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African Slavery & David Livingstone.

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David Livingston. Was shocked by the slave trade.

 The documentary is about Livingstone in Botswana, about the people, culture and landscape and animals.

Botswana from Above Documentary (2016) 1080p HD

 Biruk Haile

If there is anyone who has been mightily used by God to spread the Gospel, its David Livingstone, unmatched by anyone in human history-even not Apostle Paul.
Can you imagine even in all those harsh conditions which the natives themselves couldn't stand, he literally covered every nook and crannies of the entire African continent, he really puts us modern-day Africans or Western missionaries to shame. Oh, God give me such a commitment to work for you! I do also admire Botswana's beauty in diversity.
Fishing For Candy
Wow!!! Didnt know all that about David Livingston. Was shocked by the slave trade


Brommear  Edited

Nice video. Thank you. I learnt something new here. Botswana is one of the few lucky African countries that has a homogeneous population, so there was no tribal warfare. It also had a clear headed president at independence.

 By 1857 slavery had long been abolished in the British Empire. He risked his life and limb to "abolish slavery". The slave trade was NOT abolished in Africa in 1870. It continues to this day.


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