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Feminism Exposed

MILO Yiannopoulos Effortlessly Takes Apart Black Feminist NAACP President At WCU

Most people today do not realize that feminism is actually a well-planned mass indoctrination using many of the propaganda techniques we have previously discussed on this site.

Aaron Russo  (European  of jewish faith fighting Globalism) reveals Rockefellers are largely behind the feminist movement with the ultimate goal being to destroy the family unit.  Aaron Russo, who Rockefeller attempted to recruit for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

"We will send their women against their men and thereby destroy the strength of their families."  —  The Revelation: Signs and Symbols

While trying to recruit Russo for the CFR, Nicholas Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that his family foundation created women's liberation using mass media control which is part of a long-term plan with the end goal being population reduction.  The main goal of feminism is to destroy families. They do this by brainwashing the younger generation with bad attitution:  A Survey of the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1968-1982.  There are also side benefits they have discovered to the feminist movement including widening the tax base and the displacement of men. The Rockefellers are part of the Globalist private banking cartel and are one of a few elite families who have much influences in maintstream Left-wing western media. 

How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women

Waves of FeminismWaves of Feminism

It is generally agreed upon that there have been three waves of feminism, although some argue that we are now in a fourth wave. 

The first wave of feminism is generally the most well known which took place during the 19th century, often known as suffragettes.  It was largely focused on the legal rights of women including equal contract, marriage, parenting and property rights for women.

The second wave of feminism was in the swing by early 20th century.  This took place predominantly in European countries where women still had not gained equal rights on issues such as voting. The second wave also took on issues such as the right to work without a husband's permission in France, as well as family laws in many countries where husbands had control over their wives. The idea of rape in marriage was also contested with the petition to abolish marital exemption from the status of rape. 

Third wave feminism is considered to be perhaps a more extreme form of feminism with the overall attitudes generally being aggressive and challenging. This wave focuses on sexuality, female empowerment and 'micro-politics'. Those that identify as 'third wave feminists', are often enmeshed in an internal debate between themselves over issues of the differences between the sexes and social conditioning effects on gender roles.

While feminism has redefined modern culture, this 'third wave feminists' movement has been seen by many to have taken things too far. Some argue there is no further need for feminism in the western world and that feminists should redirect their anger against Muslim laws which work against women's rights.

Modern feminism has got it wrong about men

Why Modern ‘Feminism’ Sucks, and I’m Not One of Them

Feminism: A Form of Anti-Semitic False Jewish Control

The feminist movement leadership is predominately women whom many are Left-wing Jews and have been involved with their various socialist organizations in changing laws which promote bad attitudes. They break down the good attitudes which have seen large increases in divorce and marriage breakdowns.  Many men know that the divorce rate in western countries is around 59% with women initiating at least 80%. In addition, there are unfair divorce and custody laws causing many men being financially broken in the divorce courts by their ex-wives and have had their children alienated from them.

Feminism is not about Equality, it is about Hate, - Hatred of Men!

The feminist supporters created these laws to destroy marriage and create conflict between males and females. The result is that many people do not want to marry and therefore, there are fewer children.  Some men want to marry women from other racial groups who have strong family faith The American African families in the past had good family values and low separation rate but because of feminism bad attitutes today the African American marriages have also taken a major hit with a 70% separation rate.

Feminism Is a form of Jewish Control

The impact of feminism on the family

  The feminist movement want family destruction and work to destroy the traditional relationships between males and females which traditionally would produce happiness and children.

It stops women and men from fulfilling their as parents during their lives, and more and more people find it hard to have children because many people cannot find the right partners  and  many people cannot afford to have children. 

There is a growing number of people living on their own and dying on their own.  It's not nice being on your own and having no children to help during the social change that is occurring right now and in the future.

Men are more "expendable" than Women

History shows that men are more "expendable" than women.  As evidence, consider that men have always been disposable during wars and have had to fight to protect the women and children.  Governments and rulers allow for a certain percentage of men to be killed in a war because the population can effectively be replaced with a few men and a large number of women. (Women are more "valuable" than men because they can reproduce children; therefore, they have higher equity than men).  Some people may feel uncomfortable with this, but this is the reality of history.  In raids, the women are usually taken as captives, and subsequently sold or given to men as wives or to the sex industry.  The men, however, are usually shot or taken as slaves. There are cases in the Middle East where couples have been taken captive, the husband executed and the wife has been sold at the slave market as she is no longer married. 


  In Western countries, women are encouraged to join the arm forces and fight on the front line alongside men, and for every woman who is killed, you are killing her two to four children that she may have had. This is effectively decreasing the birth rate of Europeans and other races.

A Message to Women

Feminist ran out after being destroyed by KAREN STRAUGHAN!!!

Feminism is a Terrorist Organization

What Men Know That Women Don't - A Woman's Response

Feminism Pt 1 Defining the Feminist Problem

Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and Racialism in under 5 Minutes

White women have been conditioned to think of white men are no good and when they meet men for a partner, they look for all the bad things about the guy and dump him and they are doing  this with every man they find. Women should look for the good in men and they will find there partner.

Correcting Men's and Women's Attitudes

(Following Video highly recommended)
Feminism and the Disposable Male pt 1/2
White women have been conditioned by the media to think of nice white men as not good partners and men who are not good and not loyal as good partners. This is why a lot of women like “the bad boys”.

Look out! It's a Nice Guy! DESTROY HIM!!

Feminism is Destroying Western Women!
Feminism is destroying the USA and western nations, it is bashing men, causing harm rather than good across the western landscape, ruining children, morals, and manners.

Western Women Are Destroying Themselves.....
Many Western women, ruining their looks, have nasty attitudes, and then wonder why they cannot get a husband and why some males are getting tired of it all....

The following video features Aaron Russo.  When approached by the Rockefellers, who mentioned to him about the so-called Women's' Liberation Movement which they were financing.  Russo revealed that they were not doing it to help women, but rather for reasons which were not actually beneficial to women and the family unit.  The feminist movement was created to play off men against women and vice versa, and to pass laws which resulted in bad attitudes or ideas that would ultimately destroy the family.

Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and set up the NWO

Girl DESTROYS feminism in 3 minutes

Quotes from Women About Feminism

 I dont need feminism quotes

Woman Against Feminism


Women on Men

How Women Destroy Love
There are things women do to destroy their relationships without realizing the damage they are doing. If you want to creat more love, intimacy, passion and closeness.

Why are women so unhappy? A modest theory...

In the spirit of fairness and equality, I'll talk about men's roles after the Hungarian Christian singer, Ákos was attacked by rampaging feminists for voicing his opinion on female roles.

Men not marrying? How deep does "the problem" go?
Karen Straughan – Is it just the risks of Marriage 2.0 preventing men from rushing to the altar? Is it merely a function of the women available to the average man? Is it the divorce rate? The specter of life time alimony and every-other-weekend-dad status? Or is it a deeper problem than even that?

Report: Why Men Are Giving Up On Marriage
Marriages in U.S. now at record low – and it's by design!  A Catholic pastor recently revealed he's only performing five marriages a year, down from 35 over 25 years ago.

Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It MattersMen on Strike book
Book by Helen Smith - Originally published 2013
American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going ?on strike.OCO They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates.

War Against Boys
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute - Christina Hoff Sommers discusses the war against boys, feminism, and gender equity at this University of Pennsylvania Law School event.  "Christina Marie Hoff Sommers (née Hoff; born 1950) is an American author, former philosophy professor, and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank." Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism having authored a number of books.  She also hosts a video blog called The Factual Feminist 

War on Boys
What ever happened to letting "boys be boys?"  Christina Hoff Sommers covers two examples of how boys in America's schools are routinely punished for being active, competitive, and restless. In other words, boys can no longer be boys. Sommers explains how we can change this.

The media complain that with regard to the national wage, women's earnings are lower than males.  One of the reasons this occurs is because many women have children and do part-time work and take  children to school in the morning and be home in the afternoon.
Christina Hoff Sommers - The gender wage gap uses bogus statistics
American Enterprise Institute (April 10, 2014) - "The gender wage gap."

Feminism Aims

The feminist’s main achievement is to remove the protective and positive thinking male from influencing the family.  It aims to destroy the differences between men and women by making both sexes more like the opposite sex, thus making them more unattractive to each other.  It, therefore, becomes more difficult to find a partner.  In many cases, European women have become too bossy which is one of the reasons why European men find them unattractive.  

A woman's view as to why men are deserting Western women for Asian women

A Reminder of the Differences of Men and Women.....

  • The two sexes were created with different abilities and characteristics.
  • A woman generally cannot physically lift, carry or run the same as a man.
  • A man cannot carry a baby in his non-existent womb.
  • Men and women think differently, act differently and react differently. 
  • There are inherent differences between men and women. 
  • Women should never be considered second class but since men and women are designed differently, those differences are necessary to make society work.  The sexes each have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Feminism disrupts the very foundations that marriage was built upon.
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