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The Fabulous Fashion of the Minoan Civilization

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The Minoans of Bronze Age Crete.

The Fabulous Fashion of the Minoan Civilization

Today we will explore the strange and bizarre world of ancient fashion by examining the archaeological research related to the mysterious lost civilization of antiquity: The Minoans of Bronze Age Crete! I will talk about everything from social norms and cultural relativism to Minotaurs. I hope you enjoy!



Little known fact: The Minoans were the Hamon tribe that Kars talked about.


I can imagine that women running around with their breasts out could have been for practical breastfeeding reasons.

Lilaec Kitties

I love the minoan female dress! I would love to try to "recreate" it.
Vitey Darniy
They had indoor plumbing with flushing toilets, used C, D and E plug outlets and ride on the left side of the road.

 p. f.

Ancient people: *show torso, arms and legs without problem, and even play sports naked or celebrate naked* Christianity: hello.

Red Blood in Russia

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