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Lovelock Cave: Red-Haired White Giants of Ancient Nevada

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Lovelock Cave: Red-Haired Giants of Ancient Nevada - DOCUMENTARY (Part 1)

Duane Dibbley

The Maori of New Zealand have myths of red haired beings with light coloured skin called the Patupaiarehe some said they were small but others said they were Giants, and the Ponaturi were sea fairies with red hair and white skin.
branden worthington
I live in lovelock, NV Been to this cave several times. There are caves everywhere over here. The skeletons are still in the winnemucca museum off jungo road. When my brother went there to inquire about them they went from friendly old people to people that knew they were hiding something and became very standoffish. Government will stop giving them free money if they show them. What a shame that people hide the truth for a little jew money that is useless anyway. What a shame, the baby boomers stole our future from us being a bunch of sellouts!
"The Paiute tribe found in Nevada as well as Utah and Arizona has a legend that says that they fought white, red-haired giants who claimed the land before them.  The Paiutes and other tribes wanting to rid themselves of these vicious man-eaters joined together and finally cornered the last of this race in a cave.  They then set the entrance on fire, shooting with arrows those who tried to escape, while the rest asphyxiated.  The cave was sealed later by an earthquake and became a home to bats.  In 1924 the legend became credible.  A company mining the Lovelock caves in Nevada for saltpeter, a byproduct of decaying bat guano and ‘a chief ingredient of gunpowder,’ reported finding skeletons and artifacts to archaeologists.  Among these were ‘the mummified remains of two red-haired giants—one a female 6.5 tall, the other a male over 8 feet tall.’  In addition, in 1931 two more skeletons measuring over 8 feet tall were found in a dry lakebed near Lovelock, Nevada."
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