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Orania Afrikaner Community

 The Globalist controlled mainstream media does not care about these poor Afrikaners (whites) in South Africa, because they do not actually care about Whites at all. Whites are supposed to be "invincible", so people feel justified in blaming them for perceived wrongs. Instead of agitating hatred against Whites, the media should teach that "Whites are humans too", like they teach us about non-Whites. Whites should have the right to self-determination, like all non-Whites.

Mr Carel Boshoff, the President of the Orania Movement kindly shared with us what the Orania Movement entails, their mission, and goals for the future. President Boshoff also discussed farm attacks and crime in South Africa, and the impact thereof on the Orania.
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The Afrikaners (whites) in south Africa have built a community based collective run farm, called Orania for themselves.
The original contents from Lauren Southern's 2018 documentary Farmlands. All the links are below, please watch #Farmlands in full. This was a wonderful documentary from Lauren, support her work. Orania, Northern Cape
Clip from Farmlands Official Documentary by Lauren Southern (Orania)
 Short documentary about the Afrikaners in South-Africa and their quest for a safe future.

  Life for the Afrikaners ( farm-murders / Orania )

Orania a Safe Haven in South Africa | President Carel Boshoff

South Africa is inhabited by many different tribes and ethnicities, all with their own unique culture and language. Therefore the South African constitution allows each ethnic group to form independent, self determined communities, complete with their own administration and even money.

Orania - Are white Communities illegal?

How Afrikaners educated their children

Orania, how the Afrikaners educate their children / South-Africa

Checkpoint Episode 37 [Part1]: “Ripping the rainbow”

The Orania Movement - Carel Boshoff


"In order to keep the memory alive of victims of farm murders in South Africa, a monument was erected by the Henneman Farmer's Association. Dedicated to the farmers, families, and workers murdered on farms in South Africa, The Wall of Remembrance is dedicated to their memory, and their contribution to agriculture in South Africa. The monument is situated in NAMPO park, a few kilometers outside of Bothaville, in the Free State Province."

 "May this Wall of Remembrance be a call for Unity and Resistance among Boers... Love this Volk!"

A Monument to the Victims of Farm Murders - The Wall of Remembrance

The New Colonialists




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