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Kathy Long teaching Self Defense

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  Kathy Long - Groin Strike Takedown

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Kathy Long teaching Urban Defense Tactics Womens SELF DEFENse vid promo

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Kathy Long...self defense

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Kathy Long teaching Urban Defense Tactics

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Kathy Long Fights - Kickboxing and Boxing Highlight Reel


One of the few Kung Fu stylists to make it big on sport combat.. this woman was and still is probably the deadliest woman in the world. She's a Five Ancestors Kung Fu 8th degree Master and has black belts in several other martial arts, She has trained with the secret service and protection details in the Middle East and has worked as a body guard for big shots of Hollywood. She trains SWAT and law enforcements agencies... she's simply the best!

 New Evidence Continues To Debunk The Official 9/11 Narrative

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