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Hoplophobia: morbid fear of guns.

Hoplophobia: noun. An irrational morbid fear of guns. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: The Scourge Of Hoplophobia Revealed!!!

Steve Hofmeyr & White Rights in South Africa

Steve Hofmeyr | Taking the Red Pill   Steve Hofmeyr - Feeslied (Official Video) Steve Hofmeyr word deur verkeerspolisie vasgevat dwaips das 1 year ago I was born in Scotland then went to SA at the age of 9 went to school in witbank spent most of…

Russian Children Gun Competition

Russian Children In AK-47 Competition, While American Children Attend Drag Queen Story Hour    

Guns Save Lives

3 Common Manipulations by Reporters in the Corporate Media  I go over 3 common manipulations by reporters in the corporate media. Make sure to share this video! Zwolver • 7 months ago Don't forget about manipulations like the term "Assault rifle", or the use of other loaded…


10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THE JEWS (FULL VERSION)  A few years ago, I made a satirical video called “10 Things I Hate About the Jews.” It was ultimately about self-hating Israelis who oppose their wall and despise Trump and don’t seem to get that Christians and…