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How The Economic Machine Works

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 Federal reserve bank in every country, legally create money out of thin air. Charge interest on it.

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Learned more in 30min video than in 3 years economy class.Elena  

Steven Walshe

Here's how you play God: 1. Establish federal reserve bank on every country 2. Gain enough power to legally create money out of thin air 3. Charge interest on it 4. Create an infinite cycle of boom and bust in the economy 5. Let humans pay land or resources as payment for debt 6. Repeat steps 2-5 7. Wait til there'll never be enough cash/resources circulating around to pay debts 8. Human race forever gets deeper and deeper into debt 9. Sit on the throne and decide who shall be first to eat.
Maggie McCain
Usury creates cycles and extreme inequality making recessions and depressions inevitable.

 Corey Rachar

long story short: The debt/credit system convolutes economic growth and is the cause of financial crisis.


See ''"The Ingredients of Economic Growth" | Mark Thornton'' about the Austrian School of economics; he sais mainstream economists are afraid of deflation, but it is a normal thing - especially in a free trade society, deflation is not a threat.


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