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Ask yourself this: If political parties were the answer to solving our problems, why do we have so many political problems today?

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Why Government is Immoral


The following article is about replacing political parties all over the World and the writer talks about the Australian Political Parties as example.

  Political Parties are not the Answer


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

The major political parties do not really represent the people.  They generally represent the elite and very well organized organizations, large business and well funded ethnic groups.  The majority of people have not been given good information when it comes to the political options of their country.  Because of this, they do not know which party to vote for and generally just vote for one of the mainstream parties which the media has focused on.  In the last 60 years, Europeans who spearheaded the most advanced countries in the world such as the US, Australia and Britain having seen their countries decline rapidly. 

Marcus Tullius Cicero Quote

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

Democracy = Mob Rule, It's not freedom. It's FEAR!

So Soros (a Jew) bribes politicians to flood Europe, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the United States with Blacks and Muslims.

Most western countries have Two Party Dictatorship

Jesse Ventura: Break the Two Party Dictatorship | Interview with Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura on Abolishing Political Parties, Voter Fraud Myth & The War Economy

In the United States the Demoncrats and Republicons are on different sides of the same Totem Pole.

It was the Democrats in the United States that put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Democrats that created the KKK. Democrats that back Antifa. Democrats that fought for slavery. Democrats that passed Jim Crow laws. It was Democrats that fought against giving women the right to vote. America has nothing to be ashamed of only the Democrat party.

False Jews bribe political Parties not to represent We The People

Jews tried to bribe BNP to ignore Jew paper money, & attack Islam. Jews set up EDL, fake sites

D'Souza spars with student over "white privilege"

The United States Dmocrats Party calls for Total Censorship (No Free Speech) Democrats Officially Call For Infowars To Be Banned From The Web

The lunatic left are at it again! This time DNC Chair candidate, Sally Boynton Brown, lays out her truly progressive vision for the democratic party!

Idiot Democrat Wants To 'Shut Down White People' | Sally Boynton Brown | DNC Chair | Donald Trump

 United States Democrat Party do not stand for the National Anthem. Get out of America

Trump Calls Out National Anthem Kneelers

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris attempted to grill Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen over the policy of separating illegal aliens from their children when they are caught entering the country together. 

Alex Jones: I just ran in to the king of communism @BernieSanders at LAX and he literally ran from us Crowds were cheering me on! Epic video coming soon;)                                                                                                                                                         Watch Bernie Sanders Run From Alex Jones At LAX Airport    

Hurt: New crop of Dem candidates are 'Communists'

Dem Senator Upset Homeland Security Enforces US Immigration Law

SLATE Calls For Total Censorship Of Conservative Films

  ‘Don’t Stick Peas Up Your Nose’: Pelosi Makes Bizarre Point on Immigration

Comments to above article

 The US government has been separating tens of thousands of American childrem from their parents every year for decades for things as simple as spanking them, homeschooling, financial loss, possession of a harmless plant, etc. What a bunch of lying sh!tbag hypocrites.

Nancy Pelosi (Jewish) is a anti American, anti white globalist who is only interest is in displacing whites in America with non whites changing the demograpics of America to get more democrat votes. When that happens it will be a game changer with the communist globalists in charge America will be destroyed.

 Democra Party in the United States. They are Communist who call themselves Democrat or Progressive or Bold Progressive. Anyway you paint that pig it's still a pig. The entire DNC is run out of the Communist party.

 Most political parties all over the world including the Democrats  are all about the power of government over the people for their own profit and personal gain.

Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Schumer  are  Jewish.

Nancy Pelosi Demands Zero Border Enforcement: Detention of Illegal Aliens Is ‘Form of Child Abuse’ 

Democrats and most western governments promote the United Nations Replacement Migration (Invasion) Agenda

Democrats party is now official a Socialist/Communist party. They are against free market, play the race card, promote hate & violence as "LOVE & TOLERANCE". If people don't take these extremists out, I am afraid our government will be overtaken by the Communist soon.

The democratic party has used black people for decades. Look at cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, and dozens of others who have voted democrat for years and years. What has the democratic party done for them? NOTHING. Not to mention it was the democratic party that fought FOR slavery!

 Democrats don't hold blacks accountable, don't want to help police their neighborhoods, and give them incentives to not do anything. That is real racism, one day they will see the light.


The Democrats are actually under the direct influence of the Communist Party.

 How people join parties and become very rich

  Glen Beck identifies largest criminal organization in US history, the National Democrat Party

  DNC Chair Candidate Trashes White People in Bizarre Meltdown


D'Souza unleashes fury on Democrats for ignorant monument protests

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?

 The Democrats want illegal immigration to receive welfare and in exchange they vote for the Democrat Party .

 The United States Democratic Party use illegal immigration to replace the American in including Europeans

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Use Illegal Immigration to Replace You

DACA Deadline Destroyed By Democrats

Exposing the Deep State in the United States.

Judicial Watch Presents: 'Exposing the Deep State'

CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

 The Deep State Rulers start wars and Political Parties do not stop Wars

Deep State - Who Rules America, Full Documentary by Freedom TV

The Western World is run by fools 

Nancy Pelosi (Jewish) Democrat Party leader in the United States

The Three Stooges: Featuring Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren

The Worst of Nancy Pelosi

We have lost virtually all our industry, rights and millions of people have been killed in needless wars.  We now face birth rates that are alarmingly low and we are not replacing ourselves.  We are losing our countries to Islam and third world invasion.  So the parties you vote for:  Liberals, Republicans, Democrats or Labor and you are effectively voting for one party as their policies are virtually identical.  

To attempt to combat this, we have put together a list of political parties we recommend for you to investigate as alternative parties to vote for in your country. 

In general, we are anti-political parties and as they have a history of not representing the people. We believe most countries should introduce Citizens Initizens Referendums (CIR) used in Switzerland. CIR system of (Cantons) direct free speech to We the People to Govern our countries. The Switzerland Government allows the people to have guns and their crime rate across the country is very low in comparison to other Western countries.  For example, the worst crime committed in Switzerland is burglary!  


The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux

 The  Political Parties in Canada promote  genocide of Europeans and Indians.

The Destruction of Canada

White Demographic Decline in Canada

Black-on-white racism in Calgary ignored by authorities

Ben shapiro UNCOVERS CORRUPT Justin Trudeau with Tucker Carlson

"A conspiracy fact": Soros, Trudeau plot "refugee" scheme



Citizens Initizens referendums

Political Parties do not represent people's rights, so we must start to promote (CIR) Citizens Initizens Referendums, and the public can to start to represent themselves against the political party gangs. Switzerland in Europe has CIR.

How Direct Democracy Works In Switzerland - Report 3

How parliamentary elections work in Switzerland

Identitäre Bewegung - Mission Defend Europe

In Western countries we refer to the body that runs the country as 'government.' However, today there is a growing number of people who realize that we really do not have a government.  Political parties only  represent themselves, corporations and banks.

Merkel's right-wing opposition AfD Party in Germany says she belongs in Court for the invasion of non Europeans into Europe.  Angela Merkel’s conservatives party SPD.

Watch: Merkel’s Right-Wing Opposition Says She Belongs in Court

Political Parties allowing the Muslim invasion into western countries.

Eastern Europe Vs. Western Europe: What’s The Difference?


We must realize that "We the People," are really the government.  We must start taking responsibility and developing organizations and start educating people about the Citizens Initizens Referendums (CIR). We must replace the so-called 'government' and ban political parties who destroy the people through multiculturalism and constant involvement in wars all over the world.

The Coveners League Disclaimer:  We are not politically aligned with any one party and we do not view ourselves or our audience as either left or right wing.  Any person with any political alignment can be members of our group which is predominantly community based.  We are supportive of any political group that represents our people and this article is purely to raise awareness of alternatives to mainstream media and prospective parties.

The Political Group for Political Parties in Europe

The following video is about the 2018 Russian election and gives information on the polices of the Policial Parties.

http And Now the Hard Part… Time For Presidential Candidates to Approach the People For Blessing

“We Need Two Rockets to Deal With Theresa May” - Zhirinovsky Has Great Plan for UK’s PM

Join the European Political Groups

The European Political Groups And Political Parties

More Information below

The following political parties in different countries which we recommend are listed below:

for Britain Party in Britain

Tommy Robinson Anne Marie Waters Launches 'For Britain' Party

Tommy Robinson Anne Marie Waters Launches 'For Britain' Party

The British Media (led by the London Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, and The Guardian) are going to pull out every stop to prevent FOR BRITAIN getting off the ground; because they believe in the annihilation of the UK, and the triumph of Capitalist Globalism. They are, uniformly, LIARS, with a political agendum which is becoming ever more visible. Even acquaintances who regard themselves as 'non-political' are starting to see the ideology in our Media.

French National Front Party

Inside France's biggest political youth movement: the National Front

Immigration, France's youth and the Front National


Danish People PartyDanish People's Party


Their goals are:

  •  To protect the freedom and cultural heritage of the Danish people.
  •  To enforce a strict rule of law.
  •  To oppose the multi-ethnic society by limiting immigrations and promoting cultural assimilation to admitted immigrants.
  •  Maintain strong welfare for those in need.
  • Promote economic growth and entrepreneurship through education and work.

Anti-Immigrant Danish Party Says, "Send Refugees to Greenland!"

Sweden Democrats LogoSweden Democrats


The Sweden democrats has seen a surge of popularity due to increasing disquiet amongst Swedes over the current immigration policies.  With the current Europe Immigration Crisis, they have now shown to be the number one political party in the polls ahead of the two major parties.  They stand for the following:

  •  Social Conservatism
  •  Anti Immigration
  •  Anti Multiculturalism
  •  National Identity
  •  Pro Nuclear Family

Sweden's anti-immigration party now in first place. Why?

Jobbik Party LogoHungary Jobbik Party

Facebook Twitter

The  Hungary Jobbik Party founded  in  2011 they are now the third largest party in Hungary.  This party stands for:

  •  Anti- Immigration
  •  Anti- Globalist
  •  Anti-Zionism
  •  Nationalism
  •  Have a paramilitary wing

Hungary’s hard right turn: Jobbik’s savvy leaders would not look out of place in top government jobs.

Freedom Party Austria LogoFreedom Party of Austria

Facebook Twitter

The Freedom Party of  Austria was established in 1956 and ideologically descends from the 1848 revolutions of the Austrian Empire.  This party stands for:

  •  Anti-Immigration
  •  Individual Freedom
  •  Austrian Cultural Identity
  •  Anti-welfare State
  • Euro-Sceptic

Anti-Immigration Refugee crisis fuels record result for Austrian far-right in Vienna elections

Finns Party LogoFinland's Finns Party


Finland's Finns Party is a relatively new party, established in 1995 and the third largest party in Finland.  This party stands for:

  •  Finnish nationalism
  •  Anti-Immigration
  •  Euro-Scepticism
  •  Pro traditional family model
  •  Promote strong cultural identity and pride
  •  Deportation of recurring criminals of foreign nationality

Far right set to enter government coalition in Finland

Norway Progress Party LogoNorway's Progress Party

The aims of the Norway's Progress Party stand for:

  •  Anti-Immigration
  •  Increase Police Protection, zero tolerance on crime
  •  Pro Family and Benefits for education
  •  Increase welfare for the elderly and social security
  •  Pro Globalist

Norway's disturbing lurch to the right

French National FrontFrance's National Front

Facebook Twitter

The National Front Party headed under Marie Le Penn have surged in popularity in recent times due to the increase in immigration and Paris terror attacks.  This party stands for:

  •  French nationalism
  •  Anti-Immigration
  •  Euroscepticism
  •  Zero Tolesance to crime and exploration of reintroducing the death penalty
  •  Anti-Globalism
  •  Anti-Capitalism

Big gains for far-right in French election

Party for Freedom The NetherlandsParty for Freedom in The Netherlands

Facebook  |  Twitter

 The Party for Freedom in The Netherlands stands for:

  •  Anti-Immigration
  •  Anti-Islam
  •  Euro-Sceptic
  •  Deportation of criminals of foreign nationality to country of origin
  •  Dutch language proficiency and residency to receive welfare

As backlash against stampede of Muslim parasites grows, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamization Freedom Party surges in popularity

Golden Dawn LogoGolden Dawn in Greece

Twitter   |  YouTube

Golden Dawn in Greece Regularly slammed by the Socialish controlled  mainstream media as an extremist or terrorist group. Though they are responsible for the large humanitarian efforts to ensure Greek citizens don't starve by holding food drives.  This party stands for:

  •  Greek nationalism
  •  Anti-immigration
  •  Anti demographic genocide
  •  Anti communism

Anti-migrant sentiment gives new rise to Golden Dawn

One Nation Australia LogoPauline Hanson's One Nation in Australia


 One Nation in Australia one of Australia's  Nationalist parties first formed in 1997.  Some of the key things they support and stand for:

  •  Supports Citizens Initiated Referenda
  •  Affordable Education with places given to Australian's first
  •  To support and advocate traditional family values
  •  To oppose Sharia Law ever being allowed in Australia
  •  To stop the teaching and infiltration of Islam and its totalitarian ideology

'No more mosques, Sharia law or Muslim refugees': Pauline Hanson releases her One Nation political manifesto on Facebook - and gets 16,000 likes

Party For Freedom Australia

Australia's Party for Freedom

Facebook  |  Twitter

 Australia's Party of freedom committed to retaining strong Australian identity, pride and family values.  Their policies are:

  •  Sensible immigration of culturally compatible migrants only
  •  Against foreign aid that is not disaster relief
  •  Free education for Australian citizens
  •  Zero tolerance for ethnic gang crime
  •  Pro-Industry
  •  Anti-Islam

Party for Freedom's Nick Folkes Vows to Ignore Legal Action and Celebrate Cronulla Riots Anniversary

Australia First Party LogoAustralia First Party


The Australia First Party promotes strong national identity, pride and freedom and provides an alternative to the globalist/ socialist/ liberal  parties within Australia.  They stand for:

  •  Reduce and Limit Immigration.
  •  Abolish Multiculturalism.
  •  Introduce Citizen’s Initiated Referenda.
  •  Respect for Australia's history, culture and ideologies, which needs to be taught in the Australian education system and its public media.

Australia First Win 4% Vote in Sutherland Shire Council

Christian Democratic Party

Christian Democratic Party,

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

Fred Nile(pictured left) The Christian Democratic party is a party with high ethical values based on the Christian values.  They stand for:

  •  Support freedom of speech
  •  Upholding Australia's culture and heritage
  •  Support high standards of education, social and medical care
  •  Upholding the current Australian law system which is based on Judeo-Christian ethics

 European Political Europarties Are Alliances To Take Note Of

 The European Common Market allows parties from different countries to form Uniting Europarty Organizations where parties form  polices.

European political party

These Europarties  are  funded by the European Union and are usually made up of national parties, not individuals.  Europarties have the right to campaign during European elections and express themselves within the European Parliament by their affiliated political groups  through their Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

As Europarty funding stays within the  Europarties:  the funding cannot be used for funding any particular national political parties, meaning that parties not involved in one of these alliances are grossly disadvantaged.

More information  click here to find a list of European Political Parties and their members.

Alliance of European National Movements

Table of political parties in Europe by pancontinental organisation

Parties With A History of Not Representing Its People

The Green Parties are usually Communist  control.

German Green Party

Pro-Migrant Politician Celebrates Demographic Suicide of German Population
"Our city will change radically....this is a good thing!"

If you go to the following page you will find a list of National Parties in Europe.

Image courtesy of Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Germans as a people do not exist, so they cannot be betrayed, says Green Party leader

Pro-sharia party leader: Belgium will have a Muslim majority within 12 years


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