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Ancient Caucasians in America

Kennewick Reconstruction

The Globalists control the media and education do not like to reveal to Caucasian people the evidence on Caucasian people went to America long before the Vikings.

There is a growing amount of evidence and the following videos and information will hopefully, tingle your investigative minds to do more research and find the facts out for yourselves.

A book written by Barry Fell called, 'America B.C,' Ancient Settlers in the New World.  Barry Fell (born June 6, 1917, died April 21, 1994) was a professor of invertebrate zoology at the Harvard Museum.  He authored:  'America BC Ancient Settlers in the New World.'  It was in this book I first came across this revealing and interesting part of history.  Further reading of Barry Fell, go Here to read his Equinox Project which he founded and more on him on Wikipedia Here

Another person who explored this topic was Thor Heyerdahl (Ethnographer) who conducted personal experiments and then wrote books about his experiences.  In The RA Expeditions, he had a reed ship built in Egypt and sailed it across to the Americas using the currents and the wind.

I have three of his books;  'The RA Expeditions', 'The Tigris Expedition' and 'The Kon-Tiki Expedition' (set in the Pacific), all of which are his personal accounts sailing in these regions and are truly fascinating reads.

Ogam alphabets and Runic writings have been found in the United States.  Similar writings and language have also been found in historical sites around the Middle East and Europe.

Skeletons have been found in the United States which have been identified by experts as being Caucasian and NOT Native American Indian.  Probably the most famous of these skeletons is known as the Kennewick Man.  Carbon dating on the skeletal remains show that he is over 9000 years old and he is most famous due to the lengthy and costly legal debacle over his ownership.  This ownership debate is still ongoing in 2016.

The skeletal remains of the Kennewick Man are currently residing in the Burke museum, however, due to legal proceedings, extensive testing proving his background cannot be completed.  There is a very informative article on the history of the Kennewick man in Smithsonian Magazine which you can read online.

Genome data on the Kennewick Man has just recently been released showing that his most distant relations are Native American Indians but I am sure the debate is still not over.

More information on the Kennewick Man can also be found on this website.

Further evidence shows during the Ice Age winter periods that the ice sheet continued from Europe right across to the eastern side of the United States.  It is hypothesized that Europeans made their way across the sheet using skin canoes similar to those of the Eskimos in North America and migrated over a lengthy trip.  They did this by staying on the ice at night and hunting seal for food as they made their way to America.

Spear points have been found in America which are the same design previously found in Europe from the Solutrean culture.  Clovis technology, made by the Indians in North America, were very different and they did not make this Solutrean style of spear point.  There are people who say that Europeans arrived in America long before the Indians did and when the Indians arrived, the European population declined to eventual extinction in this region due to interracial marriage and conflict.

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