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United States Citizens Militia

JFK QuoteThe United States Constitution guarantees free speech and the right to bear arms, also known as the first and second amendments of the constitution.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution states:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The militia organizations in the United States is privately run and includes both members of the public and those with military and law enforcement backgrounds.  These experienced leaders have often,  during their careers, maintained, organized and trained military forces.  These private militias on occasions, when deemed appropriate by the Governor, help provide military assistance to civil authorities by coordinating timely and effective ground response during states of emergency.

The mainstream socialist left wing media has been working to create a negative image of these private militias to the public.  Most people see these groups as crooks who are both extremist, power hungry and racist.

The reality, however, is very different as you can see from the below quote taken from the Texas Militia website:

"Militias are not in favor of having another revolution in America. We are for restoring a literal interpretation of the United States Constitution as the founding fathers intended with a strong emphasis on the bill of rights, states rights, and a limited federal government. Militias are not illegal. Militias are not anti-government. Militias are authorized by the US Constitution."

Intolerant governments fear their own people and they are continuously trying to take away citizens rights regarding gun ownership.  Once guns are removed, it means the socialist dictatorship can then do as they please.   Private people power who are well trained and armed are the socialists worst nightmare.

Before the Second World War, the Japanese had the idea of invading the USA.  After careful consideration and analysis of the US armed forces and its citizens, they decided against it.  The Japanese realized that the US had a huge number of citizens who are trained and know how to use weapons, and this force can not be discounted.  When you consider there are 270 million guns held by the general public, it is effectively a free army of approximately 50 million citizens which the government did not have to pay a cent towards.

The militia groups in the US today gather locally to complete military training, and generally, have a good time with other like-minded people.  These local groups include both men and women and there is no age limit or restrictions on membership.  Some of these local groups use their skills to help their local community.  Some are active along the Mexican-US border trying to stop illegal's from entering the country.  They also often play an active role on behalf of the local governments during riots.  

We would like to promote and encourage the idea that military groups should be established in Western Countries because many people believe that our political party governments are no more than genocide terrorists.  Having a citizen military presence is a sound political and military strategy, that covers the people under deterrence theory meaning, both the government and the people have to respect one another, as breaking trust will result in mutual destruction on both sides.

Presently, these militias do not have the power to arrest illegal's from crossing over the Mexico border into the US.  We also propose that these groups be given some limited powers so they can complete citizens arrests and get compensated for their time assisting their community.

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