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International Students Take Local Jobs

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Before the 1970's most people in western countries had little to no problems obtaining employment, because the western world had lots of industry, and made practically everything. Countries like United States, Australia, Brittan, and Canada, made everything from ships, planes, televisions, clothing, boots, phones, radios, cars, and all household items. 

Today, most of these items are made in Asia, especially China. The average person finds it very difficult to find employment in these countries, even people with skills, and sometimes are pushed to go to other countries to secure work. The United States and most western countries have signed the Lima agreement, which incorporates the transferring of industry, technology, and giving away skills to third world countries, especially China. The agreement also stipulated that we should reduce homegrown products and allow more imports from third world countries.

Another agreement these countries have been following is allowing international students to come to western countries to study. Once they finished their course, if they could obtain employment, they have a high chance of being able to stay within that country. This has made it very hard for locals who have skills to obtain employment because the preference is given to international students.

When you consider 100's of thousands of students who come to western countries each year, the locals are forced to live off the government and do part-time work. Once international students become permanent, they can bring all their family and relations to the country.

Another situation that is occurring, foreigners have been taking over local industries. When a local is to apply for employment, that local will be competing against other foreigners and illegals who might possess little to no skills and gain the position regardless of the suitability and qualification level. Locals have been receiving feedback like not culturally fit as they have been categorized not by skill and experience but, by racial background. Another example of the lingering predicament is when locals are employing, they are encouraged to hire foreigners, or they will be called a racist. 

Housing is such a fundamental necessity, and in these western countries e.g., Brittan, Australia, and America. Foreigners and refugees have been giving top priority on housing, so if a local was to apply for housing, the foreigners are always given top priority leaving locals a tough time finding accommodation.

Many companies brought in workers from third world countries, and are trained by local staff, when the training is finished there is a very high chance of the foreigners given a job, and the local employees are sacked. A great example is of this is what happened in Walt Disney studios in America. This is also the case in other western countries, including Australia and Brittan.

In the past, shipping companies, including but not limited to Cargo, passenger, and military operating in western countries, in many cases do not employed the locals for the majority of the positions. Still, many shipping companies today employ locals, yet many of those in lower positions are replaced with labor from third world countries to save on cost.

The government created a casual workforce that people do casual work. As long as they're working, even they're earning very little money, they're then considered employed. So when the government comes up with the statistics of employment figures that percentage is included which marking down the overall figure and hiding its correct real number of unemployment statistics.

The government, with the help of the mainstream globalist media, will continue to tell you that unemployment is of a lower number than it is. There is much evidence showing the unemployment is much higher and, sometimes, up to 20 to 30%. 

A common strategy that gives plausible deniability is e.g.; if you work two hours a week, then you're considered employed, so with this tactic enables the overall unemployment percentage to drop. Because people are working part-time, they cannot plan and organize their lives due to the lack of financial backing. Many cannot marry or buy a house as they cannot save enough money, which pushes them to live on a daily /weekly basis. Their lives have been destroyed without even them realizing it. We have trade unions in western countries, and what are they doing? It seems like nothing. Not much at all. They pose to be protecting the workers' rights, and many of these people call themselves socialist.

The school leaving age has increased and has been increasing since, from around the 1960s, the average person left school at around 14 to 15 years old. Many got trades, finished them within 3 years, so by the time they were 20, they were qualified and able to secure reliable employment with good pay. Many got married in the early 20s, started a family and many bought a house.

In the result of the increase of students finishing much later in life, means starting a family much later in life, ultimately dropping the birthrate beneath sustainable figures. Before, when the school leaving age was less, this was another major factor in why birthrate was of a higher percentage.

Around the Second World War era, import tax was significant revenue for the United States, which was in result of having tariffs in place. Because of this, it reduced and eliminated some of America's taxes. 

In recent times in the United States, Donald Trump has placed tariffs on various imports, and since then, industry is moving back to the United States. Employment, including pay raises, have increased.

We, the people, must campaign to reverse this form of discrimination against the local population.

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