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Review: Ray Mear's Instructional Bushcraft Videos

There are a number of European Caucasians who are finding bushcraft interesting and are now using it.  It should be taught in all European schools and throughout all European organizations because it allows you to connect back with nature and shows how your ancestors lived, what foods they ate, plants they used for medicines and how to make items and utensils to survive.  Bushcraft should be taught to all children to help them understand how their ancestors lived and to help build confidence, knowing how to be able to practice ancient crafts, such as making clay pots, baskets, stone spear heads and arrow points and to also make clothing, bow and arrows and bread making.

Ray Mear's Instructional Bushcraft Videos

The following videos give some good insight into how our ancestors lived.

Video 1

This video shows how our ancestors started a fire, making bow and arrows and how to skin deer using flint tools and other skills.  Near the end of the film, it shows some lovely cave paintings of European indigenous Caucasian ancestors.

Video 2

In this next video, Ray Mear shows how to make a birch bark bowl container from the birch tree.

Video 3

This video shows Ray Mear's world of survival in Siberia.  Ray visited a nomadic Asian family living off the land and their herd of reindeer.  We can learn from these educators how our ancestor lived.

Video 4

This video is one of 5 episodes showing how our hunter-gatherer ancestors used wild foods.

These videos are just a few examples of the wonderful documentaries created by Ray Mears.  Many of them can be watched in full on YouTube if you find this as fascinating as I do.

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