+1+2+1+4+1+7 = 47 = 4+7 = 11
JAHBULON = 1+1+8+2+3+3+6+5 = 29 = 2+9 = 11
QIA2SMAP = 8+9+1+2+1+4+1+7 = 33
please for the love of god and everything that is holy please listen to me please
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
#1: The Father (God)
#2: Mason
#3: All Seeing Eye
#4: Master Builder
#5: 5 Collums of Masonry
#6: Antichrist/Christ
#7: 7 Liberal arts
#8: God and the Devil
#9: Terror
#11: Natural born Masonic Leader (1+1=2)
#22: Master Mason (2+2=4)
#33: God (3+3=6)
#13: Potential Victim

Screenshot 20king james b

King James Only-ism: Is the KJV King?







Screenshot 10biblical

Biblical Views About the End Times


The original copies of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew and Aramaic, the Apocrypha in Greek and Latin, and the New Testament in Greek. Different aspects of these three sources were translated into English and compiled into the King James Bible, commissioned in 1604 by King James the Sixth and published in 1611. According to Manly P. Hall, it was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision, which can be seen on its title page.

The most talked about book of the Bible is the book of Revelation and throughout church history, there have been four different viewpoints regarding its meaning.

The Idealist or spiritual view uses the allegorical method to interpret the Book of Revelation. This viewpoint believes the book is using symbolic imagery to tell the story of good against evil. Edgar Cayce believed it was describing both the collapse of an age and the spiritual enlightenment of the individual.

The Futurist view is that the bible is to be interpreted literally. They are expecting a seven-year tribulation culminating with the battle of Armageddon, followed by a thousand-year rule of Christ on the earth.

The Historicist View is that Revelation is a symbolic account of history from the Apostles to the end times.

And the Preterist View, the focus of this video, is that the biblical prophecies were already fulfilled in 70 A.D. and we are living in the New Kingdom today.

Their first argument is scripture itself. Christ predicted his return in the lifetime of his contemporaries. Liberal critics have used this as proof of Christ’s failure to return when he promised to. The Preterist points to Matthew 24:34 where Jesus states, “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place”.

And they look to the historical record where they have found several sources who recorded dozens of events between the years 66 and 70 A.D. that reflect those described in biblical prophecy. Such as the angels in Matthew 24:31. Josephus wrote that in the Spring of sixty-six, “chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds”. An event described by Roman historian Tacitus as “hosts joining battle in the skies”.

According to the Preterist, the Book of Revelation was about the tribulations of the Jews and the destruction of Jerusalem. The end of the Old Testament Jewish age, and the beginning of the New Testament Christian age. As Edward Stevens’ wrote “The unbelieving Jews were cut off from their inheritance and destroyed, while the faithful remnant of believing Jews, along with Gentiles, inherited those coventantal blessings. Thus, the establishment of the Eternal Kingdom of Christ at the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 was the fulfillment of all the things that were promised to God’s chosen people”

The Preterist believes that we are now living in the new Kingdom of Christ and point out that when Jesus and the Apostles were describing the coming Kingdom, they were not describing a paradise. They were describing how man must act and behave within the new kingdom. They believe that the land of Israel is no longer in the flesh. That those promises are fulfilled in Jesus and his spiritual kingdom which all Christians now enjoy.

Like the Q-Anon psyop, Preterists argue that the End Times prophecy is being used to incapacitate a would-be Christian opposition to the evil control system currently being built to enslave humanity. There are millions of religious people who welcome this destruction because they believe it is the divine will of God.

Why did they choose to give a Mark-of-the-Beast style microchip the patent number 060606? Was it fate? Or a way to cement the futurist belief into the minds of Christians so that they believe destruction is unstoppable and resistance futile.

There are many different belief systems, but where is the good in sitting idly by to watch as evil devours the world around us?

It's a 3 sided war of Muslims, Jews and Christians and each side is doing their bit to prove their Bible Prophecy is the right one. It's just so stupid, and besides that Jesus ain't coming back.
The devil is still running the NWO and hasn't been shut up for the 1000 years. No millennium kingdom of peace has existed yet. The statue in Daniel hasn't been destroyed yet by Jesus second comming . The church is still here.
If the all-powerful god controls Satan he is an accomplice, and if he doesn't, then he is not an all-powerful god.
3 hours agIts simple, always do what's right and fight for what's right. In Revelation 14:13 A Trumpet is sound and after all that die in CHRIST are Blessed, until then we fight for what's right. That time is likely at the time of beheading.

Screenshot 8song of america

Steve Grace - Song for America



Screenshot 8clins rule r

ROCOR Archbishop of North America and Canada Vasily Ivanovich Maksimenko on the communists in Russia

Modern Russia is ruled by a nefarious clique of international conspirators known as the Comitern, which seeks to overthrow legitimate governments around the world... recent official investigations have unmistakably proved that the local communists with the financial support of Moscow, are feverishly subverting the United States in a wide variety of ways: they corrupt our youth; they sow seeds of revolutionary propaganda among our soldiers and sailors; they encourage class hatred in every possible way... they make every effort to ridicule the principles on which our country is built."

ROCOR Archbishop of North America and Canada Vasily Ivanovich Maksimenko on the communists in Russia and the USA (1941).

Screenshot 8bishopk

Bishop Williamson: What's The Real Religion Of The State Today, Of Politics Today


Bishop Williamson: What's The Real Religion Of The State Today, Of Politics Today, And Of The Massive People Today?

"The only sin that's still left is Nazi sin. That's the new religion. And Hitler is the devil. The 6 million are the redeemer, which means that the Jewish people are God. That's the religion today. And that's deadly. It's got nothing to do with the Catholic faith … You get Auschwitz instead of Golgotha and the gas chamber instead of the cross. That's deadly."

"Can I blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ? Does anybody worry? No problem. Blaspheme as much as you like. Can I blaspheme against the Holocaust by saying that there were no gas chambers? Horror. Horror. Horror. Burn him at the stakes. He's a heretic."


Screenshot 8chriatians g hjkl

Christians in the death-camps of the Antichrist

Christians in the death-camps of the Antichrist, a video by Gregory Decapolite. From the video, "With only 4 months remaining on his 15 year sentence to the Gulag... Vladyka Michael Yershov at a court hearing in August of 1958, spoke with angry and accusatory words against the then state power, prophetically contemplating the future: "You are wicked communists, lawless people, and antichrists. Why should I pay attention to the works of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, if these unleashed atheism on the earth, and from them came all of the lawlessness... In the near future, Russia will be deformed, the communists are holding the last circle, the last line will end, and there will be no communists on earth!"

He was wrong .. they all moved to America and became Democrats. The Axelrods .. cornerstones of Obama Regime ... claim to be Jewish yet murdered more Rabbis in one year in Russia for Leon Trotsky than all of the enemies of Israel across all of the history of Israel. The Trotskyites ran the Gulags in Russia under Lenin. That's who the faux-Jew Neocons in America are ... Trotskyites. And now through their goy sock-puppet'Drag Queen Biden' they openly make war on the Church everywhere in the world. Now you know why they hate Christian Russia so much ... Russia slipped through their fingers.


Screenshot 4hang pre

Ukrainians Allegedly Hanged the Orthodox Priest

An example of the terror Azov Nazis commits against civilians i Ukraine.

First they brake the bones on the victims with base ball bats.

Then they force them paint there their own faces with blue paint.

Last they piss them in the face!

Screenshot 4creation uy

  How Many Species of Human?


Screenshot 32cathil church

Catholic Faith vs Jewish Power


Screenshot 30christians f g

Russian Orthodox Bishop Has Strong Words Against Transhumanist NWO Elites

?? Russian Orthodox Bishop, Porfiry of Ozersk, speaks out against the COVID depopulation agenda and transhumanism. 

Screenshot 13christian nationalist in the us

Lauren Witzke Issues Call To Action For Christian Patriots To Take Their Country Back

Screenshot 12archbishop

Dr. Malone: Mass Hypnosis Ushers in Totalitarian Regime


Screenshot 12anti globalist church



Screenshot 11to make jews christians

Zionism and the Jewish extremists who have driven it have long been an enemy of Jesus Christ and Christians. It is insanity for Christians to support the Zionist State of Israel, an anti-Christian nation that has brought terrible suffering to Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

The Insanity of Christian Zionism!


skyhawk5421. edited

Globalist (((modern))) Christianity says that everyone is equal and race does not matter. False Christians  does not care about the history, cultures and races of the world.

The Declaration of Independence is our 'political and governing bible', as a founding document, more significant than the Magna Carta. Use it and take back America from these 'ruling elites - Satanic nobility, who will happily eat you for breakfast. They are sociopathic monsters who have no empathy for their fellow man, and do not give a toss about loving their neighbour nor showing compassion for their fellow man. They are the 'direct children' of Satan, having literal blood ties to him because they practise what Satan practises, so they are literally of their Father the devil, resembling him in every way. That is what we are up against, Satan and his minions, Gog and Magog, and they want to destroy us badly, their bones ache with desire to kill us. We are in a war with Satan directly as he 'seeks his kingdom' and the total annihilation of Christians and Western Civilisation. Satan will have no sympathy for us as he demonstrated in China, the Soviet Union and Cambodia. Therefore our catchcry is no 'Sympathy for the Devil'. His head must be crushed underfoot. His Marxist bullshit spurned and mocked, and God's Kingdom and His Righteousness established forever more. Understand this is the 'War of Armageddon' and it has been waging for some time now. The players are you and I. We must wake up and realise that. If you doubt it, pray about it. As Jesus said, "He who is not with me is against me". For God or against God. Which is it? For our conscientious, freedom loving Americans who don't necessarily have a faith, then just do the math, follow the logic, your rational minds, and your own study of history and reality.




Screenshot 11he is jewish an

Rosenbaum, Joseph D is Jewish.

 Who Doesn't Own The Media?

 Screenshot 11sex child


 Screenshot 11blackrocks






Screenshot 11nice chr

Simon Khorolskiy & The Martens Sisters – Return, o Lord – Обратись, Господи


Such a powerful song.. can never listen to it with dry eyes. Praise the Lord for helping you creating this so everyone can hear it. Lord bless everyone who have worked on putting the music, lyrics and the video together. Bless them and their families.
I am an American Christian and English and German speaker, but hearing this in Russian still holds great power and shows you that God is not limited by language. Your humbleness and your beautiful gift make this world a much brighter place, truly a gift from God. God bless you, Simon Khorolskiy, and may He continue to sing to the world through you!

Screenshot 10former jews said re

 A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem


Screenshot 10dgod said




Screenshot 1pastor said

Pastor Danny at the Northlake Baptist Church has a very VERY powerful message that everyone should listen to. Please share this video and make it go viral!




There are law against showing pr0n to minors. Is anyone suing the schools? These laws are in every state. The Jesuits control the Church and they are the Satanists. That is why there is a Communist Pope in power now. He wants a 1 world religion and its not Catholic. He is giving up the world to his Lord named Lucifer. Open your eyes to this. The Church is against you. The Freemasons are against you. Everyone but like minded people are against you. You are not alone but there is no sitting this one out. If you do not take it all back you will be a slave and so will everyone you know. If you wait till 2024 it will be too late. You must resist now. No one is coming to save you. Its time to stand up and be counted.  

 chtistian killed

GRAPHIC: Bodies of Christian martyrs piled high on truck after massacre in Nigeria

LifeSiteNews has been sent graphic footage of Christian martyrs being brought for burial after the latest Islamist massacre in northern Nigeria.

Approximately 49 Christians were killed in two villages almost one hundred miles south of Kaduna City on Sunday by Fulani Islamists, with a further three missing and five receiving hospital treatment after the attack.

We're at the end of white Christian America. What will that mean?

After accounting for eight out of 10 Americans in 1976, white Christians are now a minority, a study has found. The political implications could be profound

Changes Made to Christianity

Changes Made to Christianity

Christianity in Western Countries is in decline, for example; The Church of England i...

True Christianity and who is God

True Christianity and who is God

  God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. God created the the big..

Jewish Talmud Update 3

Jewish Talmud Update 3

       The Jewish Talmud is not the word of God, the Talmu...


Jesus's Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes Update 2

Jesus's Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes Update 2

Jesus's Blonde Hair and blue eyes.   100 Proofs The Israelite's Were White ...

What Jews & Christians Believe In

What Jews & Christians Believe In

 The Talmud is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of ..

Jewish Noahide Laws & Gentile Slaves

Jewish Noahide Laws & Gentile Slaves

Noahide laws have no connection to Noah: they're Talmudic fiction.nobama farce ...

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein & Jewish Power

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein & Jewish Power

RABBI ABE FINKELSTEIN INTERVIEW The following video and arcitle Pastor Wickstrom a...



  This rabbi promotes racist hate and ideas from the man written Talmud which...

Christmas Originally Was a Celebration of the Conversion of Pagans to Christianity

Christmas Originally Was a Celebration of the…

 Christmas Originally Was a Celebration of the Conversion of Pagans to Christi...



RACE MIXING IN BIBLICAL LIGHT  America's Promise Ministries weekly sermon by...

The Church Of England, Headed By The Jewish Archbishop Of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The Church Of England, Headed By The Jewish A…

 The Church of England, headed by Justin Welby, the jewish Archbishop of Cante.

God Lives & Dinosaurs and Races

God Lives & Dinosaurs and Races

Many people do not believe in religion while others have religious beliefs to help...

The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the Lionheart Documentary

The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the …

  The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the Lionheart Documentary   ...

Farrakhan Spoke the Truth about the Talmud

Farrakhan Spoke the Truth about the Talmud

 Farrakhan Spoke the Truth about the Talmud         ...



  The Church Of England Officially Blames Christians In General For Contributi...

ewish Usury Is Not...

Jonestown: Communism Is A Death-Cult

Jonestown: Communism Is A Death-Cult

Jonestown: Communism Is A Death-Cult

Jewish Presidential Candidate Leads Her "Fellow White People" Apology Prayer' To Blacks For Slavery

Jewish Presidential Candidate Leads Her …

  Jew Leads Her "Fellow White People" Apology Prayer' To Black For Slavery Pra...

The Mormon Church

The Mormon Church

In 1829, Joseph Smith completed the translation of the book of Mormon and in 1830 on ..

Christianity moved into Eu...

True Christianity and who is God

True Christianity and who is God

  God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. God created

The Muslim Black Slave Trade

The Muslim Black Slave Trade

   God Bless White Europeans For Ending Slavery. The globalist racist mai...

Catholics Unveiled Jewish Plot in 1936

Catholics Unveiled Jewish Plot in 1936

 "As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the...

How Communist Party infiltration of both Protestant and Catholic Churches in America

How Communist Party infiltration of both Prot…

How Communist Party infiltration of both Protestant and Catholic Churches in Americ...

Catholic Church Helps Illegal Immigrants into the U.S.

Catholic Church Helps Illegal Immigrants into…

  Smuggling illegal aliens is STILL a Federal crime.   Biden Human Sm...

The Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed

The Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed

New Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed | Know More News LIVE w/ Christopher ...



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