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How Rome Conquered Greece & The Roman Empire

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How Rome Conquered Greece - Roman History DOCUMENTARY

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The Perfectly Preserved Roman Boat Hidden Near The Rhine | Time Team | Odyssey



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Upon marching on Rome, Caesar took with him one out of his nine Legions: the 13th. This is the full history of that Legion, and everything it through before and after it's moment of fame...

LEGIO XIII Gemina - Full History of the Legion that marched on Rome

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" In this video, we examine the history of the Roman Empire, from its rise to its fall."

History of Rome - Documentary


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"During Rome's 2767th birthday celebrations, Larry Lamb heads to the city to investigate the Romanian Empire. In this first episode, Larry learns how Rome was founded by exploring the story of Romulus and Remus, using the works of ancient Roman historian Livy as a guide. He also goes on to discover how Rome would later become a city."

Rome The World's First Superpower - Romulus & Remus | Ancient Rome Documentary | Real Truth. History

To all you guys not thinking that Rome was the world's first superpower....The Roman Empire—which reached the height of its power in the second century—was by far the dominant power in most of the ancient world. Though its power did not reach as far as India and China, the Roman Empire’s prowess was unquestioned in the Middle East and Europe. It covered almost all the major population centers and civilizations of antiquity, including Greece, Egypt, the Levant, Carthage, Anatolia and Italy. The population of the Roman Empire at its peak was about 60 million, dwarfing all its neighbors and comprising a large portion of the world’s population. The empire’s size meant that it did not need to trade much except to acquire luxury resources (silk, lapis, spices, incense and so on). The empire was by far militarily dominant over its neighbors, with the partial exception of the only major organized state that bordered it— Persia, whose power was still nowhere equal to Rome’s. While Roman legions could and did ravage Persia’s heartlands, there was no chance that a Persian army could reach Rome. Rome’s legions were essentially undefeatable in pitched battles with its enemies. Rome ultimately fell not because of external threats, but due to continuous civil war, economic depredations and an over-reliance on mercenaries. You also have to think of all the engineering, roads, standard currency, laws etc.

If Rome was the first superpower where do you leave the Greek, Egyptian, Hittite and Babilonian empires?

Actually I believe the Egyptians we're around before the Romans, by about 3000 years.

Im baffled by some of the comments, here. The last Etruscan king invented the senate, and implemented the first census.The Etruscan people invented the aqueducts systems, the architecture of the period, and so on.. They taught the romans everything they knew, then were killed and driven out by them. The Romans borrowed, stole and or absorbed their power and knowledge from others. To say that they were the best, or the first, at anything is ridiculous. Hatchepsut did more for her people 3000 years before these guys showed up.

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Origin and History of the Italians

 What are the origins and history of the Italians? In order to look at the ethnogenesis of the Italian nation and larger Latin realm we must first delve into the ancient history of the Italian peninsula, which includes many diverse and fascinating groups, who gradually became the Italian and Latin peoples we all know and love today.

 Latins (Italic Tribes).

The Latin tribes developed into the Roman Empire


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Ancient Greece in Italy ✪ Military History Channel HD

All Greek colonies, the truth of Greek sphere of influence has been well hidden for centuries, the reality is that half of Greece for the past 500 years is still, until today, OCCUPIED territory by islamic rule!

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Looks at the life of the Roman emperor Vespasian, from childhood to his death in 79 AD. Provides insight into the sophisticated workings of the Roman Empire.

Very interesting person, vespasian is probably one of the greatest Roman emperors

Vespasian: The Path To Power (Roman Empire Documentary) | Timeline

Vespasian "Empire Savior" .. in Bosnian/Serbian language "SPAS" means = to be saved, to save.

Vespasian was not corrupt. He chose not to enrich himself by public office, unlike many of his contemporaries and, dare I say say, many of today's politicians and military brass. No wonder they dedicated a theatre to his memory!

Trump may very well turn out to be a modern day Vespasian.

Well. If the romans pampered their poor, politicians today are at the opposite end of the spectrum.


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Roman War Tactics - Full DOcumentary

So crazy how far ahead the Romans were. 2,000 years ago, running water, medics, heat, paychecks, recreational drug use...I love this stuff.

 The standard for a Roman March was 20 miles in 5 hours. With 50 pounds of gear. Try it on your treadmill.



The Roman Empire


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What the Ancients Knew - Rome


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WAR- The Roman Army Full Documentary


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 Roman legionary's clothing, armour and equipment

Published on Dec 21, 2009
About this clip: Placidus is a Roman soldier, stationed in the legion's camp of Noviomagus along the Rhine. In this film he shows you the clothing, armour and equipment of the Roman legionary soldier in the first century AD.
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Published on Dec 5, 2014

  Ancient Roman food - feeding soldiers, gladiators, plebs and priests!

 above trouble


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Music+Cinema: Ben-Hur 2/Chariot race- Course de chars


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Music+Cinema: Ben-Hur 2/Chariot race- Course de chars


Published on Sep 8, 2017
- Ben-Hur,1959, péplum épique somptueux et drame biblique à très grand spectacle de William Wyler, aux multiples oscars (onze !), d'après le roman de Lewis Wallace, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1880). Musique de Miklós Rózsa (déjà musicien de Quo Vadis). Acteurs: Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Haya Harareet, Stephen Boyd . - Des nombreuses scènes mythiques de ce film témoin de l'âge d'or des studios géants hollywoodiens, "s’il ne fallait en retenir qu’une, ce serait probablement l’impressionnante course de chars au cours de laquelle les corps sont malmenés et broyés, réduits à leur plus sordide fonction utilitariste."(Clément Graminiès, Critikat). #BenHur #CharltonHeston #ChariotRace #CourseDeChar -

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  Ben-Hur (1959) - Rowing of the Galley Slaves HD

"Contrary to some popular belief, the Roman navy did not use slaves at any time to man the oars of its ships; the concept of the ‘galley slave’ chained to his oar was an invention of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries AD and unknown in the ancient world. The crews of Roman warships were free men from the citizen levy, allied contingents supplied by treaty and volunteers.” Michael Pitassi, The Roman Navy: Ships, Men & Warfare 350 BC-AD 475 (Yorkshire: Seaforth Publishing, 2012), 61.

This isn't historically accurate, but it's a great scene nonetheless.

Military galleys of antiquity didn't use slaves as rowers outside of extreme manpower shortages or emergencies. They had disciplined and well-trained freemen doing the job.

Roman had soldiers doing the rowing. This gave them also a huge advantage in numbers if they were boarded.

The Romans didn't actually use prisoners as rowers

  Lies about the Roman Empire

The History Channel has been "The Hitler Channel" all day today...


The following taken from Stormfront. The leftwing Jews own The History Channel (NBC, Disney & Hearst Corp.)

  Roman Vice - History Channel

This is a joke right? They get about 80% of the facts wrong. There is no evidence Claudius was mentally incapacitated. These "experts" are stating rumours as fact and are ignoring completely the fact that the contemporary sources were upper class Senators who were hardly impartial. I would go through the rest but someone else has already pointed out this doco is a work of fiction based on fiction.

I heartily recommend everyone to type "i claudius" into the youtube search bar and watch the award winning 1976 BBC drama series that fleshes this story out brilliantly, told from Claudius's perspective. It features many good actors including Patrick Stewart, John Hurt, Brian Blessed etc. And yes...there is sex and orgies and bloody murder. There are 13 episodes in total.

Wow, this is full of SO many inaccuracies and mistakes! Augustus was hardly known for "an overactive libido", and the idea of him behaving sexually towards a slave in public is laughable! Augustus was a prude who was furious that Roman free citizens, especially those of rank, weren't marrying like proper Romans should, but instead were committing adultery, using prostitutes - and he was especially down on men using slaves for sex. He was about as far from being a "serial philanderer" as you could get. And Julia WAS Augustus's daughter, not his granddaughter!

At about the 55 minute mark the program mixes the mystery cult of Cybele with that of Mithras. There was indeed a Tauroboleum associated with Mithras,but the original cult came from what is now Iran. Cybele came to Rome by a similar but different path. Not sure which century it showed up,but Romans were deeply conflicted by this goddess . I believe originally Egyptian worship. The mixing of these two mystery cults is poor research on the part of the people who created this program. So many good programs showed up on the History Channel for quite a few years. Poor scholarship here.

For the number of so called "experts" in this documentary, it's surprising how historically inaccurate it is. For example, Messalina, Claudius' 3rd wife, was not his niece. Agrippina, Caligula's sister and Claudius' 4th wife, however was his niece. And the description of the death of Drusilla is contained nowhere in Suetonius; rather, it is from Robert Graves' "I, Claudius", a work of fiction. '

Claudius was mentally incapacitated?? is a joke right !? XD During the reign of Claudius the empire crossed its period of greater expansion after the time of Augustus ...

Since when does a lamprey eat people

I can't watch american view on history it always looks and sounds like a hollywood crime programme.cut the damn bloke narrating..gawd he's awful...and most of the chat is so historically incorrect...

Very poorly researched documentary. It is in fact chock full of lies.

A lot of this sounds like propaganda of the time
More lying so called historians. They have rewritten history even historians today are saying  for real history you must go 40 or more years. They are now pushing their agendaand truth doesn't matter. The textbooks in california have been rewritten some of theiragenda is that most if not all the founding fathers were gay or lesbians no kidding.When parents got ticked off the textbook company refused to change a word. This issuch a lying piece. Homosexuality was not widely accepted in the ancient world aspeople are being lied to make people today think it is as normal as heterosexuality. It'snot. How many animals had to be put down in the last month due to being injured toomuch to live from being raped by men? They also are trying to make pedos normal. Look it up if you can stand it. We're suppose to call these men and women that abuse kidsnormal they have as gays if you prefer kids it's good for the kids. No sick jokelook it up. They are so proud of the first 10 year old drag queen. Story time for reallyyoung kids by drag queens was admitted by a drag queen a few weeks ago admittedthe reason for story time is to groom kids. Parents that protest are lied to by librarystaff telling them it's bee cancelled  when it's not when parents find out they go offon the parents calling bad and evil parents. Welcome to hell our disgusting  generation.
ancient Rome would have been amazing to see , especially considering in sub Saharan Africa today they still don't have water in their settlements and yet Romans built aqueducts 4000 years ago, had amazing sophisticated culture with theater and music and fashion, and beautiful white cities we can still see today.
The perverted images on the bathhouse were for humor? Not pornographic? In a society where using slaves for sex was a daily practice in most homes...... Umm yeah... I'm pretty sure the images in the bathhouse were to celebrate their excessive sexuality. This was a highly sexed society and it's one reason why God brought it down. Life is all about balance and using wisdom. Enjoy sex but don't be excessive... and any society who has pornographic images all over.. is a society focusing on the wrong joys of life. Enjoy the wine but don't lust for it when it's gone. Enjoy sex but keep it clean and moderate. Relish in your dinner but watch how much you take in.

Roman War Tactics - Full DOcumentary

So crazy how far ahead the Romans were. 2,000 years ago, running water, medics, heat, paychecks, recreational drug use...I love this stuff.

 The standard for a Roman March was 20 miles in 5 hours. With 50 pounds of gear. Try it on your treadmill.

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