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Netflix Jewish Zionist lies

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How can this be Netflix without some random black vikings and interracial relationships? Strange Boy

Norsemen (Vikingane) Season 1 Official Netflix HD Trailer


no black vikings! YAAY

These Vikings looks nothing like real Vikings, they used mail armor and simple helmet that protects the head and chieftain helmet that protects their eyes and noses.
What is wrong with how ignorant and stupid can a company possibly be. Next series Dear Black People?

 Re: Stefan Molyneux on "Dear White People" and Netflix...

Netflix is a sewer of anti-white garbage. I’ve been in more fights with this anti-white site over the phone and via reviews.

I don’t care how unpopular my views are I never tire of calling up Netflix and telling them I don’t like negroes and I don’t want to watch movies with negroes in them.

This new bit of garbage isn’t going to get off the cutting room floor I dont think though - with it’s portrayal of negroes in a basement jeering at white people (try reversing that one and see how it goes over), and negroes violently breaking into the homes of white people who are perceived as the enemy, this one is too extreme even for ****** loving’ netflix.

The fact is that comatose PC whites have allowed negroes to overwhelm the entire society by breeding like roaches, then falling passively into the loving arms of leftist jews who gave them everything they wanted FOR FREE whilst spoon feeding them blatant lies about how wonderful they are, how physically beautiful they are and how they’re at least the equal of if not superior to white people.

And there’s no coming back from that.

Tell you what though, this trend of portraying negroes violently attacking white people is probably going to bring about the actual event itself - what am I saying - it’s already happening !

SPOILER ALERT “So if you really want to know who’s really in charge, you have to look at who you’re NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE - hint hint - it’s groups other than white Christian males.” ......... Stefan Molyneux


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