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Exposing Biden policies Update 4.

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Joe Biden Calls Troops Stupid Bastards During Speech

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The twitter algorithm will apparently give a warning to users of pedophilia over the Joe Biden clips where he is a bit too close with children.

Twitter Classifies Joe Biden As A Pedophile

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Millie Weaver Biden Task Force Wants To Abolish The Police

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Tucker: Team Biden releases its plan for America


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Watch Live at 5 p.m. ET: President Trump speaks to the press in the Rose Garden. #FoxNews

Trump tears into Biden policies at press conference in the Rose Garden


For every freshly red-pilled American that Trump gains in support he is losing at least one newly black-pilled American fed up with his failure and lack of action. Whether that math is a winning formula is yet to be seen. His Presidential Campaign slogan should be, "Vote Trump, What choice do you have?"
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