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Why Multiculturalism is Genocide

  • Wednesday, 15 January 2020 20:44
Why Multiculturalism is Genocide - By Adolf Hitler Rick_Heskey          

Canada To Africanize White Rural Communities

  • Thursday, 28 November 2019 06:43
Canada’s Minister Reveals Plan To Africanize White Rural Communities   Canada’s Immigration Minister Reveals Plan To Africanize White Rural Communities  Trudeau father was a Roman Catholic and attended church throughout his life.   Canada’s African-born Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, will announce in Sault Ste. Marie that the…

Holocaust in Rwanda, Africa

  • Sunday, 15 December 2019 23:40
Holocaust in Rwanda By Dr. Peter Hammond Adult On 6th April 1994, one of the most dreadful campaigns of mass murder was unleashed upon the Tutsi people of Rwanda.Missionary, Peter Hammond, examines the disgraceful involvement of liberal church leaders, gun control, media manipulation, the French and US…
Are High-Dose Flu Shots Marketed Toward The Elderly A Silent Method Of Euthanasia?   People 65 and older are typically advised to get a higher-dose flu vaccine, but this year, seniors across the country have to wait longer to get it as partial shipments have been delivered…

Soro's Formula For Killing America

  • Saturday, 09 November 2019 05:45
The 3rd Jewish Temple Prophecy (mirror) Soros's Formula for Killing America - A Brief Guide, for Americans (mirror)