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Ex-Yugoslavia: a series of tumors, US army utilized weapons enriched with depleted uranium

 Between 1995 and 1999, military forces of NATO were deployed to re-establish the order in the independent provinces of ex-Yugoslavia. During the conflict the US army utilized weapons enriched with depleted uranium. The Italian soldiers, uninformed and unprotected, were exposed to those contaminations and many of them developed with time the so called "Balkan Syndrome", a series of tumors, the Hodgkin lymphoma being the most common of them. As today at least 250 soldiers are dead and about 2500 are suffering from such syndrome. Ten years after the conflict, some areas and industrial zones theatre of the bombings have not yet been reclaimed from depleted uranium waste and are a testimony, as invisible monuments, of what the tragic effects of such conflicts can


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European Migrant Crisis Is Unraveling Western Civilization


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