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Global Market & Investments Featured

Peter Schiff is Jewish.   Peter Schiff: COVID-19 Is Exposing The Truth About The Economy   Via, It wasn’t long ago that all of the pundits were telling us that the economy was strong. As a result, a lot of people seem to think that once…

25 Ways to Win with People Featured

Words have great power. Thanks Teacher John Maxwell 25 Ways to Win with People by John Maxwell Audiobook   Magda McDusia          

Hoplophobia: morbid fear of guns. Featured

Hoplophobia: noun. An irrational morbid fear of guns. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: The Scourge Of Hoplophobia Revealed!!!

Steve Hofmeyr & White Rights in South Africa Featured

Steve Hofmeyr | Taking the Red Pill   Steve Hofmeyr - Feeslied (Official Video) Steve Hofmeyr word deur verkeerspolisie vasgevat dwaips das 1 year ago I was born in Scotland then went to SA at the age of 9 went to school in witbank spent most of…

Russian Children Gun Competition Featured

Russian Children In AK-47 Competition, While American Children Attend Drag Queen Story Hour