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Setting Up Community Based Organization

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FIGHT BACK! - Safety Committees of the Revolution

 Prior to 1776, American patriots lawfully nullified British rule by creating their own parallel government

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A community based organization, is an organization which is representative of a community or a significant segment of a community and is engaged in meeting people,

 CBOs: Provide numerous, often highly valued,targeted population programs and services to the members  and to the community.


European organization are usualy only policial party groups and  they do not represent  their  community  needs. The following short list  for example:

Womens organization to represent and fight for European rights and help women and families

European youth organizations to help young people in relationships, education, Find Jobs, Training new skills, learn about European History and become leaders.

European children organization to help children with education, European history, camps  and to become leaders.

European men organization to help with relationships and find partners  and leadership training. them a


Community Based Organization (CBO) Engagements

What is Community Organizing?

Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture

The Conservative movements

The conservative movement was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of Neo- conservative Jews. Some Neo- conservatives European jews are Christians who fight against big gonenrment, globalism and communism. They are Jewish nationals who promote people into leadership position in conservative movement to keep control over European true Jews and gentile whites and stop them from building community based organization.  They will not promote and will not build European Anti-Defamation  Organizations to fight for European rights, no gentilel womens movement, no national congresses to unite all Europeans, no world nationa lorganizations and no world congresses to help unite Europeans. They promote conservatism and do not promote nationalism and many will not talk about or fight for European gentile or true jewish rights. Many European gentiles and jews think of themselves as conservatives, can not make changes, because conservatism  is not about making changes in the conservative movement. Conservative will not win against globalism , only nationalism will win against globalism and new ideas to over come the enemy. People who call themselves conservatives must move to we the people nationism and build organizations for gentiles europeans and for true Jews and both organizations work together.

European Anti-Defamation Organization

 Many people today have been conditioned by the Globalists who accuse them of inciting hatred and then they find themselves in court having to defend themselves using their own finance. Court cases can cost thousands of hundreds to millions in monetary value above and beyond the affordability of most people. The reason we lose our rights is that we do not have a legal organization to defend our rights. If we had an organization that operated nationally and internationally we could obtain more financing through the public and member organizations. This could include liability insurance also.

All European Organizations will need Security Council of permanent founding members  to stop radicals from  taking organization over

The organization will need Security Council of Permanent founder membership to stop radicals from taking the organization over and keeping it on track and to remove any person who breaks its constitution. Members who are Elected and who prove they can be trusted can become members of the Security Council.

The organization should represent Europeans and all other races to run in each country which is connected to an international organization. The organization needs volunteers, membership, and lawyers to give advice and fight for us in court.

There is a need to set up a National and International European Anti-Defamation Council to fight for Europeans and all other racial groups on the planet.

Most human rights organizations around the world today are more interested in 'minority' rights, rather than 'majority' rights, and are silent when it comes to the many laws that have been broken by so-called Governments and organizations such as the United Nations. If you look at the list below of the United Nations laws, they are not upheld and are in fact abused in virtually every country globally.

We believe what is needed is to set up organizations which mirror the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the most effective course of action is to win court cases to set precedents which support European communities throughout the world. The stark truth is that without legal funds and representation you are not given a voice and at present, there is no organization to represent Europeans and our needs have been pushed to the background. 

Updated 23 November 2016

This organization is being set up both Nationally and Internationally to be a community organization to cater for all our needs.  Because we are new, we need help from our members to build branches and we will help you do this by putting you in contact with other members in your area and if you wish to write articles you can submit these for review to go on our website.

You can start a branch organization without too much hassle with as little as two people in your foundation membership.  All you need is you and a friend or family member and you've got enough to get going!  There are many of groups that this organization wants its members to get involved with including:

  • European Sabbath
  • Women's Chapters
  • Motorbike Clubs
  • Legal
  • Conservation
  • Political

These are just to name a few - for a full list of ideas for branches, please have a read of our "What We Stand For" page and Community section on the website.

The website represents us, "We the People."  There may be other groups which we have talked about on the website because we believe we are part of a world community and must work with many different organizations so we promote them and they help us.  This is a step forward to build a network of organizations to come together because unity is strength and division are a weakness.

Tips & Advice On Starting An Event/Group

Once you have the basics of your event down pat, please contact us with the details so we can advertise it to other members in your local area.

Pick Your Time & Date

Have a think about a suitable time and date for your event - it's important not to just choose a time that works for you, but one that will also work best for your audience.  This will be different based on what your group is doing.  A playgroup would probably work best in the middle of the week in the morning and for no more than an hour.  A family gathering type event would probably work better on a weekend when everyone is free to come along.

Choose Your Location

Choose a location that works for your group.  Something that's close by with ample parking or public transport, make sure if it's out in the open like a park you've consider a wet weather alternative nearby.  Some ideas for group gatherings include:

  • Parks
  • Scout Halls
  • Church Halls
  • Local Community Venues for Hire
  • Libraries
  • Member's Homes

Things to consider.  
If the group is very large or if there will be high levels of noise or political activity you may need to look up your local council rules and regulations.  In some countries, permit may be required.

Structure and Activities For Your Event

Some of our community events will need more structure than others.  These are just a few things you might need to take into consideration.

Consider if you need to approach other members to speak at your event.

  •   Do you require technical services such as internet access or microphones/speakers so that everyone can hear you?  
  •   Is catering a requirement - does everyone need to bring some food and drink or is this not required?
  •   What activities are happening at your event?  A playgroup might require everyone to bring some toys along to share. 
  •   Find a band that can play some European music.
  •   Print out some brochures to hand out to prospective members about what we stand for.
  •   Get the name and contact information for everyone who attends so you can add them to your email lists.

Make sure your invitation is very specific on member etiquette - we don't promote drunken, debauchery or physical violence within our community and this needs to be clear from the event get go.


Feel free to have a donation box to help offset the costs that occurred for running the event.

You could also have donation options for other sections of our organization such as the anti-defamation league.

We don't believe in contacting the media or invite them to our events, so please refrain from gaining publicity in this manner.


Feel free to contact other local members to see if they are willing to help you organize your local event.

After the Event

Please send through pictures and information about how it went so we can put in on the site - which hopefully means more interest in future events you organize!


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