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New Farming Ideas & Profit. Update 2.

Screenshot 1tree fence

1500’ Feet of Fedge (food/hedge, living fence). A Crater Garden bringing the growing zone up from 4 to 7. Four row tree belt to block wind, produce food and increase moisture.

THREE Permaculture Systems (You’ve NEVER Seen in Real LIFE)

Screenshot 1jhhggb

The Permaculture Orchard - For Anyone

Screenshot 1joel salatin

Joel Salatin - Polyface farm

Farmers are so knowledgeable I learned so much watching.

Screenshot 2bin moveable for c



Screenshot 2moving c cages



Screenshot 1moving chickens


 Screenshot 1kill c a clean

Screenshot 2pig f



Screenshot 1offest farming b

 Robert Laing

More common sense information in this vid than a whole government dept could come up with in 10 years. Well done.

 Dipo Amin

Cows feed chickens using their manure filled with larvae.
Steve Adams
If you don't feed grain what do they eat in the winter? I am now 70 and farmed until I was 61 when I got injured and could no longer do the work. I just wish that I had known about a lot of these rotational ideas back then I had 600 acres and leased another 1000. We could only run 1 unit (cow & calf ) per every 8 acres. Of course I didn't know about you tube which is really helpful often. Thank you for the information and ideas.
Those are happy pigs !
Tanya Jenkins
Quite a chicken free range type yards.
Screenshot 2black guy s
Screenshot 2bull for the young

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