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Joseph Stalin's Efforts to Topple Jewish Power Update 2/12/2023

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Stalin's real name Losif Djugashvili born Jewish.

Evolution of Evil: The Story of Joseph Stalin and Hideki Tojo

 This Episode of Evolution of Evil show the stories behind Joseph Stalin and Hideki Tojo.

For 30 years Joseph Stalin "the man of steel" ruthlessly dominated the Soviet Union. Born into poverty on the fringes of the Czarist Russian Empire, he became a gangster and then a revolutionary. He was part of the original Bolshevik leadership team, but when Vladimir Lenin died he took his chance to grab the top spot. His quest for absolute power transformed his nation, but at a brutal cost.

Hideki Tojo was made Prime Minister of Japan in 1941, he gave the order to bomb Pearl Harbor, followed by a swift invasion of South East Asia. Tojo approved many further extreme acts of brutality, with no battlefield experience he ran a disastrous campaign in which he lost nearly a third of his men. With the fall of the island of Saipan in 1944, his career was finished.

My father was born Kharkov Ukraine 1953, he told me that his parents and uncles one of whom was Lenin's personal Bodyguard said that it was true about what Stalin had in mind with the Jewish People namely the Gulags in Siberia for all of Russia's Jews!!!

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Losif Djugashvili born Jewish.

Stalin, The Red Terror | Full Documentary

 A Comprehensive Documentary on Joseph Stalin's Brutal Regime, Mass Killings, and Ambition to Create a Communist Utopia in the Soviet Union

00:00 ?? Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, is celebrated as a hero but is actually one of the greatest criminals in history.

8:41 ? Stalin's ambition to create a communist utopia in the Soviet Union is met with challenges and a deteriorating quality of life for the population.

16:49 ? Stalin's brutal reign and his implementation of political trials and mass repressions.

25:02 ? Stalin's famine in Ukraine leads to the death of millions of people, while the French delegation is deceived by propaganda.

33:08 ? The construction of the Stalin Canal was a tragic and cruel event, resulting in the deaths of thousands of prisoners and ultimately being a failure.

41:38 ⚡ The Great Terror: Stalin's purges and executions

50:02 ? Stalin fails to recognize the threat of Hitler and the Soviet Union is unprepared for war.

59:46 ?? Stalin's leadership during World War II, including the Battle of Stalingrad, solidified the Soviet Union as a superpower.

1:10:23 ?? Stalin celebrates victory in Berlin and demands half of Europe at the Potsdam Conference.

1:18:55 ? The people of Grigny wish a happy birthday to Stalin and praise his leadership.

Through the most significant events of his time, we discover the legacy of terror and destruction that Stalin bequeathed to his people. On March 9, 1953, Joseph Stalin died in Moscow. His funeral was that of a demigod. Last irony of one of the worst criminals in the history of the 20th century, who brought misery to his people while creating a collective admiration. During more than 30 years of absolute rule, millions of people died. With Stalin's policy the standard of living fell. The poverty of the early 1930s was evident on the streets of Moscow. In his labor re-education camps, better known as the Gulag, he imprisoned 18 million Russians, turning them into slaves. Machiavellian and paranoid, Stalin invented the impeachment trial, where sentences were set before the start of the hearing. He starved 7,000,000 peasants to death as punishment for refusing his revolution. He had fooled the entire world through false propaganda campaigns.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler set out to destroy Stalin. On June 16, 1941, three million soldiers attacked the USSR. The Nazis took over the city of Stalingrad, which was finally liberated by Russian troops in November 1942. In February 1943 the German troops surrendered. With this victory, Stalin became the first leader to defeat Hitler, which gave him the recognition of the international community.

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Stalin said the following:

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1 minute of silence in honor of the more than 100 million victims of Jewish communism.
The Katyn massacre should also be mentioned here. After Soviets invaded Poland in September of 1939, in April and May of 1940 they mass executed about 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia prisoners of war.
I always find it funny when these documentaries feel the need to throw in that he was 5'3 and had acne scars -- "he was ugly and short!" Isn't it enough that he was an incredibly brutal and paranoid control freak who didn't value human life and ruthlessly applied a failed economic theory, killing millions in the process?
Stalin had Trotzky(Jewish) killed.
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Stain's wife born Jewish.
4:40 I mean; before his rise to power, he kept a relatively low profile, on purpose. He WANTED people to underestimate him; because, in any battle/competition, you want your enemies/opponents to underestimate you; so, they can’t prepare for your big hit.
Henry Kissinge (Jewish) (USA) Even in our days, one of the architects of the Cold War and nuclear diplomacy, former U.S. Secretary of State H. Kissinger writes: "More than any other leader of democratic countries, Stalin was ready at any moment to engage in a meticulous study of the balance of power. And it was precisely because of his conviction that he was the bearer of historical truth reflected in his ideology that he firmly and resolutely defended Soviet national interests, not burdening himself with the burden of hypocritical, as he believed, morality or personal attachments" (K i s s i n d g e r G e n r i. Diplomacy. Moscow, 1997, p. 287).
And American President Franklin Roosevelt helped make Stalin's USSR a superpower (by default). Anyone doubting that should read Professor Robert Nisbet's outstanding book "Roosevelt and Stalin: The Failed Courtship." It's all documented and stands as a classic rebuttal to the oft-noted historical guffaw "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Same logic got the USA in trouble in Afghanistan (1980s) and is now the case with our involvement (mostly behind the scenes) in Ukraine. That flawed approach to foreign policy always ends up backfiring on us. When will the USA ever learn?
Roger Garaudy (France) "...I think the figure of Stalin must be looked at in historical terms. In essence, then there was a siege: remember that the Iron Curtain was invented not by the Russians, but by Clemenceau and Churchill, who talked about the need to draw a curtain of iron wire and strangle the Soviet Union with hunger. And when a country is under siege, that does not lead to any tolerance at all. Indeed, there were terrible deviations in that historical period, and I think from that point of view Stalin was a poor disciple of Lenin. In one of his last texts published in Pravda, which can really be seen as Lenin's political testament, he wrote that it would be 50-60 years before the peasants would come to communism through their own experience. Stalin, on the other hand, wanted to do it in two years. As a result, he destroyed Soviet agriculture, which even now has not yet risen. On the other hand, when Stalin said in 1931, "If we do not produce 10 million tons of steel a year, we will be crushed in less than 10 years," he was right. Ten years, that is, 1941. If he had not then made that incredible effort, which, indeed, from the human point of view was very expensive, we would now be living in the era of Auschwitz. ..
It is very easy to say in hindsight: we should have done something, we lacked something. Unfortunately, the road of history, as Lenin said, is not Nevsky Prospekt. And in certain historical conditions, one must first do what is necessary, even if it costs a lot of human effort. I believe that from the human point of view, Stalinism cost us very dearly, but it must also be said that if Europe is free today, it is thanks to Stalingrad" ("Zavtra", No. 8 (221), 1998).
From David A. Wood: I liked the documentary on Joseph Stalin for the most part, but I would have liked to have had more details on the encompassing subject of the Great Purge of 1935-1938. I particularly wanted to have seen the portion of the Great Purge that involved not only the Red Army's High Command, but also rest of its subordinate command structure, during the pivotal years of 1937-1938. This portion of the epic Great Purge was a deadly, and also terribly tragic, expulsion of talented military men that killed more patriotic Red Army officers than did the actual hostilities of World War 2, which is still reverently known as "The Great Patriotic War" in contemporary Russia. Lethally expunging the Red Army's high command structure in the late-1930s was the main reason why the Red Army did so poorly in the 1939-1940 Winter War against the small country of Finland and why it again performed wretchedly against the German Military in the initial stages (1941-1942) of World War 2. All in all, the subject of the Great Purge of 1935-1938, which was a monstrously epic fit of murderous paranoia thrown by Stalin, brutally solidified his tyrannical hold on the USSR and unfortunately it seemed to have been glossed over within the documentary in a footnote style. However, the documentary did take care to bring up one historical incident that I thought was really necessary to mention. The irony of the Great Purge was that, after all was supposedly said and done, Stalin even homicidally turned on certain secret police (NKVD) officers of the USSR. Mind you, these NKVD officers were ruthlessly hardhearted automatons who sycophantically carried out to the letter Stalin's bestially paranoiac orders to both torture and then kill his unjustly perceived enemies in a wholesale fashion! One of the many NKVD officers who was "properly rewarded" for slavishly doing Stalin's bidding was the physically diminutive, but formidably fanatical chief of the NKVD, Nikolai Yezhov. Like many of his other doomed subordinates, Yezhov was peremptorily arrested and then summarily executed by his erstwhile NKVD colleagues on Stalin's orders in 1940. Having suitably said what I needed to say I still, for the most part, liked the documentary on dictator Joseph Stalin.
Winston Churchill(Zionist Globalist) claimed that when he proposed an official alliance with Stalin, that he was "Making a deal with the Devil" in order to conquer (and ultimately defeat) the other devil (who currently had the stranglehold on Western Europe at the time).
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Hilter said, " The mission of the Nazi movement is to destroy Jewish -Bolshevism"

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 Marshol von Paulus

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Aleksei Kapler was sent to the gulag.

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Stalin daughter (Jewish) above. Grigory Morozov born Jewish.

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The quote above from Stalin.  Jewish Zionism is the same as Nazism.

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Good documentary and use of color video, I did notice a lot of major events/things weren't mentioned or discussed. For example Katyn massacre, only mention of the Germans invading Poland and no mention of the splitting of Poland between the Nazis and Soviets which would have went well when you explained the non aggression pact between the two. Also the map of forces leading to the Stalingrad segment is quite wrong and missing the army group in the caucasus etc.


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David Duke on Joseph Stalin's Noble Efforts to Topple Jewish Power from the Soviet Union 

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