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Afghanistan the Great Game

"What advice would you give to American and British troops in Afghanistan today?" Clint Audette   "Take the quickest route home." Afghanistan: the Great Game (Part I)   #TheGreatGame In this episode Stewart tells the story of #Soviet and United States involvement in #Afghanistan. From 1928 until…

Cancel Culture Psychopaths

Cancel Culture Psychopaths. Now it all makes sense. Cancel Culture Psychopaths Bffaircrest   Right now, A.I.( Almighty Imperium), is so advanced that scientists dont understand it; but in fact are learning from it, instead of vice versa. Point being: once Satan takes control of A.I., we're all…

Ritual Public Shaming

The Red Guards are back. Ritual Public Shaming @DieNWO 1. You obviously blocked my account after making a comment and ran like a coward, so just to let you know, I didn't see your last comment. Why do facts terrify you? 2. You are either one of…

Who's Behind The DOMESTIC TERROR Campaigns?

Who's Behind The DOMESTIC TERROR Campaigns?  
  Mediocre Male Athletes Are Taking Over Women's Sports By Becoming "Transgender," New Lawsuit Claim