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Thought Police

  • Saturday, 04 January 2020 00:25
  THOUSANDS ARE DISAPPEARING IN CHINA’S REAL-LIFE 1984 NIGHTMARE  NEWS SYNDICATOR DECEMBER 19, 2017 NEWS  55 COMMENTS 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1400px) 100vw, 1400px" style="box-sizing:border-box;height:auto;max-width:100%;width:750px"> News Syndicator This account syndicates news from other media outlets.   Via AP News: Nobody knows what happened to the Uighur student…

The People Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas Il

  • Tuesday, 14 January 2020 04:06
07-07-2011 - The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas II  Brother Nathanael   Jewish Bolsheviks Murder Tsar and Family It was 87 years ago to this day that the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II and his family, including severely disabled Tsarevich Alexis, were murdered in clod blood…
Zach Vorhies @perpetualmaniac joins The Alex Jones Show tyo break down how the ADL is partnering with Big Tech to censor political dissent in America. Google Insider Exposes ADL Internet Takeover Plan20,162 views·Nov 26, 2019           Zach Vorhies @perpetualmaniac joins The Alex Jones…