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Sabbatian Sabotage - David Icke Talks(showed)

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At 1:00:00 into the video, Icke talks about the part of the book of the Kabbalah called the Zohar which means radiance or illumination. The Sabbatean/Frankist's know how the mind and perception interacts with reality to create experience; they use this hidden knowledge, called the occult, to artificially manipulate human perception for purposes of control.

Bower changed their name to Rothschild which means red shield in German. The Bowers and Jacob Frank were the Frankist cult that merged with Sabbatai Zebi's cult and they used a front man named Adam Weisapt to create the Bavarian Illuminati. The star of David they use is actually the Seal of Solomon which makes since because the original freemasons were said to be the builder's guild of Solomon's temple.

Sabbatian Sabotage - David Icke Talks To Angelo John Gage - Dot Connector Videocast


The Sabbeteans do what religion retards wanted, because they believe in a savoir. The Christian religion has the same goal as the Sabbeteans. Its only who rules the region after the destruction of Jewish Israel.
Christians are the hypocrites. They support Zionism only for judgement day. They believe Jesus will return and kill all Jews who don't believe in Jesus.
Christian Zionist believes that's why Zionism exists to create an Israel for an end time.
They are all lunatics with a god psychosis.



What proof is there more then the bible.Jesus only exist in the bible.


No historian denies that Jesus was a real person who existed in history. Even athiest historians admit that He existed, they just don't believe He was divine.


Plenty of historians doubt Jesus existed. The figure of Jesus is based on the Egyptian god Horus. If you look up details about them both you will see amazing similarities. I'm sure we are spiritual beings but I think all organised religion is really about control and based on a lot of dubious myths

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