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Alex Jones is the internationally known trailblazer of new media operating in the United States.  He gives you an alternative view of current affairs in comparison to the lies and distortions spouted by your anti-Semitic Zionist Marxist western controlled media. 

It is hard to find publications that meet a high standard of truth containing information of a broad variety of topics, and this is the closest source I have found for factual news.  Currently, Alex Jones offers both free and paid news information as well as a large online store which sells DVDs, merchandise, survival and health products.

Alex Jones Infowars has great potential for growth because he is revealing information that the major media companies will not cover.  As individuals become more skeptical of the propaganda fed to us by the mainstream media, channels such as Alex Jones will pick up more and more visitors.

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We would like to see him investigating the United Nations laws, genocide, racism, self-determination for all races.  We would also love to see him discussing the different races in a respectful way to build up pride in our diversity, which will reduce the number of people practicing genocidal interracial marriage, and promote that all people have a right to self-determination.

Things They Cover:

  •  Bilderbergers
  •  Gun Rights
  •  American Constitution and Free Speech
  •  Illegal Immigration
  •  The New World Order
  •  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP)
  •  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  •  Harmful Vaccines
  •  GMO Food
  •  The Middle East
  •  ISIS
  •  World News
  • Media Control

Areas We Have Not Seen Infowars Cover:

  •  World Jewish Congress
  •  Regional Jewish Congress
  •  Genocidal Interracial Marriage
  •  European Organizations Fighting for "White" Rights
  •  Golden Dawn Party in Greece
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