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UN Migration Pact Will Criminalize All Anti-Migrant Opinions.

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The agreement wants to criminalize all anti- migration speech.

 Pauline Hanson reveals the UN's Global Compact for Migration




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MEP Warns UN Migration Pact Will Criminalize All Anti-Migrant Opinions As “Hate Speech”

Dutch Member of Parliament, Marcel de Graaff, is warning the public that the new U.N. Migration Pact which is scheduled to be signed by many EU nations at an upcoming summit in Marrakesh, will include provisions that will make any criticism of immigration or refugees criminal hate speech. At a public press conference for the European Parliament, de Graff stated the following:

“One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech. The agreement wants to criminalize migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offense. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down,” warned de Graaff.

“In fact, it will become impossible to criticize Merkel’s welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech,” he added, noting, “Countries who import the third world will become the third world.”

Of course, no major media outlets which are controlled by the Jews ever “give room” to any serious criticism of their support of mass migration into Europe for the sole purpose of destroying it.  Jews want to make any and all of their critics subject to criminal prosecution, which is exactly what they did when they invaded and took over Russia in 1918.  The criminalization of their critics worked 100 years ago, so they are going to continue with the same game plan until the goyim push back and say no.

What motivates the Jews to flood White Europe with Arabs and Blacks is pure, unadulterated hatred of the White race and Christianity, but in typical jewish fashion, they accuse their opponents of the hatred that they themselves are guilty of.  In a jewish-controlled society, there is no real debate of the facts allowed; rather, any dissident voices are crushed with ad hominem attacks and smear campaigns.  Those that don’t back down will be thrown in jail until they get a proper “attitude adjustment.”  Without naming the Jew, that is exactly what de Graaff is implying in his warning.



Australia dodged a bullet over the past week, with Scott Morrison ruling out Australia joining the Global Compact for Migration.

The deal would have meant no one could criticise immigration or you would face criminal charges, including media.

The Global Compact for Migration would have stripped Australia from having a say on how many people come to this country. Instead, immigration levels would eventually be set by the UN.

While Scott Morrison has finally said NO to signing the deal - Bill Shorten remains silent.



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    • Ottify says

      No offense brother, but it seems you completely missed the boat on the fact that Soros is a jew. And if you think he is acting as some kind of lone wolf perpetrating these grand ‘refugee’ schemes undermining all of Europe, then you have a lot more reading to do…

  2. Chesterton says

    Why should any White European hate the idea that the Christian civilization created and fought for by their ancestors for the last 1,000 years or more is being taken over by their historical enemies without a shot being fired in war?

    Any European that doesn’t hate this idea has no right to call themselves European or even live in Europe–they should just move to the Middle East or Africa if they love those people so much.

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