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European Thracians Expert Gold Crafters

Kralevo Treasures from Ancient ThraceThe Ancient Thracians are another example of why Europeans should be proud of their heritage.  Ancient Thrace was a group of Indo-European tribes who settled in South East Europe between the Aegean and Black Seas.  They had a strong identity with their culture and were key players in regional conflicts in their area during the fifth Century BC.  They became a powerful kingdom in their own right after the unification of a number of Thracian tribes called the Odrysian state.  They were involved in exchanges between the Greeks, Macedonians, Persians and Scythians.  All are well known for their wine making and exemplary gold craftsmanship.  They were the aristocrats of their day.

The Bulgarian Government has unearthed a number of archaeological sites from Thracian civilization, including exceptional tombs showing both Odrysian Wreath from Golyamata Mogilathe social, cultural and economic wealth of their Kingdom.  One of the most important findings from this research is the stunning quality of craftsmanship the Thracians displayed with gold metallurgy.

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