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Dr Confirms Masks Spread Disease Not Stop It.3.

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Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer

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 Bacterial Pneumonia was the leading cause of death during the Spanish Flu, and Fauci is hiding the mask's ability to cause pneumonia even though who co-authored studies on the exact same thing. You wonder why then he told us not to wear masks in the beginning.

Combine all the studies Alex is talking about and you get the same conclusion he has. Bacterial Pneumonia Main cause in Spanish flu, prolonged mask wearing causes Bacterial Pneumonia. Also I guess in 1918 most are not replacing their masks every 15 mins, more like every 15 weeks.
I uploaded copy of paper that Alex is discussing: The following is on page 6 of Part 2 : "Interestingly the above-cited paper that found a majority of 1918-1919 pandemic deaths to be from bacterial pneumonia was co-authored by Anthony Fauci, MD who has been tasked with advising the US on proper response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, yet he has not publicly discussed this precedented risk of bacterial pneumonia in 2020, even having performed extensive research himself. It is also known that the 1918-1919 pandemic was the last time that human societies experimented with widespread long-term masking. As now, healthy people were made to wear masks, and it is thought by some that there would have been no pandemic in 1918 without masking. Are we repeating known mistakes from our history and what are the consequences?"
I swear wearing the mask gives you cavities too. I never had any teeth problems my whole life until I started wearing the dumbass mask. I have to wear it at my job or they’re gonna fire my ass. My teeth have gotten so bad since i started wearing the shit.
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I agree with others, the medical document does not refer to masks. It does however point to the real issue with any virus infection... secondary bacterial infection which is the real cause of death for most people. The virus weakens the immune system and opens the person up for the more serious concern of bacterial infection that is the real cause of death. Even though they play up the COVID narrative this article reveals the hidden truth -

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Welcome to the never ending lock-down.
Communist takeover in progress, No need to panic!
Just keep wearing that mask.


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We don't want masks to be mandatory. We, the people of India have had enough! Let us dissolve the fear of corona from everyones minds.

This Independence Day, we make it clear to the people of India as well as the Government that we don't want masks to be mandatory. We, the people of India have had enough! Let us dissolve the fear of corona from everyones minds.

India Rises Up Against Mandatory Masks!

GOI telling its citizen WHO guidelines. WHO is a Chinese and Bill Gates organization.
Good to see Indian citizens waking up to NWO and The Great Reset. Avoid the vaccines.

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Mask can actually cause more harm than good.

Masks As SPREADERS of Disease


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Dr. Ward Dean joins Owen to explain why wearing a mask can actually cause more harm than good.

Doctor Confirms Masks Spread Disease Not Stop It


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Wearing a Mask is A Sign of Slavery and Submission

Alex Jones breaks down the manipulation of the public into submission by programming them to conform to wearing a mask, so they will fall in-line with their overlords' increasing demands.

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