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Jews and the 2nd Holocaust

2015 Global Anti Semitism Forum

Jew Convicted of Worldwide Bomb Threat Campaign Blamed on “White Racists”

Jew Convicted of Worldwide Bomb Threat Campaign Blamed on ...

Militant Muslims and anti-Semitic Zionism are the main groups behind the current increase in anti-Semitism within the Western world, and it is forcing Jews to immigrate against their will to Israel.  

Many Jews do not realize that the powerful false Jewish lobby groups and the controlled mass media are promoting mass Muslim immigration and are forcing the genocide of native Europeans through the multicultural/multiracial society that they promote and represent.   At the present rate of Muslims integration into Europe, the indigenous people of Europe will become a minority in their homeland within approximately 50 years, or perhaps even earlier in some European and Scandinavian countries. 

Every time Israel promotes hatred in the Middle East through attacks, apartheid enforcement, and retaliations, the Muslim populations situated in Western Countries react by attacking and rioting against Jews, and the ideals of the West, with the eventual result being very few Jews will be able to live freely in first world countries.  

This is the end result of the anti-Semitic Zionist false Jewish lobby – plain and simple.  Without their meddling, there would be no reason for anti-Semitism in the first place, as the majority of Europeans are simply not anti-Jewish, and the majority of Jews feel safe settled in Western countries.  Anti-Semitism crops up time and again through the anti-Semitic Zionist controlled media and the false Jewish Lobby Power Groups who exaggerate in the comments by Min Edelstein here:

"We must repeat again and again these basic facts—TO BE ‘anti-Israel’ IS TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC. TO BOYCOTT ISRAEL, ISRAELI PROFESSORS and ISRAELI business, these are not political acts, these are acts of hate, acts of anti-Semitism! Anti-Israel hysteria is anti-Semitic hysteria. They are one and the same."  Min. Edelstein, Dec 2009, Global Forum for Combating anti-Semitism Conference, Jerusalem.

Most Jews in Europe are native to Europe even though the false Jewish lobby promotes they are all from Israel, which is false.  Israel is not their indigenous homeland, Ariel Sharon admitted it well when he stated it was "a national and spiritual center for all Jews of the world," and added, "Aliyah [Jewish immigration] is the central goal of the State of Israel." 

The Jewish people are not indigenous to Israel and in actual fact, it was handed to them by the British after World War I as a reward for them leading the Americans into the War resulting in victory.

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 End of TimesThe Zionist Push for the Jewish State - Religious Prophecy or Manufactured?

About 30,000 years ago there was no Islam, no Christianity, and no Judaism religions. There was no concept about the end of the world and people lived all over the world in tribal family groups with their own languages, customs, rules, and judgments and they would have sat around in their small groups at night discussing their daily activities as well as orally passing on their histories and legends.

There have been discoveries of the remains of ancient people all over the world, and these people are no different to those who live today.  Like us, they experienced moments of joy, sorrow, fear and anger, but there is no evidence to suggest that they followed, or were in any way, involved with any of the rubbish that has been written in religious texts today.  When it comes to Jesus, they uncovered a few scrolls written in Hebrew, but most of the information written in biblical texts are stories of different things that occurred in those ancient times.

These were all written by regular people who had differing opinions, for example, you have 3 religions and 1 God.  The first was "God" who Christians talked about, and they have their version they believe in.  When Islam was born, they gave their version of events and their version of the same God.  So already we have multiple interpretations all made up by people.  The result of these texts is, millions of people have suffered and lost their lives over these manmade religions.

Jews do not have to leave and go live in Israel because most Jews are indigenous to Europe and need to fight for their homelands otherwise they will lose it forever and get involved in Jewish organisations and groups like the World Jewish Congress and the B'nai B'rith and most especially in groups like Chabad Lubavitch which is one of the most powerful Jewish organizations in the world.

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A View Into The Future

Ayan Hirsiali

The Jewish elite is promoting ideas through the Jewish communities to exterminate the European white population worldwide, through multi-cultural society.  What they are actually doing is laying the foundations for their own destruction.  The majority of the European population worldwide including all the other gentiles are not interested in wars.  They just want to have families and live in peace.  The majority do not hate Jews, but when they campaign against what Jews are doing to them, they are called 'anti-Semitic' and 'people without souls'.  They are simply campaigning for their rights, their history, their culture and their children.  If you were a Jew, and the gentiles were doing to you what you do to gentiles, you would be doing exactly the same thing. 

The anti-Semitic Zionists, globalists and many members of the Jewish community promote the idea that gentiles of the planet Earth are all animals who do not have souls and should not have any rights.  This type of thinking has led to their attitude of a multicultural, multi-racial society and cross-breeding of all the different racial groups because it will make people easier to control - such people would have no history and no nationality.  This is a huge mistake because even people of mixed race will develop a culture and ideology.  They will eventually challenge the Jewish community for power because Jews are too white and to allow a small number of white Jews running things is not going to last.  A mixed racial group will challenge, and when they do it is going to be very bloody for that small minority group of white Jews who try to maintain control of the media and banking. 

French Revolution StoddardThere is a good example of this in history, ie. the period from 1789 to 1805, with the entire European population of 40,000 on San Domingo, (Island of Haiti), annihilated.  The mulattoes, (half-castes), and blacks killed the Europeans, then the blacks destroyed and assimilated the mulattoes.  This information was taken from the book 'The French Revolution in San Domingo (Haiti)' by T. Lothrop Stoddard, A.M., PH.D. (Harvard).

Even if the globalists wanted to reduce the world's population by 80% and turn large areas back into the wilderness, which will become good hiding places for people conducting guerrilla warfare against the tiny white, and Jewish elite across the world.  A sheer weight of numbers in time will probably eliminate the Jewish population worldwide. 

Just imagine the future where Zionist and New World Order goals have been a resounding success.  The world's population is reduced, interbred and there is no longer racial division or free speech.  There is simply one mixed race of uneducated citizens of the world.

Because of the successful extermination of races, there is no Christianity left, and no indigenous Europeans.  They successfully destroyed European people and culture through vast reductions in birth rates and flooding Europe with Middle Eastern and African migrants.  Now in the future, the Western world is predominantly Middle Eastern or African racially and culturally and for the most part, follow Islam as their religion of choice.  A tiny portion of the world's remaining citizens is Jewish.

For the most part, the Muslim world is anti-Zionist, Islam or at the very least "extreme" Islam wants to see all Jews exterminated.   European Jews have not felt safe in Europe or America for quite a while due to the amount of riots, violence, rapes and killings that have occurred against them so they have moved to Israel.  This is in line with Zionist religious prophecy and they are welcomed with open arms.  For the Jewish people, you are now surrounded by all sides by a mass majority of people who openly hate you.  Are you now living in a Utopian Jewish world as promised?  Or are you constantly driven in fear, forced into military service and on the back foot defending your people?

What happens when the few millions of remaining Jews who staunchly stayed in the old Western countries are rounded up and systematically abused and tortured?  Can you not see the vicious circle of self-fulfilled creation?  A second holocaust will happen if Zionism and these plans are continued.

The anti-semitic Zionists have been accused by Palestinians and others in trying to commit genocide against the Palestinian people.  We can understand that when they campaign and say "We want to destroy Zionism", the result is that many Muslims are promoting the idea of wanting to get rid of all Jews.   In the future, Islam will control western countries with the use of modern equipment and weapons against Israel. 

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What the heck is Barbara Spectre's motivation
Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists
And The German Government
By Dr. Harrell Rhome
There is ample evidence that world Zionism collaborated with the National Socialist government during the Second World War, in order to: (1) protect certain elitist Jews and their various interests; (2) pressure most of the Jews of Europe to leave; (3) thus, accomplishing the establishment of the state of Israel. More and more evidence has come to the forefront, demonstrating the truth about what at first seems to be an unlikely scenario. Nazis helping Jews? Jews helping Nazis? And, during the "Holocaust"? Is this some kind of conspiracist fantasy? How could this be? Stranger political bedfellows could not be imagined! But, when the facts are examined, as is often the case, truth is stranger than fiction.

Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government


 Screenshot 2kill

The stabbing attack at Beitar Illit; Credit: Emergency center, Beitar Illit‬

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