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El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight

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  El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight

El CID , tournament scene (1080p)

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El Cid Full Movie from 1961

This film is no doubt THE most underrated movie of the 20th century! It should have received several Oscars... Best Picture, Best Musical Score (Miklos Rozsa), Best Actor (Charlton Heston), Best Actress (Sophia Loren), Best Supporting Actor (Douglas Wilmer as Moutamin or John Fraser as Prince Alfonso), Best Scenery/Location, Best Director (Anthony Mann) and Best Screenplay (Yordan and Frank). So this production deserved AT LEAST EIGHT Academy Awards. It actually received NONE, although Miklos Rosza WAS nominated. But Hollywood has ALWAYS been POLITICALLY FAR-LEFT so we should not be the LEAST bit surprised if Doofus the Galloping Pig wins the next Oscar! -- Blessings


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