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White Women's organization

 We need to build women's National and International women's organization to fight for men and women rights

Female Thought Criminals

Muslims use white girls for sex

Tommy Robinson - How Islam Takes Over Towns, Cities, Countries and Continents.


One of the major reasons why Europeans have lost their rights is because conservative organizations will not allow build European women's organization to represent Europeans Gentiles and true Jews. The Jewish community has build community-based organizations that cater for their people and they have a successful track record, especially with the creation of women's organizations to operate both nationally and internationally.

There are women's organization operating under left wing control and will not fight for Christian gentile Europeans.

The European gentile (white) conservatives and so-called nationalists were not successful in representing their people during the last 60 years and a large factor of this is because they did not build community-based organizations and put little to no effort in building inclusive gentile women's organizations.

The Convener's League would like to work with other organization to creating a female organization nationally in all countries where European Caucasian and Middle Caucasian women.    All National organizations are connected Internationally. This organization would work to coordinate the rights of European women as well as tackling the universal issues facing women today. 

How to start Women Organization.

Women may start a gentile women's chapter in their local area with as little as two members and can then work with all the other chapters located nationally and internationally.

Women need to build Women's Community Based Organizations

Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture

Affirmative Action

The majority of women's organizations which represent gentile and Jewish women are disproportionately headed by members of the Jewish community. This is one reason why we do not have representation for the majority of European gentile women, as most Jewish women have a vested interest in the Jewish community first and foremost.

Jewish organizations only allow Jews to join their groups and do not allow non-Jewish women to sign up.  We must do the same by practicing affirmative action, we need to organization, one for Jews and one for gentile women, however, both organizations working together.

Name:  Jewish Women Organization
Name:  Gentile European Women Organization.

Some of the areas of interest for Women's Chapters that can be taken into consideration: Book clubs to bring women together for discussion and debate, open to European, Arabic Caucasian all over the world and welcomes readers of all ages. Book selections include both fiction and history, exposing members to the real workings of what goes on in the world today. The club can be a good place for selling books and all items and training. Many topics can be discussed in areas of interest at Women's Chapters, and the following list can be taken into consideration below:       

  •  Helping families and promoting good attitudes to marriage, promote youth camps and activities for children.
  •  Organization involvement in European scout and girl guide associations.
  •  Promotion and involvement at gun clubs.
  •  To help in European and Arabic youth forums.
  •  To campaign against white slavery (prostitution) which is very active in Europe, Middle East, and Israel.
  •  Campaigning against false education and promoting ideas to improve education in both children and adults.
  •  Campaign against genocidal interracial marriages.
  •  To be active and promote increased rights for Europeans and Arabic Caucasians.
  •  To campaign against war.
  •  To be active and inclusive of Homeschooling.
  •  To assist in improving the education of their children.
  •  Men and women coming together for training in self-defence.
  •  Helping charity and meeting people's needs.
  •  Help the elderly.
  •  Help and to protect our culture and history.
  •  Help obtain money for court cases.
  •  To combat racism and bigotry against Europeans and Arabic Caucasians.
  •  To become involved in conservation.
  •  To become involved in helping farmers.
  •  To become involved in business activities and promoting people in organizations which are helping our people.
  •  Writing and publishing articles.
  •  Working on websites.
  •  Doing research on what is going on in the world.
  •  Running school committees.
  •  Running media committees.
  •  Promoting breastfeeding.
  •  Promoting the family and laws that protect the family.
  •  Promoting European cultural groups and languages.
  •  Promotion and boycotting of organizations against our interests.
  •  To be active in promoting people who represent us during elections.

The following information on Jewish organizations is a good example of how well organized they are; The International Council of Jewish Women non-partisan Volunteers is an umbrella organization for 43 affiliates, a collective membership of approximately 2 million women in roughly 43 countries. This organization supports volunteer projects on national and international levels in the field of status of women, and some are involved in education and training. It supports legislation to ensure women and girls have equal opportunities to the opposite sex.

There are only 13 million Jews in the world and they have 2 million members in International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) this is very impressive. Gentiles do not have women's movements to fight for European and Arab Caucasian women's rights which we need to remedy.

A full list of Affiliate Organizations can be found here.  Some include: The following names are just examples

Australia              National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
Canada                National Council of Jewish Women of Canada
France                 Coopération Féminine & GLIF
Switzerland          Swiss Union of Jewish Women's Organizations
United Kingdom    League of Jewish Women
United States       National Council of Jewish Women
South Africa         Union of Jewish Women of South Africa

Women's International Zionist Organization

The Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) is a volunteer organization dedicated to social welfare in all sectors of Israeli society from education in Israel and the Jewish Diaspora as well as for the advancement status of women.

Today it runs day care centers in Israel, caring for 14,000 children of working mothers, needy families, and immigrants.

This organization also organizes summer camps, courses for single parent families and therapeutic frameworks for children when they are removed from their parents by a court order.

The Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) is now the largest women's Zionist organization in the world was founded in England in 1920 and in 2008 36 member countries sent delegates to Israel to celebrate the organization's 88th birthday.

National Women’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition

This is a group of Jewish Women, who work in the Republican Party in the 'United States Republican Jewish Coalition'.


Organizational Structure

Women's movement must build National and International Congresses to Unite European women and men all over the world


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